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Thai to English Translator

App Information English-Thai Translator

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    English-Thai Translator
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    March 22, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Alexei Rudak
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    50 - 100
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    Visit website Email [email protected]
    ul Nezavisimosti 120 -23 Minsk. Belarus
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Студент №1 - Учеба без проблем 2.0.7 APK
Alexei Rudak
Студент #1 - уникальный проект для молодежиСНГ, направленный на быстрое решение проблем с учебой в ВУЗе,бытом, работой.СПИСОК ВОЗМОЖНОСТЕЙ ПРОГРАММЫ100 АВТОРСКИХ СТАТЕЙ И КНИГ:• Как сделать курсовой за вечер• Как сдать экзамен, не готовясь• Как быстро допуститься к сессии• Как секс влияет на успеваемость• Как легально пропускать занятия• Как пользоваться микронаушником• Как высыпаться за 5 часов, быстро читать, отлично запоминать ичувствовать себя замечательноИ многое другое70 ВИДЕОМАТЕРИАЛОВ ПО ТЕМАМ• Как записать текст в калькулятор• Шпоры в часах и телефоне• Как пользоваться ручкой-сканером• Решение задач онлайнИ многое другое200 ССЫЛОК НА ПОЛЕЗНЫЕ СЕРВИСЫ, САЙТЫ, ПРОГРАММЫ• Как проверить орфографию• Подборка синонимов и ассоциаций• Создание списка используемой литературы• Онлайн распознавание текста• Калькулятор сна• Создание презентацийРЕШЕНИЕ СТУДЕНЧЕСКИХ ПРОБЛЕМ* Что делать, если ничего не знаешь* Не хватает времени* Сложно учиться* Исключают из ВУЗа* Если все надоело* Кто поможет студентуИ многое другоеА ТАКЖЕ* Поиск шпор, рефератов, методочек, курсовых, дипломов* Каталог сервисов облегачающих жизнь студенту (Консультацияюриста, онлайн решение задач, поиск работы и др.)* Каталог групп в социальных сетях, направленных на решениестуденческийх проблемПОСЕТИТЕ НАШ САЙТwww.student-1.ruStudent # 1 - a uniqueproject for the youth of the CIS, aimed at quick fix to study inhigh school, life, work.Program features                                     100 original articles and books:• How to make the exchange rate for the evening• How to pass the exam without preparation• How quickly admitted to the session• How sex affects performance• How to legally miss classes• How to use the micro• How to sleep for 5 hours, a quick read, well to remember and feelgreatAnd much more   70 VIDEO ON THE TOPICS• How to write text to the calculator• Spurs in hours and phone• How to use the pen scanner• Solving onlineAnd much more   200 links to useful SERVICES, SITESPROGRAM• How to check the spelling• A selection of synonyms and associations• Create a list of used literature• Online OCR• Sleep Calculator• Create presentations  SOLUTION students' problems* What if I do not know anything* Not enough time* It is difficult to learn* Excludes from the University* If all tired* Who will help the studentAnd much more AS WELL AS* Search for the Spurs, abstracts, metodochek, coursework,diplomas* Service number oblegachayuschih student life (Legal advice,online problem solving, job search, etc.).* Product groups in social networks, aimed at solving problemsstudencheskiyh  VISIT OUR WEBSITE  www.student-1.ru
English Arabic Translator 1.0 APK
Alexei Rudak
English to Arabic Translator will help youtotranslate between English and Arabic languages. This app willbeuseful for travelers, students or just as word learning tool.For text translation enter the sentence in the upper fieldandpress "Translate" button. To switch translate direction pressthegreen top button with arrow.
Alcohol Level Meter 1.0 APK
Alexei Rudak
Drunk some alcohol? Calculate the levelofalcohol in the blood. This alkotest will be especially usefulfordrivers.Firstly you need to enter some parameters: gender, age,weightand height, time, amount, type and strength ofconsumedalcohol.Then alkohol tester calculates and shows table withestimatedquantity of alcohol (alcohol concentration of ethylalcohol) in theblood, the degree of intoxication and inference timeof alcoholfrom the body (minimum, maximum, and average) when youare allowedto drive.You can calculate the amount of alcohol that you can drink tobesober to a specific time. All calculations are made using aspecialmathematical formula.Attention! Program developers are not responsible fortheresults! You shouldn’t drive when you are drunk!
Piano Simulator - Music Game 1.0 APK
Alexei Rudak
Great virtual piano for all music lovers!Doyou want to play the piano, cheer up and have fun? So thiscoolpiano app is just for you!Turn your phone into a real musical instrument. The programcaneasily replace tutorial piano, piano, piano. With it, you canlearnthe notes and chords. Great app for beginners, musicians,pianistsand creative people! It will be interesting for both adultsandchildren.Open piano simulator and see the real piano keyboard! Playpianolike a true musician and impress your friends! Play musicnotes,popular songs, compose your own melodies and have a lotoffun!High quality sound, animation keys and user friendly interface!
English-Thai Translator 1.0 APK
Alexei Rudak
Thai to English Translator
Drawing and Painting 1.0 APK
Alexei Rudak
Great drawing and coloring app for anyonewhowants to learn how to draw! It will teach you basics ofdrawingstep by step. You can feel like a true painter and createyour ownmasterpieces! Drawing lessons will help you to cheer up andhavefun!You will find many amazing images from simple todifficult(animals, flowers, people, cars, cartoon heroes and manyothers).Each picture has an easy detailed instruction of how todraw andget the result.You can:- use different colors,- choose the tools to work (pencil, brush, eraser, colorpicker,stroke size, clear etc.)- choose different brush sizes,- save pictures,- insert text, stickers, emoticons, smileys and emoji,- send picture to your friends.It is your personal art teacher. Learn to draw together!Superpainting app for beginners and creative people! Easy drawingwillbe interesting for both adults and kids. Paint like a trueartist,develop your imagination, have a lot of fun and share yourwork tosocial networks!
English Russian Translator 1.0 APK
Alexei Rudak
English to Russian Translator. Use this apptotranslate English text to Russian and vice versa. Will beusefulfor travelers, students and everyone who wants to studyEnglish orRussian languages.
Cost Tracker 1.0 APK
Alexei Rudak
Your personal financial manager that cankeepthe family budget and teach you how to spend money wisely. Wanttoknow how to save money and improve your financial literacy?So this money manager app is for you! Now you can easily planandcontrol income and expenses. Now your home budget, financesandpurse are under good protection!Software features:- analysis of expenses and income detailed by categories,- get summary of cash flow,- budgeting and budget calculator- accounting loans and debt,- add and save your transaction inserting description, price,andyour buying time,- full report about all transactions (total income,totalconsumption, savings and balance),- transactions filter by date,- system of reminders,- budget planner,- detailed statistics for the day, month or year,- add, delete, edit categories,- installation of various currency,- widget on your home screen.Stylish design, user-friendly and simple interface,accurateinformation.