1.2 / August 28, 2018
(4.3/5) (29)


You have to play Stickman character, it's Stick. You are inaRussian prison. Your task is to curb all 12 items and find2successful escapes from imprisonment. The theme of the game willbepresented in Russian version. You can contemplate such subjectsassamovar, felt boots, balalaika, nesting doll and manyotherstereotypes. Many problems and enemies will meet you on theroad,but if you are a strong, clever, skillful, then a prisonrunaway iscalling! Prison is calling! This escape game will cheeryou up foryears to come. If you are in prison, then you will alsolike thegame. Enjoy your gatherings and dreams of freedom andindependence.

App Information Escape Game Stickman 2018

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    Escape Game Stickman 2018
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    August 28, 2018
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Ordinary games
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