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Do you love ice queen Elsa , in the frozen land? Do you love sareeand Indian marriage dress up ? If yes, "Ice Queen Indian Dress Up"is for you.Ice Queen Elsa is not familiar with the Indian Mehandi,Indian Marriage Dress up and Indian Saree Fashion, she is invitedto an indian wedding ceremony , Ice Queen Elsa wants to choose avery beautiful indian dress from the indian wedding dresses , Elsawants to become Indian princess !Every girl wants to look amazingin wedding. Let's help ice queen Elsa look beautiful in the indianwedding .Help Ice Queen Elsa in this Indian dresses and weddingsaree game by becoming indian fashion stylist and make her lookfabulous with new fashion trends of saree. Features :- Help IceQueen Elsa get ready for Indian wedding Invitation.- The IndianMehandi : a henna body art and the girls living in India use it tocover different parts of their bodies in sophisticated tattoos. Inorder for you to get more familiar with this body art, this IceQueen Indian dress up game is for you girls. - Dress up the Mehanditattooed Ice Queen Elsa in four styles, so Elsa can choose the bestfrom the four indian fashion wedding styles.- Dress up intraditional, colourful outfits, accessories , saree and Indianmarriage dress up. The goal is to create the looks shown on theright side of the screen but if they don’t meet your standards youcan easily work out your creativity and come up with personalisedlooks for each of them to help Elsa to become a beautiful Indianprincess . - Cute hairstyles for each indian style.If you love iceprincess Anna and ice queen Elsa , in the frozen land you will lovethis indian ice queen game too .

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    February 21, 2018
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Ice Queen's Salon 1.0.2 APK
"Ice queen makeup, dressup & hairstyle" is a princess salongame : Elsa the ice queen has been affected by the low temperaturesin the frozen land , the ice queen Elsa wants to look beautifulagain, she will need you to help her through the makeover process,makeup,dressup and hairstyle. You will have plenty of things tochoose from and now it is up to you to get the combinations right.
com.beindev.horoscope_compatibilty_love_work APK
-- هل وُلدتم لتَكونو معاً أم أنه يجب عليك البحث من جديد ؟ -- هلتُعاني مشاكل في التعامل مع مُوظفيك، مُدَرائك اصدقائك في العمل ؟؟هذاالتطبيق سيمكنك أولا من معرفة توقعات برجك اليومية (التوقعات اليومية،التوقعات ليوم غد، التوقعات لهدا الأسبوع ولهدا الشهر ) ... كماسيساعدك على اكتشاف مستقبل علاقاتك في الحُب و العمل … وأيضا سيمكنكمن تحليل الشخصيات حسب تاريخ الميلاد والتعرف على خصائصها في الحبوعلاقات العمل والصداقة... وكذا معرفة نسبة التوافقات بين الأبراج :الألفة والجنس،المشاعر، الثقة، الفكر والتواصل، الأنشطة المشتركة والقيم.تطبيق "توافق الابراج في الحب" سَيُساعدك على اكتشاف مستقبلعلاقتك مع الشريك ومعرفة ماهي التوافقات وماهي الاختلافات …كما أنتطبيق "توافق الابراج في العمل" سَيُساعدك على اكتشاف مَدى توافقك معزملائك في العمل وكذا معرفة التحديات التي قد تُواجخك معهم...وبشكلمُفصل سيمكنك أيضا من معرفة نسبة التوافقات بين الأبراج : نسبة توافقالألفة والجنس، نسبة توافق الثقة، نسبة توافق التواصل والفكر، نسبةتوافق القيم، نسبة توافق المشاعر.في هذا التطبيق المُتجدد باستمراروالذي تم تطويره بعناية وجدية، كي يكون إستعماله سهل وبسيط نعرض لكم :-- اختبار تحليل الشخصية : مميزات شخصيتك من خلال تاريخ ميلادك وكذلكمعرفة نقاط القوة، نقاط الضعف، العلامات الكاريزمية، الأشياء التيتحبها أكثر الأشياء التي تكرهها أكثر … وأيضا معرفة البيئة المفضلة--توافق الابراج في الحب : برج الدلو، برج الحوت، برج الحمل، برج الثور،برج الجوزاء، برج السرطان، برج الاسد، برج العذراء، برج الميزان، برجالعقرب، برج القوس، برج الجدي.-- توافق الابراج في العمل : برج الدلو،برج الحوت، برج الحمل، برج الثور، برج الجوزاء، برج السرطان، برجالاسد، برج العذراء، برج الميزان، برج العقرب، برج القوس، برج الجدي.- معرفة نسبة التوافقات بين الأبراج : نسبة توافق الألفة والجنس، نسبةتوافق الثقة، نسبة توافق التواصل والفكر، نسبة توافق القيم، نسبةتوافق المشاعر.-- معرفة خصائص برجك في العلاقات : الحب ، الأسرةوالأصدقاء وكذلك في العمل.-- معرفة التوقعات اليومية للأبراج (تحديثيومي وباستمرار) : معرفة التوقعات اليومية، معرفة التوقعات ليوم غد،معرفة التوقعات الاسبوعية والشهرية.- معرفة أبراج 2017 : تحديث يوميلأبراج اليوم، أبراج يوم غذا، أبراج هذا الاسبوع، هذا الشهر ثم هذاالعام.- توقعات ابراج 2018 : قريبا وفي الاصدارات القادمة ابراج2018... سنقوم بعمل تحديثات جديدة ومفصلة لتوقعات الأبراج لعام 2018-نسبة التوافقات بين الأبراج : نسبة توافق الألفة والجنس، نسبة توافقالثقة والإخلاص، نسبة توافق التواصل والفكر، نسبة توافق القيموالمباديء، نسبة توافق الأنشطة والإهتمامات ثم نسبة توافق المشاعروالأحاسيس .- Do you were born to Tkono together or that you shouldsearch again?- Do you have problems in dealing with your employees,your friends Madraik work ??This application will enable you tofirst know the expectations of the daily horoscope (dailyexpectations, expectations for tomorrow, expectations for Heddaweek and Hedda month) ... as will help you to discover the futureof your relationships in love and work ... and also enable you toanalyze the figures by the date of birth and identify theircharacteristics in love labor relations and friendship ... as wellas to know the proportion of consensus between the towers: intimacyand sex, feelings, trust, thought and communication, jointactivities and values."Constellations agree in love" applicationwill help you to discover the future of your relationship with yourpartner and find out what are the consensus and what are thedifferences ...The "towers agree to work" application will help youto discover how you meet with your business colleagues, as well asknowledge of the challenges that may Twajkk with them ...In detailalso enable you to know the proportion of consensus between thetowers: intimacy and sex ratio of consensus, consensus-confidenceratio, communication and consensus of thought ratio, the proportionof consensus values, feelings compatibility ratio.In this renewedconstantly, which was developed carefully and seriously theapplication, in order to be easy to use and simple show you:-personal analysis test: features your character through your dateof birth as well as knowledge of the strengths, weaknesses,charismatic signs, the things you love most things that you hatethe most ... and also know your favorite environment- Compatibilitytowers in love: Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer,Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio Tower, Sagittarius, Capricorn.- towersagree to work: Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer,Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio Tower, Sagittarius, Capricorn.- Know theproportion of consensus between the towers: intimacy and sex ratioof consensus, consensus-confidence ratio, communication andconsensus of thought ratio, the proportion of consensus values,feelings compatibility ratio.- Know the characteristics of yourhoroscope in relationships: love, family and friends as well as atwork.- Know the daily expectations of the towers (updated dailycontinuously): Find out the daily expectations, knowingexpectations for tomorrow, knowing the weekly and monthlyforecasts.- Know Towers 2017: Update on the Towers today, Towers onGma, Towers this week, this month and this year.--2,018 TowersOutlook: In the near future versions 2018 Towers ... we will make anew and detailed updates to the expectations of the towers for theyear 2018- the proportion of consensus between the towers: intimacyand sex ratio compatibility, trust and sincerity compatibilityratio, communication and consensus of thought proportion, values​​and principles of compatibility ratio, compatibility ofactivities and interests, and the proportion of emotions andsensations compatibility ratio.
Ice Queen Adventures - Free 1.0.3 APK
"Ice Queen Adventures : can Princess Anna find Snow Queen Elsa ?":Go looking for snow queen Elsa by controlling alternately hersister : snow princess Anna and Kristoff the mountain man. You willto go up against ice wolves, monitors and abstain from falling snowand ice before at long last accomplishing your objective : to findqueen Elsa. Anna's positive thinking and grit of Kristoff will beyour best resources in this amazing game full ofadventures.Download and play the first best Ice Queen AdventuresGame with Princess Anna and Kristoff and queen elsa.
com.beindev.joro3at 1.1.2 APK
هذا التطبيق : "أسرار السعادة في الحياة " هو لكل من يرغب في أن يحيابسعادة و بساطة و حب ، و أن يتمتع بحياة أفضل ماديا و جسديا و نفسيا وروحيا .. سيساعدك في اكتشاف الجمال الكامن فيك ، من خلال العيش بخفة،سعادة ، حرية ، جمال و سعادة دون التعلق بما يبعدك عن الجوهر.. من أجلحياة محررة من الأفكار المسبقة و المخاوف و الضغوط التي تثقل كاهلنا.. هذا التطبيق فسحة للروح و الذهن ، جمعنا فيه أفكارا من قراءاتناالمتنوعة من كتب منها "فن البساطة" لدومينيك لورو ، و من حكم فلسفة"الزن" Zen ..الخ محاور التطبيق هي كالتالي : - الاكتفاء بالقليل :فلسفة أن القليل يجذب الكثير لتحقيق السعادة ." Less is more" - الجسم: نصائح و أفكار عن احتياجات الجسم للعيش في سلام صحة و جمال مع أفكارخاصة للمرأة للعناية بنفسها .. - التغذية :الاعتناء بالتغذية ضروريلمزيد من الرضى و السعادة و للتمتع بخيرات الكون سواء في عالم المرأةأو الرجل - البيت : أفكار في تنظيم البيت و الديكور و الألوان تنفعالمرأة و الرجل - الذهن : تحقيق سلام الذهن و جودة التفكير و سعادةالباطن و طرق ممارسة التأمل . - الآخرون : علاقاتنا بالاخرين ، ما هيضوابطها و كيف من الممكن أن تعود علينا بمزيد من الحب و السعادة والبهجة و السلام.تطبيق "أسرار السعادة في الحياة" يحتوي على صور وتوكيدات إيجابية تعمل على التأثير بشكل إيجابي على المزاج. يمكنقراءته مع إيقاعات موسيقى هادئة (relaxation music ) لإحداث تأثيرأكبر و سعادة أكبر. كما يحتوي على إمكانية المشاركة مع الأصدقاء عبرالواتساب ، و هو مناسب لجميع قياس الشاشات .This application:"Secrets of happiness in life" is for anyone who wishes to livehappily, and the simplicity and love, and enjoy a better lifefinancially and physically and psychologically and spiritually ..will help you discover the beauty inherent in you, through livelightly, His Excellency, freedom, beauty and happiness withoutattachment including Ibadk for substance .. for the editor of theprejudices and fears and pressures that weigh upon us life .. thisapplication space for the soul and mind, we collected the ideasfrom diverse our reading of books including "the art of simplicity"Dominique Loro, and the rule of the philosophy of "Zen" Zen, etc... The application axes are as follows:- sufficiency withlittle: a little philosophy that attracts a lot of happiness. "Lessis more" - Body: Tips and ideas about the body needs to livein peace with health and beauty especially for women to take careof their own ideas .. - Nutrition: Nutrition is essential totake care of more satisfaction and happiness and to enjoy thewealth of the universe, both in the world of women or men -House: ideas in the organization of home and decor and colorsbenefit women and men - mind: to achieve peace of mind andquality of thinking and happiness subconscious and methods ofmeditation practice. - Others: our relations with others, whatare their controls and how can we come back with more love,happiness and joy and peace."Secrets of happiness in life," anapplication that contains images and positive emphases works toinfluence positively on the mood. It can be read with the rhythmsof music quiet (relaxation music) to bring about greater happinessand greater impact. It also contains the possibility ofparticipating with friends via Alwatsab, and is suitable for allmeasurement screens.
Ice Queen Beauty Bathroom 1.0.1 APK
Do you love ice princess Anna and ice queen Elsa , the frozensnowman Olaf , and Kristoff in the frozen land? "Ice queen BeautyBathroom" is for you."Ice queen Beauty Bathroom" is an ice princessbeauty salon game : Elsa the ice queen has been affected by the lowtemperatures in the frozen land , so ice queen Elsa wants to gether beauty again, Elsa will need you to help her through cleaningher face deeply in the bathroom of Ice queen Elsa, Elsa needs alsothe makeover process, makeup,dressup and hairstyle. Features : -Cleaning Ice queen's face deeply in the bathroom of Ice queenElsa.- The makeover process for Ice Queen Elsa- Makeup for ourprincess- Dressup Elsa with beautiful dresses- Cute hairstylesIfyou love ice princess Anna and ice queen Elsa , the frozen snowmanOlaf , and Kristoff you will love this ice queen game too .
Ice Queen Hairstyles - Free 1.0.1 APK
Enjoy playing this amazing Ice queen hairstyles and dressup girlsgame:In the frozen land ,the snow ruined Ice Queen Elsa 's hair soin this beauty salon game, our Ice queen Elsa will be here, and youwill get to make Elsa 's hair look amazing by styling itbeautifully using hairstyles for princesses .!Look for how to havea better look with beautiful hairstyles at this hair beauty salon.We have brought to you with variety of Ice queen hairstyles. Besidethis you will have makeup and dressup salon.Let’s play Ice queenhairstyles game & enjoy free hair styles , makeup and dressesof your choice.
Christmas Bubbles 2018 1.0.1 APK
Play Christmas Bubbles 2018 for free, best Addictive shootingbubble buster game. Christmas bubble shooter 2018 is for all ages:children, teenagers and adult , and it 's translated to 16languages.Pop all the christmas bubbles to get to a new level,making connections of 3 christmas bubbles or more.Christmas Bubblesshooter 2018 is a free game which can help relaxing everywhere. Theinterface is nice and clean, you will enjoy playing with many cutecolor ball.How to play Bubble Christmas :1. Tap where you want thechristmas bubble to go.2. Make combinations of 3 or more christmasbubbles that have the same color to make them burst.2. Group 3 ormore christmas bubbles to make them pop.3. Clear all the christmasbubbles on the screen to get to a new level.The main objective isto destroy all the christmas bubbles. Get ready for the mostexciting Christmas Bubble shooter of all time, play and enjoy !
Ice Queen Car 1.0.5 APK
If you love ice queen Elsa or ice princess Anna, then you will justlove the " Ice Queen Car" a car girls game! Now you can really knowwhat it’s like to own a car by giving it a good car's interiordecoration and beautiful design and makeover, by choosingaccessories and personalize your design of pink princess's car.Whatsort of car's dashboard decoration would be great for this iceprincess’s new pink car? Answer some of these car quiz's questionsasked by ice princess Elsa in this car quiz ,and help Ice QueenElsa decide how to decorate and design it with differentaccessories in this cool car's decoration, design and quiz game forgirls.Ice Queen Elsa will ask you a few questions in this car quiz,select the answer which best fits your personality and see whattype of driver you really are, then you will begin the princess cardashboard's decoration and design. There are plenty of decorationsand accessories to choose from and beautify your princess car with,girly girl accessories and some other things to make your drivingsessions enjoyable and fun, in this cool car's decoration, designand quiz game for girls.How to play this game :- Ice Queen Elsawill ask you a few questions in this car quiz game- Select theanswer which best fits your personality and see what type of driveryou really are.- You will begin the decoration and design of theprincess Elsa's car dashboard. - There are plenty of decorationsand accessories to choose from and beautify your princess car with,girly girl accessories and some other things to make your drivingsessions enjoyable and fun, in this cool car's decoration, designand quiz game for girls.