1.2 / May 17, 2019
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Our endless runner is set in the jungle. Can you dodge theobstaclesand enemies to escape the jungle? Download viawww.devplanning.co.ukor directly from the app store.

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Escape.DPL 1.2 APK
Our endless runner is set in the jungle. Can you dodge theobstaclesand enemies to escape the jungle? Download viawww.devplanning.co.ukor directly from the app store.
Piano.DPL 3 APK
In addition to our other games, Piano.dpl is a family friendlyandfree to play and own game which provide challenging levels forallages. Don’t forget to download our other games andvisitwww.devplanning.co.uk. If you find a level too challenging,you canselect other levels using the menu. We hope that you enjoythisgame which is free to play for all and does not require youtowatch adverts. Check out our other games.
com.weave.dpl 1.1 APK
Test your skills with WEAVE.DPL the challenging avoid obstaclesmazeball arcader where you need to weave the ball through thewhiteblocks and avoid the other colors. Choose any level you likeand tryto get the ball out of the maze. Can you escape crushingeven in thetoughest ball roll & maze roll levels? ⚫️WEAVE THEBALL THROUGHTHE WHITE BLOCKS For lovers of arcade games, thisincredibly fun andexciting arcade game will get you addicted toplaying fast. Easy toplay and yet quite challenging, this mazegame offers you to enjoyamazing sharp graphics and cool soundswhile you play. All you needto do is to swipe to start the ballarcade game and try to weave theball through the white blocks andavoid all the other colors to getthe ball out of the maze.✨VARIETY OF LEVELS TO TEST YOUR SKILLS Inthis rotating ball arcade– you need to navigate through the mazeroll ball path skillfully.Your skills will be tested with varietyof levels offered on thearcade ball game and each next level ismore challenging than theone before. If you find a level in theball maze game toochallenging you can select other arcade levels ofyour choice usingthe arcade game’s menu. Don’t throw the ballwithout control! Testyour skills, react fast in the labyrinth balland carefully weavethe ball through the white blocks withoutcrushing into the othercolors. ⭐️GET TO THE END FASTER WITH THEBONUS ACTIONS More blocksare put on your way as you progress makingit more challenging tocomplete the level. All DPL logos in thearcade game are safe andmore than that, some of them will give youa bonus actions that canhelp you get to then of the level faster.You are not required towatch adverts, just enjoy the ball mazecompletely anytime youplay. Don’t crush, avoid the crushing knotand escape! Get therolling ball safe to the end of the maze path!⚫️WEAVE.DPL FEATURES✅ Easy and fun to play maze labyrinth ballarcade ✅ Sharp graphicsand cool sound effects ✅ Just swipe to startthe ball roll ✅ Weavethe ball through the white blocks and avertshapes that are not thelogo ✅ Avoid the other colors ✅ Variety oflevels to choose from ✅Bonus actions to get you the end of eachlevel ✅ Test your fastreactions & avert from danger ✅ Freethrow maze ball arcaderfor download This knot maze path ballarcader will put your swipeand precision skills to real test. Weavethe ball through the whiteblocks while avoiding all the othercolors on the way. Downloadthis maze ball path arcade now for free!
Development Planning 1.3 APK
Our city-based collector game is free to download and use with noads to watch at all. Development Planning sees you grow as youcollect sustainable travel modes and city components. Our uniquetwist on the collector genre is that will shrink if you eat fossilfuel vehicles!

Beware the enemy players, if they are bigger thanyou then they can eat you and end your game early. If you arebigger than them then eat them up for extra points. 

Can you getto the top of the leaderboard before time runs out?