1.0 / January 19, 2018
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Run With Sonic, the speed legend on herfirstmobile platformer in 2018!

Sonic is one of the most popular cartoon games in the world andit'sfunny. So if you want to help Sonic to complete the missionjustplay this game.

Run, jump and run across the world of vast platformingchallengesand embark on an epic adventure like Sonic!

Sonic and his friends back in this action-packed runner!

Join Escape Sonic Runner Adventure in this cool andaddictiveadventure game.
This adventure takes place with a shadows as super sonic tocollectthe sweet ring.
Fast Sonic Run Adventure is a fast and super addictive gamethatwill give you a lot of fun and free excitement games throughanadventure!
Run and jump along the road to town. Enjoy high quality musicandgraphic music. Fun is secured with Super Sonic Run Adventureforall family members with dark .
Our superhero porcupine is on a rescue mission, and he has torunand jump to save his life! Go without stopping, and makeourporcupine friends succeed in his mission!
We hope all shadows game players Escape Sonic Runner Adventurehavefun playing, please rate and thank you for playing!
There are so many levels to unlock and plenty of obstacles toavoidwhen collecting maximum stars and rings to improve scoresandbecome a master at Escape Sonic Runner Adventure.

But be careful! Many enemies, problems, obstacles, trapsandsuperiors deflect your way through the jungle and the wondersofthe world Escape Sonic Runner Adventure.

Enjoy Escape Sonic Runner Adventure through this challengingmode,you can get an exciting experience to jump and run withthesedangerous blocks and monsters.

If you are a fan of Escape Sonic Runner Adventure you willenjoythis one!

----------------- Features Escape SonicRunnerAdventure------------------

-> The size of APK file Sonic Run Adventure is very smalltodownload in a short time
-> Touch the screen on the left to jump and Hold to Fly.
-> beautiful graphics, amazing and smooth
-> good music and sound effects
-> exciting spirit of the adventure of the classicrunningplatform Super Sonic Run Adventure
-> easy and unique one-tap control game-playSonicRunAdventure
-> High Score Tracker, challenge your friends and get themostsurprising score, be the ever-present star

Can you finish running Sonic Run Adventure ? Can you beat thehighscoreboard leader? Test your treasure trap skills right now!Goodluck !
Leave a good review if you feel good Sonic Run Adventure!thanks.

App Information Escape Sonic Runner Adventure

  • App Name
    Escape Sonic Runner Adventure
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    January 19, 2018
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 3.0 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    UVO Studio
  • Installs
    10 - 50
  • Price
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"Super Ejen Ali Adventure : Emergency 2"Has released Game Ejen Ali Adventure, is the best Super EjenAliAdventure : Emergency 2 2018You use a very strong character that is "Ejen Ali" Super EjenAliAdventure : Emergency 2 story is adventuring using a flyingboat,but when traveling a lot of monsters tired of the Super EjenAliAdventure : Emergency 2Ship, then Ship Ejen Ali fell in theForestwhere many Monster that can attack Ajen Ali ..Come help Ejen Ali out of the Forest safely, you can eat thefruitthat makes Ejen Ali become strong, after Ejen Ali ate thefruit youcan Tug Enemy, pass all enemies if you want to defeat theEnemy inaddition to the Monster, Ejen Ali can defeat him by jumpingoverthe Monster .. Ayoo open all Levels help Ejen Ali defeattheMonster!The Adventures of Marauder Ali FEATURE:- Play for all ages- Can be played on various Smartphones and Tablets!- Light Games- The best Super Ejen Ali Adventure : Emergency 2 2018 !.Explore different Levels, play with Tips ejen Ali, secret ejenali,fill in ejen ali, ejen ali strategy, cheats ejen ali, hackejenali, ejen ali adventure hack, so you can easily win for eachlevel.ejen ali Emergency free game. This game ejen ali cheats,ejenadventure, ejen forest adventure, Ejen Ali in action byshooting atthe enemy.Game games ejen ali 2018, help mission chebi ejen ali andenjoyadventure, cheat ejen ali, cheat ejen, adventure super andmore.please enjoy with this awesome adeventure game of eyebrows,graball the points and finish the game. Free 2018 forest adventureforandroid phonesNow play the Best Super Ejen Ali Adventure : Emergency 2 gamewithEjen and his friends.
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Valentino Rossi is a rider at the worldmotorgrandprix championship after the Michael Doohan era, withworldchampion titles in four different classes he achieved insevenyears of career. He is one of the most successful drivers ofalltime, with 7 world titles in the top class (500cc / MotoGP) andtwotitles in the 250cc and 125cc classes. According toSportsIllustrated sports magazine Rossi is one of the biggestpaidsportsmen in the world, he is estimated to be paid $ 34 millionin2007. The son of former 250cc GP racer Graziano Rossi andStefaniaPalma holds many of his record and achievements over manysenior.This total eccentric racer recorded 9 world titles, once inthe125cc class in 1997, once in the 250cc class (1999), andseven-timeworld champion in the 500cc / MotoGP peak classes (2001,2002,2003, 2004, 2005, 2008 and 2009).Rossi was the first in the standings to win the race in thehistoryof 500 cc / MotoGP, with 86 wins, and second in all-roundwinsoverall with 112 race wins (behind Giacomo Agostini 122).Rossi,alongside Jimmie Johnson (NASCAR), Michael Schumacher (F1)andSebastien Loeb (WRC), are also widely regarded as one oftheautomotive sports legends in the early 21st Century.Rossi Edition MotoGP Racing Climb. Finally, a motorcycle racinggamethat keeps you on track and focus on what wins to traverse theGASrossi distance as fast as possible. Feel the great racingaction ofMotoGP. Valentino Rossi as your favorite rider.Gameplay:MotoGP with different gameplay with CLIMB games style where youhaveto go through the hill and some obstacles that exist invariousWORLD, using your Favorite character Valentino Rossi withYamahaYZR-M1 motor will pull gas as fast as possible get yourbestscore.