1.0 / July 15, 2016
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Our app is to show the people of Everett what foods that are goodfor a diet and to track how much calories you will need to eat tostay in your current state of weight. It also includes a creditsthat shows a website for all of our information.

App Information Energize Everett

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    Energize Everett
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  • Updated
    July 15, 2016
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  • Requires Android
    Android 1.6 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Middle School Pathways in Computer Science
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    Health & Fitness
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Local Park Coordinates 1.0 APK
If you use this app for the first time, the instructions are totype a park in your local area, for example Boston, MA. Type in apark like Copley Square, will you get the latitude and longitude ofthat park.This app was designed by Eduardo M. as part of the MiddleSchool Pathways in Computer Science project. See cspathways.org.
Parks in Medford 1.0 APK
This app will show the creators what you the people think about thelocal parks in Medford, Massachusetts. Our goal is to make theMedford parks better so we can make you have a fun time at whateverpark you are going to.When you press on the app, you will have topress on the park that you were at. Then, rate the app from 1 to 5.If you rate 5, it is telling us that it is a good park that doesnot need improvements and if you rate 1, it will tell us this parkwill need some major improvements.After, you will have to answer 3different questions that will tell us what you specifically thinkabout the park. This will tell us what we can do to the park tomake you rate this park a 5. Finally, you are now done with the appand we appreciate you using your time to help us use your data tohelp improve the park. Thank you.This app was created by Sam C. andJustin T. as part of the Middle School Pathways in Computer Scienceproject. See cspathways.org.
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This app supports national parks because it is an alert for whenfor example if there in an avalanche or an earthquake. This app iscalled Shake Alert. This app is mainly supposed to be used fornatural disasters and other events that makes the device shake. Forexample, when you go out boating and you have the app on thedevice, the waves will make the device shake. If the shake countergets to 100, the app will automatically upload the data to isense.You could also upload it manually. The app has a shake counter anda location sensor. There is also a screen that has the map fromisense that shows you all the data that has been collected so far.There is also a page for directions if you ever need help. You needto enter your name in the text box before you do anything or wewon’t know who the data came from. Then, you just let the app doit’s thing and then upload the data to isense. I hope you enjoy ourapp and please share with your friends.
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Calculates your weight loss goal, provides exercise instruction, adatabase of good food choices, and shows progress. Stay healthy!
Christina's Weight Loss 1.0 APK
My name is Christina and I am going to show you pictures of whathealthy foods you should eat, some fitness videos, and help you getmoving!