7.0 / September 1, 2017
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The future is here. Energy Shaders is the first texture pack thatsuits Minecraft PE for three OS at once! Besides this, it makesshadows and sunlight shades more realistic. Energy Shaders istexture pack that could make you talk about revolution in MinecraftPE modding. Not because of its direct task. It is the first texturepack that could be similarly used on the all the three portable OS(yeah, Windows 10 users, your time has come). But let’s back to thebusiness. Energy Shaders will make you gaming experience muchbrighter. The creator focused on two features: realism andapproach. Because of this sunlight will be mirrored in the ways inthe proper way, all the shadows became much smoother and sunsetwill look great even oh devices with high screen resolution.

App Information Energy Shaders MCPE

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    Energy Shaders MCPE
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    September 1, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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Wither Storm addon for MCPE 7.0 APK
Wither Storm addon changes the wither, now you will think severaltimes before attacking him. If you want to meet him face to facethen build the same sculpture as in the PC version of Minecraft.The new wither is indeed very large, in addition to this it hasbecome stronger twice. You spend a lot of effort to win itespecially in survival mode.
Texture Fidget Spinner MCPE 7.0 APK
The Fidget Spinner is a real life toy which can be used forrelieving stress and now you can get it in Minecraft Pocket Editionas well. It’s most likely one of the least useful texture packsavailable since all it does is spinning around when you move in adifferent direction. However, since the entire point of the toy isto spin it’s actually doing what’s intended and that’s obviouslygreat.How to use the fidget spinner?It’s the compass which has beenreplaced by the fidget spinner. Turn in different directions tomake it start spinning. And yes, that’s everything you’ll be ableto do.. (When downloading you’ll be able to choose between threedifferent colors: blue, pink or red.)
Bosscraft Mod For Minecraft PE 7.0 APK
Bosscraft PE mod — this modification adds in the world MinecraftPocket Edition five different bosses and a few new monsters whichare minions of the main boss. Also the mod includes new items andelements with which you can summon bosses and crafting new weaponsfor enhanced protection.
Modern Furniture addon 7.0 APK
As you know, it is very difficult to decorate your home in MC:PE.This is due to the fact that the game contains very few items thatreally decorate the home, such as furniture or electronics.Ultimately, you can create a similar chairs and a table with thehelp of planks and ladders, it anyway will not look so beautiful.Forget about it, because now addons add some decorative elementsthat have a realistic texture and can be used for their intendedpurpose. Modern Furniture is 9 new items for easy decoration ofyour home.Using the stove it is possible to cook any meat asbefore. If you have a kitchen then this is a great appliance like arefrigerator.
Mine-Bikes mod 7.0 APK
Yes, this is another transport mod for Minecraft PE, but it has asmall difference. Now you get three bikes in different colors (itis very difficult to call it a motorbike if you look at thescreenshots) with square wheels. Each bike has the samecharacteristics and speed, so you just have to choose your favoritecolor and start driving.
Map of Comand train for MCPE 7.0 APK
This card Command Block Train (Redstone) for Minecraft PE is a kindof demonstration of capabilities with command blocks, so if youwant to look at it, gain experience, learn interesting mechanisms.To further develop something of your own, then download the addonright now.On the territory of this map will be a huge trip, itlooks very cool, the detailing at the highest level, although hereit is not at all important, because the author just wants to showyou how this huge block of blocks can be set in motion. It's verysimple: it uses the Pressure Plates installed inside the train -they will play the role of the control unit of a huge machine. Thetrain will move forward. That is, to stop the device, you just needto move away from the plate, that no one would press it.
Piston House Map For MCPE 7.0 APK
Piston House Map for Minecraft PE allows You to play in a new, verymodern, cozy and beautiful house, which consists entirely ofvarious Redstone mechanisms and pistons. That is, this structurehas many properties, features and capabilities. To find out all thedetails, read this description to the end, and it is better todownload and install the addon, it'd be more interesting. Outside,the house looks very nice, you could even say neat and compact.Inside the same, is all the stuffing and all the charm. Immediatelycall your friends to brag about their new shelter, they will bedelighted. Recommended in the beginning to find a hidden staircase,thanks to it You will find a secret room, and inside it is themechanisms. That's not all, but the main and best part of house.Breeding cows, pigs, sheep and other animals in the house! For thisall conditions: there are corrals, automated tools for raisingcattle and other mechanisms. You should pay special attention tothe fireplace – if throw any wood inside, it automatically startsto burn, isn't it great? Real magic!by zirratta
Block Placer Breaker Mod MCPE 7.0 APK
Mod Block Placer & Breaker adds in Minecraft Pocket Editioninstallation and breaking blocks! Now you can perform these actionsmuch easier and faster. These processes will be automated, you willbe able to use 4 new devices that will create a mod Block Placer& Breaker. They quite simply work, so using the mod will notcause you difficulties.