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This Application solve the first, second , and third degreeequation It is simple to use........You can change the range ofvariant as you wantIt is working in all Types of devicesIt isworking in all screen sizes

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    December 18, 2014
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Mohammed Sami Bazzari
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    Egypt-Banha-Banha al-Gadeda-West of Faculty of Commerce-El-Mohandeseen St-House Num 5- Department Num 6
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Jaundice Curve 1.0 APK
This application determine whether neonatal jaundice (yellowishcoloration of our baby) is safe and need only follow up,or it isserious condition and need phototherapy or more extensive treatmentActually there are multiple curves in which total bilirubin levelsare plotted against infant ageRisks of high bilirubin level varyaccording to several factors like age. gestional age, risk factorsand weight.By applying these information the application willdisplay the suitable curve . risk factor are written on thecurve......this application is helpful for pediatrician. It isadvised for public to be under medical supervision.
Equation 2.0 APK
This Application solve the first, second , and third degreeequation It is simple to use........You can change the range ofvariant as you wantIt is working in all Types of devicesIt isworking in all screen sizes
Heart Rate Calculator 2.0 APK
App For easy calculation of heart rate without watch...it is easyand simple.....just beat the heart button and choose duration ofcalculationyou can use 6 sec, 15 sec, or full minute....(rapid vsaccurate calculation)
com.bazzari.agecalculator 2.0 APK
تطبيق يقوم بحساب عمرك بدقة عن طريق تاريخ ميلادك .....المميزات:يقومبحساب العمر بحسب التاريخ الحالي لليوميحسب العمر بالسنين و الشهور والأياميمنع حدوث الأخطاء عند إدخال تاريخ تاريخ خاطئيقوم بحساب فعليحسب عدد أيام كل شهرلا يهمل اليوم الزائد في السنة الشمسية الكبيسة366 يومThe application calculates the exact age by date of birth.....FEATURES:Calculates the age, according to the current date forthe dayAge is calculated in years and months and daysPreventserrors from occurring when you enter a date wrong historyThe actualcalculated by the number of days each monthDo not neglect the dayin excess solar leap year 366 days
com.bazzari.masaref 2 APK
اعرف صرفت كام و باقي معاك كام بكل سهولة و من غير ألة حاسبة ووجعقلب.......مع هذا التطبيق السهل و البسيط تقدر تكتب مصاريفك اليوميةمن غير ورقة و لا قلم و لا اله حاسبة فقط اختار نوع العملية (صرف و لاقبض) و ايه البند اللي صرفت فيه و كام المبلغ المدفوع أو الوارد و هويكتب لك و يحسبلك و يوضحلك كان معاك كام و باقي كام....البرنامج يحفظأوتوماتيكيا أخر 20 عملية قمت بها حتى تعرف أين أنفقت أموالك مؤخرا وماتقولش الكلمة الشهيرة (مش عارف الفلوس اتصرفت في ايه)و تقوم بالحفظبالضغط على زر حفظ كما يمكنك إعادة تسجيل البيانات من البداية بالضغطعلى زر إعادة الضبط.......الرجاء مراسلتي على ايميل المطور عند اقتراحأي تعديلات وشكرا..........I know spent the rest of the cam and camwith you with ease and without a calculator and wrench the heart.......With this easy application and Simple estimated write yourexpenses daily non-paper and no pen and no god calculator justpicked the type of operation (exchange and does not catch), and anyitem who spent it and Kam amount paid or given, and he writes toyou and Ihsplk and Aodhalk it was with you and the rest of cam cam....The program automatically saves the last 20 you've made theprocess so you know where your money has recently been spent andMatcolh famous floor (do not know the money Atsrvat in BAA)And saveby clicking on the Save button and you can re-recording data fromthe beginning by pressing the reset button .......Please e-mail mean email to the developer when proposing any amendments and thankyou ..........
Daily Payments 1.0 APK
This application provide a simple way to record your last paymentshistory to know where you spent your moneyIt keeps Last 20 eventsas income, payment, borrow, payback, loan, recaptureTheseinformation are kept saved as long application installed
kinematics Solver 2 APK
physics Solver in its first version is the first step in the way ofsolving physics questions and deal with common and useful part ofphysics which is kinematics.....it deal with Motion of objects fromsimple motion to complicated ones...It solve questions in simplemanner and it comprise of....1-Simple motion2-Motion withacceleration3-gravity fall objects4-projectile motion5-projectilemotion with angle6-Vector summation and subtraction it is suitablefor all kind of questions and simple to use
DrugDoser 2.0 APK
This App calculate the required dose in ml for any drugs aftersupplying the required dose in mg and the concentration ofdrug....It can be used for oral or injection therapy