4 / October 8, 2018
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The series of secret room escape old house is a seriesofcharacteristic old house as the background of the puzzle game,inthe game you can travel in different periods, different stylesofrooms! There are all kinds of puzzles and devices in this seriesofrooms waiting for you to uncover. You need to find all kindsofclues to get the key to open the door and leave. Multiple roomscanbe switched in the game, game puzzles rich, clever design. Asaloyal chamber of secrets player, how can you not try it, quicklytochallenge it!! Game features: 1: hand-painted diablo style2:clever and interesting puzzles 3: rich game world, take youtoshuttle in the past and future!

App Information Escape Challenge: Horror old house games

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    Escape Challenge: Horror old house games
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    October 8, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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It turns out that life is so easy to kill when the misfortune comesto us.I can hear the voice, the echo of the heaven or the call ofthe hell? Why we have to suffer?There is nothing wrong with love,but love can be dangerous sometimes.The end could be sad but it'sall up to you...Features:Horrible 2D hand drawn style.New puzzles!New challenges!A new story about the family! You can play differentroles in the game!The sequel of the Lost Paradise! But you don'thave to play preceding production.
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You are trying to open your eyes and find yourself in a room whereyou are secretly, you need to find a variety of clues to get thekey to open the door to leave * Exquisite amount of 2d style *Clever puzzle design * From simple to complex, suitable for allpuzzle game enthusiasts
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https://www.facebook.com/hundonggame                 In the mysterious room lost, but the night is gradually coming.Have been looking for the way to find out, you are encountered, isa friend? Is it a curious monster? Still unknown things? One lockedroom!One after another of the mystery in front of you, again andagain the choice of you need to judge, lead you, after all, is yourown.      To solve the puzzle, uncover themystery of the room, fleeing the sink of the dream, back to thewarmth of thehome!    -------------------------Features:   * Dark horror 2D hand painting style!    *Interesting and logical puzzle! Challenge your IQ ceiling! Let thebrain burn up!    * Multi-branch end! In the puzzleat the same time to find cover the secret in theroom!    * Dream of escape series of orthodoxsequel! Relatively independent of the game plot, regardless ofwhether the player played before, do not feel puzzled.
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The lost room:horror escape room 3 APK
Get Lost in the forest, but the night is coming. You're a girl whois looking for her home and parents. What are the creatures youmet? Friend? Vicious monster? Or something that no oneknows?Puzzles come to you one after another, and the choices youhave to make. What leads you to the last, is always yourself.Go andsolve the puzzles, to reveal the truth of the forest and make clearwhat has happened. To get away from the Lost Paradise!Features:Dark and horrible 2D hand drawing makes you feelimmersive.The new and challengeable puzzles! Challenge yourself!Astory with more than one end! Explore to finish the multiple endsto unlock the achievements!The sequel of the Lost Paradise!Relatively independent story will attract you whether you've everplayed precedingproduction!---------------------------------https://www.facebook.com/hundonggame
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