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The scary story of mysterious land in this horror escape scaryshooting game began! Try to find the keys to survive these scarynights and days in horror adventure game. Escape this scary maze ofinhospitable place and survive! SCARY HORROR GAME STORYLINEMysticalwestern adventure of XIX ages in America countryside is waiting fora cowboy hero. This countryside was a good place where people livedrichly and cheerfully, who knew that this wonderful place will turninto a ghost town with abandoned creepy houses that hiding ominoussecrets? Past well-being life of this place disappeared – now thereis nothing but neglected farms with rickety barns and hollowhouses. The lost ghost town that became some kind of creepypurgatory with evil monsters.UNIQUE GAMING EXPERIENCEThe oppressiveatmosphere of this fast-paced horror adventure game with scarynoises and the action of horror shooting game wouldn’t stop for anysecond! Creepy supernatural monsters haunting you, so there is theonly one way to survive - charge your gun and fend off variouscreepy enemies! Explore various locations to find out all of thesecrets of abandoned places! Search for some mysterious objectsthat would be keys to your survival! Use your attentive, accurateand dexterous skills properly to stay alive! SHOOT, RUN, ESCAPE ANDSURVIVEPlay as a cowboy in this action-packed scary shooting game,explore the gloomy lands with weird mist, dark forest and hauntedvillage that are full of wicked monsters raised from hell. Fightwith monsters and find the keys to escape this creepy land! Roamabout and explore different locations of this scary escape game:abandoned village with sinister houses, creepy and somber denseforest, gloomy marshy lands and many others! GP TITLE Features:-Unusual scary horror escape game;- Different monsters hidingeverywhere;- The atmosphere of endless fear;- Easy and intuitivecontrols;- Amazing 3D environment;- Various places to explore.Doyou want to look into the otherworld and to penetrate into the evilsecrets and scary stories with the hero of this action horror gametogether? Download this mystery game and escape the real horrorplace in cowboy western adventures!Your use of Enemy Hunter -Forest Survival is free of charge in exchange for safely using someof your device's resources (WiFi and very limited cellular data),and only when you are not using your device. You may turn this offfrom the settings menu. Please see our TOS for further information:https://creativesimulators.wixsite.com/mysite/blog/creative-simulators-studio-privacy-policy-1

App Information Enemy Hunter - Forest Survival

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    Enemy Hunter - Forest Survival
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    April 13, 2018
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    Android 4.3 and up
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    Creative Simulators Studio
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The calm of the Crystal Lake was disrupted by laughter and chatteronce again! A group of teenagers has come here to spend a weekend!These ignorant kids want to have a camp party near the infamousCrystal Lake. And they couldn’t have picked a better night for thisthan the Friday 13th! It’s a perfect time for Jason to show up andmake a surprise! Search the campsite around the lake and find thehiding teenagers! Make sure you look at every corner and everyhiding spot! Sometimes when you find one of them, the teenagers maytry to run from you, but no place is safe at Friday 13th night! 🔪Choose the game mode 🔪 You can play free mode to study the camplayout and timed mode to check how fast you can find the teenagers!🔪 Explore the Crystal Lake campsite 🔪 You will have to find 8 kidson a huge map with lots of hiding spots – so don’t waste your timejust looking at the water! 🔪 Pick up boosters 🔪 The boosters willhelp you move faster, get more time to find your victims orresurrect if you trip and fall into the lake! Collect them ifyou’ll happen to find any! 🔪 Unlock skins to customize yourcharacter 🔪 Visit the in-game store to unlock the cool skins andmake the kids even more scared of your appearance! Play a game ofhide-and-seek and catch all hiding kids! Download GP title game andspice up the boring camping night!
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Escape the palace and save your kingdom playing as legendaryIndianhero! The palace escape is not an easy task: you will facemultipleenemies so be ready for a real challenge! Gain bonuses soyou canupgrade your hero and buy new exotic weapons such as kukriandscimitars! Your kingdom is in danger and you have to find a waytosave it! Escape the palace and don’t let the enemy soldiersstopyou! But be careful on your way: you should block and evadeenemystrikes so they won’t take you down! Watch your health andstaminaindicators - if you run out of stamina you won’t be able tododgeenemy attacks! EXPLORE INDIAN CULTURE• Make your waythroughcolorful locations of an Indian palace• Every character inthisstory has his own unique history• Ruin evil vizier’s plansandprotect your kingdom from evilBECOME THE LEGENDARY INDIANHEROINCARNATE• Upgrade your hero and defeat the strongest ofenemies•Unlock stunning skins for your hero and win the battle withstyle!•Buy new weapons from the shop and choose the playstyle asyou like•Defeat powerful and cunning bosses to clear your path•Don’t forgetto use heal potions when your health is lowStart anepic adventureas a mythical hero! Delve into the exotic world ofIndian cultureand have a great time playing Legend Of Indian FolkHero Escapegame!Your use of Legend Of Indian Folk Hero Escape isfree ofcharge in exchange for safely using some of your device'sresources(WiFi and very limited cellular data), and only when youare notusing your device. You may turn this off from the settingsmenu.Please see our TOS for furtherinformation:https://creativesimulators.wixsite.com/mysite/blog/creative-simulators-studio-privacy-policy-1
com.creativesimulatorsstudio.mystery.neighbor.cube.house 1.0.0 APK
A scary person is hiding behind your neighbor’s door. Somedayyou’llbe prepared enough to check all the secrets inside. Thisblockymonster is going to find you anyway! Angry thoughts, angrydeeds,strange looking men… Be brave and learn everything aboutthisnext-door house! Check Mystery Neighbor – Cube House game andgetall the answers! Be sneaky, careful and silent, ‘cause in caseif hefinds you – the game is over! Destroy super neighbor’sauthority andstop his awful deeds. Make your neighborhood quietagain! This hellsurvival game is going to cold your blood. Listento your heartbeats faster and faster trying to escape this creepyplace. Hell isround the corner, and you know it, right? If youfind some strangecreatures inside this horror neighbor’sapartment, just run away orhide: there’s no other choice,unfortunately. Find keys to unlockall the doors on your way andhelp yourself. Use different boostersthat can really help you tostay safe and sound. Call the police andstop all the evil deeds ofthis creepy neighbor! Play MysteryNeighbor – Cube House game!Mystery Neighbor - Cube House features:- Watch out – some secretsare not ready to be unraveled! - Checkawesome plot and reallyhorrifying atmosphere - Find all the waysout of this scarysituation - Try all the boosters – they can reallyhelp you to stayalive - Sneak and hide as long as you can to gainmore points -Beware of some aggressive cube monsters inside - Learneverythingabout your neighbor and decide what to do Ok, are youready to bebrave? Just chill, step into the neighbor’s house andprepare torun, hide and maybe even fight. Mystery Neighbor - CubeHouse – thegame for the real pros in revealing the truth!
Scary Trip - Hell Escape 1.0.0 APK
Hell is real and you must escape from its fires, but the devilislooking for you! You behaved so badly that you ended up in hellandcondemned to endless agony and burning! But now you have achanceto escape and you must use it! A terrible road awaits you –allnine circles of hell full of demons and horrible creatures!Butthat’s not all – the devil is looking for you! You have tofindhiding places to trick him or he will bring you back toyourtorture chamber! Numerous enemies will try to stop you but youaresmarter than them – take a longer but safer way when it ispossibleor just run and hide someplace so they won’t find you! Theflamesof hell are closer than you thought – don’t let them burn you– bebrave and you will find your way out of this horrible placeandavoid agony!JOURNEY THROUGH HELL• Explore atmospheric locationstodiscover scary places and hiding spots• Run for your life ifyousee the devil – you can’t fight him!• Look for the keys - theywillopen the exit from the levelDON’T LET HIM CATCH YOU• Useyoursurroundings to trick the devil and escape from this madness!•Becareful – there are other horrible creatures that will attackyouif come close to them• Your enemies are strong but not as smartasyou – use that to your advantage!• Unlock useful boosters inthegame shop – it will help you survive longerThe scariest tripofyour life awaits you! Download Scary Trip – Hell Escape andprepareto run and hide – the devil won’t give up easily!Privacypolicy:https://creativesimulators.wixsite.com/mysite/blog/creative-simulators-studio-privacy-policy-2
Space Star Warfare Pixel Strategy Craft Game 1.0.0 APK
The galactic war is coming, and only you, the commander ofouterspace units, can save your planet! Start your adventurouscampaignroaming about the galaxies and controlling all the units inyourarmy and be ready to fight absolutely amazing alien monsters’racesin Space Star Warfare Pixel Strategy Craft Game – you areskillfulenough to do it, we’re sure!EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS TOCHOOSE THERACE• And let the adventure begin! If you keen on suchgames asspace war, galaxy battle, battleship space challenge andcosmicagency fight, you’ll love this one;• Travel from the oneplanet toanother and fight strange creatures from outer space –they allwant to rule the world and just dominate;• Don’t forgetthat youmay always try to play for some other cosmic race and learnitshistory – just earn some points!JOIN THE GREATEST GALAXYBATTLESEVER• All the races were fighting with each other since somereallyforgotten times, so choose the side to start the campaign andwatchall the pros and cons;• Show your fantastic commandingskillstrying to make good placement of your troops and try toappreciateevery unit of your army;• Earn points for eachsuccessfullycompleted epic battle mission and buy fascinating (anduseful, ofcourse) units to enlarge your troops!GAIN THE DOMINANCEOVER THEWHOLE WORLD• It means really much, you know! Control yourdecisionstapping the units of your army and setting them onthebattlefield;• Don’t forget the main galaxy war rule: the moreunitsyou have, the more chances to win this 3D cosmic battle!•Passthrough four different campaigns including the civil war one,learnall the history of this amazing space war and justenjoyit!Download our new Space Star Warfare Pixel Strategy CraftGameand be ready for the greatest cosmic adventure of yourlife!Youruse of Space Star Warfare Pixel Strategy Craft Game isfree ofcharge in exchange for safely using some of your device'sresources(WiFi and very limited cellular data), and only when youare notusing your device. You may turn this off from the settingsmenu.Please see our TOS for furtherinformation:https://creativesimulators.wixsite.com/mysite/blog/creative-simulators-studio-privacy-policy-1
Mummy Crime City War Hero Rush 3D 1.0.0 APK
Oh, dear… You’re a mummy now! What can you do with thisfact?Absolutely nothing but enjoy it! Plunge into theterrifyingatmosphere of being a cruel Egypt mummy attacking thelarge moderncity! Test this awesome Mummy Crime City War Hero Rush3D and standagainst human beings whose aim is nothing but your‘rest’!BE READYTO FIGHT OR RUN AWAY• Horrifying mystic creaturesalways attractedyou, nah? Mummies, kobolds, chimeras, manticores,hippogriffs,ancient gods… Become one of them!• Perform a realrampage cityattack, ‘cause you were awakened in strange moderntimes, andpeople were not ready to see you!• Fight with armyforces, SWAT,and just ordinary people, but remember: some of themhave theirtrump cards, so be careful!WAIT FOR YOUR ALLIES TO DEFEATSOMEPOWERFUL RIVALS• Oh, did we forget to mention that you havethemummy allies? So, now you know it! Summon your friends tostandagainst some real bosses!• Earn points for successfullydefeatedhuman rivals and you’ll be generously awarded byinteresting skinsor character’s upgrade!• Don’t forget about somepersonalindicators if you want to play longer: human attacks arereallypowerful and you are just a little body in old bandages!MAKETHECITY FEEL SORRY FOR ITS MOVES• Control your mummy’s movesbytapping the right places of your screen, attack differentobjectsand loot them;• Check various missions connected withexploration,survival, fighting and, of course, destruction!• Learnmore aboutbeing such an ancient creature roaming through the largemoderncity made of 3D graphics!Be the best mummy in the worldplayingMummy Crime City War Hero Rush 3D game – you won’tbedisappointed!Your use of Mummy Crime City War Hero Rush 3D isfreeof charge in exchange for safely using some of yourdevice'sresources (WiFi and very limited cellular data), and onlywhen youare not using your device. You may turn this off from thesettingsmenu. Please see our TOS for furtherinformation:https://creativesimulators.wixsite.com/mysite/blog/creative-simulators-studio-privacy-policy-1
Airborne Army - Air Drop Mission Shooter 1.0.0 APK
Jump from the plane and strike your enemies to be the onlysurvivor!You are starting in the airplane and your mission is tobecome thelast man standing in this battle! Pick the weapon ofyour choice,get some ammo, and be on your guard: the enemies willnot standstill and wait – they are coming for you! Shoot yourenemies downand prove that you are the most skillful commando inthis town!Don’t forget to buy ammo from the store you don’t wantto be unarmedwhen you meet your opponents! Aim, shoot and watchout for otherenemies, you have no allies here!TAKE PART IN THEULTIMATE SHOOTOUT•Become a commando and fight your rivals toachieve victory!• Youshould keep your eyes open – the enemy can bearound every corner!•Explore the surroundings and find the bestfiring spots to get theadvantageIMPROVE YOUR SKILLS AND ARSENAL•Choose the difficulty thatsuits you and improve your skills tobeat the toughest enemies•Unlock various weapons and don’t forgetto buy ammo in the shop• Buyupgrades for your character and yourweapons to win the hardestbattlesSelect the landing spot, dropfrom the plane and get ready tofight! No one can stop you on yourway to victory! Download AirborneArmy - Air Drop Mission Shooterand show everyone yourskills!Privacypolicy:https://creativesimulators.wixsite.com/mysite/blog/creative-simulators-studio-privacy-policy-2
Ninja Sticked Man Fighting - Shadow Soldier 1.0.1 APK
Burst into this fighting sticky legend being super skillfulwarriorrevenging for his clan! Step on the real warpath as a realshadowsticked soldier and leave nothing behind your back! Startyour ownfighting story with our ultimate Ninja Sticked Man Fighting-Shadow Soldier game and do everything possible to take revengeonyour offenders!SHADOW WAR HAS COME TO THIS WORLD• And yourstickyclan can't avoid it... Don't give up - grab your true weapongo outyour simple castle and be ready to protect yourself;• It'snot anepic battle quest, it's your own vendetta, so be reallycareful andattentive neutralizing your rivals one by one;• Don'tlet themround you up and stun - battle like a real fighting tigerand don'tforget to use some martial art or just weapon!USEDIFFERENT BATTLETACTICS• Surprise your rivals being really crafty,dexterous andfast - we are sure that they won't be prepared tofight you back atfirst;• Defeat them all one by one and you'll beable to get someuseful loot and points - use them to check some newweapon;•Complete various fighting missions, evade serious attacksand doeverything possible to get the last boss!UNLOCK ALL THESTUNNINGPOWER-UPS• You'll be able to customize your epic stickyfighterwith some solid and powerful armor - look like a demon,samurai ora cyber-hero;• Increase your characteristics to becomereallyinvulnerable and get rid of the all your stunning opponents;•Passthrough all the colorful locations trying to defeat everythingyoucan see - and revenge for your sticky ninja clan!Sticky heroes'waris waiting for you! Play Ninja Sticked Man Fighting -ShadowSoldier game and become one of the mightiest stickwarriorsever!Your use of Ninja Sticked Man Fighting - ShadowSoldier isfree of charge in exchange for safely using some of yourdevice'sresources (WiFi and very limited cellular data), and onlywhen youare not using your device. You may turn this off from thesettingsmenu. Please see our TOS for furtherinformation:https://creativesimulators.wixsite.com/mysite/blog/creative-simulators-studio-privacy-policy-1