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Select the bigheaded soccer player of your favorite europeannational team and start playing matches to become a legend. Jump,sprint, shoot and, of course, header in friendly, leagues,survivals or cups games. And, remember, surprise your opponentswith your special shot and beat them all.Show us what you’ve got inHEAD SOCCER - FRANCE 2016 Edition.Go further than anyone by winningall of the CUPS, LEAGUES and FRIENDLIES for each team. To get thereyou’ll need to improve your ball skills and use your Power Upswisely to surprise your opponents.If you’ve got what it takes towin each tournament you’ll get sweet REWARDS!ABIILITIES. Use SPRINTto move more quickly around the field and beat your opponent. TheHEADER is the best way to score a goal... Use the POWER UP tosurprise your opponent with a special shot, or to block theirs..Try to trick your rival and take a SHOT on goal.FRIENDLYMODEPractice your skills playing in friendly games against anyteam. Remember that in Football there are no small opponents!Choose ALL NATIONAL TEAMS, including non-European.CUP MODE16 teamsto choose among the 24 teams in EURO.LEAGUE MODEIn a championshiptournament every game is a final! Show off your ball skills tobecome an All-Star playing with 32 European teams, the 24participants in euro other 8 European teams that have fallenout.You’ve got an empty trophy case! Win all of the cups, makehistory, and you’ll be in the HALL OF FAME!Cheer on your team!

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Your duty is to lead the battle and become the best shooter andsniper. Download now for free one of best offline shooting games onmobiles New mode: Sniper FPS Black Ops. You received the call forduty of defeat all enemies the time runs out. Racing against thetime and shoot! Each target adds 3 seconds to survive Try the freezombie event! Hit and don't leave any zombies alive!! Are you asurvival hero? It’s time to take action in the battlefield. Callyour best sniper and shooter and combat on the frontline. Shoot tokill in special ops and survive in this addictive sniper 3dshooting game! COVER FIRE FEATURES - Play Offline. We recommend awifi to download the game, but you don't need wifi to play. - NewShooting Game and challenging Story mode. Join the resistance andcommand this battle like a pro. Take your weapon, strike the enemyarmy with a hail of bullet, grenades, massive guns. Release theFury of this War! - Modern control that bring you a fun andaddictive combat. Shoot to Kill and saving victims! - HD Graphicswith destructible environments. Everything interacts with you andyour soldiers. - Become a real veteran soldier in the onlinetournaments mode, put yourself in a fun adventure with non stopaction against other assassins players. Don’t stop shooting inoffline missions with the mobile - Supply yourself with a huge realarsenal. You have never seen so realistic gun games: pistols,shotguns, rifles, snipers… feel like a real frontline commando! -Face the battlefield from different perspectives. Alternate amongyour mercenaries in realtime, find the ultimate combination to winthe battle in the ultimate killing game. - Set up your assassinsquad with their unique skills: hacker, sniper, assault man...Unlock new epics snipers and shooters like the bazooka-man or thegunslinger! Have you ever seen an inflatable dinosaur on thebattlefield? -Take the control of the battle and become the bestshooter in the most addictive sniper 3d shooting. In Cover Fire youreceived the call for duty to be the shooter who lead a squad ofveterans through sieged cities, deserts and fields taken byguerrillas, and defeat all kind of enemies in the war with thebiggest graphic, greatest arsenal and the best offline gameplay onmobile. The ultimate shooting battle experience. Take cover, aim,shoot and eliminate this hazard. Don’t let the terrorists own theworld in the best military shooter game ever! - Build yourfrontline strategy in the battlefield and kill your enemy from allsides. Face limitless ops action in the online tournaments gamemode.Take your weapons from a killing arsenal and level up yoursoldiers with unique shooter skills. - Challenging Story mode.Fight against Tetracorp and lead a mercenary riot on every mission.The best gameplay in the most engaging shooting game ever.Limitless shooter action! Welcome to the Resistance. Welcome toCover Fire. VISIT US: http://facebook.com/CoverFireGame/http://generagames.com
Zombie Hunter Sniper: Apocalypse Shooting Games 3.0.10 APK
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Feel the action and survival horror in one of the best free zombiesniper shooting games. Survive killing zombies in a challengingfirst person shooter (FPS) with 3D graphics. Zombies walk among us!You are one of the few survivors of a pandemic infection thatthreatens to exterminate all humans. The zombie apocalypse begunafter a scientific dropped a vial of virus in a secret laboratory.Despite military lockdown, in a few hours the zombie infectionoutbreak reached the outside and now living dead are rising huntinghumans to feed. As an elite marksman soldier you have experience inshooting range and were trained in military strategy for chaos,action and survival war games. This could be your last day on Earthso escaping your shelter and turning into a Zombie Hunter is youronly hope for survival. Choose the best sniper rifle, load bullets,aim for a head shot, pull the trigger to open fire and hunt downall the walking dead. Defend helpless victims before they transforminto undead enemies! Stock up your armory to fight zombies, chooseand upgrade weapons from sniper rifles to crossbows, bazookas,shotguns, assault rifles, revolvers or machine guns. Hunt down allkinds of undead: weak crawling enemies or strong super zombies thatwill test your sniper skills of observation, dexterity andmarksmanship. Search from hidden spots, find enemies and hit atarget before it’s too late! Features: Kill zombies before timeends. Upgrade your sniper rifle. Shoot loot boxes with power ups.Several missions of survival action. Survive in open battlegrounds.Different guns and weapons. FPS. 1st person shooter game play. Playoffline or online. Enjoy a zombie classic shooter game. FPS action,horror and survival mixed up in a shooting game that will boostyour adrenaline. Survive to zombie apocalypse. Reload your sniperrifle, practice your hunter skills and start shooting for survival.Improve your sniper skills in open environments and differentlevels as you survive to find out the horror story from Day Zero to180. Urban city: Jacksonville, Camping: Caravan of the Dead, ThemePark: Amusement zombie, Coast: Dead Port and Snow: Arctic Z.Survive every time shooting the best sniper rifle and prove yourFPS shooter skills. Play it anywhere! Download free Zombie Huntergame to play different missions in open battlegrounds. ZombieHunter is an online or offline game, you can even play it safe farfrom the apocalypse or a fallout in an underground bunker! Let thezombie hunting games begin!
Death Race ® - Shooting Games in Racing Cars 1.1.1 APK
Genera Games
The Best Shooter in the Death RaceDo you have what it takes tocompete in this mix of weapons and adventure games? The only ruleis to arrive at the goal alive. Choose the fastest vehicle, themost devastating weapons and the most powerful defenses, yourenemies will have no mercy! Start the action in your car! Shooterin racing cars, live the movie Death Race in the best free shootinggame. Official game of the movie Death Race - Shooter Game inRacing Cars, fight for your freedom in one of the best free actiongames on the race track between speed and big explosions. Enterthis amazing shooting simulator and shots brutally destroying yourrivals!The race of death is to destroy the cars shooting, they cannot against all your weapons... the deadly race with weapons isabout to begin. Play as the protagonist of the film, competeagainst the rest of runners to reach the goal in this officialgame, just one more VICTORY! The most action-packed car and actiongame you've ever seen! Thought for real drivers wanting to shoot.Download it for free on your smartphone or tablet and let the showbegin. The race track is waiting for you! Choose the fiercestcars and the most powerful weapons to protect you while fightingother snipers in this shooting race. Drive powerful cars, shootgreat weapons, play with realistic graphics and spectacularexplosions, START THE DEATH RACE! GAMEFEATURES: INCREDIBLE GARAGEYou can choose between cars of allkinds and modify them! Among sports cars, trucks, SUVs and muscles,we have more than 12 cars waiting to be tuned and increase yourMORTAL LEVEL. Choose among all the amazing skins, modify theircolors and share your new car on Facebook! POWERFULARSENALBecome a car killer with the highest firepower! Choosebetween our weapons and equipment: missile launchers, assaultrifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, machine guns ... and many more!Have you tried slow motion to kill your enemies? POWERFULBREAKERSDestroy the rules! Tired of playing clean? Equip yourselfwith our power-ups and finish your opponent in seconds: X-rayshighlighting your weak points, increasing damage to your weapons,improving your defenses or carrying all the ammunition you can. Thefirst ones are FREE! GAME MODESDriving with DEATH RACE styleshooting. The ultimate shooting car game!Relive the careers of themovie with our HISTORY MODE and get your FREEDOM!Do you likeprizes? Compete in the CHALLENGE MODE, win 5 races in a row and youwill get a good booty, the greater the difficulty, the better thereward!Every day 3 DAILY RACES await you, overcome them and extendyour benefits!Scale positions with the RANKING MODE, will youmanage to overcome all the levels?SHOOTING SIMULATORImportantDeathRace is not an online shooting game / shoot games online orcontains multiplayer shooter mode, it is not a racing game as suchit is an action and adventure games where you will find a simulatorof shots on top of racing cars. Of the best shooting games you willfind! (Shooting games without wifi) FEEL THE MOVIEAwesome 3Dgraphics and realistic circuits! Among millions of jumps, drifts,explosions, weapons, power-ups ... Top best action games with a mixof the best adventure games since you'll live the movie! VISITUS:https://www.facebook.com/DeathRaceTheGamehttp://generagames.comDoyou like shooting games?In Death Race you will have to help win therace in a shooter game where everything depends on you. One of thebest action games awaits you in the race of death.
Soccer Star 2020 Top Leagues: Play the SOCCER game 2.1.6 APK
Genera Games
Welcome to the best english Soccer game of the major league soccer,english football league, spanish soccer league and futbol league.We have created a specialized english soccer game for our Americanfans. Our free soccer game is the most anticipated soccer game ofthe year 2020. We give you the opportunity to play against the bestsoccer players from around the world, you will be able to win thebest soccer matches and championships. In addition, if you manageto be the best player in the world or become a great player in asoccer team of the major league soccer, the national soccer teamwill call you to go with them to the next World Cup. Our soccergame has been designed to feel like a real soccer player, a soccerplayer who is playing with his love team in the most importantcompetitions like World Cup or major league soccer. We have all thesoccer teams of the major league soccer, you can play with yourfavorite team, or alternate teams when sending you a transferrequest. You can play with soccer teams such as: angeles galaxy, dcunited, toronto fc, seattle sounders, orlando city, whitecapsbetween others. Besides being able to share clothes with greatsoccer players like giovanni dos santos, beckham, zlatan, rooneyand others. And when you play the major league soccer, you have thepossibility to play other national championships such as the futbolCup, futbol league cup or the European football championship whereyou will fight against the best soccer teams in the world and inAmerica such as: whitecaps, toronto fc, angeles galaxy, orlandocity and others. Free soccer games are becoming more real and withbetter graphics that make you believe that you are really playing asoccer game in the most important stadiums of the major leaguesoccer. That's why our free soccer game is known for its greatlevels of quality and graphics. Enjoy with our soccer game thatoffers you an incomparable experience. Characteristics of oursoccer game: -Play against thousands of soccer teams of majorleague soccer, spanish futbol english futbol. -We give you thechance to play in the best soccer leagues in the world of soccersuch as the major league soccer, english soccer league, spanishfutbol liga and many others in the world, including the Americanmajor league soccer -Compete in the grass with great players of theworld like giovanni dos santos, beckham, rooney or zlatan -Pass allthe levels of our game and become the hero of major league socceror futbol spaninsh league -Play with the national soccer team andgo to the football world cup. -Win the championship with yourfavorite soccer team - Become the best scorer in the major leaguesoccer, or in futbol la liga -Win all the soccer matches with yoursoccer team of the major league soccer Remember to play with allyour strength and all your spirit, giving everything and alwaysbeing the best soccer player of your soccer team fighting againstthe best soccer teams in the world like orlando city, whitecaps, dcunited… , and become the winner along with your soccer team of themajor league soccer, the futbol liga. The heroes of soccer alwaysscore goals, never leave their teammates behind and always scorethe final goal. Be the hero of your soccer team in the major leaguesoccer! Do not wait any longer we are better than other soccergames, download the best free soccer game of the major leaguesoccer, la liga mx and english soccer league, we promise you willfeel an unusual feeling when you score a goal with our soccer gameand become a recognized soccer player around the world and this wayyou will win the golden ball while playing in one of the bestfootball teams in the world. It’s the moment of making history inthe soccer world, be the next golden ball of the major leaguesoccer now! http://redvelgames.com/https://www.facebook.com/SoccerStarManager/https://www.youtube.com/user/redvelgames/
Run Forrest Run - New Games 2019: Running Game! 1.5.21 APK
Genera Games
Welcome to Run Forrest Run, the official runner game of ForrestGump! Enjoy endless run in the running game. Have fun with newgames 2019! Run as Forrest Gump, the star of an award-winningParamount Pictures film! In this run game jump, collect coins andfly with the hang glider! Dodge cars, trucks, trains, traffic andavoid obstacles on the way. Running games fast to catch bubba gumpprawns in this free runner game endless! Run unlimited in thejungle of Vietnam. Dash fast, overcome levels, unlock new scenariosand characters. Try new games 2019 without wifi (offline games).Get boosters & power ups to run unlimited in the free runnergame. A wild race is waiting: run and jump and dodge! A fusion ofarcade, action games and best running games. Features of therunning game: - Easy to play, dash, run, jump and collect coins:Swipe up jumping games and escape from obstacles. Press down toslide under hurdles. Dash left or right to turn your runner. Flywith a hang glider and collect coins in the air in this endlessrunner game. - Free running games with levels & missionsrewards: Run and complete missions and levels. Unlock charactersand scenarios in Alabama, Route 66, Football Stadium, jungle ofVietnam. Enjoy the run game: new games 2019! - Challenge yourfriends in running games: Synchronize with Facebook & GooglePlay, compete with friends, beat them to reach the ranking. Enterin competitive mode and run game unlimited to become the toprunner. Be the best in new games 2019 in low mb. - Offline games:Play online or offline (no wifi) the running games. - Upgrade &customize your character to improve run and jump skills. This is arunning game and jumping game endless. You won't stop running,jumping and dodging! Get all scenarios in free new games 2019 forgirls, boys & all family. Start the wild race now and enjoy thefree runner game endless!
Hoshi Eleven - Top Soccer RPG 1.6.0 APK
Genera Games
Become a world soccer legend and lead your team to victory withHoshi Eleven Top Soccer RPG! Live the intensity and excitement offootball like never before, as you strategize, train, evolve,dribble, pass, steal, defend, attack, and score incredible goals inthis top addictive match 3 puzzle manga game!Match defensive and offensive gems to make the best play, scoregoals, and have fun with this awesome football puzzle game withamazing manga graphics. Launch your professional soccer career andbecome a star! Your moves on the board impact the results of thematch on the field and the number of goals you score. Play as astriker, midfielder, or defender in the most complete soccer gameever!Train hard to improve your skills and abilities and nogoalkeeper will be able to stop your powerful shot! Recruit new topplayers for your roster and use your teammates’ special powers totip the scales in your favor. Evolve the skills of the team to winand reach the top of the international football scene! Who will bethe best defender, striker, or goal scorer? Who will shoot thehardest, dribble the fastest, and have the best technique? Everyonemust train hard to get a spot in the starting lineup and win. Inthis manga puzzle soccer game you are both the player and thecoach!The exciting manga graphics will remind you of classics likeCaptain Tsubasa, Oliver and Benij, Flash Kicker, Inazuma Eleven,and Hungry Heart: Wild Striker!Live an epic adventure from humble beginnings to world footballstar! Follow your sensei’s advice to defeat your opponents,convince them to join your team, and avenge your father’s death.Together you can become the greatest player and world champions ofall time! Score goals, win championships, achieve fame, rule thepitch, and your fans will follow you to the end!Play various seasons, weekly tournaments, and cups to completeyour professional soccer career. Overcome challenges, get rewardsfor every achievement and win, and earn experience to level up,evolve your skills, and be a top player!Game Features:* Amazing manga graphics for manga and anime fans! Remember CaptainTsubasa, Oliver and Benij, Flash Kicker, Inazuma Eleven, and HungryHeart: Wild Striker!* Tons of different players to choose from and add to yourroster!* A never before seen combo of manga, match 3, and football!* Train and evolve your team throughout the game!* Unique powers, skills, and abilities for each teammate!* Special tournaments, championships, and cups with awesomerewards!* Free and easy to play soccer game!Check out the exciting manga soccer trailer for the game:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvcPsqJY96oPlay in the biggest championships in the world and win titles withyour team to become a soccer legend! Make history as a footballplayer in the best soccer puzzle manga app on Google Play!VISIT US: www.generagames.comFOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/hoshieleven/FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/HoshiElevenFOLLOW US ON GOOGLE PLUS: google.com/+Generagames/videosFOLLOW US ON LINKEDIN: linkedin.com/company/genera-gamesENJOY OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL: youtube.com/user/generagamesTerms and Conditions: http://www.generagames.com/terms-of-use/Privacy Policy: http://www.generagames.com/privacy/Contact us: http://www.generagames.com/contact/
Gladiator Heroes Clash - Fight epic clan battles 3.2.7 APK
Genera Games
Fight with valor, fight for your blood and glory in an epic fight.This is the first fighting and strategy game where you can play andfight against epic enemies. Play with warriors, fighters and godssuch as Thor or Xena! Create and lead your clan and participate inepic clan wars by allying yourself with friends from all over theworld. Gladiator Heroes Clash is an addictive turn-based strategyand fighting game in which you can choose different battle modes toprogress and conquer new arenas. Heroes, warriors and Gods ofancient Rome will defeat the enemy and conquer the world. This isthe ultimate gods and heroes clash. Step into the arena and proveyou are the best fighter in this heroes clash, separating bloodfrom glory as you prosper in the fight. In this addictive fightingand strategy video game you can play with the best gladiators, godsand heroes. Players such as Thor, god of war, or Xena, the warriorprincess, are in the best fighting and strategy video game on themarket. Download this exciting and addictive fighting and strategygame, and join the best fighting warriors in a battle with thegods! Valor and glory are at stake, and only the best fighters ofthe Roman Empire will achieve victory. The fight has already begun,equip yourself with the best weapons and defeat enemy fighters.Mortal, join the best fighting warriors in a gladiator battle! InGladiator Heroes Clash, you can unlock and wield the best kinds ofweapons and resources in the game. Plan your strategy and defeatthe other fighters. Go into the fight with a well-planned strategy:in Gladiator Heroes Clash you are the game’s protagonist. Apartfrom just fighting in the arena with different weapons and againsta multitude of enemies, you can also buy and sell fighters andevolve them into the best fighters in the Roman Empire in thisincredible fighting and strategy game. Lead your fighter team to anepic fight against the empire in the best fighting and strategygame. Build your battle strategy and defeat enemies from around theworld. Play the online event game mode and face limitless action.Upgrade your fighting troop with unique fighting skills and obtainall the weapons. It’s god versus gladiator, heroes versus warriors,and tons of other fighters in the best strategy fighting game!Assemble a team and begin your quest to become the UltimateGladiator of the Roman Empire! Gladiator Heroes Clash - the bestheroes, gods and warriors fighter game - puts the power, intensity,and raw emotion of adrenaline-fueled visceral strategy fighting inthe palm of your hand. PLAY GLADIATOR HEROES CLASH, the bestfighting and strategy game: Epic fighting and strategy game modewhere the fighting clans will fight to dominate the empire.Organise your fight strategy choosing the best weapons to carry outyour attack. Incredible graphics that recreate challenging fightersand imposing coliseums, where you will have to fight and defeatyour enemies. Enjoy multiplayer PvP events with unstoppable actionagainst other fighters. Fight non-stop with the best strategy andturn-based tactics video game. Face your friends, choose your bestfighter and win the fight. You can also build powerful alliances!Build the best city to supply, heal, and tend to your army offighters. Fights, blood, battles and strategy are mixed in thisincredible fighting and strategy game that recreates the time ofthe great fighters of the Roman Empire such as Thor, god of war, orXena, the warrior princess, considered by many to be the real Godsof ancient Rome. Download and Play the best fighting and strategygame on the market and fight with gladiators, gods, heroes andlegendary fighters from around the world! DOWNLOAD it now and ENJOYthe best fighting and strategy game: Gladiator Heroes Clash Game -Fighting and Strategy game! www.generagames.com