1.0.0 / January 19, 2015
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*An Escape Game where you are an angel*
Petit Ange is a cute escape game brought to you by Bribser. Findthefeathers you lost and escape the room!

*Game System*
Use the items around you to solve puzzles and collect the 4feathershidden in each room to find a way to escape.

・Tap to check different locations in the room or to chooseanitem
・Swipe left or right to change the view
・Swipe down to go back to the previous screen
・Some items can be merged. Let's try a few things!

・Cute Rooms
・Difficulty level suited for beginners too
・Not too long. Perfect to kill a bit of time

*This escape game is for you if you like cute things!

*Auto-Save Function: you can stop your game whenever you wantandcontinue it later thanks to the Continue button.

Please note that your saved data will be erased if you taptheStart button on the menu screen.

App Information Escape Game: Petit Ange

  • App Name
    Escape Game: Petit Ange
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  • Updated
    January 19, 2015
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
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  • Installs
    10,000 - 50,000
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  • Developer
    Visit website Email android@bribser.co.jp
    2-12-12-301, Maejima, Naha-shi, Okinawa, JAPAN, 900-0016
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部屋の中に隠された謎を解き、ゲストルームから脱出しましょう。美しいグラフィック、初心者でも上級者でも遊べるようヒントに2段階の難易度を設定しました。手ごたえある謎解きをお楽しみください。・人気の脱出ゲームシリーズの最新作。・無料で遊べます。・ちょっとした時間に気軽に遊べるので、暇つぶしに最適。・安心のオートセーブ機能付き。・2段階ヒント機能があるので初心者でもサクサク進めます。[遊び方]部屋の中をタップして、どこに謎が隠されているか調べましょう。取得したアイテムや謎は、念入りにタップで調べましょう。取得したアイテムの使い方に困ったら、ヒントボタンを押してみましょう。【謎制作協力】ゆにめどTo solve the mystery thathas been hidden in the room, let's escape from the guestroom.Beautiful graphics, was set a two-step the degree of difficulty ofa hint as to play even in the advanced even for beginners. Pleaseenjoy solving mysteries there unresponsive.· Latest popular escape game series.· You can play for free.- Since a little time to feel free to play, ideal for killingtime.- With auto-save function of peace of mind.· 2 Because stage hint function is proceed crispy even forbeginners.[How to Play]Tap in the room, let's examine where in the mystery ishidden.The acquired item and mystery, let's examine in carefullytap.After troubled the use of the acquired item, let's press the hintbutton.[Mystery production cooperation]Yunimedo
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ROOM ESCAPE - THE TAXI is a game that takesplace in a taxi. Use the items around you, solve the puzzles andfind a way out. THE TAXI is a completely free game.◎StoryI should never have taken a taxi on my first trip abroad.I don't know where we're heading to, but that's clearly not theright direction. Of course I don't understand the country'slanguage....I have to escape!◎Gameplay・Swipe to the left and the right to move inside the taxi・Tap different locations to find items and perform actions・The items you get are added to the the inventory・Tap a selected item to use it・Some items can be merged◎Features・Surreal and unique atmosphere: you're trapped in a taxiabroad!・Auto-Save: You can stop your game whenever you want and resume itlater・Simple controls: everybody can enjoy this game◎This game is for you if:・You love puzzles and mysteries・You like free games・You want to kill a bit of time and refresh your mind*Please note that your saved data will be erased if you tap theStart button on the menu screen.
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がんがんがーるズ!-無料美少女育成RPG 1.1.0 APK
【がんがん ゲーム紹介】美少女たちと大冒険!萌える本格アクション!「がんがんがーるズ!」はかわいい女の子たちをくるくる回しながら、迫りくる魔獣を撃ち倒す「くるくるアクションRPG」です。「がんがんがーるズ!」はダウンロード無料!一部有料コンテンツもご利用いただけますが、最後まで無料でお楽しみいただけます。【基本プレイ無料】■「回して」「撃つ」だけの簡単爽快なアクションゲーム■色合わせでダメージ倍増!「着せ替え」と「チーム編成」で広がる戦略。■敵を一掃する必殺技「フィーバータイム」の圧倒的爽快感!■強力な銃、色鮮やかで可愛い衣装を集めて、チームをより強くしよう!■仲良くなった美少女とは特別ストーリーも・・・【ストーリー】舞台は現代。人類を襲う魔獣と、銃と魔法を武器に魔獣に立ち向かう魔砲少女との戦いが人知れず繰り広げられていました。魔砲少女の力を倍増させる不思議な能力を持ってしまった少年(あなた)は、助けてもらったことをキッカケに魔獣退治を手伝うことに。「君がいれば強くなれる・・・!」各地で待つ魔砲少女たちとの出会いと爽快感溢れる冒険があなたを待っています!【ゲームシステム】■かわいい魔砲少女たちをくるくる回し、魔獣を撃て!初心者でも簡単操作・新感覚のアクションタワーディフェンス■萌える戦略要素!色とりどりの衣装を着飾る女の子たちを楽しめる着せ替えシステム■お気に入りの美少女を育成しよう!やりこみ育成要素で手応えバツグンの育成システム【推奨端末(動作確認端末)】ARROWS Z FJL22ArrowsX F-05DDIGNO WX10KHTC J One HTL22HTL 23Nexus5Nexus7 32GSHL25SO-04EXperia UL SOL22Xperia Z4※上記以外の端末でもダウンロード可能ですが、使用状況により正常に動作しないことがあります。※チュートリアルから進めなくなる症状が発生した場合アプリを一度削除して、再インストールしてからお試しください。それでも改善されない場合は、サポートまでお問い合わせください。【価格】アプリ本体:無料※一部有料アイテムがございます。プレイを始める前に、必ず利用規約をご確認ください。■美少女アクションRPG「がんがんがーるズ!」公式Twitter:https://twitter.com/GunGunGirls■お問い合わせお問い合わせの際は、ユーザーID/ユーザー名/端末機種名(例:Nexus 5)/OSバージョン(例:Android4.2.1)/通信状況/お問い合わせ内容 を明記の上、サポート窓口(ggg-info@bribser.co.jp)までお問い合わせください。※不具合の場合、発生日時/症状/発生場所は分かる範囲で記載してください。お問い合わせ内容によっては、返信まで数日かかることがあります。あらかじめご了承くださいますよう、よろしくお願い申し上げます。お問い合わせいただいたご質問全てへの返信は行っておりませんが、全て内容を確認し、改善に努めさせていただいております。[Pounding gameintroduction]Pretty us and great adventure! Moe full action!"Pounding Girl's!" While turning round and round the cutegirls,It is a "round and round action RPG" to defeat shoot monsters thatlooming."Pounding Girl's!" Free Download!Some paid content also available, but you can enjoy the last minutefor free.[Basic Play Free■ "- turning to" "shoot" only of simple exhilarating actiongame■ damage doubled in color matching! Strategy that spreads in the"team organization" and "dress-up".■ deathblow to wipe out enemy overwhelming exhilaration of "FeverTime"!■ powerful gun, collect the colorful and cute costume, let strongerteam!■ friends became beautiful girl with special story ...[Story]Stage modern. I confront the magical beast in weapons and monstersthat attack the human race, the guns and magicFight against Ma-ho girl had been secretly waged.Boy had with the mysterious ability to double the power of Ma-hogirl (you) is,to help ask was that in helping with the magical beastextermination to opportunity."Strongly can become ... if there are you!"Encounter and exhilaration full of adventure with Ma-ho girlswait in various locations is waiting for you![Game system]■ Turn round and round the cute magic gun girls, Shoot themonsters! Action Tower Defense of easy operation and new sense evenfor beginners■ Moe strategy elements! The dress-up system enjoy the girls whodress up the colorful costumes■ Let nurture your favorite girl! Training system of responsepreeminent in the crowded training element[Recommended terminal (operation check terminal)]ARROWS Z FJL22ArrowsX F-05DDIGNO WX10KHTC J One HTL22HTL 23Nexus5Nexus7 32GSHL25SO-04EXperia UL SOL22Xperia Z4※ You can download also a terminal other than the above, but itmay not work properly depending on usage.※ If symptoms no longer proceed from tutorial has occurredDelete the app once, please try after you re-install.If it still does not improve, please contact support.[Price]Apps body: Free※ There is some paid items.Before you start playing, please be sure to confirm Terms ofUse.■ Pretty Action RPG "pounding Girl's!" Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/GunGunGirls■ InquiryWhen contacting us, user ID / username / terminal model name(example: Nexus 5) / OS version (example: Android 4.2.1) / on thestate the communication situation / Inquiry, support contact(ggg-info @ bribser.co.jp) please contact.※ In the case of failure, please describe the extent thatunderstand the date and time of occurrence / symptoms / place ofoccurrence.Depending on your inquiry, it may take a few days toreply.In advance for your understanding way, thank you.Although not reply to go to the question all you contact, make sureall content, and I am forced to work to improve.
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The Sphere Room is a new escape game byBribser. Collect items and use them to solve the puzzles and escapethe room!The game is completely free.A mysterious black sphere has appeared in your room.Use the items around you to discover the room's secret and escapeit!This game is not too difficult so that even beginners can enjoy atrue "escape the room" game!3 simple controls to know:1. Tap to check different locations in the room or to choose anitem.2. Swipe left or right to move.3. Swipe down to go back to the previous screen.Game Features:- You have to solve the mystery about this black sphere thatsuddenly appeared in front of you and escape the room- The game is not too long and can be played completely forfree!- Gorgeous graphics- Simple controls- No horror in this game. Everyone can play it without fear!- You'll sometimes have to merge items to proceedThis game is for you if:- you like to solve puzzles and mysteries- you like free games- you don't know which escape game you should start with- you want to kill time in the train or elsewhereAuto-save Function: you can stop your game whenever you want andcontinue it later thanks to the Continue button.*Please note that your saved data will be erased if you tap theStart button on the menu screen.
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Where has the door gone!?“Hidden Doors” is a game where you have to escape from amysterious room with no door.Use the items hidden in the room to solve the mystery andescape.・Simple controlsTap an item or a place to search for hints.Swipe right or left to move.Tap an item to select it. A red frame appears. You can now tap theplace where you want to use it.- One of the classiest 2D escape games!Recommended OS:- Android2.3 or laterRecommended Device:Xperia SOL22Xperia SO-03C