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As a super hero, you fight bravely to the crowded monsters. Theygonna to destroy remained residents of world so you have no choice,you are the only one that can stop these invasions in EndlessMonster Rush gameNow or never, our residents is in dangerouscase.Not only prepare skills before new wave, you also upgradeindexes to face other new dangerous enemies. There are more than 12types of monsters that we face. Each character will have differentpower, abilities, strength and weakness Endless Monster Rush is anendless game but no repetition.The more you go, the more difficultyyou are through. Apparently, unlimited challenges for you, you willfind Endless Monster Rush free game more interesting. Game wasdesigned for players feel relax when killing a lot of monsters, youwill get gems to revive and collect experience to go fartherHow toplay Endless Monster Rush:- Tap on the left to attack on the left-Tap on the right to attack on the rightHints:- Tap on flyingPumpkin to get the rocket help on fighting- Pay attention onindexes, keep off running out of shot- Add suitable abilitiesbefore fighting- Upgrade as soon as possible to defend giantS,speedy MonstersAre you ready to face the Monster apocalypse? GetEndless Monster Rush for free now

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    Endless Monster Rush
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    May 22, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Stom Studio
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    19BT2 Ban Dao Linh Dam, Hoang Mai, Ha Noi
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Among field, you have to carefully act to destroy the other tanks,other bases to get victory. Kick-off the Tank battle, you join inthe game of wars and combat with Bloon enemy TanksTank is the topgame and draw huge amount of attention from players. You will drivethe Tank Hero in all Battlefield and knockdown all things in theenemy’s base. Defeat the army of Bloon enemy, destroy its blocks,wall and all other structures. The Tank Battle has 3 lives. Aftereach time Tank loses ones, revived life is stronger. Let’s use yourwise strategy to move around the battlefield, find the enemy’shelicopters and shoot it. With any car shooting, pick up an item toupgrade your skills and continue the TankBattle.---------------------How to play ?- Use the steering wheelon the left to direct the tank- Use the button on the right toshoot the enemies- Drill the wall and destroy the brick blocks toopen new roads. Move under the green tiles and cover the white roadmarkings. But the stone blocks is unbeatable base.Remember! Shootthe Bloon enemy’s base but also protect your ownBloon enemies arevery crowded, strong and racing. So be brilliant! Kill orbe-killed? You don’t have other choices!----------------------Features:- Graphics: 2D, Flag, simple-Scientific arranged map, 6X2 types of Bloon Enemy tank in the Tankbattle, 1 car item- 20 levels, 20 maps- Tank war sounds: intense,exciting- No in-app purchase- Made for absolutely everyone!The gameTank Battle is completely free! Let’s enjoy yourselves and masteron the battlefield!P/s: We we are looking for a publishercollaborator or co-operate with other team to bid out-source code.If you have demand and intention to co-operate with us, Pleasecontact with us via this facebook link:https://www.facebook.com/StomStudio