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Power Never Perishes…

With the fall of the Ivory City, a century of war comes to anend. Yet, the end of the imperial bloodline also unravels amillennium of magic that knit the supercontinent of Cethurea intoTähn, the greatest empire the world has ever known. In thedesperate vacuum rise cabals bent on remaking the dominion in itsown image, each led by an aspiroi vying for a chance at theimperium.

From the game house that brought you “Blood Brothers,” “Chainsof Durandal,” and “D.O.T.: Defender of Texel” comes “EMPIRE OFBONES,” a free-to-play card collection game with new dimensions.From a handful of gems, summon potent creatures to one of 5positions on the board, and cast spells that sometimes backfire onthe unwary. The artful creatures, each painstakingly sculpted byJapanese CG artists, bring the joy of miniature collecting right toyour mobile screen. Whether played in real-time PvP or NPC mode,“Empire” is about short, intense strategy matches, illuminated bybeautifully-crafted game pieces and a deep lore developed over aperiod of 2 years.

Play it today—and let empires rise.

- Choose from 2 FACTIONS—Chaotic or Lawful—with more to come!
- Combine 243 CREATURES AND SPELLS to create the ultimatecabal.
- Collect INDIVIDUALLY-SCULPTED playing pieces, viewable from everyangle!
- Strategize with 5 BATTLE POSITIONS: the vanguard, the wings, andthe rearguards.
- Elevate chosen creatures to ASPIROIS, leaders imbued with aspecial power.
- DUEL with friends, and battle opponents in your REGION and aroundthe world!
- Hone your skills without ranking worries in the PRACTICEmode.
- Discover the EPIC STORY of Tähn with every creature youunlock!

App Information Empire of Bones

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    Empire of Bones
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    August 2, 2016
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    DeNA Corp.
  • Installs
    500 - 1,000
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    185 Berry St STE 2400 San Francisco CA 94107
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Welcome to the highly anticipatedsequeltoBLOODBROTHERS!Revisit the dark fantasy world of Arnashia with BloodBrothers2,andexperience a tale of allegiance, betrayal,ambition,andrevenge.Collect from over 600 unique Commanders to build yourarmyandmoldyour strategy to suit your battle style. Take ontheworldinreal-­time PVP to become the strongest armyArnashiahaseverseen!A century has passed since the time of Blood Brothers.ThetalesofGalbraith and his vampire armies are now but afadedlegend.Thepeoples of Arnashia celebrated their peace andfreedomunderthenewly formed power, but not for long. Whenthenewgenerationproved to be less capable of ruling, war is againonthehorizon asdiscontent parties are no longer willing to lielow.Oldallianceswere broken, and new ones formed overnight. In thisageofchaos,whom do you trust, and whom do you destroy?FEATURES• RELIVE THE FANTASY:Fight alongside your favorite Blood Brothers charactersoncemore,andreturn peace to Arnashia.• CREATE DEADLY ARMIES:Form guilds, evolve your Commanders, and train yourtroopstocreateyour army.• CUSTOMIZE YOUR COMMANDERS:Research new technologies and dawn yourCommanderswithcustomizablegear to unlock their full potential.• BATTLE WITH FRIENDS:Engage your friends in the PvP Arena and put yourarmytothetest.• DISCOVER NEW CONTENT:Join in weekly events such as Raid Boss toearnlimitedtimerewards.
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Inspired by the original card battle game,War,players throw down customized cards at the same timeinadrenaline-fueled 5 minute PVP battles. Collect andunleashimpressive Guardians, strategically customizing andupgrading eachcard for explosive, synergistic wins as youanticipate youropponent’s every move.For ages, the Provenants of Ravia have upheld atimelesstradition of powering the Sacred Spire to ensure the CycleofAges... until greed fractured all. Play as a powerful Provenantasyou capture rogue Guardians and gain control of the chaos.Summonextraordinary cards from 12 unique classes and upgrade eachonethrough multiple methods. Build powerful decks and testyourstrategy through a rich variety of challenging content andmultiplegame modes that fit any schedule!FEATURES:• DUEL OPPONENTS IN 5 MINUTES OR LESS: Designed for themobileplayer in mind, engage in quick battles that resolve in halfthetime of competitor CCGs!• ENGAGE IN UNIQUE & STRATEGIC BATTLES: Guess youropponent’smoves, calculate risk, and react swiftly as you throwdown cards atthe same time.• CUSTOMIZE & UPGRADE IN MULTIPLE WAYS: Improve everycardthrough 7 different methods, such as evolving or levelingupspells, then build the ultimate deck across different cardclassesand elemental affinities.• FIGHT THROUGH CHALLENGING CONTENT: Conquer Campaign Modeorchallenge other players in the Arena for fast-paced,real-timeduels!• TEAM UP WITH FRIENDS IN GUILDS: Join the Deckstormcommunityand forge alliances with old and new friends.
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Feel the ground quake and hear the crowds roar as everyone preparesfor the main event! We’re live on ‘Tank TV’ where bold tactics andartful artillery take center stage in an explosive winner-takes-allbattle. Roll the dice to deal detrimental damage and take home theprize in this turn-based battle of brains and brawn.Feel the ground quake and hear the crowds roar in a real-time PVPtournament! Build your team of tanks and face off against rivalteams in explosive winner-takes-all battles! Roll the dice to dealdetrimental damage and use your prize money to unlock new tanksfrom over 100 options!FEATURES● Real-Time PVP: Gather your friends, form a Club, takedown otherClubs from around the world, and share the glory● Whopping War Machines: Contest for coveted machine parts to builda competition-crushing team of tanks● Swift Showdowns: Bring out your best tanks and takedown yourcompetition in fast-paced head-to-head battles● High Risk Choices: Select your targets, time your re-rolls, andunleash strategic attacks to clinch your victory● Extreme FX: Each battle is packed with big explosions and boomingsound effects that will get your adrenaline pumping● Compete in Live Events: Earn legendary rewards and prizes fortaking first place on the league leaderboards● Get Sponsored: Accept endorsement contacts from Sponsors for achance at extremely rare parts and tanksHere on Tank TV it's all about The Fans!!! Thanks for all yourfeedback and reviews! We're constantly working to make this gameeven more awesome and have really exciting features plannedthroughout the year.