1 / November 3, 2015
(3.2/5) ()


Escalade is a simple tap to jump game.
Jump to get to the next platform.
When you jump on a platform it moves.
Time your jumps and beat your high score.
Have fun!

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Bric is an intense randomized level based gamewith over 120 levels. Your a ball trying to move forward avoidingdeath from black objects and the bars that crush you if your tolate. Try to beat your last high score by jumping and maneuveringaround the obstacles ahead. This giant obstacle course has 3different colors throughout the open world game.Updates come with new levels and improvements.Have fun playing!
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Escalade is a simple tap to jump game.Jump to get to the next platform.When you jump on a platform it moves.Time your jumps and beat your high score.Have fun!
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