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Embroidery Patterns Clothes Embroidery or needlepoint ornament ismade on cloth or other materials with needle and thread sewing. Inaddition to the thread, embroidery or embroidered embellishments tobe able to use materials such as scrap metals, pearls, beads, birdfeathers, and sequins.Among the types of stitch is commonly knownin embroidering is chain stitch, baste puncture, puncture hem, andcross stitch. In addition to hand-stitched, embroidery made bymachine sewing and embroidery machine computer.Fabric and threadused for embroidery art vary according to place and country. Sincethousands of years ago, a cloth or bedang of wool, linen, and silkhave been used to create embroidery. In addition to the threads ofwool, linen, and silk, embroidery thread embroidery modern use ofcotton or rayon.Ribbon is embroidered using a ribbon of varioussizes and materials to create floral motifs. Pita give a threedimensional effect for larger sizes of thread tape. Results arealso more decorative ribbon embroidery because the ribbon materialis more diverse.The final result embroidery can bedistinguished:Flat Embroidery: embroidery results flush with thesurface of fabricSulam overlay (filigree): perforated embroideryresults, for example for tablecloths and periphery kebayaSulamarise: the results of the embroidery forming waves on the surfacefabric according to dent the image.

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