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English to hindi dictionary Hindi dictionary offline Hugecollection of English to hindi translation Hindi languagetranslator English to hindi easy translation app Hindi to englisheasy translation app Hindi translation Are you studying English andyou wanted to know the proper meaning in Hindi grammar? Then youdon't need to waste time here is a solution of your problem. We arebringing a complete offline free dictionary with superb collectionof words. You don't need to spend time to open a dictionary andsearch manually. You simply need to put English word in its searchoption then this English to Hindi dictionary will gives you propermeaning in Hindi including parts of speech. You can understand thatword easily by using this dictionary. English to hindi dictionaryis a best english hindi dictionary app. The most awesome feature ofthis english to hindi dictionary is that it is totally free andtotally offline dictionary. It will totally help you in knowing thecomplete definition of search word with its parts of speeches. Youdon't need to search word manually, just put the word in search barand this will helps to understand it with the help of examples. Itis the most advance offline dictionary with many new features. Thisis a best dictionary app contains superb collection of Englishstuff. It will help you to improve your english as well as hindilanguages. This best english hindi dictionary app is good forlearning purpose. It treasure bar will helps you to improve yourenglish, you can also search manually through this gallery. It is abest application for english hindi learning. It will helps you tomake your grip strong on english as well as on hindi language. Youcan also make notes by using this english to hindi dictionary app,you will find this notes option on main menu of this application.There is also a history tab for you, history tab will helps you tofind and save history. At this tab you can get history of recentsearch words. It also provides feature for favorite words, you canmake words favorite and can see them from its favorite gallery.This offline dictionary also provides you feature of audiolistening, it will listen first and find out related word. So don'twaist time here is a superb English Hindi dictionary waiting foryou that contains all your desired features. This is total offlinedictionary; you need internet once to download this usefuldictionary. You don't need to connect to internet. It is very easyand simple in use with awesome eye catching graphics. Features offree English to hindi dictionary * Beautiful and eye catchinginterface * Returns you complete english to hindi definitions. *Supports audio punctuation * Also tells synonyms of regarding word* English to hindi dictionary contain very awesome graphics * Youcan make word favorite easily; it will help you to make wordfavorite by simply clicking * It helps you to make notes in mynotes gallery; your notes are saved in this gallery * Easilymanages your history * English to hindi dictionary works totallyoffline; no need to connect to any network * Total simple and easyin use * Works totally offline, no need up of internet for its use* Totally free!

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Video Cutter-video Trimmer Video to gif is latest video cutter andtrimmer and also work as video to gif converter and video to mp3converter. Video cutter is a best way to cut and save video. Youjust have to select video from your gallery Video cutter helps youto save your special moments from your desire position. VideoEditor is an application that lets users to cut video files intopieces. Video to gif video cutter video to gif video to image videoto mp3 application is too much useful for you to get that part ofvideo from full file which you like the most which is tough to findfrom internet or any other sources. easy video cutter can cut allvideo fromats and cover it in to short video clips. best app forshort video converter, So why should you waste your time to searchyour favorite video part from internet. Use this application andsave your valuable time. this is a latest video cutter app. bestvideo cutter and trimmer and latest video cutter 2018 video cuttervideo to gif video to image video to mp3 Video cutter is best videotrimmer and cutter app.Video Cutter-video Trimmer It will trim,cut, edit, split, share, and small size maker app. It containsmultiple features video trimming, video cutting, video sewing,video trimming, grabbing and transcoding. By using this Videotrimmer app you can cut your favorite part from any video, crop anyspecial moment of any drama or movie and can make them smaller insize. You can crop your eye-catching moments from any video clipthat you have in your device. You can also share your videos withyour friends on social network like facebook, whats app, twitter,instagram, youtube, dailymotion etc. Video Cutter-video Trimmer isa best fast video editor or cutter tool. With this best merger toolyou can edit videos frequently in fast-motion. It is very fastvideo cutter with reverse, resize, merge, rotation, repeat, grabeand compressor option. This mp3 cutter app and mp4 cutter appcontains dubsmashes option which can mix videos of different kinds.This free movie cutter is fast video cutter app. Videocutter-trimmer is very simple and easy to use application (videocuter, video editor, merger or joiner). By using Videocutter-trimmer you will cut, delete, crop, minimize and save avideo clip into your device successfully. You can save clip in yourdevice as well send it to friends, family, colleagues and others.video cutter video to gif video to image video to mp3 How to useVideo cutter-trimmer Video Cutter-video Trimmer - Select a video ofany format (MP4 or HD) from your gallery. - Now your video is takeninto video cutter tool select starting and ending point to yourvideo to be cut. - Then press cutter symbol to cut the video fromselected portion. - Here you got a new video of your choice fromlong video. - Save it on your device. Main features of Videocutter-trimmer - Video trimmer: helps you to trim video fromdesired position. - Grab video frames: grab video and save it intoyour device, grab video according to your choice. - Easy to pause,cut and delete. With this video cutter Video to gif you can easilypause and cut video from desired point. - Video cutter with moresmoothness. - Video effects and video cutting instagram- instagramvideo editing - Video effects and video cutting facebook-facebookvideo editing - Rotate videos with other video editing effectsincluding picture save option from video. - make video small insize - it will set video frames. - Very simple and easy to useVideo Cutter-video Trimmer - share your grabbed video to socialnetwork (facebook, whats app, instagram YouTube, twitter etc.) -Totally FREE!
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Disco light - Color torch-Flash light is a free flashlight app withlot of magnificent flashlight features. Disco flashlight isultimate party app and flashlight app. By using this discoFlashlight you get going party anywhere and anytime. It will easilyturn your phone into a color flashlight, police light, disco lightand sos light. disco light is a latest and best app for torchlight. new and improved working , disco light 2018 is a free torchlight and disco light app Desco light .Diseco light It containsfantastic disc light effects that will help you to have disco partywith your friends. You can make dance floor more colorful by usingthis night club light. It is a best flashlight app with a stylishpowerful button for on off light. It is not only a flashlightapplication; it contains six other different powerful features thatperform multiple tasks. It has a blinking light features so youdon't need to get any special blinking flashlight. It also has apolice light with a hooter sound. You can set its setting manuallyaccording to your choice, by simply going into its setting optionand control its functionality manually. You can control this strobelight with your sound, as long as it receive sound, light blinkinggoes to start and on silence it ends. It contains led strobe light.There is also a shake feature in this disco strobe light, lightgoes to blink as for as you shake your device. You would make anydisco party more colorful through this best strobe light app. Aslong as you carry dance on dance floor light tends to blinkcontinuously and thrill goes to increase. It is a fantastic strobelight application with lot of multiple features. You can get thisbright led torch totally free. You don't need to spend any money onemergency light, nor need to buy any laser flashlight, nor need toget any night club light. You just only need to get this SOS lightwith Morse flashlight as well as police torch light, led strobeflashlight, disco light and much more that you required. The mostawesome feature of this night club disco light it is very simpleand easy to use this awesome disco light night club. It is thebrightest led flashlight with party light effects. Once youdownload it you will love to use it. It is especially made foremergency situations with additional plugins like the Warninglights and Strobe, Morse, police light, sos, Blinking lights.Features of Disco light - Color torch-Flash light * Unique andbeautiful interface * Flashlight with multiple features inside inform of categories * SOS function * Fantastic led strobe light *Contains brightest led flashlight * Awesome and unique feature ofshake to blink and leave to stop * Blinking with sound effect *Superb police light with hooter sound * It also works on smartphonewith no led flashlight, it works through screen * Easy and simpleto use desco lights party lights Muisc lights LED flash lightsBirthday Lights Disco club lights Dance lights DAnce club lights *Totally FREE!
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Everyone knows importance of CV or Resume. CV/Resume is veryimportant for anyone to apply anywhere for job. Every company ordepartment demands for curriculum vitae (CV).It is a best and freeresume app cv make. CV maker (resume maker) is a best app use as acv editor or resume editor for resume writting. Resume layouts areaccording to professional resume template. This is a free resumebuilder app and best for fresh job resume seeker. This resumebuilder is a latest resume maker app. It use latest cv buildertechniques which is helpful for making resume for job. It is aneasy resume generator or resume creator app.Everyone wants his CVformat should be more attractive and unique. This CV maker isaccording to international template which is used professionallyall over the world.By using CV maker app (resume maker app) youwill be able to create CV through your smartphone. Free Resume Appis an all in one solution for building Innovative and Leading EdgeResume/CV.It is the easiest resume builder tool to generate cv orresume in more stylish, attractive and professional way in a veryshort period of time. Just fill the blanks with relevantinformation. You can also save your resume in pdf format and canalso share it to social media.By using this cv builder you canperform different tasks like resume edit, resume writing and savecv/resume in your device and can share it. It is a best resumemaker 2018.This fast CV maker/ resume maker provides you facilityof editable resume or CV. You can simply click on resume sample andafter editing make it to your own. This is an advance resumecreating way, by using it you can make CV through your smartphone.There are different types of resume formats available in thisresume make app. You can also change font size and font type byusing this CV creator app or resume creator.It is a best cv builderapp with many resume formats that helps you to make professionalresume for job. Just install this resume maker app with perfectresume templates in your device, put relevent information’s simply.It is a best resume creator app with editable resume.This cv makerapp have unique resume designs and it is the best educational app.Cv generator app is a free resume app which has awesome cv templateand resume layout. It is an easy resume builder to createprofessional resume with resume edit facility to create my resume.Resume builder app free is useful app for resume creating. Resumebuilder app free/CV maker/ Free Resume app includes:Personalinformation (name, father name, contact information, CNIC/NationalID numberetc.)ObjectivesEducationSkillsExperienceHobbiesLanguagesAchievements& AwardsFinal year projectReferencesAdd imageFeatures of Cvmaker* Contains different resume formats.* Easy guide to buildprofessional Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Resume.* PDF version of CV/Resume also has.* Contains professional format of curriculum vitae(CV)/resume.* Also have option for update; you can update it to useit later for future.* Simple and easy to use, edit.* Totally free
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* Free Photo Collage maker 2018 is a best Photo Frame editor foryou to create effective and amazing collages using your photos,backgrounds and text with photo collages frames. Best photo editorand new multiple grid style. Pic college maker PIC-Grid and collagepic maker Best photo collage maker Text and photo maker Photocollages Picture maker Collage maker free Tasweer app foto makerPhoto collage maker 2019 Photo collage editor photo maker andcreater with effects pic collage maker Picture collage maker * FreeCollage Editor is the unique and attractive Picture Collage Makerthat helps you combine multiple photos with various frame layoutand photo grids. * Free Photo Collage Maker 2018 packs a simple andunique design with a amazing photo collage to give you everything.* You can share your photo collage image with your friends. * Usercan use layouts by remixing photos. You can create photo collage upto 3 photos and apply the collage effects. Photo Collage Maker 2018is a best and unique way to make collage by using few steps: -Choose the photo collage frame you like; - Pick your photos fromyour photo gallery; - See them laid out in a cool collage; - Editit to make it your own; - Edit the picture make it your own; MainFeatures of Photo Collage Maker 2018: 1. 60+ layouts of frames toselect from; 2. Touch gestures to resize and rotate the image toyour desire position; 3. A full-featured collage photo editorincluded; 4. Build a professional photo collage instantly. 5.Combine multiple photos with various photo collage frames; 6. Easyto use in android phones; 7. Amazing photo collage filters; 8.Share your collage photos to social media network(Facebook,Instagram, Whatsapp,Twitter, etc); 9. Completely FREE;
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Music player (Bass & sound) Music Player-Mp3 Player is apowerful bass booster and stylish MP3 Audio Player with powerfulequalizer.Music Player-Mp3 Player is a powerful and stylish MP3Music Player with powerful equalizer. It manages all your Musicfiles easily and quickly. By using this sound player you can playall mp3 songs. It is a best offline music downloader. MusicPlayer-Mp3 Player searches all Music files quickly. Music Player isa best Audio Player for all types of Audio Songs with bass. smoothbass and lovely sound. mp3 basser and all audio formats bass.Musicplayer 2019 music player free Audio player sound and basser musicplayer Bass booster Best muisc player for android Mp3 player MusicPlayer-Mp3 Player supports all types of audio formats music andaudio. It contains best streaming music. You can get this perfectMusic Player Totally FREE. It is a best Audio Music Player forandroid; you can search your Music Files in a second through thismono player. It is a best offline music player. Main Features ofMusic Player-Mp3 Player: ~ Music Player-Mp3 Player supports all themost popular format of Music File. ~ New feature of adding songs ina queue. ~ Plays all types of Audio Files. ~ It plays Music byartist, album and playlist. ~ SHAKE the phone to play next Song. ~Easy to manage Playlist. ~ Music Player-Mp3 Player containsPowerful equalizer. ~ You can manually adjust the equalizeraccording to your choice. ~ It works on play back screen. ~ Itsupports headset and Bluetooth control. ~ Pause when headset isplugged or unplugged. ~ Plays SD Card songs. ~ It plays all MP3Audio Songs. ~ Double tab use widget. ~ By using this car musicplayer you can play songs of your choice in car. ~ It containsplayback function. ~ It supports timer, you can pause the songsafter a specific time according to your choice. ~ Plays songs inascending and descending order, with name, artist, year, date,title and track no. ~ You can add songs to your favorites. ~ Youcan play all types of audio songs(Urdu, Hindi, English , Arabicetc.) in this mp3 player pro. ~ It support shuffle and repeatoption for songs. ~ Totally FREE!
English Grammar Offline 1.2 APK
English Grammar Offline and English learner offline Best EnglishGrammar practice app Offline English grammar English learneroffline English Grammar book Test English English test Best EnglishGrammar in use English grammar/ English learner is a best Englishgrammar app. It is made for seeking grammar, now grammar comes inyour smartphone just simply need to download it. You don't need tocarry any grammar book more. You can get help from it anywhere andanytime. As everyone knows the need of grammar in our lives,grammar is a basic backbone of any language. If your grammar isgood you can speak or understand any language, so by keeping thesein mind we made a grammar app of English language. That will helpsyou to learn and know English grammar. It will help you to increaseyou English with respect to grammar. Now English learning wouldbecome easier after using this. English grammar book is a completeenglish grammar, English grammar 2018 is good to learn about theBasic english Grammar, Basic english for beginers, best app tolearn english and you can learn english using mobile this is alatest english grammer app English grammar/ English learnercontains complete grammar package with full detail. You can learngrammar from it within few time, test level will helps you inknowledge testing. You can test yourself that how much you learn orhow much knowledge you have. This app contains different kinds ofsections; we made this section according to their specifications.There are total five sections madden that are shown on main menu ofthis app. They are explained as below with respect to their order -Lesson section; this section contains different types of lessons.You can select any lesson from it and get to know about it fully.Every sub section is described with respect to their definitions,examples and other all types of helping items that helps you inyour learning process. - Practice section; this section will helpsyou to practice in different sub sections. Just select and startpractice. - There is also a test levels for testing purpose. Youcan test your knowledge through this section that how muchknowledge you have. It is just like quiz, you have to do thatwithin particular time. At the end results are shown to you, errorscan be checked and can be made correct. - This English grammar appwill also have a study plan. This study plan section will helps youto manage your study with respect to time. By following this studyschedule you can learn grammar faster. As a result your Englishlearning and speaking will become more efficient. This dictionaryapp is totally free. You don't need to spend any money further tobuy a grammar book. Just simply download this app and get benefit.Beside of this this app also has a positive point that it workscompletely offline. You don't need to connect internet anymore forits working. It will work completely offline with more advance andsuperb features. It is very simple and easy to use, there is nosuch complexion are madden in this app. It is simple, free and easyin use. Features of English Grammar learner (offline) * Pure formalinterface * Very attractive and eye catching graphics * Helps toincrease your grammar very effectively * Lesson section will helpsto prepare and understand different lessons * Lesson sectioncontains all basic grammar definitions and their use * Tells properdefinition with parts of speech (noun, pronoun etc.) * Helps tounderstand proper definitions with full examples * Practice sectionwill helps you to do practice in much basic grammar * Also containstest levels section from where you can test yourself from it * Alsocontains study plan; that will helps you to plan study for learninggrammar * It works totally offline; no need to connect to anynetwork * Easy and simple in use; it is totally free fromcomplexion * Totally free!