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Embroidery Stitch Tutorial is an application that can be used tohelp you learn how to learn embroidery stitches for beginners. Byknowing the techniques and way of embroidery of course your handwill become accustomed to do it. Art embroidery almost anyone canlearn to do it and almost anyone can learn.To start sewingembroidery we just need some pattern for basic learning to do somebasic embroidery sewing practice. When undertaking this embroiderysewing project is made with perfect step-by-step instructions fornovice or embroidery stitching designs.In the structure of theshirt, the sutures can be grouped by type such as (plain, lapped,bound, flat) and its position in the finished garment product (backcenter stitching, inner suture, side seams). The stitches arefinishing with a variety of techniques to prevent the edges of thecloth from opening and oppressing the inside of the fabric.To gethow to sew embroidery you can download the application for free.Maybe useful

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Calligraphy is one type of art work that emphasizes the beauty thatis contained in the forms of letters that have been modified or incelebration so that it has aesthetic value in Arabic.In itsdevelopment there are many kinds of calligraphy style, not allkhath survive until today. There are eight types of popularcalligraphy that is known by the art lovers of calligraphynamely;1. Khat NaskhiNaskhi style calligraphy is most commonly usedby the people of Islam, both for writing religious scripts anddaily writing. Naskhi style including the oldest style ofcalligraphy writing. Since the writing rules are formulatedsystematically by ibnu muqlah in the 10th century, this style ofcalligraphy is very popular used to write the Qur'anic manuscriptsuntil now. Simple letter characters, almost without additionaldecoration, so easy to write and read.2. Khat TsulutsTsuluts stylecalligraphy is a minister of arabic language in the time of theabbasiyah caliphate. Style tsuluts are widely used as architecturalornaments of mosques, book covers, and interior decorations, and soforth.3. Khat FarisiCalligraphy style farisi developed by Persiansand became the official letter of this nation since the dynasty erauntil now. This style is widely used as the exterior decoration ofthe mosque in iran, which is usually combined with colorfularabes.4. khat riq'ahThis calligraphy is the result of thedevelopment of calligraphy style naskhi and tsuluts. The charactersare very simple, without alphabet, making it possible to writequickly.5. Khat IjasahCalligraphy style of diploma (raihani) is ablend of tsuluts and naskhi style, developed by calligrapher daulahexperts. Character letters such as tsuluts, but more simple,slightly additional decoration, and not commonly written instacks6. Khat DiwaniThis calligraphy was developed by the ibrahimmunif calligrapher. Then, perfected by shaykh hamdullah andcalligrapher daulah usmani in turki end of the 15th century andearly 16th century. The character of this style is round and not incharacter. The beauty of his writing depends on his line of playwhich sometimes on certain letters rises or decreases.7. KhatDiwani JaliThis calligraphy is a diwani style development. Thisstyle of calligraphy was introduced by hafiz usman, a prominentcalligrapher to be usmani in turkey. Usually, this model is usedfor applications that are not functional, such as interiordecoration of mosques or decorative objects.8. Kufi KhatCalligraphykufi style, its writing is widely used for copying al quran earlyperiod. Therefore, this kufi style is the oldest model of writingamong all styles of calligraphy. This style was first developed inthe city of kufah, Iraq, which is one of the most important citiesin the history of Islamic civilization since the 7thcentury.Download the app to get a cool calligraphy model. May beuseful
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Ceiling is also very influential with the beauty of the house welive in, because it does not close the possibility of people whocome home we will look up to see the beauty of our house ceiling.So do not ignore the ceiling design to look better andinterestingGypsum ceiling design is one of the most difficultdesigns, and is thus often overlooked and equipped with standardlamp kits and white paint. However, Renaissance ceilings are oftencanvas for famous artists of the day. Bring a touch of artisticdrama to your space by installing a dome or fiberglasspolyurethane.If you have a luxury house concept you can also choosea ceiling design that has a lot of ornaments or carvings so thatyour house will look luxuriousTips on Installing a House Ceiling tobe interestingHow to install1. installation of ceiling of gypsummaterial, should be mounted in the same way as brick mounting forwall2. Care and InstallationFirst when choosing the shape of theceiling, you should note is the ease of care and installation.3.Color SelectionThen for the color problem, just like the color ofthe walls, the color of the ceiling also affect the atmosphere ofthe room.In this application provides hundreds of gypsum ceilingmodels made by experts and has been implemented in real.Downloadthe app now to get the latest and greatest modelsMay be useful
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Art doodle art name is a doodle art art that combines the image ofthe doodle art monster itself with the writing inside. Thecombination of both will produce a unique doodle art, especially ifthe writing in it is your own name, the name of a boyfriend, thename of a friend or a greeting to someoneAs with other works ofart, a work of doodle mostly portrays the creator's feelings, andthat's all you can see through every resulting stroke, so thatsometimes we meet a doodle image maker unleashing a unique ideaunnoticed.Art Doodle name is also a doodle drawing work that isquite interesting and unique, because the doodle image created fromvarious kinds of characters in it in stacking in such a way thatcan form a name that if seen will have a great impression.Downloadthe app now, for freeHopefully this app can help you create doodleart names to be more creative and innovative.
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Bracelet is one of the jewelry in the form of a circle, thebracelet is usually used on the wrist either male or female. Butthere are also bracelets mounted on the ankle. The installation ofthe bracelet depends on the taste of the person itself.Braceletsmade of silk threads are very popular among women, as they providemany beautiful and attractive colors and models that are verycreative. The bracelet model of silk thread is currently in thesearch for women, because the price is not too expensive and has avery good modelIn this application provides a bracelet model madeof silk yarn suitable for use by women. Usually wearing a braceletfrom a woman's silk cloth will become more confident when dealingwith or meeting other people. However, the use of the bracelet isalso because of the hobby.Download the app to get the best silkyarn braceletMay be useful
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Graffiti is graffiti on walls or in special places that use thecomposition of colors, lines, shapes, and volumes to write certainnames, words, symbols, or sentences. The tools used in the presentare usually spray cans. Before spray paint is available, graffitiis generally made with a brush of paint using a brush or lime.Thisapplication consists of a graffiti design name that is often usedto write down the name of the artist, the name of the gang, and thename of the leader is also the name of two people. You will agreeon the graffiti name design example and you will create your own.Itis expected that this application is very useful for you and can bea position when you want to make graffiti art name. Graffiticreative ideas emerge from this app and you can develop renderingon the perceptions of each design.Download the app now to getcreative and innovative graffiti works. May be useful
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Crochet is a process of making lace fabrics from lace yarn usingneedle hooks. The crocheted fabric has a continuous chain-likepattern. Unlike knitting needles, the lace needle has a hook on theend.These activities are perfect for making baby shoes. Easy,flexible, and beautiful lace baby shoes can be a wonderful anduseful gift for a baby's parent.Crochet can be a wonderful hobby ora decent side business depending on your ability to do the time andresources. Learn to crochet baby shoes and you will always have abeautiful and unique creation at your fingertips.Download the appnow to get creative and innovative ideas to make lace boots. May beuseful