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Endless Temple Rush is a new 3D endless run game. The endlessrunnerhas to run through various obstacles and has to save himselffromthe dragons and monsters of the ancient temples. So the templerushhero has to keep running as he has to save himself from thetemplemonsters. Endless Temple Rush is an easy endless runnergameinitially but as the Golden Temple materialize then the wildrushbegins. Now the Temple rush would make you to passvariousobstacles so that you can find the temple rush dash. Aftergettingthe temple rush dash your escaping route would become moreclearand your running game become more interesting. Try to get asmanycoins on the path as you can because endless rush wants you tokeeprunning for survival and these coins will bring you to safety.Alsothe thrilling running in temple endless rush game would enableyouto have the temple of golden run where you can discoverthedungeons through addictive dungeon run. So the ancient templerushgame is such a 3D running game that has the following features:•Free to play arcade game • 3D running game • Best sounds andsupercool graphics • Challenging obstacles to pass • EndlessGameplay •Addictive Endless Rush running game • Infinite runnermode withdifficult challenging running terrains • Various coins andpowersin run rush game • Maze tunnels and mysterious dangeroustempleenvironment • Best endless runner simulation game

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    EndlessTemple Rush
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    May 5, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Deangelo Hero Games
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    Block C Bedian Road Ali Park Lahore
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Vampire vs. Hero :Vampire Fall Welcome to the enigmatic worldfullof vampires. Vampires are going to abolish the concord ofearth.Everyone is going crazy to get purge of bloody vampires. Onlyatrue hero can save the people from crisis of vampire. Anadventurefull of vampires is waiting for you in this fun free game.If youare a true war hero everyone is looking towards you. If youeverdreamed to become as monstrous as count Dracula or Nosferatuhunterthis horrible battle is exactly of your means. Step intotheshooting arena where night is really dark and full ofterrifyingmonsters-Vampires! Duty of vampires is to unleash thehumans, tastetheir blood and destroy everything that is alive. Yourduty is toprove yourself as a true commando shooter. Show yourshootingskills and fighting skills like boxing, punching, kicking,comboand special power effects and become the hero of strategiccombat.Fight the battle fiercely don’t get mercy on any vampire!Humanscannot understand that vampires have ferocious thrust forhumanblood. They are blood suckers and they can kill every singlehumanin this pantheon of thrilling vampire games. Clash and go forthisvampire game. Fight a strategic combat and unleash all thevampireseither it is subway vampire or train vampire. Be a truefirefighterShow your shooting and fighting skills in this moderncombat whereall humans are at the risk of vampires. Be aware ofdungeons anddungeon bosses attentively that they could notperpetrate a harshmassacre on you! If they become successful in inattacking you, youwill ultimately die! You can also call somehelpers from specialforces or superheroes of the world forattaining special powers asthey can assist you in killing thevampires in this royal fightinggame. Create a new bloodline! Youhave a choice either you want tobecome a vampire and kill all theearth living animals or you wantto become a true war hero to makethe people of earth free frommonster vampires! You can become thechampion of this top new freegame of vampires 2018 contest.Features: ==> Ultimate vampirehunting ==> Wide range offighting skills ==> Vampire killer==> Addictive game play==> Challenging missions ==> HDgraphics ==> Smoothcontrols
Super Strange Fighting Hero: Powerful Super Hero 1.2 APK
Welcome to the amazing Super Hero fighting game Battle Arena Ifyouare a fan of Superhero and hero games. Then, be ready to haveachance to face the challenge of ruthless monster for thesurvivalof the world. So, show your Super power fighting skills inthismarvelous Super Strange Fighting Hero game. The game SuperStrangeFighting Hero: Powerful Super Hero is all about the cruelfightingand survival missions against Monsters and beasts. You willhavethe Super Hero skills of kicking, jumping and boxing inthisfuturistic fighting game. The game Super Strange Fighting:AmazingSuper Hero will make you realize that it is the best superherogame among all other super hero games due to its stunninggraphics,addictive gameplay and challenging missions withdeadliestmonsters. All you need to do is to fulfill the amazingsuperheroduties with your mighty powers. You being the superherocan climbthe walls, use the rope hero skills and become the realchampion ofthe world. Super Strange Fighting Hero: Powerful SuperHero is thefighting man game where villains and monsters will bediminished bystrong and amazing superhero fights in battle arenas.Your amazingsuperhero is also flying hero in the town. So, suchskills can onlybe used with strategy. Use Superhero skills wiselyin RPG game, andsave the innocent lives and the world. Also,Amazing Super Hero issuch an amazing game where city battles willwant from you tocontrol your nerves and use of strange superheropowers forultimate completion of missions and target. You will haveto killthe villains and gangsters and prevent mafia from growing bystreetcrimes. Face the challenge as an amazing superhero, thisnewamazing adventure would make you successful and renownedSuperSuperhero fighter for this whole world. All these fun elementsareincluded with the best ever graphics and sound track in thegameSuper Strange Fighting Hero. Therefore, make youramazingsuperhero, the best one with strange superhero powers andflyingsuperhero skills. The game has amazing acts and the mostaddictivegameplay. Kindly, free download this nonstop free actiongame andsuperhero game. Also rate and review “Super StrangeFighting Hero:Powerful Super Hero” for support.
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Each new century comes with its own uniqueness. Inthispostindustrial era where technology is everything. Ordinaryhumanthrough scientific experiments has been transformed into anamazingSuperhero having all the skills of an extraordinary human.He isthe flying hero with amazing rope and immortal powers andlargerthan life actions and stunts. Most of these things wouldsound likeany other Superhero games but this is not only aSuperhero fightinggame but also Superhero man games where the mosttoughest anddifficult terrains awaits you. These are the AmazingSpider HeroFight in Desert Battle in the most dry desert arena. Itis the citybattle as the majestic city has come to ground due tomonsters,gangsters and super bat villain. And now is the time tofight theruthless monsters by the great Kung Fu of the amazingSuper Ropehero. You will witness the survival by the Superhero bySuperherorobotic fighting and futuristic wrestling. He haseverything tooffer you, his Amazing superpowers and kung Fu likefightingskills. The warfare is very strenuous and difficult due todesertbattle scenarios. As the villains have complete control overthedesert city so monsters and beasts have become powerful. It’stimeto beat them all with Super Kung Fu skills i.e. punching,jumping,boxing and kicking. You have to make them beg for theirlife indesert battle fighting arena. Amazing Spider Hero Fight inDesertBattle is such a RPG game where amazing spider Hero has themightypowers. So, in this Spider Hero game he uses hismajesticsuperpowers to kill the deadliest monsters and also use hismagicalrope by displaying his wonderful and amazing best SpiderHeroactions. In addition to all this fun, the Rope Hero has alsoSuperStrange powers. The Super strange Rope Hero then uses hisstrangepowers by making superhero tactic to follow the rope and getaninsight about the hidden places of super villain bat. NowAmazingSpider Hero Fight in Desert Battle enters the most sensitivepart.In order to beat all the enemies multi Superheroes squad wouldbeformed which would be led by Super Strange Spider Hero andtherewill also be a one to one fighting action between Superheroesvs.Spider Heroes to distinguish between friend and foe. Now theherogames make the Robot city fight more deadly as flying robotswouldencounter the super Rope hero squad. The fighter spider wouldproveitself as the real spider hero by killing the bat villainmonsterin this grand heroes battle. So Police Spider Roboticbattlemissions will be start as the Super Rope hero would chasedown therebel cars because they had to end the street criminals andbringthe Open World back where there are no criminals and onlypeaceexisted. Here you will witness the amazing thief actionandAnti-Vegas street action would come to an end by the greatandmajestic Kung Fu skills of the amazing Super Spider Hero ortheRope Hero in this Heroes game. Other features of AmazingSpiderHero Fight in Desert Battle include: • Amazing Superherofightingskills with Rope Hero Action • Amazing Super Spider Heroand RopeHero with magical rope • Desert city battle with realisticgraphicsand full action Packed game • Amazing contest between Ropehero andsuper bat villain monster • Flying Hero with best Kung Fuskills
Call of War Machines: Massive Warfare Combat 1.0 APK
This is the call of war machines the battle at massive gauge.Youcan fight against the world in tanks, warships, helicoptersandblitz tanks. Equip your tank with iron armory enhanceyouroverdraft and turn it into a destroyer. Do not underestimateyourrivals. You are in a deadly combat where mistakes are mortal.Thiscall of war machines: massive warfare combat is not onlyshootinggame but you will feel the thrill of real battlefield inthis blitzbattle game. Build your squad and Watch out plans whatyou want tobombard in the battlefield. There is no deathmatch forlooser.Fight hard to be the heroes of world war. Victory is theonly keyfor your survival if you want to become an ace in thiscombat.Massive beasts are invading fiercely to destroy the peace ofworld.Feel the intense war actions and combat fighting. Hear thecall ofwar machines. Now winning this arena shooter game is yourultimateduty. Military forces from world war 2 and modern warcombat haveunited Heavy artillery for you. Use these weapons tofight backduring the counter attacks against the terrorist in thismad maxfury battle. Perform a big role like a real tank commanderanddefeat your enemies with force tank strike andstrategicbombardment. Transform your squad into a disciplined teamandbecome one of the heroes of world War .
Sniper 3D Conqueror 1.2 APK
Sniper 3D Conqueror is a new action game of this year. It isapowerful firepower sniper shooting game. The game hasferociousbattle and battlegrounds where fast-paced FPS battle isfought.This free action game has many critical missions wheretheobjective of the Special Forces would be to clear the hiddencampenemy soldier. In order to fulfill the dangerous criticalmissionsand survive in the battlefield you will be providedmilitarywarfare weapons containing machine gun, sniper and heavyassaultrifles. You will have to fulfill your battleground dutywithsniper, Humvee’s and tanks. The game has Sniper FPS missionswhereyou will have to Reload and fire and diminish the enemy’sforceswhich included the global terrorists carrying out theglobaloffensive. Sniper 3D Conqueror makes you a shooter pro andmake youa part of counter-terrorist forces. Sniper 3D Conqueroralso havesniper fps missions with fatal fury sniper FPS. Thesecriticalmissions are important to have an upper hand in criticalwarfare.You will have to take care of frontline battle sniper forwhich youwill need best tactical and shooting skills in thisexciting freeaction games. The gameplay has many terrains likedesert, jungle,island city and cold sea water for strike missions.All you willhave to do is to fight vigorously to have medal ofshooter and havefun in combat sniper 3d. Sniper 3D Conqueror alsohave many greatvisual effects, bullet muzzle flash and infinitefree shooting. So,end the conqueror by conquering all. Feature: -100% true sniper 3dexperience - Best sounds and effect with realbattlefieldenvironment - Amazing 3d graphics with differentlandscape rangingfrom desert to island - Best ever action game-playscenarios - Mostof feature of this stunning action game are fullyfree Sniper 3DConqueror is made by Deangelo Hero Games. In order toappreciateand even criticize do rate and review us.