2.92 / December 14, 2015
(4.6/5) (15,221)


Ahoy pirates, are you ready for a greatadventure? Emperor of Pirates is an action packed RPG game whereyou can build custom ships, recruit sailors, go on treasure huntsand raid other ships to become Ruler of the Seven Seas! LetPoseidon guide you across the oceans while you loot the world’streasures. Are you ready to become the one and only Pirate King?

Admire the beauty of the oceans while experiencing thegroundbreaking effects of your attacks on enemy vessels!
Blackbeard, Captain Hook, Magellan are just a few of the famous seatravelers that are waiting to fight or to join you!
Mysterious islands, ghost ships and treasure chests will be on yourroute while you explore a huge map!
Design your own battle style by selecting from more than 30 skills.Destroy your enemies without mercy!
Enhance your vessel from a simple raft to a glorious pirate warshipand become a master of naval combat!
You can play in English, ภาษาไทย or 中文繁體.

App Information Emperor of Pirates

  • App Name
    Emperor of Pirates
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    December 14, 2015
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    100,000 - 500,000
  • Price
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勇者法則 Online:經典動作冒險遊戲 1.0.11 APK
黑暗迷霧再次籠罩勇者大陸,劍與魔法的戰鬥再次開啟...前作《勇者法則Online》IOS全球超過250萬下載,Android百萬下載,獲得百萬玩家一致肯定,正宗冒險格鬥續作,今夏強勢登場!勇者們,絕對讓你愛上《勇者法則Online》的六大特性!★日式冒險風格★日式卡通畫風,劍與魔法等中古魔幻元素,精美的人物設計、豐富細緻的劇情場景及200種以上獨特怪物等你挑戰!重溫經典日式冒險RPG的感動!★流暢觸控打擊★以自由操作遊戲角色進行即時戰鬥,移動、跳躍、技能突襲,超爽閃避連擊,更多的操控,不再只是無腦點擊,這才叫玩遊戲!★華麗戰鬥特效★超震撼戰鬥畫面,強烈的觸控點擊感,不管是發動華麗魔法,還是酷炫的技能招式,讓你招招體驗到真正發動技能的爽快感,絕對欲罷不能的視覺享受!★人氣英雄登場★故事開端英雄霸氣登場,週週迎接人氣新星的誕生!每個角色擁有多套炫酷的裝備自由換裝,多達1000+以上獨特外型,遊戲世界不再到處撞臉啦!★自由組織隊伍★不同職業不同操作,每個角色都各有所長,勝利女神是否向你靠攏,端看你如何組織你的黃金隊伍,成敗完全操之在手!★多元豐富內容★競技場、組織軍團、特殊關卡,贏得勇者的殊榮!天天簽到、每日任務及成就達成的豐富獎勵,讓你領到手抽筋!遊戲節奏明確暢快,絕對是手機遊戲首選!多人即時線上,和全球玩家一起追尋上古勇者的榮光,在勇者之殿刻下自己的名字,創造屬於自己的歷史!勇者冒險就此展開!官方網站:http://brave.kingnet.com/官方粉絲團:https://www.facebook.com/brave.kingnet官方討論區:http://bbs.kingnet.com/forum.php?mod=forumdisplay&fid=302※如您遇到遊戲問題,有些情況無法詳細說明,您可以通過添加勇者官方Line「kingnet-gm」,來與我們聯繫。Dark brave fog envelopedthe continent again, sword fighting and magic once again open...Before the "brave law Online" IOS more than 2.5 million downloadsworldwide, Android million downloads,Access to millions of players unanimously affirmed, authenticfighting adventure sequel, a strong debut this summer!Brave, never let you fall in love with "Brave law Online" sixfeatures!Japanese-style adventure ★ ★And other Japanese cartoon style, medieval sword and sorceryfantasy elements, character design beautiful, rich and detailedstory scenes and more than 200 unique monsters waiting for you tochallenge! Revisit the classic Japanese RPG adventure touched!★ ★ smooth touch blowPlaying the role of a free real-time combat operations, moving,jumping, skills raid, super cool dodge combos, more control, nolonger just click on the brain, which can be called to play thegame!★ ★ gorgeous fighting effectsStunning battle screen, click on the strong sense of touch, whetherit is to launch gorgeous magic, skills or cool moves, so youexperience the real launch mouths skills refreshment, absolutelyunable to stop the visual enjoyment!★ ★ popular hero debutThe story began heroes domineering debut, week in and week greetedthe birth of popular star! Each character has several sets of coolequipment free Dressup, up to 1000 + more unique appearance, thegame world is no longer hit everywhere face it!★ ★ free to organize teamDifferent operations in different occupations, each characterstrengths, whether you move closer to the goddess of victory, theend to see how you organize your gold team, success is entirely upto the hand!★ ★ diverse and rich contentArena, the organization Corps, special hurdles, winning honors thebrave! Daily attendance, rich reward daily tasks and achievementsreached so that you receive your hand cramps! Clear rhythm game funis definitely the preferred mobile game!Instant online multiplayer, and global players to pursue theglory of ancient brave, brave in the temple carved their names, tocreate their own history! Brave adventure embarked!Official Website: http://brave.kingnet.com/The official fan group: https://www.facebook.com/brave.kingnetOfficial Forums: http://bbs.kingnet.com/forum.php?mod=forumdisplay&fid=302※ If you encounter game problem, some cases can not be explained indetail, you can add brave Official Line "kingnet-gm" to contactus.
Chaos Dynasty 1.0.5 APK
☆Super Skill Combos! Special skills toselect!Recruit hundreds of ultimate Three Kingdom Warriors☆Real PK with strategiesCollect generals in your HQ. Explore for more treasures and fightfor your own faction! Experience EPIC Online fun and interact withother players.Extreme SLG strategy game. 5 reason to download it now:☆ Classical battles back in Three Kingdom ☆ ☆ Collection of hundreds mighty warriors ☆ ☆ Set your team’s formation and enjoy strategy fight ☆ ☆ Join the Faction War and raid your opponents ☆ ☆Team up and discover in plentiful events ☆☆Like us on facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/cd.kingnethttp://cd.kingnet.com/
Poseidon's Pirates 3D 2.92 APK
Poseidon’s Pirates, a 100% NEW 3D naval actiongame!Ahoy pirates, are you ready for a new adventure? Poseidon’spirates is an action packed RPG game where you can build customships, recruit sailors, go on treasure hunts and raid other shipsto become Ruler of the Seven Seas! Let Poseidon guide you acrossthe oceans while you loot the world’s treasures. Are you ready tobecome the one and only Pirate King?Battle on! – Sail the seas with the cutest pets!Super Stylish! – Create a dandy pirate ship!United Power! – Get the best skills for your Guild!Great Fun! – Become a savvy sailor of the seas!Sail out! – Join our mighty fine fleet today!Features1. STUNNING 3D IN-GAME GRAPHICS AND SPECIAL EFFECTSAdmire the beauty of the oceans while experiencing thegroundbreaking effects of your attacks on enemy vessels!2. BUILD A CREW WITH +2000 LEGENDARY PIRATESBlackbeard, Captain Hook, Magellan are just a few of the famous seatravelers that are waiting to fight or to join you!3. EXPLORE IMMENSE UNCHARTED TERRITORYMysterious islands, ghost ships and treasure chests will be on yourroute while you explore a huge map!4. BRUTAL NAVAL BATTLESDesign your own battle style by selecting from more than 30 skills.Destroy your enemies without mercy!5. BUILD AND UPGRADE CUSTOM SHIPSEnhance your vessel from a simple raft to a glorious pirate warshipand become a master of naval combat!You can play in English or 中文繁體.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Play with Kingnet!Follow us! >>>http://en.kingnet.com/Like us on Facebook! >>>https://www.facebook.com/en.hseFor questions or customer support, email: support@kingnet.com------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
환타지 히어로 1.0.10 APK
■■■ 환타지 히어로 런칭 이벤트 ■■■[이벤트1] 콜라보이벤트A.O.A 동료 캐릭터 모으고A.O.A 미니 콘서트 가자!■ 이벤트 기간 2014.11.11~2014.12.31 ■ 당첨자 발표 2015.1.7■ 보상: 미니콘서트 초대권조건 1(선착순 250명) : AOA 동료 캐릭터 7명 모두 수집조건 2(추첨 50명) : AOA 동료 캐릭터 1명 수집 + 영웅레벨 50이상 달성자[이벤트2] 크리스탈을 원하는 그대여 허리~ UP하시오!영웅 10레벨 달성 시 10 크리스탈 지급영웅 20레벨 달성 시 코스튬 7일 치 지급영웅 30레벨 달성 시 30 크리스탈 지급영웅 50레벨 달성 시 크리스탈 마경 뽑기3장[이벤트3] 런칭 기념! 환히 첫 결제2배!모든 유저에게 드립니다. 첫결제 2배 이벤트!!무엇을 상상하든 그 이상의 환희를 느끼세요!!상위 레벨로 가기위해 희생되는 캐릭터들에 더 이상 재미를 느낄 수 없으시다고요?환희는 정통 RPG의 이야기와 성장시스템이 있습니다.경험치 획득과 성장만을 위한 단방향 이동과 자동전투에 지치셨다고요?환희는 필드를 모험하면서 자유롭게 이동하고 캐릭터 성장을 위해 채집하고 몬스터를 피해다니는 정통 RPG의 재미가있습니다.유저들이 와글와글하게 움직이는 MMORPG의 향수가 그립다고요?환희는 마을광장에서 내 코스튬을 자랑하고 친구들과 대화하며 NPC들에게 퀘스트를 부여 받는 정통 RPG의 향수가있습니다.클래식 RPG의 향수를 신선한 시스템으로 재현한 지루할틈이 없는 모바일 RPG지금 접속해서 다양한 이벤트에 참가하세요!! AOA가 입었던 의상을 받고, 동경 콘서트에 초대받을 수있습니다.공식까페에 가입하면 엄청난 이벤트와 선물이 당신을 기다리고 있습니다.▶공식 카페http://cafe.naver.com/kingnetfantasy- 각종 이벤트 가득!▶공식 페이스북https://www.facebook.com/fantasyherokingnet- 최신 뉴스 확인▶공식 홈페이지http://fh.kingnet.co.kr■■■■■■■게임특징■■■■■■■1. 똑같은 캐릭터는 그만! 나만의 캐릭터를 커스터마이징하자!환히는 나만의 개성있는 캐릭터를 직접 만들 수 있습니다. 그렇게 만들어진 캐릭터는 마을광장에서 모두에게 자랑할 수있어요~2. 친구들이 다 착하기만 해? 내 농작물을 훔치려는 사악한 친구들과의 두근두근 약탈전쟁!농장에서 친구들과 함께 농사를 짓기도 하지만 약탈해 가는 짓궂은 친구들도 있을꺼에요하지만 걱정마세요. 환히에서는 약탈을 해도 서로가 윈-윈 할 수 있답니다.3. 모바일RPG의 필수요소는 다 있어요! 또 다른 매력은 지금 접속해서 확인해 보세요!자동전투? 아 있죠. 화려한 그래픽? 아 당연히 있죠.환히에서는 이용자들의 편의를 최대한 고려하면서도 환히만의 특별한 시스템들이 있습니다.4. 클래식 RPG의 필드맵과 자유도 높은 이동 그리고 전략적 전투를 즐기세요.단방향 이동과 묻지마 자동전투, 무조건 강화에 지치신 유저들에게 정통 RPG의 즐거움을 드립니다.환희에서는 다양한 테마의 필드맵에서의 이동과 사냥 그리고 전략적 전투를 누릴 수 있습니다.퍼즐과 길찾기는 보너스~~5. 다양한 직업들을 가진 캐릭터로 다시한번 아데나를 재건하자!환히에서는 선봉에서 방어역할을 하는 디펜더, 물불 가리지않고 돌진하는 다크워리어, 원샷원킬을 지원하는 거너, 효과적인도움을 주는 매지션의 다양한 직업이 존재하고각 직업마다 다른 전략을 펼쳐야 해요. 어서 접속해서 함께 아데나를 재건해주세요!■■■ Fantasy Hero launch event■■■[Event 1] collaborationeventA.O.A fellowcharacters gatherAOA mini concertCome!■ Event Period 2014.11.11 ~ 2014.12.31 ■ WinnerAnnouncement 07/01/2015■ Compensation: mini concertinvitationCondition 1 (first come, first served 250 people): AOAcolleagues collected all characters 7 peopleCondition 2 (drawing 50 people): AOA colleagues character onepeople gather + hero level 50 or higher to achieveparty[Event 2] geudaeyeo waist - Keep UPdesired crystal!Reach level 10 hero at 10 CrystalpaymentAchieve level 20 hero costume 7 days upon payment valueReach level 30 hero: 30 Crystal paymentReach level 50 hero during crystal magyeong draw:3[Event3] launched Anniversary! The first payment brightlytwice!We allusers. The first payment twiceevent!Whether you imagine what moreyou feel the joy!!Unreal do not have to feel any more fun in the character of beingsacrificed to go to a higher level?Ecstasy is a growing system of authentic storyRPG.You climbed tired of the one-waymovement with automatic battle just for the experience acquired andgrowth?Joy and adventure are free to move the field and collected for thefun of traditional RPG character development and avoid the monstersaround.The perfume of MMORPG users aremoving still miss the buzz?My costumes are proud joy to talk with your friends and the perfumeof the traditional RPG quests for NPC can receive grants from thetown square.There is no gap boringreproductions of classic RPG perfume in a fresh system, mobileRPGAccess now to join in the variousevents! AOA is worn under clothing, you may be invited to a concertin Tokyo.If you subscribe to the official cafes await you this great eventand a gift.▶ Official Cafehttp://cafe.naver.com/kingnetfantasy-Filled events!▶ official Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/fantasyherokingnet- Check the latest news▶ Official Websitehttp://fh.kingnet.co.kr■■■■■■■ game features ■■■■■■■ 1. The same character is enough! Let'scustomize your own character!Brightly, you can create your own unique character directly. Icreated a character that everyone can be proud of in the townsquare-2. The friends chakhagimanyear? Steal my crops are excited predatory war against the evilfriends!Jitgido from farm to farm with my friends, but I'm also going to behere to plunder spiteful friendsBut do not worry. The brightly even plundered each otherwin-itdapnida canwin.3.There are an integral part of the mobile RPG is! Another attractionis to check out NOW!Auto-battle? 're Ah. Gorgeous graphics? Oh course I.There are only a special system of the brightly brightly aspossible while considering the convenience of theuser.4. Field maps and freedom ofthe classic RPG also enjoy a high mobility and strategiccombat.One-way auto-combat moves and do not ask unconditionally to theweary New users to enhance the enjoyment of authentic willRPG.The joy you can go and enjoy the hunt and strategic battles in thefield maps of various themes.Puzzles and find way is a bonus~~5.Let's rebuild the Athena once a character has various job!The brightly defender to the defensive role in the vanguard, mulbulGunner to support the Dark Warrior, one-shot wonkil rushingchoosing, there is a wide range of professional and effective helpof magicians thatI have to expand the different strategies for each job. Getconnected with it, please rebuildAthena!
戰國信長-風林火山之卷 1.0.4 APK
天下一統目指!日本戰國王道登場!本格SLG策略遊戲《第六天魔王-戰國信長》!「家臣系統」新機能開催!「群雄奪寶」全新互動對戰系統登場!織田信長、豐臣秀吉、武田信玄和德川家康等多數大名參上!豐富主線劇情、精英關卡、進階合戰、多人組隊副本等,體驗無限刺激快感!體驗豐臣秀吉如何從無名小卒,成為天下一統的霸主,太閣崛起之章強勢登場!立即下載五大理由:☆戰國歷史戰役【經典重現】☆ ☆超酷有型武將【成就收集】☆ ☆九宮排兵佈陣【策略戰鬥】☆ ☆國戰PK戰鬥【激鬥爭霸】☆ ☆組隊副本尋寶【豐富活動】☆◆本格派ながらも手軽に戦国体験!◆遊戲教學完整,一指輕鬆上手,絕無複雜惱人的操作!◆好みの武将で歴史に挑もう!◆歷史上有名武將多數參與,周周更新限定大名參上!◆『一番強い者』を天下人とする! ◆全新究極奧義施放,COMBO連招,讓你華麗の天下一統!◆仲間と協力で、モット楽しいかも!◆家臣系統、群雄奪寶、國戰系統等,極致體驗線上互動手遊樂趣!官方網站:http://zgxc.kingnet.com/Head refers todominate the world! Japan's Warring States benevolent debut!The grid SLG strategy game, "the sixth day of the devil -Warring States Nobunaga"!"Retainer System" function to open a new reminder!"Warlords Raiders' new interactive battle system debut!Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa Ieyasu, etc. MostTakeda Shingen parameters name on!The main plot is rich, the elite levels, Advanced Gassen,multiplayer team a copy of the other stimuli to experienceunlimited pleasure!Experience how Hideyoshi from nobodies to become the overlord ofworld unity, the rise of a strong debut Taikochapter!Download the five reasons:☆ Warring States history to reproduce the classic battle []☆☆ cool to collect a type of military commanders[achievement] ☆☆ JiuGongTu battle formations [strategy] ☆☆ national war PK battle for hegemony [Battle] ☆☆ team a copy of the treasure hunt activity [rich]☆  ◆ The cell to send mo na ra ga ni hand ZhiZhan state system omen! ◆Teaching complete game, one finger easy to use, no complicatedoperation annoying!◆ There are good generals で Artworks History Mi nipick moo! ◆Most of the generals involved in the history of the famous, week inand week update parameters defining name on!◆ "some strong I were" people of the world To wo suru! ◆The new Ultimate esoteric cast, COMBO combo, so you gorgeous Theredominate the world!◆ To work together で Nakama, holds ッ Suites yue shi Ika mo! ◆Retainer system, warlords Indiana, the country battle system, theultimate interactive online experience hand travelfun!Official Website: http://zgxc.kingnet.com/
猛將三國志 1.0.1 APK
☆全新终极大绝、COMBO连招,让你无限施放CROSS百位三国猛将任你支配☆真人PK比格局斗谋略君臣系统、群雄夺宝、国战系统,极致体验在线互动手游乐趣!極致的SLG策略游戏 立即下载五大理由:☆三国历史战役【经典重现】☆ ☆百位三国猛将【成就收集】☆ ☆九宫排兵布阵【策略战斗】☆ ☆国战PK战斗【激斗争霸】☆ ☆组队副本寻宝【丰富活动】☆☆Like us on facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/cd.kingnethttp://cd.kingnet.com/
時空物語‧魔物娘の相伴冒險 3.11 APK
是誰?穿越了時空,只為尋找失去的依戀;是誰?建構了物語,只為流傳不朽的序章!二次元最華麗的後宮型大作,全新型態魔物娘x塔防RPG玩法,給你最刺激的戰鬥,快來體驗日系魔物娘の相伴冒險,下載立即送5星魔物娘喔!《時空物語》等你來進攻(宮)!!=====《遊戲特色》=====#魔物娘X塔防RPG全新型態#首創塔防式RPG玩法,激鬥塔坊中穿插幽默精彩的魔物娘冒險故事,三種元素交織出了一個不同以往的全新體驗!#純‧二次元日漫風格玩美降臨#日本插畫家共同協作,體驗二次元魔物の相伴日常,蒐集你的可愛魔物娘大軍吧!#親衛X寵物X技能=純日系夥伴協力遊戲#挑選你最愛的魔物娘上戰場吧~再搭配可愛寵物及華麗的技能,夥伴間聯手出擊,絕不失望的冒險遊戲《時空物語》,今天的我也一定要守護妳!#敲可愛又多變的紙娃娃系統#變換裝備立即改變造型,搭配不同的服裝就轉換不同的面貌,你的魔物娘絕對跟別人的不一樣,喜歡什麼,今天就穿什麼!#豐富趣味的互動系統#體驗魔物娘の相伴日常,與自己的魔物娘對話,送禮增加親密度,為主角刻上紋身增加能力等,各種互動系統讓你天天上線不無聊喔!#天天在線魔物娘服務#立即加入《時空物語》粉絲團,魔物娘天天在線,有趣的互動活動、線上VIP服務、粉絲好康活動等,真實與你相伴冒險喔~《時空物語》粉絲團:https://www.facebook.com/Storytimeandspace《時空物語》官方網站:http://stas.kingnet.com/《時空物語》客服論壇:http://goo.gl/LV1kBF★我們非常樂意為您解決遊戲中遇到的任何問題, 請即時與我們聯繫!Who is it? Through timeand space, only to find the lost attachment;Who is it? Story constructed, only to spread the immortalPrologue!The second element of the most gorgeous harem type masterpiece, thenew patterns x Mother Monster RPG tower defense gameplay, givingyou the most exciting fight, come and experience the Japanesemonster mother There are accompanied by risks, download immediatelysent out of 5 stars Oh Mother Monster! "Cosmic Story" waiting foryou to attack (house)! !===== "Game features" =====# X Mother Monster tower defense RPG new patterns #First tower defense style RPG gameplay, Battle Tower Square humorinterspersed Mother Monster wonderful adventure story, interwoventhree elements of a new experience different from the past!# pure ‧ secondary diffuse Mongol style to play the US falls#Japanese illustrator work together to experience the second elementMonster There are daily companions, collect your lovely mothermonster army now!# Guards X X pet skills = pure Japanese partners worktogether game #Pick your favorite Mother Monster on the battlefield it - and thenwith cute pets and magnificent skills, inter-partner joint action,adventure games will not be disappointed "space Story", today Ialso have to guard u!# knock cute and varied Paper doll #Conversion equipment immediately changed shape, with differentclothes to convert different look, your Mother Monster absolutelynot the same with others, like what, what to wear today!# rich taste of interactive systems #There are daily companions to experience Mother Monster, Monsterdialogue with their mother, gifts increase intimacy, as theprotagonist tattoo engraved increase capacity, all kinds ofinteractive systems on the line every day, do not let your boringOh!# Monster mother every day online service #Join Now "Cosmic Story" fans, Monster mother every day online, funand interactive, online VIP service, fans goodies activities,accompanied by real adventure with you Oh ~"Cosmic Story" fan group: https://www.facebook.com/Storytimeandspace"Story time and space," the official website: http://stas.kingnet.com/"Cosmic Story" Support Forum: http: //goo.gl/LV1kBF★ We are very happy to help you solve any problemsencountered in the game, please do not hesitate to contactus!
戰國風雲之獨霸天下 1.0.5 APK
遊戲特色:☆ 戰國歷史戰役【經典重現】☆體驗豐臣秀吉如何從無名小卒,成為天下一統的霸主!☆ 超酷有型武將【成就收集】☆織田信長、豐臣秀吉、武田信玄和德川家康等多數大名參上!☆ 九宮排兵佈陣【策略戰鬥】☆沒有最強的武將對抗,只有更強的智慧對決☆ 國戰PK戰鬥【激鬥爭霸】☆玩家可自組軍團,共同征戰沙場,勝者為皇,天下我有。☆ 組隊副本尋寶【豐富活動】☆告別單機遊戲,與親朋好友組隊一起戰鬥吧!官方網站:http://yzg.kingnet.com/官方粉絲團:https://www.facebook.com/zg.kingnet?fref=ts