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「EPSONカラリオme転送ツール」はAndroid™を搭載したスマートフォン、タブレット向けの「写真・住所録」が転送できる無料のプリンター専用のアプリケーションです。スマートフォンやタブレットとE-850/E-840/E-370W/PをUSBケーブルで接続し認識。スマートフォンやタブレットに保存してある写真や、友人・家族の住所の転送がカンタンにできます。対応プリンター E-850、E-840、E-370W/P 対応端末 Android OS Ver4.0以降 ご使用時の注意USBケーブルはスマートフォンに付属の純正品をお使いください。 付属していない場合は市販の通信用USBケーブルを用意してください。「デベロッパーにメールを送信」などでいただいたメールにつきましては、今後のサービス改善などに役立たせていただきます。原則として個別には回答いたしかねますので、あらかじめご了承願います。"EPSON Colorio me transfer tool" is a smart phone equipped withAndroid ™, for tablet "photos and address book" is a dedicated freeprinter that can transfer application. Recognition Connect yoursmartphone or tablet and E-850 / E-840 / E-370W / P with a USBcable. And photos that are stored on your smartphone or tablet, thefriends and family of address transfer can be easy. Compatibleprinter E-850, E-840, E-370W / P Corresponding terminal Android OSVer4.0 or later Note at the time of your use USB cable, please usethe included genuine smartphone. Please prepare a commercialcommunication for the USB cable If you do not comes with. Regardingthe e-mail I received in, such as "send an email to thedeveloper,", will help us, such as the future of the serviceimprovement. Because I am afraid that I can not answer to theindividual as a general rule, please acknowledge beforehand.

App Information Epson カラリオme 転送ツール

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    Epson カラリオme 転送ツール
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    October 31, 2018
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0 and up
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    Seiko Epson Corporation
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Epson iPrint 5.1.2 APK
Print, scan, and share directly from your Android phone or tablet.Print photos, emails, webpages and files including Microsoft® Word,Excel®, PowerPoint® and PDF documents. Also supports Box, Dropbox,Evernote®*1, Google Drive™ and Microsoft OneDrive™. Epson iPrintmakes printing easy and convenient whether your printer is in thenext room or across the world. Key Features • Print, scan, andshare directly from your Android phone or tablet • Print fromanywhere in the world to email-enabled Epson printers using remoteprint functionality • Print photos, PDFs and Microsoft Office Word,Excel and PowerPoint files (Microsoft Office files require accessto Google Drive for rendering into printable PDF) • Print storedfiles, email attachments, and online files from Box, Dropbox,Evernote, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive • Capture a documentwith your device camera, format, enhance, then save, ready to print• Scan from your Epson all-in-one and share your file (save to yourdevice, send via email or save online) • Copy documents and photosusing your mobile device and a nearby Epson printer • Transferfiles between your device and an SD card or USB drive via an Epsonprinter • Check your printer’s status and ink levels • Print withina complex network environment using manual IP printer setup • Gethelp with a built-in FAQ section *Supports Android version 4.4 orhigher Advanced Features • Print high quality photos with automaticbacklight and color cast correction • Choose and print multiplephotos • Print your email attachments and stored files • Configureyour print options including paper size and type, number of copies,page range and one- or two-sided printing • Print with and withoutborders • Switch between color or monochrome printing • Choose fromdifferent scanning resolutions and image types • Optimize printquality • Buy ink and supplies for your printer • Setup &register to Epson Connect • Manage remote printers PrintersSupported See the following website for supported printers.http://support.epson.net/appinfo/iprint/en * To use iPrint with aWi-Fi Direct connection, you must allow the app to use yourdevice's location services. This allows iPrint to search forwireless networks; your location data is not collected. *1 Evernoteis a registered trademark of U.S. Evernote Corporation. TheBluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned bythe Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Seiko EpsonCorporation is under license. We welcome your feedback.Unfortunately, we cannot reply to your e-mail.
Epson iProjection APK
Epson iProjection is an intuitive mobile projection app for Androiddevices. Epson iProjection makes it easy to project images/fileswirelessly using an Epson projector with network function. Moveabout the room and effortlessly display content from your Androiddevice on the big screen. Key Features What it enables you to do:1. Display documents stored in your Android devices 2. Easy pairingby QR code 3. Display images stored in your Android devices"Gallery" library 4. Display web pages 5. Control the projector 6.Send files from your email or cloud storage apps to the iProjectionapp and save your annotation to your device 7. Marker functionenables highlighting and annotation of projected photos anddocuments and also saving annotation to your device 8. DisplayAndroid device’s screen for Android 5.0 or later *Content fromdevice screen is displayed when your device is connected to theprojector 9. Connect up to 50 devices and use moderator feature tomanage and display content* 10. Share your projected image to otherconnected mobile devices * 11. Use the integrated camera on yourdevice * Available on select Epson Projector models Supported fileformats and Activities File formats supported -Adobe PDF (PDF 1.7)-JPG/JPEG -PNG Also supports cloud file services such as Dropbox oremail accounts (duplicated files only). Multi-Window in Android 7.0or later is not supported in Epson iProjection. Activities notsupported -Sound/Video playback -Mirroring -Multi-display-Encryption Projectors supported For the list of all supportedprojectors, go to www.epson.com/projectorapp PowerLiteW04+/S31+/1224/1264/X36+/W32+/1284/U32+/S41+/X41+/W05+W42+/1266/1286/U42+/935W/955WH/97H/98H/99WH/965H/W29/X29/X27/S27/S39/X39/W39/107/108/109W/970/980W/990U/525W/535W/530/520/680/675W/685W/1780W/1781W/1785W/1795F/2040/2055/2065/2140W/975W/2155W/2165W/2245U/2250U/2055U/2065U/2042/2142W/2247U/5510/5520W/5530U/5535U/L610U/615U/L510U/L610W/L610/L400U/L500WVS 240/340/345/250/350/355 EX 3240/5240/5250Pro /7240 Pro/9200Pro/3260/5260/7260/9210/9220 BrightLink536Wi/685Wi/695Wi/696Ui/697Ui/710Ui BrightLink Pro1470Ui/1460Ui/1450Ui/1440Ui/ ProG7900U/G7905U/G7500U/G7400U/G7200W/G7000W/G7805/G7100/L1100U/L1200U/L1300U/L1405U/L1500U/L1505U//L1500UH/L1505UH/L1750U/1755U/L1715S/L25000U EB(CB)-S04/S04E/S300/S130/X04/X300/W04/X300/W420/S31/X31/X31E/X350/X36/W31/W32/U04/U130/U32S05/S05E/S41/S140/S400/X05/X05+/X05E/X140/X400/X41/X450/W05/W140/W41/W42/U05/U140/U42/97H/98H/950WH/945H/955WH/965H/X30/W29/X29/X27/X29/S29/S27/940H/S26/935W/W16/W16SK/S39/X39/W39/107/108/109/970/980W/990U/1470Ui/1460Ui/1450Ui/1440Ui/536Wi/535W/525W/530/520/670/680e/680/675W/685We/685W/675Wi/680Wi/685Wi/695Wie/695Wi/696Ui/710Ui/700U/1780W/1781W/1785W/1795F/C1040XN/C1030WN/C1020XN/C1010X/C1000X/D6150/D6250/D6155W/2040/2055/2065/2140W/2155W/2165W/2245U/2250U/2055U/2065U/X500KG/X550KG/2042/2142W/2247U/5510/5520W/5530U/5535U/L610U/L615U/L510U/L610W/L610/L400U/L500W/L500/G7900U/G7905U/G7500U/G7400U/G7200W/G7000W/G7805/G7100/L1100U/L1105U/L1200U/L1300U/L1405U/L1500U/L1505U/L1750U/L1755U/L1500UH/L1505UH/1710S/1715S/L1510S/L1515S/L25000U/L23000U PowerLite Home Cinema1040/740HD/640/2000/2030/2045/2040/2150/2100/3100/3700/3710/3900/1450/660/760HD/1060/LS100EH(CH)-TW530/TW570/TW610/TW630/TW640/TW650/TW5350/TW5300/TW5650/TW5600/TW5400/TW5210/TZ1000/TW6800/TW6700W/TW6700/TW6300/700U EV- 100/105 All productsnecessitating an access point PowerLite 1880/1930/1940W/1950/1960EB-1880/1930/1940W/1950/1960/X20/X22/W22/X25/C720XN/C740W/C740X/C750X/C760X/X20/X22/X25Android devices supported: - Smartphones or tablet PCs that supportAndroid 5.0 or later We welcome your feedback, but pleaseunderstand we cannot reply separately.
Epson Print Enabler 1.0.9 APK
Epson Print Enabler lets you print from tablets and phones withAndroid version 4.4 or later. This Epson software enhances thebuilt-in Android Printing system allowing you to print to a widerange of Epson inkjet and laser printers over Wi-Fi (see link forcompatible printer list below). Once downloaded, you can easilyprint photos, emails, web pages and documents from the built-inmenu of Apps that support Android Printing. Key Features• Printdirectly from compatible smartphones and tablets to Epson inkjetand laser printers. • Manage print jobs from your smartphone ortablet.• Select print options including colour, number of copies,paper size, print quality, layout and 2-sided printing.• Printdirectly from Gallery, Photos, Chrome, Gmail, Drive (Google Drive),Quickoffice and other applications that support a printingfunction.For details of supported printers, please refer to thefollowing FAQ website.https://www.epson.com/cgi-bin/Store/support/supDetail.jsp?oid=254701&infoType=FAQsApplicationsSupported• Gallery• Photos• Chrome• Gmail• Drive (Google Drive)•Quickoffice• Other applications that support a printing function.Wewelcome your feedback. Unfortunately, we cannot reply to youre-mail.
Epson TM Utility 3.9.1 APK
This app enables you to setup wireless connection, configureprinter settings and print sample receipts from your Android phoneor tablet to the Epson receipt printer. Features -Print samplereceipt -Print customized receipt -Observe printer status-Configure printer settings -Easy print by NFC/QR code -Setupwizard (Wireless LAN / Bluetooth) -Firmware update SupportedPrinters -TM-H6000V -TM-m10 -TM-m30 -TM-P20 -TM-P60 -TM-P60II-TM-P80 -TM-T20II -TM-T20II-m -TM-T70II -TM-T88V -TM-T88VI-TM-T88VI-iHUB -TM-U220 Wi-Fi Supported Customer Displays -DM-D30Interface -Wireless LAN -Bluetooth Revision History Ver.3.9.1 -Support Android 9.0. Ver.3.9.0 - Add 'Barcode Scanner Test' in the[Check Printer Operations] menu. Ver.3.8.0 - Add 'Open Drawer' and'Display of Customer Display' in [Check Printer Operations] menu. -Change the design of NFC mark. - Fixed minor bugs. Ver.3.7.0 -Added the support printer. (TM-H6000V) - Fixed bugs. Ver.3.6.0 -Support Android 8. Ver.3.5.0 - Added the Privacy Policy link.Ver.3.4.0 - Added the support printer. (TM-T88VI-iHUB) - SupportAndroid 7.0. Ver.3.3.0 - Support Korean. Ver.3.2.0 - Added thesupport language. - Added the firmware update function. - Supportthe setting of 'Pre-feed before next print' for TM-m10 and TM-m30.Ver.3.1.1 - Support Android 6.0. Ver.3.1.0 - No changes infunction. Added the support printer in Japan. Ver.3.0.0 - Added thesupport printer. (TM-m10 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, TM-m30) - Added thesupport customer display. (DM-D30) - Added the support language.Ver.2.6.0 - Added the support printer. (TM-m10 Ethernet). Ver.2.5.0- Support settings of Automatic Reduction of Paper. Ver.2.4.0 -Support Android 5.1. - Fully supported TM-U220 Wi-Fi (includingPrinter Settings). Ver.2.3.0 - Support Android 5.0. - Added thesupport printer. (TM-U220 Wi-Fi , except for Printer Setting) - Add'Compress the image' option in Custom Receipt. - Fix the problemthat cannot download to the tablet device without back camera(e.g., Nexus 7(2012), Acer B1-710). Ver2.2.0 - Added the supportprinter. (TM-T20II-m) Ver2.1.0 - Added the function to guide theconnection with wireless LAN and Bluetooth by easy wizard. - Addedthe function to select printer and print by NFC/QR code. - Addedthe support printer. (TM-P20) Ver2.0.0 - Added the function toconfigure printer settings.
Epson PULSENSE View 2.1.5 APK
Please see this list for our supported Android devices.http://www.epson.com/cgi-bin/Store/jsp/Landing/pulsense-compatible-devices.do?BV_UseBVCookie=yesIf your device is not on this list, we do not currently support it.[Overview of the application] PULSENSE measures heartbeat andactivity 24 hours a day, tracking your exercise across five heartrate zones, as well as steps, distance, calories, sleep quality,and mind. "Epson PULSENSE View" is an application for Android thatallows you to view the data recorded by your PULSENSE device,making it easy to keep an eye on your daily, weekly or monthlystatistics. Data will be synchronised wirelessly via Bluetooth®Smart with your Android device, providing you with real time dataon the go. In addition you can use the app to set your targets andmanage your device settings including your wake-up alarm.[Features] Simply swipe the dials to navigate through theactivities at ease. Swipe the tab in the middle at the top of thescreen to the bottom in order to display the real-time meter. Youcan use this function to monitor your heart rate during a workoutfor effective heart rate zone training. Press the 'START' button tostart the recording and finish the recording by pressing 'STOP' atthe end of your training. PULSENSE calculates calories burned basedupon body motion and heart rate data, which is related very closelyto calories burned, enabling more detailed calorie calculation. Youcan also input your calories manually by pressing the button.[Battery consumption and location data] PULSENSE View relies onmobile device and Wi-Fi station data when determining yourposition, which is less accurate than GPS data. This applicationdoes not use a GPS data to preserve your Android device battery.[Supported devices] PS-100, PS-500 (Firmware must be ver.1.10 orlater) We welcome your feedback. Unfortunately, we cannot reply toyour e-mail.
Epson Run Connect 1.9.4 APK
◆ Important News If using Android 6.0, please use 6.0.1 or later.Bluetooth pairing with wrist device may not function properly with6.0.0. ◆ Description Run Connect is a free application for EPSONGPS wrist devices (GPS Sports Monitor) (hereinafter called wristdevices). You can connect the wrist device to Android by BluetoothSMART and upload the data measured by the wrist device to the webservice "RUNSENSE View" that allows you to visually check the data.This is useful when you want to check the detailed data immediatelyafter a competition or training, or when you want to upload datawhile you are away from home. ◆ Main functions of Run Connect[Wrist device data listing function] - Wrist device data list  Thefunction acquires data from the wrist device and displays a list. The function resisters simplified data* to RUNSENSE View as itacquires the data. - Wrist device data check  You can select a dataitem and check the registered simplified data on RUNSENSE View. -Data upload  You can select a data item and upload it to RUNSENSEView *Simplified data: Only measurement data for each lap that doesnot contain position information. *You need to perform the "dataupload" process to upload the complete (measurement data in indoormode does not contain the position information). [RUNSENSE Viewconnection function] - RUNSENSE View connection  You can log in toRUNSENSE View using a browser with the account set with the"Account management function".  [Account management function]- Setting the RUNSENSE View account  You can set the account to login to RUNSENSE View (the account is also required for the upload).- Cancelling the RUNSENSE View account  You can cancel the accountto log in to RUNSENSE View (this is not a resignation from RUNSENSEView by deleting the account). - Creating a new RUNSENSEViewaccount  You can create a new account when using RUNSENSE Viewfor the first time.  You can also use this function when you haveforgotten the login ID or password. *You can continue to useRUNSENSE View accounts that have previously been registered.[Pairing function] - Starting the pairing process with the wristdevice  You can pair your iPhone and the wrist device.  -Unpairing the wrist device  You can unpair your iPhone and thewrist device.  ◆ Notes on uploading data It may take a whileto upload large measurement data that contains position informationfrom the wrist device.  *Uploading measurement data for an hour'srunning takes approximately 3 to 10 minutes.   ◆ Supportedmodels  SF-810, SF-710, SF-510, SF-310 and SF-110 We welcome yourfeedback. Unfortunately, we cannot reply to your e-mail.
Epson Creative Print 6.0.5 APK
Compatible Printers Expression Home XP-211/XP-212/XP-214/XP-215Expression Home XP-220/XP-225 Expression HomeXP-231/XP-235/XP-240/XP-241/XP-243/XP-245/XP-247/XP-255/XP-257Expression Home XP-310/XP-312/XP-313/XP-314/XP-315 Expression HomeXP-320/XP-322/XP-323/XP-324/XP-325 Expression HomeXP-330/XP-332/XP-335/XP-342/XP-343/XP-345/XP-352/XP-355 ExpressionHome XP-340 Expression Home XP-410/XP-411/XP-412/XP-413/XP-415Expression Home XP-420/XP-424/XP-422/XP-423/XP-424/XP-425Expression HomeXP-430/XP-431/XP-432/XP-434/XP-435/XP-440/XP-441/XP-442/XP-445/XP-446/XP-452/XP-455Expression Premium XP-510/XP-520/XP-530/XP-540 Expression PremiumXP-610/XP-615/XP-620/XP-621/XP-625/XP-630/XP-635/XP-640/XP-645Expression Premium XP-710/XP-720/XP-721 Expression PremiumXP-810/XP-820/XP-821/XP-830 Expression PremiumXP-5100/XP-5105/XP-6000/XP-6100/XP-7100/XP-8500/XP-15000 ExpressionPhoto XP-55/XP-760/XP-860/XP-900/XP-950/XP-960 WorkForce WF-100WorkForceWF-2630/WF-2631/WF-2650/WF-2651/WF-2660/WF-2661/WF-2750/WF-2751/WF-2760/WF-2860/WF-2861/WF-2865WorkForce WF-3620/WF-3621/WF-3640/WF-3641/WF-3730 WorkForceWF-7110/WF-7111/WF-7210/ WF-7610/WF-7611/WF-7620/WF-7621 WorkForceWF-7710/WF-7720 PictureMate PM-400/PM-401SC-P400/SC-P405/SC-P407/SC-P408/SC-P600/SC-P607/SC-P608/SC-P800/SC-P807/SC-P808L455/L456 ET-2700/ET-2750/ET-3700/ ET-3750/ET-4750/ET-7700/ET-7750L4150/L4160/L6160/ L6170/L6190 Description Express your creativity!Print your phone, tablet, Facebook or Instagram photos, printdirectly onto CD/DVDs, create customized greeting cards,personalize stationery and turn your photos into a fun coloringbook project. Key Features • Collage – Create and print a collageof your favorite photos from your phone, tablet, or Instagram. •Print on CD/DVDs - Create artwork from your photos and printdirectly onto an inkjet printable CD or DVD using an Epson printer.• Coloring Book - Choose a photo and create an outlined coloringbook project that you can print and color as a fun project for yourkids • Personal Stationery – Choose between lined templates (such agraph or music paper), calendars or embed your photo as a watermark• Custom Greeting Cards – Make a personalized greeting card usingyour photos and even personalize it with your own handwriting. •Instagram – Choose photos on Instagram, and then create and print acollage. • Facebook – Browse and print 4x6 photos from your albumsto share as a memorable keepsake. • Design Paper – Choose afavorite pattern and print a design paper that you can use as giftwrapping paper, book cover and more. * Compatible with Androiddevices . Requires OS Ver 4.4 or later. * To use Creative Printwith a Wi-Fi Direct connection, you must allow the app to use yourdevice's location services. This allows Creative Print to searchfor wireless networks; your location data is not collected. Wewelcome your feedback. Unfortunately, we cannot reply to youre-mail.
Epson iLabel 1.6.0 APK
Smarter labelling… Epson iLabel makes it easy to create, store, andprint labels from your Android phone or tablet. Use your smartdevice's functionality, including voice transcription, contacts andimage gallery, to add a new dimension to your labelling experience.Users can easily share label makers with the Epson iLabel app. TheEpson iLabel app works with the Epson LabelWorks wireless printers.To buy one of these label makers or LK/ PX tapes, please visitwww.epson.com or contact your local supplier.(Actual product namemay differ across regions.) [Main Features] - Create, edit, andprint labels wirelessly - Generate and print QR codes - Barcodeprinting: eight types supported - Support creating multiple lengthlabels at once on Mix Length function. - Select and print from avariety of pre-defined, commonly used labels - Quick timestampfunction - Store label data on Dropbox or Google Drive for sharingwith other smart devices. - Up to 100 created labels can be savedand reused - Up to 100 printed labels can be automatically savedand reused [Additional Features] - The status of your label printercan be checked on your smart device (set tape width, errors, andconnection status) - Three original fonts for ribbon tape creation,Algiers Medium L1, URW Chancery L1 and URW Coronet L1. - Voicetranscription (enabled by your Android OS) *1 - More than 100 labeldesign templates and over 400 symbols are available - Insert imagesfrom your camera roll (two-tone image conversion) - Drawing tool;sketch labels using the device's touch interface - Camera-basedpreview tool: digitally see your label on an item before printing*2 - Data can be shared with other smart devices through email orAirDrop - Support to import and edit the label file(s) created onLabel Editor for Windows (v1.70 or later) *1 If your devicesupports it, you can use voice transcription to input text into theEpson iLabel app. *2 If only front camera is available,camera-based preview tool cannot be used. [Supported Models]LW-C410 / LW-Z710 / LW-600P / LW-1000P / LW-PX400 / LW-PX800 /OK600P / OK1000P (Actual product name may differ across regions.)[Supported Device] Android 4.0 or later  Screen definition shouldbe more than 800x480 pixels  *Note: More information about EpsoniLabel and LabelWorks solutions is available on Epson’s website.----- We welcome your feedback. Unfortunately, we cannot reply toyour e-mail. ----- Personal information that has been collected by"Send email", it will not be used for any purpose other than theapplication improvement.