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English Listening Story app with audios is a free application,thisapp provides you with many stories with transcription andaudio.Improve skill listen English, remember more vocabulary. Youcanlisten to and practice along with at your own pace. You caneasilystart your listening English practice from the levelyou’recomfortable in, and work your way through the more advancedlevelarticles and conversations. You can improve speaking skillwith it,listening every day and speak repeat. Listening is themostimportant skill in English. This software will help you topracticeEnglish listening easier. The voice from conversations isquiteslow. Therefore, you can listen to almost words intheconversations. This app contains English stories forpeopleavailable with Offline Audio Only for You. To Increase yourEnglishlistening capacity. English Story with Audios will help yourelaxafter a work hard day. You can let your child listen to thisappwith many fairy tale stories. We provide the transcript to helpyouto follow speaker and dictionary function to help you tounderstandwhich word you do not understand clearly. This Englishstoriesaudio app is having one of the special features as soon asthe userreads the stories it will be marked as Read also we haveprovidedthe option to mark it as unread if the user wants to set itasUnread - Many kinds of stories for example : + Listen EnglishwithStories for Beginner + Listen English with Stories forIntermediate+ Listen English with Stories for Advance + Listen toEnglish withfairy tales + Listen to English Story with Classic +Listen Englishwith Educational + Listen English with Myths + ListenEnglish withJunior + Listen English with Bible + Listen Englishwith Poems +Listen English with Original Hope that you love thisapp.

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