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english list nouns is app for the children are beginner to readiseffective in making teaching very easy the nouns is first partofspeech that children learn when they begin to read Usethefollowing the most list of nouns in english the app is for eachagegroup to help your child the list nouns for english beginnerforlearn about the ideas things people and places that surroundthem.features: -list of nouns in english -list nouns for all ages-nounsfor the reading and speech -english nouns dictionary listlearnenglish nouns the app for each age groupe.

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    September 19, 2018
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Vous voulez apprendre la grammaire française cette application vavous aider à améliorer vos compétences grammaticales l'applicationcomprend tout ce qui cherche à améliorer votre niveau dans denombreuses fonctionnalités comme apprendre comment écrire etapprendre un nouveau vocabulaire est vous aider dans laconversation à utiliser pour la communication avec gens.L'application comprend: + Les types de phrases + Les formes dephrases + Les expansions du nom + Le déterminant + La cause + lesprocédés de reprise + Pronom personnel + Le verbe pronominal + L’adjectif qualificatif + Accord du verbe + Accord du participe passé+ Concordance des temps + Subjonctif + La proposition principale +La proposition infinitive + La proposition participiale +Proposition subordonnée + Adverbes de négation + Les articles +Articles définis + Articles indéfinis + Article partitif + Omissionde l'article + Répétition de l'article + Adjectifs démonstratifs +Adjectifs exclamatifs + Adjectifs indéfinis + Adjectifs possessifs+ Adjectifs relatifs + Le nom + Les groupes La caractéristique del'application: + L'application est en mode hors connexion. +Apprenez la grammaire française à partir de votre téléphone. +Leçons avec exemples et explications. You want to learn Frenchgrammar this application will help you improve your grammaticalskills the app includes everything that seeks to improve your levelin many features like learn how to write and learn a new vocabularyis help you in the conversation to use for communication withpeople. The app includes: + Types of sentences + Forms of sentences+ Expansions of the name + The determinant + The cause + recoveryprocesses + Personal pronoun + The verb pronominal + The qualifyingadjective + Agreement of the verb + Past participle agreement +Concordance of times + Subjunctive + The main proposition + Theinfinitive proposition + The participatory proposal + Subordinateproposal + Negative Adverbs + Articles + Articles defined +Indefinite Articles + Partitive article + Missing article +Repetition of the article + Demonstrative adjectives + Exclamatoryadjectives + Indefinite adjectives + Possessive adjectives +Relative adjectives + The name + Groups The feature of theapplication: + The application is offline. + Learn French grammarfrom your phone. + Lessons with examples and explanations.
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gramática Portuguesa para Aprender a gramática básica Português aApp para a Para melhorar a sua gramática. o aplicativo parainiciantes e avançados alunos portugueses para aprender regras degramática portuguesa e aprender a ortografia e melhorar a escrita econversação. A Gramática Portuguesa inclui: *Sinais Ortográficos*Sinais de Pontuação *Substantivos Concretos *SubstantivosAbstratos *Flexão dos Substantivos *Substantivos Simples*Substantivos Compostos *Substantivos Primitivos *SubstantivosPróprio *Substantivos Comuns *Substantivos Coletivos *SubstantivosDerivados *Substantivos Epicenos *Substantivos Sobrecomuns*Pronomes Substantivos *Pronomes Pessoais *Pronomes Demonstrativos*Pronomes Relativos *Pronomes Interrogativos *Pronomes deTratamento *Pronomes Indefinidos *Flexão dos Substantivos*Adjetivos *Substantivação do Adjetivos *Formação do plural dosadjectivos *Adjetivo Simples *Adjetivo Composto *AdjetivosPrimitivos e Derivados *Adjetivos Biformes *Adjetivos Uniformes*Conjugação Perifrástica *Voz Passiva características: -Aplicaçãofácil de usar -Lições com explicações e exemplos de compreensão-Comece a aprender gramática portuguesa através do seu telefoneEnglish grammar to learn the basic grammar Portuguese App for toimprove your grammar. the application for beginners and advancedPortuguese students to learn rules of Portuguese grammar andspelling and learn to improve writing and speaking. The PortugueseGrammar includes: * Signal Word Processing *Punctuation marksConcrete * nouns Nouns * Abstract * Bending of Nouns * Simple Nouns* Compound nouns * Primitive nouns * Nouns Own * Common nouns *Collective nouns * Nouns Derivatives * Nouns Epicenos * NounsSobrecomuns Nouns * Pronouns *Personal pronouns *Demonstrativepronouns *Relative pronouns *Interrogative pronouns *Pronounstreatment *Indefinite Pronouns * Bending of Nouns * Adjectives *Substantivation adjectives * Plural formation of adjectives *Simple Adjective * Compound adjective * Adjectives Primitives andDerivatives Adjectives * Double lanterns * Uniform AdjectivesConjugation * periphrastic Passive Voice * characteristics:-application easy to use -Lições with explanations and examples ofunderstanding -Start learning Portuguese grammar from your phone