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An application for Receipt of Dawateislami. This is to be usedbyonly registered users.

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    January 8, 2020
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    IT department of Dawateislami
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    Faizan-e-Madina (Global Islamic Center), Near Capital Telephone Exchange, Main University Road, Babul Madina Karachi, Pakistan. UAN: 111-252-692
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  • 2.2 (22) - Latest Version
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    Publish Date: 2021 /2/19
    Requires Android: Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API: 16)
    File Size: 2.8 MB
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    File Sha1: 7daf64e125979de54dd47742a7b400df8fafd739
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Al Quran-ul-Kareem 4.9.0 APK
The Sanctified book of Almighty Allah Quran is the last and finalrevelation to mankind and a constant reminder to those who wish toplease their Lord, the One and only True Allah (God). The ITDepartment of Dawat-e-Islami in recent time's technology hasadvanced far enough to serve our needs. You can now read Qurananytime - anywhere on your Mobile! This Software can be downloadedand installed on mobile phones and carried usefully to places onetravel. Al-Quran-ul-Kareem Application has a real page turningeffect, its elegant style and charming features will attract you tofull page recitation. Readers will not have to bother anymore toscroll up and down and will be able to easily recite the Quran pageby page. All 30 chapters and all 114 Surah’s can be bookmarkedwhile recitation and reader can go to any page number instantly.Our unified Quran Mobile Application plays recitals in more thanone voice; you can download these recitals and play them offline(without an internet connection). This App has following amazingFeatures: • 16 lines Quran-e-Pak is a part of this Application. •Our App will support in reading both styles (Portrait &Landscape). • Separate icon indexing is used for both Makki andMadani Surahs. • By the support of (Go to page) option, user willbe able to search the desired page. • List of Bookmarks will bedisplayed and user can add bookmarks while reciting the Holy Quran.• User will be able to continue their recital from the exact verseof their previous login. • User can also earn bundles of good deedsby sharing the app link through Social Media. We warmly welcomeyour suggestions and don’t forget to support us by sending in yourfeedback, which will be highly appreciated atsupport@dawateislami.net. Please remember us in your prayers.
Madani Inamat APK
Madani In’amatTechnology:This application has been developed by the IT department ofDawat-e-Islami for android and iOS devices.Description:This application is a collection of different Madani In’amat. Byusing this app, Islamic brothers can check their daily routine andcan improve their Islamic way of life.Following are the listed items included in this app:• 72 Madani In'amat is for Islamic brothers.• 63 Madani In'amat is for Islamic sisters.• 92 Madani In'amat is for Male students.You just need to make an account for daily, weekly and monthlyperformances. You can compare and assess your religious activitieswith the previous one. This application supports two differentlanguages including English & Urdu. Once the account is createdin the application, user can resume his previous record easily.Below is the list of features in this application.• It is simple to use and has pleasing interface.• You can start from a point, where you left previously.• You can fill Madani In’amat Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly &Qufl-e-Madina sections.• You can View and finalize monthly performance(Karkardagee).• Complete Data Integration Across Platforms (When Madani In’amatgets launched for Mobile phones, iOS Devices, and Android devices,you can shift your user accounts to and from different devices andcomputers.• Remember and Save Complete History of Your Madani In’amatActivities. (View Madani In’amat activity for any date by givingthe specific date in the home page and by clicking the respectivetabs).What's New:• Some improvements have been made in reporting section.Features and Versions Coming Soon:• Create Student (Jamia) Brothers/Sisters (Munnay/Munniyan) &Deaf Accounts.• View Madani In’amat Questions in more languages.• Add Cloud Services (Login from Anywhere/Any Device)• Add Update Madani In’amat FeatureUse this application by yourself and let other Islamic brothersknow about this.Your valuable comments and feedback at support@dawateislami.netwill be highly encouraged.
Zehni Azmaish Quiz App 1.9 APK
The I.T Department of Dawat-e-Islami has introduced Zehni AzmaishQuiz App for easy learning of Islamic knowledge for mobile devices.Just play this game and obtain the treasure of Islamic knowledge.See how well you know the facts about one of the largest religionsin the world. Learn about the Pillars of Islam (Unity of Allah,Praying, Fasting, Zakat, and Hajj), the basic beliefs of Islam andmuch more! Practice them every day to understand more about Islamicconcepts. We are sure you will like this App. Answer the questionsas quick as you can. You will have 25 seconds to answer eachquestion. The faster you answer, the more you earn the points. Wehave provided 2 hints in each level for your help in answering thequestions. If you want to compare your knowledge to that of otherplayers, submit your high score to our online list afterregistration. For unlocking next levels, answer the questions andimprove your knowledge. Your score is a sum of points from alllevels. Test yourself by comparing your score with the best rankedonline player. It is absolutely free. This App has followingtremendous Features: • Interactive UI design. • Offline playableafter download. • More than 800 questions in different segments. •Summary of your performance at the end of every level. • Fouroptions for each question with one correct answer. • MultipleChoice Questions included in this App range from various topics. •Each Level has 2 hints. • Detailed statistics. • New leader-board.This will help to compare your scores with your friends. •Leader-board. • Ranking of top 50 players. It is our primeobligation to learn Islamic knowledge and spread it, however, ZehniAzmaish Quiz App is a contribution towards this good cause. Shareit with other friends and family members to avail its benefits andlearn more about Islam. If you loved to watch it, it’s time to playnow. You can give us your valuable feedback and suggestions atsupport@dawateislami.net.
Dar-ul-Ifta Ahlesunnat 3.1.1 APK
This Application has been presented to spread Islamic Shariarelated information. Darul Ifta Ahlesunnat is an importantDepartment of Dawat-e-Islami which is engaged in Islamic Shariarelated information. It contains Audio & Video files ofrenowned Islamic Scholars, Muftis and Religious Experts, whobeautifully explain the Islamic solutions of the problems faced indaily life. Moreover, the Application has a fascinating layout andeye-catching interface. The App consists of following differenttypes of contents: • Audio / Video files of famous programs ofMadani Channel like Darul Ifta Ahlesunnat, Ahkam e Tijarat, TijaratCourse & Farz Uloom Course. • Text Fatawa section containsQuestions asked by different people and its answers in written formorganized into different categories. • Islamic books in differentcategories which could be downloaded and shared with other people.• Event Wise Material section contains media related to differentIslamic Events like Video Clips, Audio Clips, Books and Fatawa inPDF form. • By using search option, you can search in differentcontent available in this Application. • Downloaded Items foldercontains a list of items downloaded within this Application. •Phone, Mail & WhatsApp Services contains different contactoptions of Darul Ifta Ahlesunnat. Know about Shariah rules with thehelp of this App and let other Muslims know about it. Please emailyour helpful suggestions and comments at support@dawateislami.net.
Madani Khaka 1.1 APK
Dawat-e-Islami, a religious non-political movement is servingMuslim Ummah in every aspect of life. Presently, worsening ofsocial circumstances and ignorance of individual’s rights andduties have compelled IT department of Dawat-e-Islami to launch anapplication in order to bring awareness. By the grace of Allah anduntiring and unflinching efforts of the IT department ofDawat-e-Islami, a new application namely Madani Khaka (PublicMessage) has been introduced. The application contains videos forPublic message. The application will help you in realizing yourrights and duties in a society accompanied by the recommendationsto overcome the prevailing issues. This is a user-friendlyapplication with an eye-catching layout. Features of the app: -Main Video Page: Currently 45 Videos of Public message (LikeMeasures after rain, Tahajjud k Fazail etc) have been added tothis. Further videos will be added from time to time. - IndividualVideo Screen: By clicking on a particular video, the user will beable to watch the relevant video. The user can also rate, commentand share the videos. - My Library: The downloaded data will besaved to “My Library”. The user can remove the data from thelibrary as well. - More Options:  Share App: You can shareapplication link with your friends.  Rate this App: You can rateand submit reviews on Play Store.  More Apps: You can also viewthe more apps by the IT department of Dawat-e-Islami.  About US:Learn about IT department of Dawat-e-Islami Download thisapplication freely and let other Islamic brothers know about theadvantages of using this app. You can share your experience,comments and valuable suggestions with us atsupport@dawateislami.net
Karkardagi (Performance) 3.2 APK
Zimmedar Karkardagi Application (Members Performance-Apps) Smartdevices are now essential travel partners, as more and more peopleincreasingly expect to have their work eased and requirementscontented by means of their mobile phone. Dawateislami is usingmobile application to announce and update their members progressreports worldwide, delivering a far more modified and preventivework experience with less paper work to do. This Performanceanswerability system is developed by IT Majlis of Dawateislami,which enables the member from different countries, Kabinat, Kabina& divisions to fill in the 12 Madani routine tasks. Everysingle Zimmedar is provided with their logins to access theindividual accounts and are authorized after login to input theirperformances in the system thru this mobile application. Zimmedar’sare also able to produce the routine (Karkardagi) report for thewhole month when required. Features of the App: We are delighted tointroduce additional benefits to the Zimmedar KarkardagiApplication in which user can update his progress report to hisZimmedar thru a single click all on the palm of their hand throughthis mobile apps. Special features: 1- Ease to fill in the 12Madani routine task form for Pakistan & Overseas. 2- Agraphical dashboard to display the summary and specific datarelated to filters required for Zimmedar’s. 3- Reports sectionwhere monthly reports can be generated on time. Note: Dawateislamiis proud to announce a major upgrade on iOS & Android to itsmobile performance app, including Apple Touch ID integration for aquicker, more secure login process.
Sira tul Jinan Al-Quran with Tafseer 1.4.8 APK
The I.T. department of DawateIslami has developed an applicationnamed Sirat ul Jinan Al-Quran with Tafseer. It is a mobile Quranapp that is built to give people an easy approach to read, listenand a better understanding of the Quran. As Muslims, we mustunderstand and follow the commandments of the Quran Sharif. It is agreat gift for those who cannot understand the Arabic language.Easy Quran Urdu translation and complete explanation both areamazing features of this app. Moreover, the Quran tafsir app willhelp you to better understand the essence of Quran Majeed. However,it also explains its messages. The Quran recitation (tilawat) andclarity of voice fill your soul and spirit with contentment andenlighten your heart. Prominent Features Multiple TranslationsQuran tarjuma is available in multiple languages and it givesdeeper and specific knowledge to its reciters. Interpretation Thisapplication has interpreted the meaning of the Quran. You caneasily understand the explanation of the Quran. Elegant RecitationIf someone cannot read Quran, there is an option of listeningQuran. All Surahs are beautifully recited for your listening.Introduction of Each Surah Users may read an introduction of eachSurah from its start. It is available in the Urdu language for yourconvenience. Go to Aayat By using this option, you can directly goto any verse of the Holy Quran just by entering its number. PopularSurah List All Surahs are listed according to Para name. It makesit easy and useful to find the popular Surah. However, you may finda separate list of popular Surahs. Bookmark If you have to closeQuran Majeed while reading, bookmark helps to resume from the samepoint. It will also help to mark your favorite Surah. Surah andPara This app grants permission to listen and read a specific paraand you can also download and save it to your android separately.Share Sharing feature lets you share any surah with your family andfriends. You can share it on WhatsApp or other social mediaplatforms. Advanced Searching By using this feature, users maysearch any Para, Quran translation and Quran tafseer without anydelay. Last Reading Point Users can get their last reading pointeasily. They can start their reading from where they stopped. Wewarmly welcome your suggestions and recommendations.
Madani Channel Radio 1.3 APK
Madani Channel, a world famous Islamic TV Channel is based onbringing Islamic revolution around the globe. It is the onlyIslamic Channel free from all sorts of commercials and has highrated Islamic TV programs watched by millions of viewers around theglobe. Since its inception, the Channel has brought unprecedentedchanges in the lives of millions of Muslims. In order to facilitatethe Devotees of Rasool, a new Mobile Application by the name of“Madani Channel Radio” has been launched. Through this Application,you can listen to the live streaming of Madani Channel in Audio.Now the user can do his routine work along with listening to theAudio of Madani Channel. Some Unique Features of the App: • Usercan also minimize the audio playing. • Play/Pause options are verysimple to use, one can easily play and pause the audio. Once youdownload this App, you will start accumulating Islamic Knowledge bymaking use of this fabulous Application so, download it by yourselfand let other Islamic Brothers know about it. You can share us yourviews at support@dawateislami.net.