17 / June 18, 2017
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The room prepared in the game is a room in an apartment inItaly.Find and collect different items, and solve the puzzles thatare necessary for the escape.Let's escape playing with cats!Difficulty level : Easy.

App Information Escape Game:Cats in Italy

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    Escape Game:Cats in Italy
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    June 18, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Garusoft Development Inc.
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    Onjukumachi Onjukudai217-14 Isumi-gun Chiba Japan
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SAKURA School Simulator 1.027.1 APK
CAUTIONS *Recommended environment for smooth playing: Over 3GB RAMand over Snapdragon 820 If your device has not over thisspecifications, this game doesn't work smoothly. "Becoming laggy","Shut down", "Low memory problem" will occur soon. If these troubleoccur soon after you started the game, restart the game or thedevice, change setting "decrease students and people" are effectivefor smooth playing. This game playing uses a lot of CPU and GPU,close other applications as much as you can. There are two ways toenjoy this game. (1) Make friends and lovers as you like. Enjoy abrilliant school life! (2) Go on the rampage as you like. Before dothat, borrow the weapons from YAKUZA office. You can get themeasily if you don't stop "flying". Read "HELP" in the game when youhave some questions for playing. This game is a "simulator". So,there are many ways to defeat enemies. Of course, if you want todefeat them by yourself, you can do it easily. On the other hand,if you want to defeat them without weapons, of course you can.There are no descriptions of blood in the game. The people in thegame world will be only "stun" but will not die. The concept ofdeath does not exist in this game so that the people who were stunwill wake up next day, and they will hate you. You can control andchange 4 players in the same stage (The two are valid afterwatching ADS.). You have some choices for talking (sentenses willchange randam). You defeat enemies through simulations. You neednot to fight to enemies. Look for the ways. There are no end inthis game. Please make the situations as you like, and findfavorite way for playing. We hope you will enjoy the game. Thecontents of this game will be added when we made the new gameelements. The additional contents will be shown as a "new" contextin this page. *NOTIFICATION Although we used the charactor modelsof AOI and TAICHI in this game, AOI is a NOT-FREE asset and TAICHIis a FREE asset. Everyone who want to make a game contents and soon can use these assets. Many Thanks! Scrub-chan (C)Bijuu Mike
謎解き脱出ゲーム 訪問:MysteryRooms 26 APK
仕掛けだらけの家の謎を解く【長編無料脱出ゲーム】!雑誌の取材に行ったら、家に閉じ込められた・・・!!・・・でもこれはゲームの始まりに過ぎなかった! 私を閉じ込めたはずの家主はどこに・・・!?えっ!これは殺し・・・!?他にも誰かいるのか!? そして謎の訪問客に遭遇! 私が犯人だって!? 冗談じゃない!お前が犯人だろ!?・・・!?選択を間違えると殺される!?■家の中を探索して謎を解いて脱出しよう!※ヒント機能搭載で難易度は低めですが、ボリューム感のある無料脱出ゲームです。ガルソフトの脱出ゲーム『訪問』が10年ぶりにスマホに登場。当時の面白さはそのままに、中身を完全リニューアル。 グラフィックとボリュームを大幅改良。是非プレイしてみて下さい!※死体描写はありますが、ホラーではありません。無料で最後までプレイできます。【脱出ゲームの操作方法】調べる:画面内をタップ移動:左右にフリックアップから戻る:下から上にフリックアイテムを詳しく調べる:アイテムアイコンを長押し(虫眼鏡マークが出ているアイテムのみ)沢山の謎解き部屋、MysteryRooms(ミステリールームズ)から生きて脱出せよ!
脱出倶楽部S10病院編:体験版 10 APK
脱出ゲーム 同級生:前編 11 APK
脱出倶楽部S9さんま編ー体験版 10 APK
脱出倶楽部S9納涼編:体験版 14 APK
ザ・ハウス:自作セキュリティの家【体験版】 11 APK
【体験版】■会員登録済みの方は認証後、最後までプレイ可能です。■起動後、体験版ボタンで体験版として起動します。※正規版は有料です。【雑誌記者の蜂門(ハチカド)は、「警備の万全なセキュリティハウスを建てた」という施主、安等義(あんどう よし)に取材に行った。しかし、そこで待っていたのは・・・】 ■対応機種[docomo]T-01CT-01DT-02DSO-01B xperiaSO-01CSO-02CSO-03CSO-01DSO-02DSO-03DSO-04DL-01DL-02DL-05DL-07CSH-03C LYNX 3DSH-12CSH-13CSH-01DSH-02DSH-04DSH-06DSH-07DSH-09DP-07CP-01DP-02DP-04DP-05DP-06DN-01DN-04DN-05DN-07DN-04CN-06CSC-03D GALAXY S II LTESC-04D GALAXY NEXUSSC-06D GALAXY S IIISC-05D GALAXY NOTESC-02B GALAXY SSC-02C GALAXY S2F-03DF-05DF-07DF-08DF-09DF-10DF-12C[au]ARROWS Z ISW13FARROWS ES IS12FARROWS Z ISW11FURBANO PROGRESSODIGNO ISW11KXPERIA acro HD IS12SXPERIA acro IS11SGALAXY SⅡ WiMAX ISW11SCG’zOne IS11CAIS11TMEDIAS BR IS11NINFOBAR C01INFOBAR A01AQUOS PHONE IS17SHAQUOS PHONE ISW16SHAQUOS PHONE IS15SHAQUOS PHONE IS14SHAQUOS PHONE IS13SHAQUOS PHONE IS12SHAQUOS PHONE IS11SHIS05IS04(※)IS03HTC J ISW13HTHTC EVO 3D ISW12HTHTC EVO WiMAX ISW11HToptimus X IS11LGMIRACH IS11PTMOTOROLA PHOTON ISW11MMOTOROLA RAZR IS12M※端末の不具合や他のアプリが原因のフリーズ、電源落ち、アプリ異常終了などはサポート致しかねます。予めご了承下さい。■サイト名脱出&ゲームの匠
脱出倶楽部S9コテージ編:体験版 10 APK