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There is nothing but terror. There isnothingbut murders and ruined buildings. There is nothing butdeath… Doyour best and try to escape successfully from thispost-apocalypticland! Fight with the soldiers’ army, loot theirdead bodies, findsome vital resources and just survive playingEscape from DeadTown!

The world is suffering. After the nuclear war this city looks likeareal wasteland. People was left here locked, they went crazytryingto survive, so don’t even think that the army is going tosave you!Fight with every brutal soldier on your way, ‘causethey’re not evenordinary people anymore – they’re just cruelmonsters greedy of yourthings, vital resources and weapon shell!Load your gun and be readyto the most furious battle of yourlife!

Research your mini map to learn more about each camp ofyourenemies, run away from the most aggressive army membersandremember – the more power you gain, the more chances you haveforyour successful survival! Don’t forget to mind your health,hungerand energy indicators – if one of them drops, there wouldbenothing but your own death! Become the best survivor inthishorrifying place and have fun playing Escape from DeadTown!

Find special hidden treasures with interesting weapons andresourcesin the city and level yourself up! Earn points for eachsuccessfullydone mission and visit the armory to power-up yourfighting andsurviving skills! Buy new weapon with special bullet,first aid kitand everything else to make your survivingeasier!

Escape from Dead Town features:
• Ultimate city escape survival simulator
• Various types of different weapons and resources
• Horrifying atmosphere of post-apocalypse
• Realistic 3D graphics

It’s time to fight and run! Prove your battling skills tryingtoescape from this awful wasteland city and have fun playingEscapefrom Dead Town!

App Information Escape from Dead Town

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Lost and forgotten in darkness, you mustfindyour way out! But be careful - strange creatures hide in thedark –and they want to know the taste of your flesh… Run andsurvive withScary Echo game!Use visualized sound to guide your way through thedarkenedhallways. The soundwaves you create will bounce offobstacles,revealing the shape of the surrounding rooms. Buthorrifying evilmonsters would hear your sounds too. And they wouldseek for your –and if they’d succeed, you gonna thank God for thisdarkness…Survive through 80 filled with irrational fear, horrificfacelessmonsters and complex puzzles. Explore, solve puzzles, andstay alivewith Scary Echo game!Scary Echo features:Unusual horror puzzle gameUse sound waves to find your way outBe faster than evil creatures from darknessStay alive at all costs!Emerge into the atmosphere of desperate fear with our simplebutthrilling game! Download Scary Echo right now to feel the terrorofdarkness!
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