1.4 / October 6, 2016
(4.1/5) (2379)


#Eraser: Deadline Nightmare has been awarded for the 1stInternational Mobile Gaming Award SEA in the category ExcellenceVisual Art & Design.Eraser is a 2D physics puzzle platformer inwhich players control an eraser to manipulate the environment tohelp the protagonist escape a red marker. With slick visuals andengaging music, Eraser offers plenty of addicting yet relaxingphysics-based gameplay. Can you help the designer finish hisblueprints and escape the deadline nightmare?1. Solve fast-pacedphysics puzzles with bizarre obstacles.2. Enjoy instinctive actionsequences.3. Explore 70+ levels that expand through 6 distinctchapters.4. Collect stars and unlock new chapters.5. Experience asimple presentation with adorable characters and animations.

App Information Eraser: Deadline Nightmare

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    Eraser: Deadline Nightmare
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    October 6, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Hiker Games Company 9th Floor, 315 Truong Chinh, Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi
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Godlike – Game 3D đa nền tảng mới nhất và đáng chơi nhất hè 2015.Được xây dựng trên nền tảng của công nghệ Unity 5 – một hệ sinhthái đa nền tảng tiên tiến là lựa chọn hàng đầu của các nhà pháttriển game, Godlike được coi là bước nhảy vọt của dòng game thuộcthể loại nhập vai – chiến thuật trên di động, mang lại những trảinghiệm hoàn toàn mới cho người chơi.Tham gia vào Godlike, người chơi sẽ thu thập và đào tạo tướng,củng cố sức mạnh quân đoàn và quét sạch kẻ thù trong 1 thế giới đầyly kỳ, hấp dẫn và có nhịp độ nhanh. Cùng với hàng trăm nhiệm vụ vàphụ bản để người chơi có thể tự viết nên câu chuyện của chính mình.Bạn sẽ chọn các tướng nào để song hành cùng quân đoàn của mìnhtrong những trận chiến khốc liệt ấy?.Tính năng nổi bật• Chọn từ hơn 40 tướng độc đáo và đa dạng, từ tanker, supporter đếndame dealer có sức hủy diệt mạnh mẽ (và đang tiếp tục được cậpnhật).• Chiến đấu và khám phá thế giới Godlike thông qua cuộc chiếncủa 2 phe Ánh sáng & Bóng tối để tìm mảnh ghép Mad Moon, xâydựng quân đoàn của riêng bạn từ đó viết nên câu chuyện của chínhmình.• Thu thập, huấn luyện và bồi dưỡng các tướng để tăng sức mạnhcho quân đoàn.• Thu thập và nâng cấp các kỹ năng để tăng sức mạnh cho tướngtrong quân đoàn của bạn, tạo nên nỗi khiếp sợ cho kẻ thù mỗi khi ratrận. Cho phép tùy ý lựa chọn các kỹ năng cho tướng (kể cả kỹ năngcủa tướng khác).• Linh hoạt trong điều khiển tướng mỗi khi xuất trận, có thểchọn tướng của quân đoàn đối phương để tấn công chọn lui về phòngthủ khi nguy hiểm.• Xây dựng hoặc gia nhập 1 liên minh cùng tham gia những trậnchiến lớn.• Sát cánh cùng bạn bè trong các trận chiến liên server, chốnglại các thế lực khác giành những giải thưởng lớn.• Vượt phụ bản, khiêu chiến boss thế giới vượt qua vô số cạm bẫygay go và đầy kịch tính.• Tạo dựng danh tiếng cho quân đoàn bằng cách vượt qua các quânđoàn khác trong Đấu Trường.Hãy cùng bạn bè tham gia vào Godlike – game nhập vai mới nhất vàcực chất do Emobi Games sản xuất và phát hành.THÔNG TINTrang chủ: http://godlike.vn/Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/godlike.vnGodlike -multi-platform 3D game worth playing the latest and best of summer2015.Built on the technology platform Unity 5 - a multi-platformecosystem is advanced first choice of game developers, Godlike beconsidered leap of the series of RPGs - War on mobile technology,bringing entirely new experiences to players.Join the Godlike, players will collect and Training Minister,consolidate power and wipe out legions of enemies in one world fullof thrilling, exciting and fast-paced. Along with hundreds of tasksand supplements to players should be able to write his own story.You would choose the minister to accompany his corps in the fiercebattle that ?.Feature highlights• Choose from over 40 unique and diverse generals, from the tanker,damage dealer supporter to powerful destructive (and continues tobe updated).• Fight and explore the world through war Godlike 2 sides Light& Darkness to find pieces Mad Moon, build your own army whichshould write his own story.• Collect, train and foster the generals to enhance the strengthof the corps.• Collect and upgrade the skills to empower your generals in thearmy, creating terror for the enemy whenever the ball. Allowsarbitrary selection of skills for general (including other generalskills).• Flexibility in control when generals each match, you canchoose general corps of the enemy to attack when the defense choseto retire to danger.• Build or join one league to join the big battle.• Rubbing shoulders with friends in the inter-server battleagainst other forces to win the big prize.• Overcoming supplement, a fight bosses world innumerablepitfalls overcome tough and dramatic.• Build a reputation for corps by overcoming the different corpsin the Arena.Let friends join in Godlike - The latest RPG and extreme natureGames by Emobi production and release.THE INFORMATIONHome: http://godlike.vn/Facebook: https: //www.facebook.com/godlike.vn
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Gleam is a physics-based puzzle game in which players usereflective gems to bring sunlight to the last living plant in apost-apocalyptic world. Use as few moves as possible to achieve athree-star rating. Up for a real challenge? Gleam features tons ofvery clever, beautifully-designed levels that will keep youentertained for hours at a time. In the twilight of a dying world,can you keep hope alive?Key Features1. Experience a nutrient-richblend of casual and hardcore puzzle gameplay.2. Solve mind-bendingpuzzles with gems and gravity.3. Explore 40+ levels within 5different environments.4. Travel through a post-apocalyptic world-- brought to life with intense, atmospheric music.5. Strive toachieve a perfect 3-star score.
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Eraser: Deadline Nightmare 1.4 APK
#Eraser: Deadline Nightmare has been awarded for the 1stInternational Mobile Gaming Award SEA in the category ExcellenceVisual Art & Design.Eraser is a 2D physics puzzle platformer inwhich players control an eraser to manipulate the environment tohelp the protagonist escape a red marker. With slick visuals andengaging music, Eraser offers plenty of addicting yet relaxingphysics-based gameplay. Can you help the designer finish hisblueprints and escape the deadline nightmare?1. Solve fast-pacedphysics puzzles with bizarre obstacles.2. Enjoy instinctive actionsequences.3. Explore 70+ levels that expand through 6 distinctchapters.4. Collect stars and unlock new chapters.5. Experience asimple presentation with adorable characters and animations.
Terran Squad 1.0.15 APK
Participate in the most dangerous &daringjourney to save mankind. Commanding a squad of human heroestoventure into the depths, fighting countless epic battlesagainsthordes of enemies, do you have what it takes to be the lastmanstanding?Key Features:• Gorgeous 3D graphics.• Pick a squad of 3 Heroes to jump into action. Execute yourownstrategy to perfection!• 6 Heroes to be unlocked, each with unique abilities&upgrades.• Encounter 100+ unique enemies & bosses.• Strengthen heroes with 300+ Upgrades, classified intocategoriesof Weapon, Armor, Aura & Skill.• Utilize 12 powerful Armory power-ups to overcome all kindsofenemies.• 100+ Quests available for exploration & rewards.• Be the most famous fighter by unlocking all 50 Achievements!
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Welcome back to the world made from the most horrifying nightmaresof your childhood! The legendary Toy Odyssey is a Metroid -Castlevania style action platformer that stand out among numerousadventure games with a carefully crafted story, awesome soundtrackand hundreds of character customizations. What the critics said:“Most gamers can appreciate a throwback to the days of old 8 and16-bit side-scrollers and Toy Odyssey is well worth it” ★★★★ -XboxAddict “Toy Odyssey overall is a fun and engaging experience.”★★★★ - COGConnected “What Toy Odyssey does do is very well polishedand extremely well done.” ★★★★ - GameGrin Join Brand - a toy actionfigure who has come to life - in his fighting against the darknessto save his owner, Felix. Nightmares are only the start of histroubles: Brand needs to uncover the secrets of the house beforeit's too late! When the night is falling, take part in the journeyof exploration and combat chaos when facing the worst fears of yourchildhood’s bedtime stories and imagination. Before reaching thefinal boss, your toy hero need to conquer ultimates quests in eachof the unique rooms and to save other toys in the battle againstevil demonic toys and other creatures. Failure will lead to the endof the night and darkness would grow stronger. The goal is toaccumulate enough resources to strengthen yourself and build updefenses in order to vanquish the evil that corrupted this house —all before it reaches you and Felix. ▶ Features: - A skillful mixof classic arcade RPG games with roguelike gameplay, withrandomly-generated levels. - Hundreds of weapon and item upgrades-- crafted from everything you find around the house. - More than300 type of enemies -- each with distinct behaviors, in keepingwith the toys they once were. - 7 Terrifying Bosses in their owndreadful lairs. - Rescue friendly toy and gather material to buildand defend your base. Toy Odyssey honors the experience of gamesfrom the ‘80s and ‘90s, without the 8-bit graphics and sound. Theplatformer gameplay mechanics are combined with a modern aestheticthat is still faithful to a "retro" look and feel. All the elements(characters, creatures, environments, objects, and music) cometogether to create a vivid picture reminiscent of the games many ofus grew up playing. ▶ CHAOS IS YOUR ALLY Randomly-generatedadventure means endless replayability. No night in the house is thesame as before. By chance, you may find valuable items, bypasshazardous parts of the house, and more... ▶ KNOW YOUR ENEMY… Whennight falls and you're prepared to leave the room, it's best toknow as much as you can about the enemies that lie ahead. Strategyis key. Each foe will have different characteristics and stats (aswell as different habits and behaviors), so it will be advantageousfor you to equip yourself with the right weapons and protectivegear before unlocking the door. ▶ ...AND KNOW YOURSELF You cansurvive longer when venturing out at night with the rightequipment. Buy, craft, salvage, and most importantly, know yourstrengths and weaknesses. Earn the upper hand in the battles tocome. ▶ DEFEND WHAT YOU LOVE. While you're away, the bedroom isunprotected. You will need to find a way to change that. With theproper materials, you can build formidable bedroom fortress to keepthe darkness out, protect precious companions, and prevent furthernightmares. ✴ Remember: You are Felix’s favorite toy!----------------- NOTICE: Toy Odyssey is free to download and play,however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. Ifyou don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchasesin your device's settings. Also, under our Terms of Service andPrivacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play ordownload Toy Odyssey. Privacy Policy:http://www.hikergames.com/policy/policy.html Terms of Service:http://www.hikergames.com/tos/tos.html