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eSchool Notifier 5.1.1 APK
eSchool notifier is one of the eSchool app suite. It notifies anddownloads offline all actions made on eSchool portal each by histype: 1- Students: - Access all eSchool portal services. - Notifiedwhen teachers add assignments, discussions, messages, or resourcesfor his\her section. - View and read agenda offline. - View andread discussions offline. - View and read messages offline. - Viewand read resources offline. - View and read notifications fromeSchool Administration. 2- Parents: - Access all eSchool portalservices. - Notified when teachers add assignments, discussions,messages, or resources for there children. - View and read agendaoffline. - View and read discussions offline. - View and readmessages offline. - View and read resources offline. - View andread notifications from eSchool Administration. 3- Teachers: -Access all eSchool portal services. - Notified by messages andeSchool Administration. All users can access all eSchool portalfeatures with a single sign on by clicking on "Go to portal".
eSchool Analytics 1.0.2 APK
eSchool analytics is one of the eSchool app suite. It enablesschool staff (teachers, managers, head of sections ...) to :1- Viewstatistics on portal log in logs by user type ( parents, studentsand teachers).2- View and analyze statistics on teacher's portalactivities (agenda, discussions, resources and ebooks).
eSchool Shelves 1.3.0 APK
eSchool Shelves is one of the eSchool app suite. It enablesstudents, parents and teachers each by his/her section throughtheir eSchool account to view, read and interact offline with theinteractive eBooks that are generated by teachers on eSchoolShelves portal. Teachers can add resources to the eBook which willbe synchronized through this app to be offline.
eSchool Driver 2.0.4 APK
eSchool Gradebook 5.0.12 APK
From this app teachers can do the following feature: 1- Addassessments and set the max and min grades. 2- Add grades for eachassessment. 3- Add remarks for specific class/period. 4- Addattendance to the class.
com.eschool.agenda 1.3.7 APK
eSchool Agenda is one of eSchool's App Suite for schools. It can beaccessed through your eSchool account as a teacher, parent orstudent. eSchool Agenda makes it easy for learners and instructorsto connect—inside and outside of schools. Agenda saves time andpaper, and makes it easy to distribute assignments, quizzes, exams,and stay organized. There are many benefits to using Agenda: • Easyto set up – once teachers/parents or students log in, each will seetheir own configuration (Classes, courses ...). • Saves time – Thesimple, paperless assignment workflow allows teachers to create,review and grade assignments quickly, all in one place. • Improvesorganization – Students and parents can see all of theirassignments and school events on the agenda and calendar pages andall class materials attached to the assignments. Students can viewthe lessons took in each course in Journal's page. • Enhancescommunication – Agenda allows teachers to send homework, questionsor exams. Students can send attachments to teachers on assignmentsopen discussion with the teacher and provide answers to questions.• Affordable and secure – Like the rest of eSchool Apps, Agendacontains no ads, never uses your content or student data.Permissions Notice: Camera: Needed to allow the user to take photosor videos and post them to Agenda. Storage: Needed to allow theuser to attach photos, videos, and local files to Agenda.Notification: Needed to receive notifications on Agenda.
eSchool Safety 0.0.9 APK