/ May 5, 2017
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Solve puzzles in the handcrafted forests of Evergrow through theeyes of an imaginative child and his parents. Discover theirunfolding story told through the child's ever-changing room. Ineach puzzle, the player must guide the rabbit to fill all tileswith grass while avoiding obstacles and using special tiles andmaking a trail to complete the goal. == FEATURES == - Solve 50unique and challenging puzzles - Stunning visuals and music - Astory waiting to be discovered within the game == BEAUTIFULLY HANDCRAFTED VISUALS == Art that is inspired by beautiful paper 3Ddesigns creating a new visually impressive setting withhand-crafted forests and puzzles to admire designed in an isometricstyle for you to appreciate and explore. == STORY == A subtle storybeing told as you progress through the puzzles with the unfoldingstory told through thought provoking quotes and ever changingpuzzle scenes for you to explore and discover. == SOUND &AMBIENCE == The music is in keeping with the tone of theexperience, headphones are recommended for the best experience. ==CONTROLS == Designed to be easy to play and for anyone to pick upand play, guide your rabbit along the path that is to be the chosentrail. Free to play with the option of an in game IAP to continuethe story. Additional Info: The well framed art puzzle adventure ishere with its innovative narrative, not by that of a narrator and astory in the usual sense but by the inspirational, emotional andmoving quotes that are there to bring thought and reflection intoyour own experiences as you explore and progress and discover thepuzzles and along the journey. Alongside this is the animated storybook element, again not in the conventional way with framedstorybook animations but by way of the ever changing and newisometric backdrop scenes as you progress though the levels of thegame goes on.

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You are the commander-in-chief of theworld'sgreatest country, and your people need you to keep thingsthatway!Decide the fate of your people by swiping with your Almighty(andTotally Not Small) Fingers to make Super ImportantDecisions!=== FEATURES OF I AM PRESIDENT ===Over 150 funny, satirical scenarios based from current eventsandpop cultureIncludes 15 unique characters to interact with, 6 special eventsand12 possible endingsNo complex controls. Simple A or B decision done by eitherswipingleft or rightSimple gameplay, no tutorial neededChoose your own adventure style with every decision will affectyourendingHighly replayableAppease your citizens by passing resolutions that maintainthepowers of state, combat internet trolls and fend off alieninvadersof the extraterrestrial kind!Do you have what it takes to lead the nation to greatness, orwillyou run the country to the ground?The I Am President game where you get to be the President whowillmake the calls to make your country better (or worse).Every decision will affect your wealth, approval rating,securityand population. Do not tempt your fate. Keep those factorsin checkand balance. But remember, too much of a good thing canalso be abad thing! So, beware!I Am President will test your wits to see if you are fit to becomealeader of the country. How long can you stay in power before youareoverthrown by the people. Even if the people love you, can youavoidsome “accidents” that will cut short your presidencyreign?
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====== Play the only Gwent-like digital cards game on mobile!=====--------------------------------------------------------------Needmore tips and strategies?Have direct feedback for ourdevelopers?Want to find new friends and opponents?Looking fortechnical support?Join our Discord:https://discord.gg/XYeswcW--------------------------------------------------------------Runewardsis a Gwent like, free-to-play competitive strategy digital cardsgame set in a fantasy themed world that allows players to battleone against another. Runewards is a game about strategy, aboutbluffing and about out-smarting your opponent.In Runewards CCG,players can play solo versus A.I. or other players in Unranked orRanked Matches. Each player begins with 10 cards, containingSpells, Units and a Hero. The Player with the highest Power valueat the end of the round wins the duel.Players can also compete andbattle in Seasonal Leagues, where reaching higher Leagues willreward the player with gifts (Chests, Digital Cards, Gold andRunes) depending on what position they finished at the end of theSeason.Players will be able to increase their Deck Collectionsimply by playing the game. They can also earn cards by completingdaily Quests, which reward Gold – The currency that is being usedin the game to purchase chests. Chests contain cards that can beadded to your Deck Collection.If you want to succeed, you will needmore than just playing the game, you will need to outplay youropponent! Battle and duel your way to success!Runewards is your CCGGwent like fix available on Android now and is not like Hearthstoneand stands out with its 3 lane battlefield.== GAME INFO ==The gameboard where you will play against other players is calledBattlefield. The Battlefield is composed of three lanes (shown inbrick-mortar composition) per player called Territories, all ofwhich is based on unit card's Affiliation.The Territories play acrucial part of Runeward's gameplay because many cards, spells andheroes can affect them in a variety of ways.On the right part ofthe screen you have the Heroes which you can pick when you makeyour deck. There are several heroes for every army in thegame.Digital Cards: Runewards has three types of cards: Heroes,Units and Spells.== LINKS ==Website:https://www.runewards.com/Forum:https://forum.runewards.com/Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Runewards/Discord:https://discord.gg/XYeswcWPublisher Websites:http://www.fredbeargames.com/http://playplayfun.com/Runewards - TheGwent like CCG multiplayer digital online card battlegame.Keywords:tcg, ccg, battle, arena, deck, collectible, duel,game, best, warcraft, gwent, of, world, witcher, the, new, rune,hearthstone, digital
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PLAY THE BEST PARKOUR PLATFORMER GAME WITH COMIC BOOK ART STYLE ONMOBILE You are trapped inside the inkful pages of a comic book.Find your way out of the pages and escape the comic book! Butbeware for the many different traps, challenges and environmentswhich can end your quest too soon. Are you ready to help Comic Boyescape? Jump and dodge your way through danger in this rhythm-basedaction parkour jumper! DASH as fast as you can! JUMP over snakes,zombies and sharks. DODGE the oncoming Vultures, Ghosts &Hurricanes! COLLECT all the different coins ONE FINGER TAP ANDSWIPE CONTROL! You do not need complicated controls to play ComicBoy. Tap to make your character jump. Swipe to perform a specialaction such as power stomps, saltos, backflips and even flyingkicks. Simple control makes Comic Boy to be easily picked up byanyone. GENEROUS NUMBER OF LEVELS TO PLAY! Starting out in ajungle, your dash adventure to find your way out continues onto theBEACH, DESERT, GOLD MINE and more! Each environment has its own setof enemies and traps. They will become progressively more and moredifficult as you venture deep into the comic book. COMPETE WITHYOUR FRIENDS! Completing each level may be easy enough. But can yoube the quickest and score the most points at the same time? Compareyour total score with your opponents and other Comic Boy playersglobally! Compete for that parkour bragging rights. UNLOCK THECHARACTERS! Comic Boy is not the only person trapped in the comicbook. Help Parkour Girl, Foxy and Ninjoe dash and escape the pageas well. Each character has their own distinct special move andtrait. Give them a try and you will find out that each chararactergives you a unique experience for every level. ROCKIN' MUSIC BY AREAL ROCK MUSICIAN! Awesome rockin' music goes along with youradventure. A real rocker musician helps us to come up with thecatchy music for our game. WANT MORE? Dash and complete Comic Boyand find out more! Comic Boy is loosely influenced by the retrogame by Sega, Comix Zone. If you are a fan of Comix Zone, Comic Boymight be one for you to download and try. It is also a game thatshowcases the power of parkour running. Official Page:http://playplayfun.com/comic-boy-game-official-page/ Like:https://www.facebook.com/comicboy/ Follow:https://twitter.com/ComicBoyGame Comic Boy is completely free toplay. You will be able to complete the game without any purchases.However, there are optional in-app purchases available in case youneed it.
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A manga style rock paper scissors game to play against your friendsand AI in a beat 'em up street fighting setting.Looking for a newkind of game? JanKen Battle Arena offers players a novel and uniquegaming experience that revolves around the old classic Rock PaperScissors mechanic combined with some fighting game element andsprinkled with PVP and RPG elements.Furthermore, challenge fellowJanKen masters around the world into a rock paper scissors battleover the internet. Better yet, invite your friends to JanKen BattleArena to duel and claim the bragging rights to be the better JanKenmaster.So, what is a JanKen master? Janken (じゃん拳 janken) is theJapanese equivalent of Rock Paper Scissors. Therefore, JanKenmaster would mean the master of the classic Rock Paper Scissorsgame, which is the core mechanic of JanKen BattleArena.Features:*Virtual manga style Rock Paper Scissors game toplayer anywhere*8 JanKen masters to unlock with more coming in thefuture!*5 Jin Rai (special moves) per character*More than 150 itemsto collect!*Collaborative Boss mode*Multiple Boss Mode reward: BestDamage, Kill Bonus, Discover Bonus and Boss Defeat Bonus*Gotchamini-game*Accessible and profound “Easy to learn, Hard tomaster”*Mini-games in case of equality*Online Player versus playerfights ( turn based )…and more!If you think you have seen it all,JanKen Battle Arena might be the manga game that will surprise youwith its one of a kind hybrid gameplay. Prepare to have the mostintense Rock Paper Scissors fight, JanKen style, and become theultimate JanKen master globally!
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Tap Summoner is a mobile RPG Tower Defense and Offense actioncollectable card battle game with real-time fast paced tappingcombat! This game is focused around tapping your screen repeatedly,in so summoning minions to attack the enemy in a Clash Royale.'Winner of the Best In Show' Audience Choice award - Casual ConnectAsia 2016 And multiple award nominee.• Recruit Unique Custom MadeDungeon-Crawlers Play 15 unique summoners and 45 unique minions,each with their own strengths on the offensive clash in the battleroyale. Choose the Bo-Moh for curse creatures, Mad Scientist forzombie apocalypse, a Taoist for instilling fear and many more! •Answer the callOnly you and your summoner card can journey to helpLord Devi to conquer the world and unlock their special powers torepel the overlord of each world. Rise from the mystery of theUnderworld, rise under the burning hell of legion, travel throughthe advance surface of earth to be the strongest overlord battlingin a Clash Royale.• Tapping offense battlesReal-time and fast pacedtower defense and offense combat in the war between Summoners! Tapon the screen to summon minion to quickly decimate your foe. Themore tappings you make, the more devastating your offense will be.Deliver character specific special abilities like Scientist’sPoison Cloud or the Wrath of the Overlord!FEATURES:* Real TimeStrategy - Tap and hold to summon the minion of your choice* Chooseyour masters to help offensively and defensively* 15 CollectableUnique Masters - All with their own special abilities* 45Collectable Unique Minions to Summon* 5 Worlds to conquer*Real-time and fast paced tower offense combat!* Addictive Collectthem all gameplay* Treasure Chest daily reward* Equip yoursummoners with legendary equipment!* Unlock and Upgrade yourSummoners* Tower Defense and Offense combo* Final Localisedlanguages to be supported and will be confirmed soon.Tap Summonerwould be a great alternative to fans of Clash Royale and SummonerWars who are looking for a new collectable card battle, towerdefense and offense game. Be prepared for fast paced wars and clashbetween Summoners!Facebook: www.facebook.com/tapsummoner/Website:www.fredbeargames.com/tap-summoner.html ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔWebsite:playplayfun.com/tap-summoner-game-official-page/Developer Website:www.oygames.net/portfolio/tapsummoner/