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Jackie Bourne is a veteran sniper elite sergeant in thedeltagreen berets force, the tactical Special Forces unit. The NavySealCoast Guard from the United Marine Corps needed him anddeployedhim behind enemy lines known for his precisionandmarksmanship.

The United Marine Corps’ base is under attack by theCriminalAssassin Mafia Terrorist Organization. The criminalterroristforces are equipped with heavy weapons such as grenade,rocketlauncher, AK47, M4M1 Assault Rifle, M16, MP5 SMG SubmachineGun,Glock pistols and other heavy weapons.

As a patriotic countryman and an alpha sergeant you have tostepup to help the veteran sniper elite sergeant Jackie Bournebyjoining the delta Special Forces Green Berets. The tacticalspecialforce unit will repel the criminal assassin mafiaterroristorganization’s attacks and defend our territory.

At the time of dawn, the Mafia Assassin Terrorism hasattackedour base with AK47, M4M1, M16, Mp5, Glock pistols and otherheavyweaponry and artillery support. Our territory is under agreatthreat now and there is chaos everywhere. The Admiral CharlieandCaptain Bravo have called a QRF (Quick Response Force), TheQuickResponse Force includes veteran Navy Seal and Coast GuardCommandoswho are expert in precision shooting and marksmanship.


You are Alpha. The QRF team, Alpha and Jackie Bourne willinsertthe base from the west side and meet the battalion ofAdmiralCharlie and Captain Bravo at point zero. From there, theywillfight back in the disputed territory behind enemy lines.Yourentire battalion has been pinned down and you are the onlylonesurvivor left.
The Admiral Charlie and Captain Bravo have sacrificed forthenation, and JB is injured badly. It’s up to us now to act likealone wolf and being a lone survivor with our partner, we havetofight back and find a way to survive behind enemy lines tillmoreQRF (Quick Response Force) arrives.

Enjoy the real time Patriotic FPS Shooting game experience anddogive us a feedback about the game.


 AK47 assault rifle
 M4M1 SMG Submachine Gun
 M16 assault rifle
 MP5 SMG Submachine Gun
 Glock Pistols
 Grenade Rocket Launcher
 Scud Rocket Launcher
 Hand Grenade


 Multiple choice of weaponry
 Real guns and arms
 Variety of maps and missions and levels
 Advanced game-play
 Good stable controls
 Real special forces theme like Delta Green Berets, TacticalSniperElite, Navy Seal, Coast Guard and United Marine Corps.
 Patriotic Marksmanship and Precision
 Thrilled lone survivor combat

App Information Elite Tactical Sniper Shooter

  • App Name
    Elite Tactical Sniper Shooter
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    May 10, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    The New Games
  • Installs
    1,000 - 5,000
  • Price
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Get ready for a fun and addictive FPS sniperchallenge action game to take on the biggest retaliation of alltime. This one of the best Sniper elite FPS Shooting Games includesall types of Special Forces survival warfare of gunnery legends andArmy sniper shooter scenarios and wipeout Ops missions.*** SPECIAL TROOPERS FORCES GROUP ***In this one of best combat of sniper shooter war games, Agent JasonDash is a top US IGI Commando Marine Corps and a special opstrained sniper, also known as the Chris Kyle of the new era of warof legends. The Strike IGI Combat Agency got some lead about a dealof heavy nuclear missile weapons between two terroristorganizations on an industrial site from their militants’ commandand control center. The terrorist red alert threat is on its way.Gunnery Sergeant of Green Beret, Agent Jason Dash is assigned thewipeout retaliation and terrorist hunting mission to destroy thedealvand conquer over all the terrorists and the head of terroristorganization.Halting the heavy nuclear missile deal before completion will notbe an easy mission in this arena, as the warrior terroristorganization is very vigilant and will break an ambush onto MarineCorps IGI agency, if its identity is compromised. There might be anuphill slam battle from there. Your shooting skills and trooperssurvival instincts will be tested in this wipeout retaliation FPSShooter Game.This game is one of the best sniper rifle and military troopers Opsstrategy game which has lots of ultimate action of sniper shootingand assassin thrill missions against deadliest militants. Fromsniper war city to urban army sniper and fury of the sniper in thedesert ambush, it has many different new scenarios and slam warmissions.*** BATTLE IN EPIC FPS SHOOTING GAME PLAY ***In this one of the best epic games of shooting, ready your assaultgear of sniper shooter to battle in the most intense shootingsurvival showdowns, combating terrorist organizations in a fastpaced FPS exchange, where your Agent Jason Dash, the IGI CommandoMarine Corps Sniper is equipped with a mega damaging sniper rifleand a dexterous shotgun and handgun for swift attacks, you alsohave to take out all the RPG launchers. You have to recover thenuclear missile arsenal from going into the wrong hands.** One of the Best Army Shooting Games **In this new sniper game of legends, play in 5 epic challenginglevels, where your sniper spy will tasked to crush the terroristorganization’s attempt to accomplish weapons deal.The progressing danger levels will phase the commando sniper ofSpecial Forces with more daunting tasks, taking on army tanks withRPG bazookas to engaging in a finale ambush battle with theterrorist organization leader of the biggest and most dangerousmilitants group, as he attempts to take you down with his massivemachine gun in this mastermind military strategy game.GAMEPLAY FEATURES>>> Exquisite FPS weapon controls>>> Weapon Swapping Action of Soldiers>>> Two Primary Weapons1- Pistol handgun2- Assault rifle>>> 5 Objective based levels>>> Intense smash and shooting action
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Prince Endless Run - Temple Rail Road Wolf Runner 1.1 APK
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Get the thrilling new timeless runner sprintadventure game – “Prince Endless Run - Temple Rail Road WolfRunner”The latest updated Android version is available for download on theGoogle Play Store.Run from monster wild wolf and medieval mythology magician in anenervating endless running rush timeless sprint.Jump and Run into an excitement filled with adrenaline rush,enervating ,adventure, Enemy monster creatures, medieval mythologymagician, survive the dire wild wolf, cross hurdles, and darkUnderground rail passages in the endless maze runner track toprotect the crown. A prince is in peril and crown and kingdom is atStake. A king doesn’t go down as its kingdom is on stake and hewill give this best fight to save its kingdom. In this fast pacedrun rush game, sprint, dodge the obstacles, show your reflexes anddon't get caught by the wolf.***STORY***The kingdom is under attacked by the rivalry forces. The buildingsand temples are burnt down to ashes. Everyone is crying and runningthrough the streets. The enemy forces are on the hunt to kill theprince. Prince’s security guards are killed in a fight to protecthim, leaving the prince alone and injured. The prince is alone inthe underground rail and running away from the enemy forces.Passing all the hurdles in the dark passage, have to run and crossand survive the dire wild wolf, fight against enemy monstercreatures, and medieval mythology magician in the dark undergroundpassage.***MISSION/TASKS***In this adventure filled exciting game you have to run through theunderground rail passage and survive against the dire wild wolf,fight medieval mythology magician, cross the hurdles, and sprintaway from monster creatures and protect the crown, the last sign ofyour Kingdom in the maze runner endless hunt.Be a best temple runner in this myriad running game. Move fastershow how good your reflexes are in this adrenaline rush templerunner. Restore the crown and unlock secret bonus and power-ups.Get ready to dash through the railroad as fast as you can andcollect coins to buy power-ups which help you to win it all.****GAME FEATURES****>>>Adrenaline rush filled game>>>Save the prince in a daring adventure>>>A Challenge for your Reflexes>>>Realistic and Responsive Movement>>>In-game bonuses and power-up>>>Stunning 3D game levels>>>Fast-paced Rail Maze>>>Intuitive Controls>>>Fast Endless Run through a Temple Labyrinth
Baby Panda Endless Running Adventure Free Game 1.2 APK
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Join baby panda on the chase run for anadventure through jungle jumping and running through mountains,cliffs and suburbs. Jump baby panda of the cliffs and hurdles awayfrom the hunter into the forest. In this baby panda running game,experience being a panda and running through wild forest jungle.Unlockable bonuses, boost energy, tons of points, mystery boxes,gem and nice gifts and coins all while challenging your friends forthe best scores. Get started on this exciting treasure collectingsprint journey in adventure!Baby Panda is on the chase run for an adventure away from the zoo.Escaped from the zoo into the jungle, is on the sprint and runningand bounce through the forest. The hunter is searching for him allover the cliffs and suburbs. Help panda to win this challenge he isfacing. Don't let the hunter catch you, dodge every cliffs andobstacles in your way. In this baby panda running game help thepanda to run away from the hunter and collect as many coins andgems you can collect while running.You as the player have to game play him and run away from thehunter. Avoid from getting caught, sprint fast and bounce best asfast as you can and dodge all the hurdles in the jungle and thesuburbs to get more and more points and set a high score, joinother players and set records. Collect mystery boxes and gifts,coins and gem to boost up your level and energy. This game isdesigned breathtaking beautiful and have great amazing graphics foryou to enjoy. Download now this cute jump panda game andEnjoy!!!Feature:- Endless Running chase game concept- High Definition Graphics- Collect coins, gems and mystery boxes to boost energy- Have easy nice and smooth best control- Different locations of forest, zoo and city- Have nice relaxing music and best sound effects
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One of the best sniper games is available now.Download this sniper app and enjoy the sniper assassin ultimatechallenge among the best sniper shooting games around theworld.Go through different sniper combat training stages and snipermissions and become the sniper hero of sniper elite games. Firstyou have to complete your sniper training missions and shoot downall the sniper target assigned to you. Then you will be advanced tohigher levels and be an ultimate sniper shooter. Use your assaultsniper rifle weapon to hunt down and destroy enemy forces.***STORY***> Sniper HostageOur homeland base is under siege by the hostile army forces. Theyhave attacked us by gunship helicopters and gunner soldiers. We areon extreme high alert. The battle has come to the survival andsniper defense point. As a Sniper of the First Class Elite MarineCorps unit, you have been called for backup as a sniper bravocommando. You have to use your sniper shooting tactic to free thehostages and make a redemption statement against the hostileforces.> Homeland Siege AlertYour homeland base is under siege alert. Innocent lives are beingwasted and people are losing their lives. The terror group hasstarted to destroy the homes and base arsenal. There is a highalert in our territory. As a Marine Corps shooter we have to defendour homeland and fight back.> Assault Sniper Shooter / Sniper KingIn this epic shoot down battle of ultimate revenge and redemption,enjoy the FPS Sniper simulator thrill.The Marine Corps unit are ready for the redemption battle. You havebeen assigned the task to shoot down the gunship helicopters andgunner soldiers of the hostile forces in this ultimate survivalbattle.> Sniper vs ThievesAs the chaos begins in the city and the terrorist hostile forcesare attacking with all the power. You have to shoot them down andbring down their weapon and arsenal.***MISSION***As the Tactical Sniper shooter of Delta force and Green Berets, youhave to provide a solid defense against terrorists. Destroy theenemy’s gunship helicopters and shoot their gunner soldiers. Showno mercy and make a never forgetting redemption against theterrorist.Use commando tactic and aim and shoot the enemies by assault quickscope sniper rifle. Your survival is in your hands. Fight thebattle hard with your tactical skills and don’t give up.Start the game by the sniper training, then clear the snipermissions one by one and eventually defeat the enemies.***ADDITIONAL FEATURES AND GAMEPLAY***1- Epic FPS army shooting game2- Elite tactical survival challenge3- One of the best ‘sniper free games’ in the store4- Extreme Tactical Commando combat missions5- Thrilling army defense game6- Variety in choice of weapon7- Epic storyline***Weaponry Choice***1- M4 Sniper Rifle2- Different types of Assault guns3- Grenade launchers and bombs4- Hand Grenade5- Smoke Grenade6- Night vision goggles7- Knives, and much moreDownload this marvelous FPS sniper shooter game and enjoy loads ofthrills as a sniper ops.
Modern Apache Strike Duty 1.0 APK
The New Games
It’s time to pull the tables on the enemiesand defend your country from terrorist attacks, flying an awacsmodern battlewagon apache helicopter. Perform your strike drudgeryduty in defense of your lands to take down massive enemy numberseyeing to conquer vast territory against you.Draw out the best of your flight simulator and air to land combatdrudgery skills to take on the forces of enemy army, hell bent ontaking you out in their mission to conquer the country undertyranny. Your drudgery job as the leader of the air strike dutyteam is to thwart this attempt by the heavy enemy awacs gunneryartillery and push them to the back foot, forcing them to defendthemselves.GAMEPLAYThe contemporaneous terrorist has attacked your land it's time thatthey pay for their action. They have taken hostages and it'slooking bad for your team because most of your team is bombsightdead. You are the lone survivor drudgery soldier standing show yourair combat fighting skills in this battlewagon air amphibiousassault. The contemporaneous terrorist has been settle in your basewith the hostages, you have an apache gunship and limited amount ofgunnery ammunition to fight the enemies, so make sure you don'twaste your ammo and run out of it.In this battlewagon air amphibious assault hit the contemporaneousterrorist with the gunnery ammunition you have in your arsenal.Make the enemy suffer for what they done to you and your team. Youare the best air combat fighting pilot left so show your skills andfinish what the enemies started. You will be given the latestapache gunship for fighting the terrorist with latest gunneryammunition and features in it.NEW AUTO SHOOT MODEThe new auto shoot mode makes awacs flying even more fun, as theguns start blazing as soon as the awacs apache helicopter’scrosshair comes into contact with a target.MULTIPLE WEAPONS FOR ATTACKUse the battlewagon machine guns and guided missiles for precisionattacks against long range enemies.FEATURES- Intense war driven mission sets in a modern apache helicoptersimulator- 4 levels of gameplay with aerial, ground and sea battles- Fight with contemporaneous enemy aircrafts, helicopters, tanks,armored vehicles and ships- Smooth flight controls with multiple weapons at disposal- Brilliant auto tracking and shooting mode for the apachehelicopter
Thug Moto Riders 3D - 2016 1.2 APK
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In fast endless track, speed the racing bikeand drive in traffic and defeat motobikers while crashing cocheridersPump up the engine like caballo and get on the race endless speedtrack. It’s time to heat up the competition in the world of extremedeath race and drive in traffic, as your moto rider puts up in bikestunts on tough racing tracks and engage in hefty street to comeout on top.Gear up your moto rider for an ultimate bike stunts fight. You'vejust arrived into the gangster racing games world of death motorivals, where you have to race on an endless traffic rider run& survive as long as you can. If you've got the speed, don'tthink you have won it. Mad bikers will try to get the better of youby engaging in fist fight to throw you off your rider bike.FEATURES- 3D environment inspired by underground bike stunts racing- Endless moto rider adventure combined with action gameplay- Smooth death moto racing controls- Ultimate motorbike racing ambiance- Race other players and fist fight to surviveGAMEPLAYUse tilt controls to drive bike and accelerate on the tracks. Whileengaging in a fight with other mad skills racer use the onscreencontrols to punch or kick to damage them to throw them off.Fight to the limit on the track and try to fend off every attack tocome out as the moto racing champion.
Offroad Construction City Sim 1.0 APK
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Vrom Vrom! It's a time to build a city withreal simulation of city construction builder Forklift, Road Rollerand Cement truck offroad truck drive. So put your driving skillsinto a show of constructor and drive a real mega machine throughoutthe city and transport goods in grand city. Being a labor ofConstruction Company your duty is to drive a variety ofconstruction vehicles and cargo all goods in different places whichis under construction of your grand city. You have to complete allregarding mission in a limited time so keep your eye on ticking ogclock while driving and cargo all construction equipment on time.In order to complete every mission and task on time you have todrive fast with maximum speed limit and deliver a cargo on time toget an achievements. So drive offroad construction machine todayand simulate your driving skills with this free offroadconstruction city sim game.Off-road construction city sim is a unique simulation game fordriving and racing lovers. A limited time for completion of hugetask has never been easy. You have to be a skilled racer to drive aforklift, Road Roller and Cement truck for construction and beat atime with extra challenging driving experience. Drive an offroadforklift construction sim truck on your android device today andget double your offroad driving experienceOffroad Construction City Sim HighlightsReal simulation of constructing city.A unique game play with cargo and racing fun together.Smooth graphics with a view of grand city and real fun ofdriving.Variety of dangerous missions for a driver of constructiondriver.Stunning sound effects to vibrate a mind.Adventurous game for simulation lovers.Clock is ticking so complete all task on time.

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Blog 0.0.1 APK
Our blog posts include experiment results ofonline marketing, how to articles, tools and tips for running yourbusiness, business ideas, online selling, entrepreneurship, startups, success stories, interviews and reviews of relevantbooks.You can visit the web version of our app:http://technotip.orgFeatures1. Has a list of 8 recent articles on the homepage and user cannavigate to older blog posts.2. Clear reading experience with bigger fonts on articlepage.3. Facility to bookmark the article and read later from bookmarkssection.4. Cache the recently viewed article for offline reading.5. List of pages.6. Search facility.7. List posts based on Category.8. List posts by author/contributor.9. Invite others to our app via Social Sharing Apps.Option to rate the app.10. Facility to directly share the posts and pages with others frominside the app via popular social sharing applications.