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NOTA: Esta no es una aplicaciónindependiente;Tienes que descargar la última versión de dextrAlfabético Teclado(aplicación gratuita para descargar) para aplicaresto.

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NOTE: This is notastandalone application; You have to download the latest versionofDextre alphabetic keyboard (free application to download)toimplement this.

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App Information Español diccionario Para Dextr

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    Español diccionario Para Dextr
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    April 7, 2017
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    10 - 50
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    Visit website Email john.lambie@appalladium.com
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Dextr Alphabetic Keyboard 2.0 2.0.4 APK
… and chat, text, message, tweet, post, tag, comment, SMS, email,and emoji.For old hands, Dextr offers one of the sleekest QWERTYlayouts around, with all the features and functions you've come toexpect. But for everyone else, we've got something evenbetter:DEXTR'S SECRET WEAPON – The world's first and onlyfingertip-friendly, alphabetically-ordered keyboard – that reallyis AS EASY AS ABC! It just makes perfect sense. So even if you'rejust starting on your very first smartphone, you'll find Dextr'srevolutionary "Easy ABC" layout the quickest and easiest way totext – ever! You'll be breaking your own speed records withinminutes.SIMPLER:Dextr's Easy ABC layout arranges everythingalphabetically – So you know exactly where every letter is beforeyou start. In fact, there's barely any learning curve at all.We’veeven highlighted and aligned the vowels into one column – the mostcommon letters are now the easiest to find!FASTER:Dextr makestexting a breeze – it's been specially designed for even theclumsiest fingers and thumbs. * The buttons are fingertip-sized andfingertip-shaped* And they’re spaced one finger-width apart* Soyou’ll never hit the wrong key again* With adaptable layouts forall texting styles – one finger, one thumb, two thumbs… evenone-handed* We also have special layouts forleft-handers!SMARTER:Create words and phrases more efficiently thanever, with our powerful, intuitive text suggestions. Our lab testsprove it's much, much smarter, offering:·  way moresuggestions,·  much better predictions,·  moreaccurate corrections, and·  faster at learning yourwriting stylethan all the other popular keyboard apps out there. Sodon't waste your time and energy with them. You'll save more time,more energy, and get way more done – with lots more fun – when youtext with Dextr.Plus! Dextr gives you:·  Choice ofQWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ or Easy ABC layouts·  Dozens offinger-friendly adjustments to suit your own unique textingtechnique, or the device you're using·  Hundreds andhundreds of fun emojis to choose from·  Even morefunction keys – including a handy back arrow·  A fun andchallenging game to make you even faster·  Your very owntext pad to jot down and keep ideas, or share them via anyapp.·  Downloadable dictionaries for the followinglanguages ·  English: English US & UK·  Spanish: Español ES & AL ·  French:Français FR & CE ·  Portuguese: Português PT & BR·  German: Deutsch ·  Italian: Italiano·  Indonesian: Bahasa Indonesia ·  Malaysian:Bahasa Melayu ·  Polish: Polski ·  Filipino:Tagalog ·  Turkish: Türkçe ·  Vietnamese: TiếngViệt ·  HausaWith more dictionaries coming very soon! Soinstall Dextr today – you'll notice the difference in speed,accuracy and simplicity within minutes. You'll be glad you did.Tolearn more about how a simple keyboard can change your life, visitour website at: www.textwithdextr.comAnd if you like this app,please rate it below.Privacy PolicyWe take your privacy veryseriously. Dextr Alphabetic Keyboard does not track your keystrokesand we will never, ever learn your password or collect or send yourprivate data, without your express permission. Dextr also providesa Private Mode option which prevents the keyboard from learning newwords that aren't in your dictionary.The warning message you seeupon installation that says Dextr Keyboard may be able to collect"all the text you type, including personal data like passwords andcredit card numbers." This is a standard Android message. This samemessage pops up when you activate any third-party keyboardapplication. So you will see this message for every other keyboardapp as well.For more on our privacy policy, visit:
Dextr diksyunaryong Filipino 1.2 APK
TANDAAN: Ito ay hindi isang standalone app,kailangan mong i-download ang pinakabagong bersyon ng alpabetikongkeyboard ng dextr (Libreng app upang i-download) upang ilapatito.Link:• Para sa mga isyu / mga hiling sa tampok Ukol sa alpabetikongkeyboard ng dextrhttp://textwithdextr.com/index.php/en/forum/index o email sa aminsa share@textwithdextr.comNOTE: This is not astandalone app, you need to download the latest version ofalphabetical keyboard Dextr (Free app to download) to applyit.link:• For issues / feature requests regarding the alphabetical keyboardDextrhttp://textwithdextr.com/index.php/en/forum/index or email us atshare@textwithdextr.com
Dextr ABC Alphabetic Keyboard 0.1 APK
Dextr® is the faster, simpler, smarter waytotext on smartphones and tablets.Are you a parent or teacher with young children just learningtoread and write?It’s such a precious time, as they unlock the keys to a lifetimeoflearning via books, games and apps.And you want to give them the best head start you can.But what could be more confusing when they’re just learningtheirABCs, than a keyboard with the letters all scrambledup?Q, W, E, R, T?Z, X, C, V, B, N?Really?Traditional computer keyboards are guaranteed to slow yourchild’sprogress.They make no sense at all.Shouldn't it be as easy as ABC?Just like the song.Meet Dextr – the finger-friendly alphabetical keyboard thatmakesperfect sense for young, learning minds.DEXTR’S SIMPLER:We’ve arranged the keys alphabetically – exactly where yourchildexpects them to be (there’s only one memory trick: wherewe'veplaced the "Z" key).This makes Dextr super fast to learn. In fact, they'vealreadylearnt it.Plus we’ve highlighted and aligned those key building-blocks –thevowels – into a single column.The most common letters are now the easiest to find!DEXTR’S FASTER:Dextr makes forming words a breeze – its bigger keys havebeenspecially designed to suit nimble little fingers, thumbsandhands.* The buttons are fingertip sized and fingertip shaped* And they’re spaced one finger-width apart* So thy’ll never hit the wrong key again* With adaptable layouts for all texting styles – one finger,onethumb, two thumbs… even one-handed* It even flips for left-handers!DEXTR’S SMARTER TOO:Allow your child to create words and phrases more efficientlythanever with our handy and intuitive word suggestion tool. Justtypethe first letter and Dextr helps them finish the word. Anditlearns as they type – suggesting the next word in theirsentencebefore they've even typed it. This makes learning to formnew wordsand build sentences even easier.You can also load a full English dictionary (G-Rated!). ThisletsDextr pick up your child’s spelling mistakes and offersintelligentcorrections.Plus! Dextr ABC Keyboard gives you:* Even more function keys – including a back arrow – tomakecorrections even easier.* The most useful punctuation right there on the home screen* A full set of number and math keys* A full set of punctuation and symbol keys… even smileysKID TESTED AND KID APPROVEDWe’ve tested Dextr extensively with children of all ages, andalllearning abilities.They love it!And so do their parents and teachers.In performance tests against traditional QWERTY keyboards,Dextrwins hands down:* Because the letters are easier to find, kids could typesentencestwice as fast with Dextr compared to QWERTY* And they made half the number of mistakes* And their speed and accuracy kept getting better over timeDextr really is as easy as A B C !Dextr has special FREE dictionaries for thefollowinglanguagesEnglish USEnglish UKFrançaisDeutschItalianoPolskiPortuguêsPortuguês brasileiroEspañol castellanoEspañol americanoBahasa IndonesiaBahasa MelayuTagalogTürkçeTiếng ViệtYou can install them easily from the Dextr app itself.More dictionaries will be added soon!And if you like this app, please rate it below.If you do find any bugs, please go to our web site and contactusor report it on our forum.Privacy PolicyWe take your privacy very seriously. Dextr ABC AlphabeticKeyboarddoes not learn your password and never collects or sendsyourprivate data. Dextr also provides a Private Mode optionwhichprevents the keyboard from learning what you type.The warning message you see upon installation that says DextrABCKeypad may be able to collect ‘all the text you type,includingpersonal data like passwords and credit card numbers’ is astandardAndroid message. This same message pops up when youactivate anythird party keyboard application. You will see thismessage forevery other keyboard application as well.
Polski słownik dla Dextr 1.2 APK
UWAGA: To nie jest samodzielna aplikacja,należy pobrać najnowszą wersję Dextre z klawiatury alfabetycznej(bezpłatna aplikacja do pobrania), w celu zastosowania tego.Linki:• W przypadku problemów / prośby Odnośnie Dextre Klawiaturaalfabetycznahttp://textwithdextr.com/index.php/en/forum/index lub napisz do nasna share@textwithdextr.comNOTE: This is not astandalone app, you need to download the latest version of Dextrealphabetic keyboard (a free downloadable application), in order toapply it.links:• In case of problems / requests Regarding Dextre alphabetickeyboardhttp://textwithdextr.com/index.php/en/forum/index or write to us atshare@textwithdextr.com
Dextr için Türkçe Sözlük 1.2 APK
Not: Bu ​​bağımsız bir uygulama değildir, buuygulamak için Alfabetik Klavye Dextr en SON sürümünü (indirmekiçin Ücretsiz app) yüklemeniz gerekir.bağlantılar:• konular / özellik Dextr Alfabetik Klavye ile ilgili istekleriiçinhttp://textwithdextr.com/index.php/en/forum/index veyashare@textwithdextr.com bize e-mailNote: This is not astandalone app, that apply for alphabetic keyboard Dexter at theLATEST version (free app to download), you must install.Links:• issues / feature requests related to Dexter AlphabeticalKeyboardShare@textwithdextr.cohttp://textwithdextr.com/index.php/en/forum/index or e-mailus
Từ điển tiếng việt cho Dextr 1.2 APK
Đây không phải là một ứng dụng độc lập, bạncần phải tải về phiên bản mới nhất của dextr chữ cái bàn phím (miễnphí ứng dụng để tải về) để áp dụng điều này.liên kết:• Đối với các vấn đề / yêu cầu tính năng liên quan đến dextr Bànphím chữ cáihttp://textwithdextr.com/index.php/en/forum/index hoặc email chochúng tôi tại share@textwithdextr.comThis is not a standaloneapp, you need to download the latest version of the keyboardletters dextr (free application for downloading) for thisapplication.link:• For problems / feature requests related to dextr keyboardlettershttp://textwithdextr.com/index.php/en/forum/index or email us atshare@textwithdextr.com
dextr French dictionary 1.2 APK
NOTE: This is not a standalone app; you needto download the LATEST version of dextr Alphabetic Keyboard (Freeapp to download) in order to apply this.Links:• For issues/feature requests regarding dextr AlphabeticKeyboardhttp://textwithdextr.com/index.php/en/forum/index or email us atshare@textwithdextr.com
Dicionário Português de Dextr 1.2 APK
NOTA: Este não é um aplicativo independente,você precisa baixar a última versão do Dextr de teclado alfabético(app gratuito para download), a fim de aplicar esta.Links:• Por questões / pedidos em relação a teclado alfabético Dextrrecursohttp://textwithdextr.com/index.php/en/forum/index ou e-mail parashare@textwithdextr.comNOTE: This is not astandalone app, you need to download the latest version of thealphabetic keyboard Dextr (free app download) in order to applythis.links:• For questions / requests regarding alphabetic keyboard featureDextrhttp://textwithdextr.com/index.php/en/forum/index or email toshare@textwithdextr.com