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Electromagnetic radiations can cause disorders such as sleepdisorder, depression and tension. To detect electromagnetic pulseyou just need to open the app in your phone and the app will useelectromagnetic sensor in your device to let you know the intensityof the magnetic field. HeadAches:These electromagnetic waves cancause headache. With the help of this EMF Detector you can checkwhether the reading is very high and this way you can reach to thecause of these waves and stop it.Electronic Devices:EMP Meter actsas electronic device detector in a way that if there is a devicewhich is emitting strong radiations of magnetic field the app willlet you know about it and you can check whether it is harmful foryou and the cause can be found out easily.Errors CanOccur.Depending on the application, there may be not exactly thecase. Three main causes.1. Cell phone itself or defective sensorcharacteristics2. When moving a mobile phone (can not be used insituations where the absolute motion)3. Communicate with the relayitself at the moment (the moment of communication internally atregular intervals by operating error propagation)EMP Meter and EMFDetector also acts as Device Detector, EMF Detector, RF Detector.All these features are present in this one app by usingelectromagnetic field detection. Rate and share.

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    March 4, 2018
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com.wondertechstudio.hiddendevicedetectorandcameradetector 3.1 APK
Spy bug devices are very common. They are everywhere. Try to besafe by using Detectify Detect Hidden Devices. Our app DetectifyHidden Device Detector provides you with the best solution. Our appDetect Hidden Devices is the solution to Privacy problem such asspy cameras. Our algorithm is the best Detect Hidden DevicesAlgorithm in the market to find potential hidden electronicdevices. Our app functions as a radiation detector by detectingradiations (Magnetic Field) from devices nearby.. Features ofDetect Hidden Devices: - Anyone can use - Detect Hidden Devices -Find Microphones - Spy Camera Finder - Lightweight Application -Detect Listening Devices and spy bugs Usage of Detect HiddenDevices: Just move the Detect hidden devices app near the suspectedarea. Scan for hidden devices. Mainly holes or gaps in the corners.Such as bedside lamps. Detect Hidden Devices in Drawer locksstuffed toys. If the app gives you alert manually check the areafor any hidden electronic device. This app also detect hiddendevices. Such as Spy electronic devices as well as it detect hiddenCamera. It is the best bug detector scanner Do write to us for anysuggestions or complaints. Disclaimer: The app detect hiddendevices depends on many factors such as environment. Do not onlyrely on its readings and do the manual search after its shows somehigh readings
Electronic Bug Detector - Camera Detector 1.4 APK
Spy cameras are so common these days that they are hidden inclocks, watches, teddy bears, remotes and key chains. The app usesmagnetometer sensor present in android phone. All the electronicdevices such as hidden cameras have their magnetic field. They canbe detected by even when they are turned off. If you are mostlystaying in public places or you think there is someone spying onyou, we have got the best solution for you. Bug Detector and DeviceDetector allows you to detect hidden cameras and devices in yoursurroundings. App is also a metal detector because metals havetheir magnetic field and the app will tell you if it encounters ametallic object. If you are trying to detect a camera then makesure there is no metallic object in the surroundings as it willdistort the readings. It acts as Hidden Camera Detector and locatorwith its bug detector feature. Electronic bug detector allows youto change the sensitivity of the readings. If you are getting highreading even when you are not close to any device you can justdecrease the sensitivity. Or if you are getting too low reading youcan increase the sensitivity as per your needs. You need to havemagnetic sensor for device detection. If you don’t have aMagnetometer you can avail the feature of camera detector using ourcamera detection feature. Protect your privacy with the NEW mostAdvanced spy bug finder and detector with which you can detectmicrophone, detect hidden camera and bug or similar surveillancedevice which may exist in the room or in your house/ office and youhave no idea about it. Easy to use app to detect surveillancedevice for Free Hidden microphone detector is also its feature withthe bug detector. Don’t worry about your privacy now its 100%tested and working. Electronic bug Detector – camera detectorFeatures: ✅ Awesome hidden device finder app ✅ Very easy to operate✅ Best for privacy protection ✅ Camera Finder ✅ detects electronicdevices ✅ shows any detected devices quickly ✅ security &privacy tool for Free ! ✅ hidden camera detector ✅ hiddenmicrophone detector ✅ show hidden devices ✅ Hidden Camera Detector✅ Bug Detector ✅ Spy Detector Now you have the easy way to protectyour privacy by using this hidden device detector and this willshow hidden devices around you. bug detector is also the bestfeature of the App.
EMF Detector - EMF Meter & Magnetic Field Detector 1.2 APK
If you want to measure electromagnetic field around you, EMFDetector - EMF Meter and Magnetic Field Detector is the bestchoice. The app uses your phone's built in sensor to detectElectromagnetic waves around you. To use the EMF Detector, you justhave to move around your phone in your room or in your surroundingsto find out if there are any EMF radiations. EMF Meter givesmagnetic field reading in µT (microtesla) which is eqaul to 10 mG(milligauss).Uses:- EMF Meter helps you detect any hidden deviceslike cameras, mobile phones etc.- EMF Detector also let you findyour lost mobile phone or any other electronic device even if it ishidden under clothes.- You can also detect metals by using thisapp.- It also lets you detect magnetic field of different devicesand objects around you, so you can also test out different things.-EMF Detector App also provide you with a great privacy tool bydetecting any hidden cameras, microphones or any other potentialspying devices.Features:✓ Easy to use Interface✓ 'How to use' guideinside app✓ Very Light in size✓ No permissionsrequiredDisclaimer:The emf detector app does electromagnetic fielddetection by using phone's built in sensor called magnetometer. Thereadings may vary due to sensor quality. So use as directed.RateEMF Detector if it helped you.
Detectify Hidden Device & Camera Detector Ad Free 1.1 APK
WonderTech Studio
Detectify Hidden Device and Camera Detector PRO App lets you findany nearby suspected device or hidden cameras in yoursurroundings.Note: The app uses magnetic field to detect devices.The readings may vary due to the sensor quality. Metals can alsotrigger this app alarm as they carry magnetic field. Caution: Ifthe reading is stuck, try shaking your phone to re-calibrate thesensor (making an 8 digit shape)Main Features:- Radiation Meter-Infrared Camera Detector- Real-time Magnetic Field reading (graph)-Alarm/Beep (on/off option)Limitations:You must have magnetometersensor in your phone to use Radiation meter detection feature ofDetectify Hidden Device Detector and Camera Detector. If you don'thave that sensor, you can still use our Infrared CameraDetector.Permissions:- Camera Permission(for IR Camera Detectorfeature)- Wake Lock Permission(to Prevent screen from sleepingwhile detecting IR Cameras)If you encounter any problem using ourapp, you can contact us.Do rate and share Detectify Hidden Deviceand Camera Detector.
IR Remote Tester - Check IR Remote Control 1.0 APK
Do you know you replaced cell in your remote and its still notworking? Are you confused about whether the problem is in remote ortv? You can now test your Remote control by using your phone andour app.Our app detects infrared light which is emitted by tvremote. Our IR Remote tester feature shows you bright white lightwhich is not visible with naked eye thanks to our special IR CameraDetector Filter.This IR Remote Tester can also enable you to findIR hidden cameras. Like remotes many hidden spy camera devices alsohave infrared feature in them so our app can detect iteasily.Usage:- Just open IR Remote Tester and see through ourfilter. when you face the remote towards phone's camera you willsee a light. This light means your remote is working. - You canalso use it as Hidden IR Camera Detector.Privacy Policy:We do notcollect any personal information from users.Features:- IR RemoteTester- Remote Tester- IR Hidden Camera Detector- Check RemoteControl- Remote Control Tester- irRemote Test- Hidden IR CameraDetector.- TV remote tester- IR Blaster test.- Infrared Remotetester- Infrared Transmitter TestNote:The normal camera app canalso be used, but our app provides a special filter so you caneasily see the IR light.Feel free to give any suggestions. We arealways working to improve.
Hidden Microphone Detector 1.3 APK
Hidden Microphone detector is a free app to detect any suspecteddevices around you. The app uses magnetometer sensor of the phoneto detect magnetic field of cameras and microphones to protect yourprivacy anywhere. The interface of hidden microphone detector iseasy to use and this is one of the best microphone detector in themarket. This app is very light weight on your phone so you don'tneed to free up a lot of space.Features of app:- Easy to use-Simple user interface- Complete guide on 'How to use'- Main featureis Microphone detector- Can also be used as Camera detector anddevice detector- Lightweight appInstructions:Take your phone closeto the suspected area to detect Microphones around you. The appwill begin to beep if any device is found nearby. Metals have theirown magnetic fields so hidden microphone detector will also detectmetals, but the app won't beep. The phone has to be at least 5inches closer (Sensor's limitation) to the suspected device todetect it. Permissions:Internet Permission is required to fetchads. The readings can vary from phone to phone depending on thequality of Magnetometer sensor.Note:If the reading is stuck at veryhigh, shake the phone gently to calibrate.Important:Themagnetometer sensor is required to run hidden microphone detectorDorate and share Hidden Microphone Detector.
Light Meter - LUX Meter 1.2 APK
Light Meter is the best app for measuring light intensity. The appuses your device's light sensor to determine the intensity of lightand shows it on a LUX Meter. It also can be used by photographersto test the light conditions for better results. The precisionquality depends on the phone's light sensor quality.Now you cancheck whether the light is good to read a book, to work with yourmachinery, office work and any other work. Just check the lightmeter and the meter will show you if there is high or very lowlight. To use this app you just have to check where is your lightsensor. It is usually at the top left corner of your screen. Keepit uncovered to check the light intensity by using light meter.This lux meter is the best when it comes to detecting lightintensity. Our team has developed this accurate light meter. Theapp does not require any special permission.Key features:- Easy touse- Light Meter- Reading in Light Intensity unit (LUX)Permissions:- Internet (to fetch ads)This app will let you find alight source.If you like our app, please rate and share it.
Hidden Camera Detector - Detect Hidden Cameras 1.3 APK
When in need of a hidden camera detector you can rely on our app.This is a hidden camera detector and locator app made for findingcameras that may be spying on you.This Camera Detector app is theeasiest solution to stop being followed and watched. Hidden CameraDetector and Locator will analyze your surroundings and let youknow if anything unusual happens. Magnetic Field Sensor is requiredfor the app to workUsage of Camera Detector:1 - Detect Camera byusing IR camera detector feature by our special camera filter. Youwill see a white light through the camera detector filter whichwould not be visible without it. A simple test is to see a TVremote through our spy camera detector. TV Remote detector.2 -Detect Camera by using Camera Finder feature. In this you searchfor hidden cameras by moving the phone with camera detector in yoursurroundings. The app will beep if it finds a Camera or anydevice.Features of camera detector:- Hidden Camera Detector- HiddenIR Camera Detector- Camera Detector- Hidden Camera Detector andLocator- Detect Hidden Camera- IR Camera Detector- HiddenMicrophone Detector- Spy Camera Detector- Camera Finder- DeviceDetector- Magnetic Field Detector- Hidden Camera Detector - AntiSpy CamPermissions:- Internet (required for fetching ads) - Camera(required for Infrared Camera Detector)Note:Spy camera detector bugfinder app uses magnetic field to detect cameras. Sometimes cameradetector app also detects metals as they carry magnetic field.Movephone while facing the sensor towards the place you aresearching.You can find the sensor position in your phone bybringing a camera closer to the phoneIf the app is crashing closeany other app to keep on using camera detector and try again.