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There are 4 most important parts in English: English listening,english writing, english speaking and english reading. If you wantto improve your English, then listening is the first step.Listening English well will help you more confidently when you makeEnglish conversation with your friend, improve your score when youinvolve to toefl, ielts, toeic test...that will make your workbrightly. Correct grammar, punctuation and spelling are key inspeaking communications. Use this app and you will improve speakingand listening day by day. FEATURES: 01.Basic English Grammar:Collect many type of grammar english in use to improve you speaking02.English Slang Alphabet: Provide number of slang english to youin daily conversation 03.English Idioms: Common english idiom, someenglish phrase in use 04.English Phonics: A new methods in Englishpractices 05.English Pronounciation: Detail instruction ofpronouncing English 06.Vocabulary: Commonly-used English phrases& vocabularies 07.English Conversation: English conversationwith slow voice and subtitle. Hope you love this app.

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com.hdsolution.hd5000ieltswords 2.5 APK
This application collects over 5000 ielts words, over 3000 phrasalverbs, 600 essential toeic words, over 6000 idioms and allirregular verbs for your English study. The app gives the best wayto study English and helps you improving English grammar knowledgefor TOEFL paper, TOEFL CBT, TOEFL IBT, GSET, IELTS, TOEIC, FCE,Cambridge ESOL, CEFR or CAE tests. ** FEATURES** + 5000 IELTSwords: This application is a awesome tool for those who studyIELTS. It has over 5000 ielts words. Try to learn words day by daywhenever you have free time. You will soon increase your IELTSvocabularies. Each word in the IELTS dictionary can be easilylearned. Tap on each word to listen how it is pronounced +Irregular verbs: This application a list of full irregular verbs ofthe English language. There is a possibility to have the verbs thatyou consider as more difficult, which means that you can identifythem easily later on. Do you know all past forms of Englishirregular verbs?This app will help you to learn, review, andrefresh your knowledge about the past forms of English irregularverbs. The best way to do it is through spelling practice. You needto type the proper forms for the given irregular verb. Note thatsome verbs can form Simple Past and Past Participles in two ways(example: learn - learnt/learned - learnt/learned). Make sure totype your answer exactly as it is given in preview (example: learn- learnt - learnt). English Irregular Verbs for IELTS, TOEFL,TOEIC, GRE, SAT, ACT, GMAT, ESL learners. Have fun while you learn!+ Over 3000 phrasal verbs: We know that The phrasal of verbs arecomplicated for non-native English speakers to learn and use.However, studying unending lists doesn't seem to be the best way tolearn and use them efficiently. The phrasal verb is more thananything, action. This app collects over 3000 phrases that willhelp you. To study English Phrasal verbs is perfect for Beginner,Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate levels. + Over 6000 EnglishIdioms: The best way to learn idioms in English with popularEnglish Idioms.These idioms are very useful in everydayconversational English, with their meaning. Learn Idiom and improveyour vocabulary. +600 Essential Words for Toeic: Includes 50subjects, each subject includes 12 words with full mean andexamples. It is used to practice vocabulary in the TOEIC exam withfull essential word. You will see that study English is notdifficult as you think. + Vocabulary Practice with many quizzes.
English Writing 2.7 APK
Do you know writing skill is one of the 4 most inportant parts inEnglish. To learn writing is good for you when you need to make abusiness plan, resume writing, email, letter.. There are some rulesof cv creating, resume writing... that will make your workbrightly. Correct grammar, punctuation and spelling are key inwritten communications. The reader will form an opinion of you, theauthor, based on both the content and presentation, and errors arelikely to lead them to form a negative impression. People with goodwriting skills are generally seen as more credible. Use this appand you will improve writing day by day. The contents of the app:01.Punctuation 02.Capitalization 03.Writing Tips 04.Topic Sentence05.Linking Words 06.Useful Academic Expressions 07.Writing aEffective Cover Letter 08.Writing a Cause and Effect Paragraph09.Writing a Biography 10.Writing a Conclusion 11.Tips to Improveyour Writing Skills 12.Writing an Introduction 13.Writing EffectiveSentences 14.Book - Film Review 15.Writing a Dissertation16.Writing an Abstract 17.Writing Acknowledgements 18.Writing aReport 19.Writing a News Article 20.Writing a Literature Review21.Writing an Essay 22.Writing about Personal Experience 23.Writinga Five Paragraph Essay 24.Writing a Descriptive Essay 25.Writing aNarrative Essay 26.Writing a Argumentative Essay 27.HotelReservation 28.Business Letter 29. Rhetorical Modes (Modes ofDiscourse) 30. Expository Writing Hope you love this app.
Hài Việt(Hoai Linh,Trấn Thành) 3.7 APK
Hài Việt là ứng dụng tổng hợp các funny videos, tong hop phim haigiai tri của các danh hài nổi tiếng của trong nước cũng như hảingoại như hai hoai linh, hai truong giang, hài trấn thành ( tranthanh), hai xuan bac tu long công lý trong tao quan, các danh hainổi tiếng hải ngoại của các trung tâm thuy nga, asia như Vân SơnBảo Liêm, Chí Tài... Chúng ta sẽ được xem các funny videos haiviet, các gameshows đặc sắc, chắc chắn các bạn sẽ không thể ngậmđược miệng với những funny videos clip hai vl của các diễn viên hàinổi tiếng. Nội dung cụ thể: - Hài Miền Nam: Hài Hoài Linh, TrườngGiang, Trấn Thành, Việt Hương, Chí Tài. - Hài Miền Bắc: Công Lý, TựLong, Xuân Bắc, chuyên mục hỏi xoáy đáp xoay. - Hài Hải Ngoại: VânSơn- Bảo Liêm, Thúy Nga, - Chuyên mục hài FAPtv Cơm nguội, Kem xôitv, Ghiền Mì Gõ, Tả Pí Lù Chúc các bạn xem phim hai vui vẻ. Cảm ơnsự ủng hộ của các bạn. Vietnam's comedy general application funnyvideos, tong hop entertainment film two famous comedians in thecountry and abroad as two components decomposed, two Yangtze comedyinto town (tran bar), two-xuan bac tu dragon justice in my opinion,the two well-known list of centers overseas thuy nga, like Van SonBao Liem asia, Tai Chi ... We will be looking at the two viet funnyvideos, the unique gameshows, surely you will not be able to shutthe mouth with the two vl funny videos clip of the famous comedian.Specific content: - Southern Comedy: Comedy Hoai Linh, TruongGiang, Tran Thanh, Vietnam Huong, Tai Chi. - Comedy North: Justice,Tu Long, Xuan Bac, columnist asked rotating vortex response. -Comedy Overseas: Van Son Bao Liem, Thuy Nga, - Forum Elder FAPtvcomedy, tv flung Cream, Noodle Ghiền Type, Ta Pi Lu I wish you twofun movie. Thanks for your support.
GameShow Việt 1.11 APK
Gameshow Việt là ứng dụng tổng hợp các chương trình truyền hìnhthực tế, trò chơi nổi tiếng của đài truyền hình Việt Nam (VTV) cùngvới những người dẫn chương trình, người chơi nổi tiếng như MC LạiVăn Sâm (Lai Van Sam), danh hài hoài linh (Hoài Linh), danh haitrấn Thành (tran thanh), danh hài Trường Giang, Việt Hương, XuânBắc... Chúng ta sẽ được xem các funny videos hai đặc sắc, các mànthi làm cho chúng ta cười thả ga, chắc chắn các bạn sẽ không thểngậm được miệng với những phần thi của các diễn viên hai nổi tiếng.Các bạn sẽ tìm thấy các chương trình hot ăn khách của VTV như: -Chương tình bố ơi mình đi đâu thế của diễn viên hài Xuân Bắc. -Chương trình Ơn giời cậu đây rồi với các diễn viên hài như diễnviên hai hoai linh, diễn viên hài Trấn Thành, diễn viên hài Trườnggiang, diễn viên hài Việt Hương... - Chương trình người bí ẩn vớicác diễn viên của trung tâm hài Thúy Nga ( thuy nga)... Chúc cácbạn xem có thời gian vui vẻ. Cảm ơn sự ủng hộ của các bạn.
Typing Master 1.4 APK
This is a very very simple and attractive game. It is a kind of taptap game (typing master games).There are three random number willbe displayed on the screen. Your duty is to tap fast to them fromthe smallest to the biggest.Be careful, you only have 1 second. So,please quick because time is running out.Let play and to be TypingMaster.Start and make your great record!
Funny Baby Videos 1.7 APK
Are you seeking trending Free Funny Video?Are Baby videos yourfavorites? This is what you need.The best collection of free funnyvideos and always update. You will find thousands of funny videosthat including babies falling, cartoon video, scary moments andjoking prank with babies or babies fails.You will also find theeducation video for kids with alphabet or number, color study.Weare aiming for quality over quantity so we are keeping thecategories that make you easy to choose:✔ Funny Babies video clips:The collection of funny clips of babies such as baby fails,argument, scary moments and joking.✔ Cooking Babies video clips:The collection of introduction video of kitchen tools & toysfor kids.✔ Cartoon Babies video clips: Some shot movies thatcharacters in cartoon movie will appear✔ Drawing Babies videoclips: Some lesson that helps kid to learn drawing✔ Coloring StudyBabies video clip: Some lesson about colors✔ Alphabet and Numbersclips: Alphabet and numbers study.Please have a look and get readyto laugh!
The Phrasal Verbs 1.9 APK
We know that The phrasal of verbs are complicated for non-nativeEnglish speakers to learn and use (English study).However, studyingunending lists doesn't seem to be the best way to learn and usethem efficiently. The phrasal verb are, more than anything,action.And this is FREE English Phrasal Verbs App with over 3000phrases that will help you to study English.This English Phrasalverbs app is perfect for Beginner, Intermediate andUpper-Intermediate levels.English Phrasal verbs helps you improveEnglish grammar knowledge for TOEFL paper, TOEFL CBT, TOEFL IBT,GSET, IELTS, TOEIC, FCE, Cambridge ESOL, CEFR or CAEtestsUnderstanding and learning phrasal verb feels like aminefield. FEATURES:- English Phrasal verbs App with around 3000phrases.- Alphabetical index makes it EASY TO FIND phrasal verb forany word in English Phrasal verbs Application- Clean UserInterface- Offline Database- Word Pronunciation- Arrange words asalphabet order.- Collects all irregular verbs- Common sentences forthe phrasal verbs examples.
Best Guide for Pokemon Go 1.4 APK
Upcoming complete guide for upcominggeolocation based games pokemon go.As we know, Pokemongo is a famous game of niantic labs now. And ifyou are newbies, this app could become better with yoursuggestion.This is a one of the best pokemon Go Guide & Tips. Thisapplication contains a guide in playing pokemon Go high consists ofseveral tips and tricks to simplify the lovers of this game incompleting every mission in the pokemon Go games.Upcoming complete guide for upcoming geolocation based game pokemonGo.Application contains complete guide and all guides written withexperience.It is a guide not the actual game!It's just for newbies to help in this great game.Note: This app is an unofficial pokemon Go guide only, it is notauthorized or created by the creator of the game.