1.2 / April 22, 2016
(3.8/5) (4)


emulator for NES. on which nes game rommayrun. What you need to do only is open a nes rom file with it.

emulator for NES is what we called NES host families. Ibelievewe played NES games when was a kid.
Simulator description:

* You can save game progress;
* Simulator already contains ROMS;

- support to load/save SRAM
- support to display size 1x/2x/fullscreen
- support to mute/volume adjust
- joystick control mode setting

emulator for NES does not include ROMs but they can bedownloadedlegally from many third party sites, as long as youalready own thegame.

This app is in no way affiliated with theNintendocorporation.

App Information Emulator For NES

  • App Name
    Emulator For NES
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    April 22, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.2 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    500 - 1,000
  • Price
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Emulator For PSP 1.0. APK
Great emulator on android platformforPlayStation(PSP).Very high game compatibility, fast speed, and accurate sound.You will feel best gaming experience, get smooth gameplay andlargeFPS.Enjoy it now, dear friends! :)Key features:* Fast game speed as on the original PSP device* High quality game sound* Nice game controller* Easy network gaming* Save and load game state* High quality best game graphicsthis emulator is the best emulator for psp, have goodgraphicsand fester and smooth playing with full fast play gamesever isuggest you to download this emulator for psp.this emulator don't have any game included withthisdownload.but you can dump you own psp games with extension .ISO or .CSOFilesand you can download game by searching in google but you musthavereal game first.put games in SD Card or USB Storage.you have some question like:what is the best emulator for psp?what is fast emulator for psp?how can i play psp game on android?that the solution by downloading this app EMULATOR FOR PSPThis Some Game Works very Well:God of War - Chains of Olympus
التجسس على الواتس اب prank 1.0 APK
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Braces Booth 1.0 APK
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Lullabies Relax & Sleep Baby 1.3 APK
Just turn lullaby to your baby and youwillsee, how your baby will fall asleep to her strong infant sleep.Youno longer need to sing to your baby. Now, this will makeyourphone.The sleep timer will turn off the lullaby after the childfellasleep. This means that you don't need to keep wait when thechildis asleep. You can set the timer and go to sleepyourself.Control is so simple that a 2-years-old kid can use thisapplicationby himself.A lullaby is a soothing song (sounds for kids), usually sungtoyoung children before they go to sleep, with the intentionofspeeding that process. As a result they are often simpleandrepetitive. Lullabies can be found in every culture and sincetheancient period.*** only natural music*** relax and sleep sounds!*** high-quality soothing music*** best lullabies for kids, babies, children,infants,newborn*** lullaby ringtones and lullaby lyrics*** soothing music - sleep sounds*** absolutely relaxing and sleeping*** wonderful baby songs*** white noise for baby sleep*** therapy music (music therapy, sound therapy,melodytherapy)*** best good quality sounds to sleep*** sounds for babies*** fairy tales stories audio book*** you will relax and sleep like baby*** christmas music*** children fall asleep immediately*** lullaby of nature*** sounds of letters*** sounds of the alphabet*** sounds of the womb*** deep relaxation with children songs*** baby sounds to sleep (baby songs, children songs,kidsongs)*** baby music lullabies*** bedtime music (baby sounds, bedtime sounds)*** christmas sounds*** nature appsYour baby cries a lot? Can you put a nice sound to calm yourbabyand sleep like an angel. Choose the music and the time and putyourchild to sleep, a beautiful song That will really calmyourbaby.Lullabies are sung by mothers around the world for Theirchildrenfall asleep.√ You can choose the music.√ You can choose the time.√ Great quality of the sound√ Absolutely Relaxing!√ The best relaxing sound!
Enakei Avatar Maker 1.0 APK
Enakei Avatar Maker application is used toedityour Enakei Anime Avatar Photos, Head portraitPhotos,ProfilePicture, there are a great variety of accessories,Cool Stickers,shirts, blouses, skirts, gowns, overcoat to choosefrom areprovided here for you to choose. Make you avatar more cuteand coolthough Anime Head Portrait Adornments, and the functionsinside aretotally free!Let's create your own profile icon like Enakei anime image!Generated profile icon is suitable size for SNS profileimage.Dress up your cute, fancy avatar, like collage anime image frommanyparts!Now you can change avatar parts, dark or light color.Come and experience the fun of Avatar and share with yourfriends!You won't be disappointed !- Reset Function- Share Functionality of Created Avatars- Set Wallpaper
MP3 Hindi Ringtones Maker 1.1 APK
Applications cut music as ringtonessupersimple supports cutting the song into sections to makemp3ringtones, alarm clock ... for the phone.You love one segment in a song tone, want as a ringtone butyoufeel crazy when it just found another piece of music is notyourfavorite tunes. It's easy to apply MP3 hindi Cutter &RingtoneMaker will help you with our easy to cut a favorite pieceof musicextremely simple.Manual cutting mp3 ringtones:- Select your favorite MP3 hindi from the phone memory- Select the audio track you need to cut- Save the music for alarms, tones ...Key features MP3 ringtones app cut Cutter &RingtoneMaker:- Support recording immediately in music cutter softwareasringtones- Selecting music from a simple phone- Delete melody music- Performances of music in the form of professional musicwave- Option to capture audio and touch the screen.- Naming a new music piece cut- Save file in "/ mnt / sdcard / media / audio".
fake conversation for whatsapp 2.2 APK
This app is intended for entertainmentpurposesonly and does not provide true WhatsAppMessagingfunctionality.Have fun with fake text whatsapp message, the new, completelyFREEapp that lets you generate fake conversations for whatsappfake message for whatsapp chats was made to simulate realchatconversations. Your chat snapshot will be just like if it isfromWhastapp. Change the delivery status, set if the person isonline,typing or away for a while, change the time of the chatmessages,Choose the background image that you use on your app,Quicklyswitch between sent or received and many more!Design a fake text message conversations with anyone youwouldlike.You can easily design fake message for whatsapp and editeverydetail on the screen.After you finish editing the conversation just capture thescreenand share it.