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Racing game of enduro and motocross, with realistic physics of thebike.The enduro is an offroad motorcycle specialty that ispracticed in the natural environment with natural obstacles. It isalso practiced in artificial tracks and with very difficultobstacles, which require a great dexterity with the bike and greatphysical strength. It's called extreme enduro. If you likemotorcycle racing games, this game is for you.You need the madskill to ride this moto!Ride the bike like a dirt track champion,jump, do pirouettes in the air, move forward and back to controlthe falls. You can also perform backflip for many turns, as infreestyle. You'll be happy to get it.* 4T, 2T, wooden bike and nowa fidget spinner bike!* Real and fun behavior* Hard rock musicaccompanies you* Feel how the acceleration raises the wheel of yourbikeWhen you hit hard, the front wheel breaks and flies out with avery realistic physics.The front and rear wheels carry a shockabsorber that behaves like on real motorcycles.Before the blows,the pilot falls using the physics of the ragdoll in very gracefulpositions.Climb the stones with trial maneuvers, but be carefulwith the balance.Climb the hills, climb the stones and allobstacles in the shortest possible time.

App Information Enduro Extreme: Motocross offroad & trial stuntman

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    Enduro Extreme: Motocross offroad & trial stuntman
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    June 12, 2017
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    Android 3.0 and up
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    Avd. Dr. Rico, 22 03005 Alicante Spain
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KittyZ 2 🐱 Virtual Pet 0.0.8 APK
KittyZ is a different virtual pet, has a room of her own which movefreely, play and eat.Also you can transport the kitten theaugmented reality to see it on your desk, floor or in your hand.Ithas three different skins that you can change and further, thatyour lovely kitty is not alone, you can put company.In the shopthere is a magical product that turns your kitty pink.Enjoywatching the two kittens playing as KittyX is more natural, andsometimes jealous.In this version the garden has expanded even hasa horse. In addition KittyZ played with bugs that appear in thegarden.Their new game room is in an old block, but has many funnytoys, including magic top that teleports your cat inside thedollhouse.BASIC INSTRUCTIONS, interactive environmentThe kittenresponds to certain keystrokes within your 3d environment. Theseare the most common:Clicking on the carpet kitten comes running.This is the starting point. Here we can touch the kitten andperform certain movements. Dragging the hand icon on the pet, it isturned upside down and purrs.Clicking on furniture line, the kittenwill go to them, walking.If you click on the corner lamp, the lightturns off and kitten sleeping. If the kitten was already asleep andthe lights off, touching the lamp light turns on and kittenwakes.Clicking on any of the two tables, balls fall from theceiling at random.Clicking on the balls, the kitten pursues. Everytime the kitten up to any initial balls, new balls that disappearwhen the kitten touches are created. When the kitten plays initialballs and playing with them, power is consumed and the cat slim. Ifyou play garden bugs gao chases and get points.If we have thescratching post, pressing above it the kitten goes to play withhim.While in the kitchen, touching the plate of food or beveragefeed the kitten. Do not feed the kitten lot that you can gainweight and become slow and sluggish. In this case, you have to playa lot with him so thin.While in the bathroom, you must first openthe tap and wait for level rises. After a moment, water and spongecloses automatically appears on the screen. If you drag the spongeover the cat, lots of foam and bubbles are created and the kittenwill be clean. Once clean, we can towel dry with the same shape.Asthe days pass, the kitten grows and becomes larger.Your skinchanges if dirty or clean, if you are fat or thin.You can play withhim in his room or take it to the game room where you divertereis alot.In your kitten loves to play with the ball (click on it tojump) and tirelessly pursue. So will form and rise points. If youget a lot can buy the necklace, the scratching post and even changethe appearance (skin).If you click on the blue box there on thecouch, the ball will fall back into its initial site.You can petwhen clicking on the carpet many times over the kitten.If you clickon the plate of food, the kitten will eat the ration. First youhave to buy food from the store.In the laundry room kitty, you mustopen the tap so that the water level rises. At one point, the tapwill automatically close and you can wash it with the sponge.Washing is fun and lots of foam and soap bubbles appear.Then youcan dry it with a towel and so drain the water.Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/gatitozkitty
Physics Simulation Destruction with Bombs 3D 0.0.7 APK
Shoot a bomb shaped like a ball and destroy the buildings andgeometric figures, think about how to do it, you have limitedbullets.If you hit other bullets, balls or bombs, the explosionwill be huge and you will clear the board faster.Free game ofdestruction, just think and destroy.* Be fast, the shortest timeplus bonus* Get more bombs with the power-up* Challenge yourfriendsFeatures* It's free* Many levels to overcome various dashboards* Game precision, various configurations of geometricfigures* Fluid 3D graphics* Overcoming addictive game* The impactwith an atomic bomb to empty the entire dash* Shoot to the atomicred ball bombs and tiger balls to clean all the board