/ September 28, 2020
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Escape Game: Carnival 2 is a point and click escape game. Carnival2is here and it is more fun and entertaining than the previousone.Don’t miss this golden opportunity to taste the splendidmixture ofexcitement and thrill these levels hold for you when youtry toescape from the rooms. Look for hidden clues and keys toescape.Have fun!

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Escape Games - Retro Room 1.0.3 APK
Assume that you are locked up in a house withretro room designs. You want to go out desperately. Hence, you mustdo something in order to escape from there. You can very wellescape from the house if you find the key which is somewhere in thehouse. Look for objects that can be used to get the key and escapefrom the retro house. All the best and have fun!
Escape Game Deserted Place Series 2.0.6 APK
Escape Games: Deserted Place Series is a point and click escapegame with many levels of deserted places. Yes, this game has lotsof outdoor places which are forsaken by people and you will be allalone in them. You may be a tourist visiting ruins or someone lostin a desert or a stranger in an unknown place. Whatever thesituation be, your only aim is to escape from the place in whichyou are put. Therefore, get ready to face the challenges andovercome them with your puzzle skills. Have fun playing this freenew escape game!
Escape Games - Burano island 1.0.3 APK
Assume that you are a vacation to Burano whichis a lovely island. The boat that carried you to the island has setsailed. Now, you will have to escape from the island on your own.Look for things and solve puzzles that you may escape fromBurano.
Escape Game Farm Escape Series 2.0.7 APK
Escape Game: Farm Escape Series is a collection of point andclassic click escape games. This series has various farm themedsettings in it. From horse farm to cattle farm and from poultryfarm to all kinds of farms you can find in this series. You will bethrilled and entertained with these amazing settings andbackgrounds. You can have lots of puzzles to solve and objects tofind in order to escape from each farm. So get started and have funwith these farm escape games.
Escape Games - Play Park 3.0.2 APK
A group of children were playing in the play park and one of thegirls got locked up in a room in the park. You must help the girlescape from the room by opening the door of the room. Look forobjects and clues to solve puzzles and open the door.
Escape Games Wilderness Venture 4.0.8 APK
Escape Games: Wilderness Venture is a point and click escape game.Venture into wilderness that no one has set foot on to accomplishyour task in this escape game. This game has lots of uninhibitedlands and forests from which you need to escape with your presenceof mind and problem solving skills. You will be put in toughsituations and in lots of problems. You need to overcome theobstacles by making the right moves and utilizing the objects thatyou find. Solve puzzles that can unlock doors and hints and withthe help of which you can escape or achieve your task. Have fun!
Escape Games - Retro Room 2 1.0.8 APK
Assume that you are locked up in a retro houseand you need to escape from the house with the things available init by solving puzzles with the help of them. Search for objects andsolve puzzles to get out.
Escape Games-Locked Horse Farm 1.0.7 APK
In this escape game, you have to help a personwho is working in this horse farm. He has been locked in one of therooms by mistake. You must do something to help him escape from theroom. Search around the farm and gather things that can be used insolving the puzzles and helping the man escape.