3.1 / March 9, 2017
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*** Emoji Switch *** You are a smiley face, and you must avoidEmoji obstacles to collect Foods.By typing on the screen, yoursmiley face will jump.Emoji switches on each turn, each level, andeach stage of the game!Be careful, Emoji obstacles can befast!Enjoy and give us a good comment :)Emoji art supplied byEmojiOne (http://emojione.com)

App Information Emoji Switch :FIRST EMOJI GAME

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    Emoji Switch :FIRST EMOJI GAME
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  • Updated
    March 9, 2017
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  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    34 Boulevard de la liberation, ALJT, 92370, CHAVILLE, FRANCE
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Emoji Switch :FIRST EMOJI GAME 3.1 APK
*** Emoji Switch *** You are a smiley face, and you must avoidEmoji obstacles to collect Foods.By typing on the screen, yoursmiley face will jump.Emoji switches on each turn, each level, andeach stage of the game!Be careful, Emoji obstacles can befast!Enjoy and give us a good comment :)Emoji art supplied byEmojiOne (http://emojione.com)
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