2.0.0 / March 15, 2016
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Another thrilling adventure is full of chaotic clues will gives youa great challenge to escape from messy room – compose of threedifferent room with nice experience throughout theescape.Download!! Have fun and Enjoy!! Beautiful graphics bringsrichness for the game play Gather the obscured objects in themessy room Use these discovered objects to open the closed boxesSolve the messy puzzles in each room Note down the baffled cluesto help out in the escape Note down the jumbled clues to collectthe hidden objects Use collected objects to aid in your escape! Each room will gives you different experience for game playFinally, get the escape door key to escape from messy room Befirst, before your friend to escape from this adventure It’s free!No registration, hassle free, just download and enjoyStep into themessy room see if you can crack the case and escape!!

App Information Escape from Messy Room

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    Escape from Messy Room
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    March 15, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    New Escape Games
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It was really more fascinating and surprising features withgood-looking graphics. Get ready and took the challenge to crackthe thrilling zoo escape!!To get escape from this enthralling zooyou must look and find the hidden foods for the animals to rescuethem.The animals will grow stronger with the help of you, who havethe skills to play the game. An interesting and innovative brainteaser is waiting for you. Download this awesome zoo escape gamenow and test your logical thinking skills.Rescue each animal in thezoo by discovering missing key. A well organized story takes you tothe real experience of the zoo. Be the first of your friends to winthe great Zoo escape!! Have fun!!