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What you can do with Essential Stats Volleyball: - Manage yourteams: Create, edit and export teams. - Customize players androles. - Customize regulation. - Create a match between two teams.- Choose the line up and change it during the match. - Scout pointsof your team. - Choose if to scout players. - Choose if detect"start rally" (to synchronize the scout with a video of the match).- Save and archive your matches. - Export scout in .dvw DataProject standard format. - Display set, rotations and playerstatistics and filter them by set or rotation. - Generate MatchReport in PDF and print it or share directly from your device. -Share Match Statistics on Facebook.

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    Essential Stats Volleyball
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    October 12, 2021
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    Android 5.0 and up
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    Data Project
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    Via Posidonia, 307/b 84128 - Salerno (SA)
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Click&Scout 1.63 APK
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Click&Scout is the new statistic software for your Volleyballmatches. Click&Scout is ideal for on bench use, for animmediate feedback of the progress of the match. Click&Scout is: - for everyone. Designed and developed for those coaches thathave always wanted to provide your team with an effective andreliable valuation tool. - User friendly. With just a few taps youcan stat the serve, reception, attack and block. The app will guideyou through all the game phases, from the first to the last point.The graphic interface shows you exactly what you are seeing on thecourt, from the attack positions right up to the receptionpositions. Features: - easy stats Anyone can use Click&Scout.The user friendly interface let’s you step right into the game!Serve, reception, attack, block: with just two taps the app iscapable of following the match automatically assigning valuationeffects. - Real positions on court 1)In Reception: positions theteams according to the most commonly used reception schemes (2default schemes: reception with or without Opposite Player). Thiswill guarantee a real vision of what is happening on court to easethe scouting process. You can customize these schemes for each teamor you can choose to not use one at all (useful for small localteams that are yet to have specific roles in the team). 2)InAttack: players move according to their usual first and second lineattack. This is so you don’t have to remember the number of theplayers that perform each hit. You can, once again, choose to moveplayers according to your needs. - Directions and colours The lastscouted direction, for serve or attack is traced with the biggerarrow. Colours change according to the effect of the skill: blackfor point (point after serve or winning attack), green if the rallycontinues, red if a point has been made by the opposite team (serveout or attack error). - Interactive Analysis Displays, rotationafter rotation, serve and attack directions in real time. 1)Serve:Shows the directions and the effects of the serving player beforeeach rally. 2)Attack: Shows the directions and the effects of theattacks of the receiving players before the start of the rally. Allattacks, for both teams, can be viewed during the current rally. -Analysis on screen of the attack You can view, at any time, foreach rotation and for each team, the analysis of the total attackson reception, on positive reception and on counterattack. Thisfeature is useful to show players, during the match, the settercalls during the different phases of the match. - AnalysisClick&Scout creates match reports in Data Volley style, attackdirections by rotation (serve and attack) divided by player,general statistics, attack statistics, team reception and teamdistribution all in PDF format. - Analysis on several matchesSelect the matches you want to analyze and tap the “Analysis”button. You will be asked to select the team you want to analyze inorder to filter only the ones you may be interested in for afurther choice. The same analysis can be applied to the individualmatch of the selected team. - Import and Export Click&Scout isfully compatible with all programs by Data Project. You can exportthe scout and the teams in Data Video, Data Video Essential or DataVolley 2007, and you can import a scout previously created withData Volley 2007 or with another Click&Scout installed onanother device. - Beach Volleyball You can use Click&Scout foryour beach volleyball matches with 2 players. When you start a newgame just choose the type of regulation (Beach Volleyball). Andthen disappears line of 3 meters and attacks become Powerhits, Shotand Poke, terms now familiar to all. Lite version limitation: - Youcan only scout one set - You can’t add any more codes once a teamhas reached 20 points. - You can’t scout more than 200 codes.