1.0 / March 10, 2019
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You will play the hero Stickman. Your character Stick wasbehindbars in a prison cell. Your task is to find three successfulwaysto escape from prison. You will be presented with 10differentitems in the package that can be used for jailbreak. Inthe gameyou will encounter many problems that will need to besolved inorder to become free. In the game, you can use bothphysicalstrength and intellectual interaction with the guards. Thegame isbetter to be careful, otherwise you will not be abletosuccessfully escape from prison, which is in the taiga.Prisoners,guards, police and other characters will be present inthis game.New series Stickman jailbreak is waiting for you!

App Information Escape from prison One

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    Escape from prison One
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    March 10, 2019
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    г. Махачкала, ул. Заманова 7
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Doors Escape Stickman 1.1 APK
You have to play the character Stickman. Stick walked down acitystreet, when suddenly a gangster approached him from behindandthrew a bag over his head. Stickman woke up in a locked emptyroom,where he had to find a way out and be free. You will findmanydifferent doors that need to be opened. Find all successfulways toopen different doors and escape from this house! We'll haveto openthe door not only wooden, but also iron and even inspace!Interesting puzzles will appeal to players who love gameslike 100doors. Different escape doors are waiting for you!
Stickman Prison One 1.0 APK
Stickman committed a crime because of which he was in prison.Stikregretted having committed a crime, but it was too late torepent.It's time to think about how to escape from prison. Yourtask is tofind all the successful escapes from this prison. Choosethe rightitems, fool the guards. You are waiting for fights andshootouts.Stop sitting in jail, it's time to show everyone who isin chargein this prison. Stickman jailbreak is waiting for you!
Jailbreak One 1.0 APK
Stickman is a prisoner who needs help to escape from prison.Youwill be offered several items for the way of escape. Choose alltheways to escape, laugh at the interesting animation and scenes.Findall three happy prison break endings. Find all the failedending ofthe game. The game is easy to manage. An interestingplot,beautiful animation will lift your mood. Why wait for aprisonsentence? Hurry and help the hero Stick escape from thisterribleprison! Stickman jailbreak is waiting for you!
Stickman jailbreak 2021 1.1 APK
Stickman is in jail. He needs to find all the ways to escapefromprison. Use different objects to find all the winning andlosinganimations and endings. On the way waiting for you evilguards,police. You have to think, solve puzzles and fight. Stik istiredof being in prison and he wants freedom. Think of youramazingjailbreak! Stickman prison break is waiting for you!Stickmanjailbreak needs players! Escape the prison love millions ofplayersall over the world!
Escape the Prison One 1.0 APK
You need to help the hero Stick escape from prison. A lot ofescapeoptions are waiting for you, but only a couple of them willbedoable. You will sit in a solitary cell, behind the door youwillbe guarded by security. Friends gave you a watermelon so youcanescape from prison. After all, no one knows what exactly ishiddenin this red watermelon. Various tools, items for escape arewaitingfor you. The scenes will give interest to the plot of thegame. Ifyou choose the wrong option, you will see a funny animationof theloss. At any time, you can repeat the selection of theselectionaction. Humor, funny animation will lift your spirits.Funnygraphics will give you an unforgettable atmosphere in thegame.Stickman Prison Escape is waiting for you!
Night prison break 1.1 APK
You have to play for the guard Stick. The guard was given a lotofmoney to help the prisoner make a quick escape from prison.Thesecurity guard Stickman works behind the monitor, whichshowsdifferent video surveillance. Many video screens on themonitor atany time, you can open the video and watch differentscreens.Surveillance will appeal to all players without exception,becauseyou can not only watch the cameras, but also interact witheachcamera in the room. Open the video camera, turn off the light,gothrough all the puzzles and then the prisoner will escapefromprison forever. The guard needs to hold out not only for 5nightsof work, but also to release the prisoner. You need todoeverything carefully, so that the guards and police will notnoticeyou. You are waiting for fights, shooting, recognition ofdifferentfaces, collecting items on the stage. Among the mini-gamesyou canplay music keys, work on a large tap and much more. It'stime tolook behind the camcorders. Stickman prison break is waitingforyou! Stickman jailbreak needs players! Escape the prisonlovemillions of players all over the world!
Lift Escape Stickman 2020 1.1 APK
Stickman is in a large elevator guarded by police. The elevatorisstuck and you need to find all the successful ways to escapefromthis elevator. Stick found a suitcase with an electricianwithdifferent items. Use all items to escape from the elevator. Ontheway you are waiting for various obstacles and dangers.Manypuzzles, for example, will need to collect items for a quicktime,and choose the right solution. You are waiting fordifferentmini-games. The game expects shooting, fighting and evenaninteresting game of golf. This is not an escape from prison, butanescape from a large elevator.
Lift Escape Stickman 2019 1.1 APK
You have to play for Stickman character. You are stuck intheelevator with various items to choose from. Your task is togatherattention and use the right object to escape from theelevator.Your choice will determine the fate of your characterStick. Theelevator is not moving, you need to figure out how toescape fromthe elevator. Different scenarios when choosing actionsare waitingfor you. On the way you will come across dangerousopponents. Turnon your brains and run out of the elevator! Find allthe ways toescape from the elevator!