1.0 / November 14, 2015
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Attached inside the cave is full ofmonsterstrying to find a way out of them.
Help him to go threw this Scary World, jumping and shooting onscaryGhost, Bat, Skeleton, using also PowerUps like PowerfulMagnets andInvincibility.


Beautiful fee
100% FREE
Increased difficulty


App Information Escape Cave: Runner

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    Escape Cave: Runner
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  • Updated
    November 14, 2015
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    OJMP Apps
  • Installs
    10 - 50
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يحتوى تطبيق وصفات ماستر شيف على وصفات طبخ رائعة ومغذية وسهلةالتحضير وفي متناول الجميع. للمناسبات الكبيرة والصغيرة ولكل أفرادالأسرة. يحتوى على أطباق رئيسية عربية و عالمية كالأطباق الشامية والليبية و التونسية و الجزائرية و الأطباق الصينية و الخليجيه والايطالية و غيرها. مزايا : • قائمة الوصفات • البحث عن وصفة معاقتراح • الوصفات المفضلة • تفاصيل الشاشة صفة (مقدمة، والمكونات،تعليمات) • تحقق من قائمة المكونات • حصة القائمة صفة أو التسوق •زياده حساب المكونات حسب عدد الحصص المطلوبه للطبخ • يعمل التطبيق فيوضع غير متصل بالشبكة • استجابة تصميم ودعم القرص (عمودي، أفقي،والتعامل مع التوجه التغيير) - يحتوى التطبيق أيضا على وصفات أخرى منالمعجنات كعجينة الكرواسون و الباتيه و غيرها من الوصفات الشهية. -تتنوع وصفات الحلويات بتطبيق وصفات طبخ فيحتوى على أنواع متعددة منالايس كريم و البسبوسة و الكريم كرامل و و غيرها من الحلويات الشهية واللذيذة. - يحتوي التطبيق على العديد من الوجبات الشعبيه والرئيسيه فيمختلف البلدان العربيه - يحتوى تطبيق وصفات طبخ على وصفات سلطات وشوربات متنوعة و كثيرة كشوربة الدجاج بالكريمة و اللسان العصفور وغيرها من السلطات و الشوربات اللذيذة. - يحتوى ايضا تطبيق وصفات طبخعلى مشروبات متعددة و لذيذة و سهلة التحضير. - يعمل التطبيق بدونالحاجه للانترنت - يوفر التطبيق خاصيه المشاركه على كافه مواقعالتواصل الاجتماعي كالفيسبوك وتويتر وواتساب - تصميم جذاب وطريقه عرضمناسبه وبحجم خط واضح جدا تحتوي العديد من وصفات الطبخ المتنوعةالحلويات البسكويت الشوربات المربيات الصلصات المخللات - الكبيسالعصائر السلطات المقبلات المعجنات اللحومات الدجاج المأكولات البحرية
2 Cars In Charge - Formula one 1.0.2 APK
Control the red car and the blue car atthesame time. Collect all the circles and avoid the squares ontheroad.- Control both the red car and the blue car at thesametime- Collect all the circles- Avoid the squares- Do not miss any of the circles else you loose gameThat simpleFeatures:-awesome game modes-Smooth gameplay-Better user interface-very simple, hard to play!-supports all display sizes and screen resolutions-high quality graphics-fun for kids and adults-improves Brain skillsThe 2 Cars In Charge - Formula one, game is not only a funnygame, It also help you to train concentrate skill, especially forboredpeople , kids , and parents ..Have fun playingIf you like our apps please rate itComment and give us feedback for further update,Enjoy
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Great game for great mind !!Math Challenge QRis a mind game developed by OJMP Apps that helps to improve themath skill. It is one of the best android puzzle game and casualgame supporting all popular mobile devices.It's a quiet simple mind game. There are several games in this app.Like in one you just have to match the equally no. that display onthe top corner. For example if it displays 18 then you have tochose a number from square box and complete 14 even you can do theaddition and multiplication to find the no. like (9+9) or (6*3).This game comes with several levels so that each one of usenjoys it according to our skills. Like easy, hard and free gamemode. Every mode works accordingly and have different timing tocomplete the questions. For example in easy mode you will begetting 20 seconds to complete one sum and in hard mode you will begetting 10 seconds. But if you want to learn and analyze yourskills then you can opt FREE mode which doesn't have any time limitfor the sum completion.This app can be best for students to strengthen their mathsskills. It consist of several games like quick calculationexercises, brain workout, brain fitness, IQ tests, IQ exercises,math ticks, logic games, free fun game, fun game for kids, mentalexercise game, number, addition game , multiplication game etc.Implement new feature Google Game service with cloud storage,Leaderboard and achievement.Hope this game will help full more in your life to become mathsmaster.
Super RAM Booster Free 3.0 APK
Super RAM Booster is a powerful tool toimprovethe phone's memory and you kill tasks unwanted one touchonly. SuperRam Booster app is easy to use application that savesbattery bykilling unwanted tasks and improve memory.# Features Super RAM Booster1. powerful application to improve the phone's memory2. It is very easy to use application and just one touch toactivatesmart enough Button3. To save battery by killing unwanted tasks andimprovememory4. Easy to use deadly work, just select the application you wanttokill5. Do not stress on your phone, you will not drain yourbatteryPhone6. easy and attractive user interface.7. killing unwanted tasks and increase the speed of the phone8. reduce the possibility of slowing down the phonememorycleaning9. increase the phone's performance by memory cleaningThe most number of applications to install more is thepossibilityof slowing down your phone with Smart Ram Booster easyto get moreof the application with the best performance of thephone.The most number of applications also means that the batterywilldrain quickly, but with Smart Ram Booster task killer featureto beable to save the battery with a difficult and only one# Supported languages:English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian,Indonesian,Portuguese Brazil, French, German, Hindi andSpanish.
Escape Cave: Runner 1.0 APK
Attached inside the cave is full ofmonsterstrying to find a way out of them.Help him to go threw this Scary World, jumping and shooting onscaryGhost, Bat, Skeleton, using also PowerUps like PowerfulMagnets andInvincibility.Characteristics:Beautiful fee100% FREEIncreased difficultyPleasurableEnjoy