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This simple game is meant to be a gentle introduction to phone appcreation for high school students in the Excel Technical EducationCareer Consortium. Accurate spherical collision and deflection arethe only non-beginner tasks in the code for this application. Thisgame also promotes career-based education, since the player pursuesthe benefits of a career, while avoiding the pitfalls and obstaclesto success. Special thanks go to Mario Zechner for providing thegame template upon which this game is based, under the GPL version3 license. Buy his book, "Beginning Android Games," from apress,and visit his blog at http:www.badlogicgames.com.

App Information Excel TECC Career Chase

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    Excel TECC Career Chase
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    October 14, 2011
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    Android 1.5 and up
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    Steven Kaminsky
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    3720 Saint Petersburg Drive, Parma, OH 44134
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Song Creator 5.0 APK
Did you ever wish your phone's sound recorderwould let you record in layers? It's fun to record yourself singinga melody, but wouldn't it be much more fun to be able to sing andrecord a harmony part while listening to that first melody? Youwould get the joy of singing harmony, plus have the joy ofrepeatedly listening to your recorded harmonization.Why stop there? You could add more harmony parts, becoming your ownbarbershop quartet, or even choir. Or you could be your own one-manband, and record a guitar, then a drum, then a bass, and thenvocals.This app allows you to do this, and more. It allows you to createsongs collaboratively, with friends. The friends don't even have tobe in the same room, as long as they all have this app installed.Let's say you are good at creating chord sequences, friend A isgood at creating melodies, and friend B is good at creating lyrics.You record your chord sequence on guitar, for example. Then, youclick "Share" to send the song to friend A. Friend A hums a melodyon top of the guitar chords, then "Shares" the new version withfriend B. Friend B adds words to the song.Now, you have a brand new song, with three co-writers. You can nextcollaboratively create a demo version of your song, using this app.Make sure your friends have this app installed on their phones.They don't even have to be in the same city! Start with yourstrummed guitar chords. Share it from Cleveland to a friend inPittsburgh who is a good singer. That friend adds lead vocals, thenshares it with a pianist in Cincinnati...you should have the ideaby now. Add as many tracks as you like.The song includes many help files that describe in detail how touse this app. Briefly, you first give the song a name. Then, yourecord a first track, repeatedly, until you are happy with it.Then, with headphones plugged in, you record a second trackrepeatedly, while listening to the first track, until you are happywith the mix. You then press the "bounce" button to save thismixture of two tracks. Now, you record a third track whilelistening to the first two tracks...you should have the idea bynow. Record as many layers, or "tracks," as you like.You may wonder how the sharing or collaborative song-making works.When you tap the "SHARE FINAL MIX" menu item, you are presentedwith all the different ways your phone has available to share the"Final Mix" version of your song with friends. My phone has 11ways, some of which are: Gmail, Google Drive, and AndroidBeam.Using Gmail as one example, when you tap the Gmail icon, you arepresented with a partially filled out Gmail page. The "Final Mix"is already attached. Your main job is to pick the friend to whomyou wish to send the e-mail, then click the send button.When your friend receives the e-mail, opens it, and selects thedownload button, it appears in your friend's Download folder. He orshe simply needs to start the "Song Creator" app, then import yoursong using the "IMPORT A SONG" menu item. Your friend can then addnew tracks to your song.The app's menu items include features to improve the enjoyment ofthe app. For example, there is a feature called, "Synchronization."Every Android device introduces its own delay between the time itis commanded to play sound, and the time you hear the sound.Synchronization allows you to compensate for this time lag for yourown device, so that the tracks all play at the same time.Also included is a menu item called, "NUMBER OF TRACKS." Sound isadditive; adding more and tracks together can quickly make thesound too loud, distorting the resultant sound. If you expect yourcurrent song to contain many tracks, you can overcome the risk ofdistortion by increasing the "number of tracks" setting. Or. youcan use this setting on only one of several tracks to make it soundlouder or softer than the others (read the help file, this workscounter-intuitively.)
Bluetooth Dome Ball 3D 1.0 APK
This game pits two players against each other, inside a colorful3-dimensional sphere. Imagine you are a soccer goalie inside asatellite in outer space, with no gravity. The ball bounces aroundoff the inside walls of the sphere. Your paddle moves in 3dimensions, along the inside walls of the sphere. This app usesyour phone's Bluetooth wireless communication capability. Thus, youand a friend each need to download this app. GAMEPLAY: Your goal inthis game is to deflect the ball with your paddle. Your opponentgains a point if the ball hits the area, outlined in black, thatyou are defending. The little cell phone on your screen is yourpaddle, under your control. You move it by tilting the real cellphone. You will know your opponent missed a block when you see thescore on your screen under the word, "Me," go up. If you miss ablock, your opponent's score under the word, "You," will go up.Whoever gets 10 points first, wins. The ball moves faster as thegame progresses. A new game starts automatically. Press eitherphone's "Back Arrow" to dismiss the game from both phones.BLUETOOTH SETUP: Again, this game is for two players, using cellphones connected via Bluetooth. To start a new game, first startthe app on both phones. Then, if the two phones have already beenpaired, on the inferior phone press "Connect a Device," then pressthe other device's name. The game starts. If the two phones havenever been paired, you must pair them. From this app on EACH phone,press "Make Discoverable". Press "Yes" on each phone. From ONEphone, press "Connect a Device," then press the "Scan for Devices"button, then press the discovered phone's name. On EACH phone,verify that the the passkey numbers match, and press "Pair." Youwon't have to pair them again.
Bird by Voice 1.0 APK
Steven Kaminsky
Speak the name of a bird into your phone and this app quickly playsthe bird's song. Was that bird I just heard a Cape May Warbler? Noneed to search through levels of menus or scroll down long lists tofind out. Just, "say the word, hear the bird." Just feel likeenjoying or learning the birds' songs? Scroll through thealphabetized list of 132 bird songs, press one, and hear that bird.Ready to test and improve your knowledge? The quiz feature playsfor you 1 of 132 randomly selected bird songs. The phone speaks thename of the bird when you are ready for the answer. Bird songsincluded in this app are: alder flycatcher, american avocet,american crow, american goldfinch, american redstart, americanrobin, american tree sparrow, american woodcock, american yellowwarble, baltimore oriole, barn swallow, bell's vireo, beltedkingfisher, bewick's wren, black and white warbler, blackburnianwarbler, black-capped chickadee, black-crowned night-heron,blackpoll warbler, black-throated green warbler, eastern bluebird,blue-gray gnatcatcher, blue-headed vireo, bluejay, blue-wingedteal, blue-winged warbler, brewer's blackbird, brown creeper, brownthrasher, brown-headed cowbird, bullock's oriole, canada goose,canada warbler , cape may warbler, cedar waxwing, chestnut-sidedwarbler, chimney swift, chipping sparrow, clay-colored sparrow,common pheasant, common grackle, common redpoll, commonyellowthroat, cooper's hawk, dark-eyed junco , dickcissel, downywoodpecker, eastern kingbird, eastern meadowlark, eastern phoebe,screech owl, eastern towhee, eastern whippoorwill, easternwood-peewee, evening grosbeak, field sparrow, forster's tern, foxsparrow, golden-crowned kinglet, grasshopper sparrow, gray catbird,great crested flycatcher, great egret, great northern loon, greaterwhite-fronted goose, green heron, hairy woodpecker, harris'ssparrow, henslow's sparrow, hermit thrush, hooded warbler, housefinch, house sparrow, house wren, indigo bunting, killdeer, leastflycatcher, magnolia warbler, mallard, marsh wren, merlin, mourningdove, mourning warbler, myrtle warbler, nashville warbler, northerncardinal, northern flicker, northern parula, northern raven,orchard oriole, ovenbird, pileated woodpecker, pine siskin, purplemartin, red-bellied woodpecker, red-breasted nuthatch, red-eyedvireo, red-necked phalarope, red-tailed hawk, red-winged blackbird,ring-billed gull, rose-breasted grosbeak, ruby-crowned kinglet,ruby-throated hummingbird, ruffed grouse, sandhill crane, savannasparrow, sedge wren, semipalmated plover, sora, song sparrow,spotted towhee, swamp sparrow, tennessee warbler, townsend'ssolitaire, tree swallow, upland sandpiper, veery, vesper sparrow,warbling vireo, wood duck, western meadowlark , white-crownedsparrow, white-throated sparrow, wild turkey, willow flycatcher,wilson's warbler, winter wren, wood thrush, yellow-belliedflycatcher, yellow bellied sapsucker, yellow billed cuckoo Beforedownloading this app, consider a few things:1.) Your phone shouldbe able to to do voice recognition and text-to-voice (mostsmartphones can).2.) Your phone's built-in voice recognition systemmakes a brief data connection each time it converts voice intotext. Be aware of a possible cost if you don't have unlimited, freedata.3.) Because of the brief data connection, your phone needs tohave a cell network or wi-fi connection. If your birding trip is soremote that your phone can't get a connection, you will be able toscroll to hear birds or play the quiz, but you won't be able toidentify the birds by voice.4.) This app features birds common tothe north, central and eastern states of the U.S. If you live in,say, California, it might not be of interest to you. Check the listof birds, above.5.) Please use this app responsibly. Use it in thewild at lower volume, for its intended purpose of birdidentification, not to "call in" birds.
Counting Birds 1.0 APK
Going birding today? Want to keep track of the types and counts ofthe birds as you see them? Doing a bird census? Live in theNortheast Ohio area? Then, this app is for you. This app isdesigned for speed. It assumes your focus is on birding. The appallows you to quickly--and with one hand--find and enter the bird'sname and the count increment "on the fly." When you are done forthe day, use this app to send yourself an email with the results.You can even choose to send yourself a file in the "eBird" format.Then, at home, you can leisurely edit it and upload it to the"eBird" web site. INSTRUCTIONS: While you are birding, you will useone of the two buttons on the top of the home screen to record whatyou are seeing. Use the top left button--marked "Speak toEnter"--and say the name of the bird to find its record. Then,scroll through the list of numbers and tap the amount by which youwant to increase (or decrease) the count. If the app can't figureout what you said, it will determine the first letter of what yousaid. It will present you with a list of birds that start with thatletter. You then find the correct bird, tap it, and then incrementthe count. Speech recognition makes a connection to Google. If youcan't get a cell connection, or are concerned about chargesthat--depending upon your contract--may apply to that connection,you can choose to press the "Silent Entry" home screen buttoninstead. It will present you with a new screen that asks you toenter the first letter of the bird you want to record. You thenfind the correct bird, tap it, and then change the count. When youwant to see your total counts for the day, press the "List byGroup" button on the start screen. Here you will find the 299 birdspecies you might see in the Northeast Ohio area, based on the 2015Audubon Society of Greater Cleveland bird checklist. The app's listis in that same order, grouped by species. You can change countsfrom this list by tapping the bird name, then increasing the count.To easily see your final tallies, and perhaps submit them for anAudubon census, press the "Hide Zeros" button. If you would rathersee this same list, but arranged in alphabetical order, press the"Alphabetical List" button on the home screen. Here, too, you canchange counts and and choose to display only the birds you haveseen. This app saves your counts in an internal database. If youturn off your phone, the data is not lost. When you reopen yourapp, the counts are still there. (Uninstalling the app removes thedatabase, losing your counts.) To permanently delete the currentcounts, simply press the "All Counts to Zero" button on the homescreen. But, before you delete those counts, email them toyourself. Press "Email Bird Counts" from the home screen. On thenext screen, tap the text entry box. Type the email address towhich you want to send the bird count list. Then, press "SendEmail(.txt") to create and send an email with the list included asa simple text file attachment. On the next screen, tap yourfavorite email app from the list that appears. Finally, tap theword or symbol that sends the email. If, instead of pressing "SendEmail(.txt") you opt to press "Send Email(.csv"), the rest of theprocedure is the same. The only difference is the formatting of theattached file and the file type extension. The attached file yousend is a ".csv," or "comma separated values" file, used by"eBird." At home, open that email, and download the attached file.(Before downloading it, make sure your operating system won'tover-write your previous bird list file, causing you to lose it.)Open the ".txt" file with a text editor like Notepad. Open the".csv" file with a spreadsheet program like Excel (set to: openfiles of type "all files" or "text files") or Google Sheets. Afteradding information to the ".csv" file, delete the first row: theheader row. Submit it to "eBird" as an "eBird Record Format(extended)."
Fast Flash Cards 1.0 APK
Steven Kaminsky
Make flashcards in a flash with this smart phone app. You canliterally make a flashcard in seconds--even if it consists of overa hundred characters. This app incorporates voice recognitionsoftware, allowing you to create a card by speaking instead oftyping. Then, if you are fussy, you can still keyboard-edit thecard to touch up imperfections. With this app you can make multipledecks, delete them, add or delete cards in new or old decks, studydecks in sequential or random order, and set cards aside as youstudy a deck. All your creations and changes are saved, and are notlost when you turn off your cell phone. Why make flash cards onphysical note-cards when you can make them on your smart phone?Your smart phone: is always with you; is the perfect size for aflashcard; saves you from carrying around decks of physical cards;presents text legibly; and saves you money from the purchase ofphysical cards. To use the voice recognition feature of this app,all you need is your standard cell phone network connection orwi-fi network connection. Voice recognition makes a brief datanetwork connection, which could slightly affect users with limiteddata plans.
Bomb Dodger 1.0 APK
Run, jump, hide, dodge, collect, grab, eat! All this in an intense,3-minute game. Experience the sounds, music, colors, graphics,explosions, and whirlwind action. All this fun, for free! This isthe kind of game that started the computer gaming industry. Learnto play in seconds. The goal of the game is to collect as muchfruit as possible, while avoiding bombs. A new fruit appears every2 seconds. A new bomb appears every 6 seconds. After the 90thfruit, you have 8 seconds before the game ends. Earn 1 point forevery fruit you collect, but lose 2 points for every bomb that hitsyou. Collect fruit by colliding your character with it. To move himleft, tap or hold your finger on the lower left quadrant of thescreen. To move him right, tap or hold the lower right quadrant ofthe screen. To make him jump, tap or hold the upper left side ofthe screen. Bombs bounce; they never go away--unless they collidewith you. Hide from them inside the safe zone. The safe zone movesto a new position every 6 seconds. The highest score is saved, anddisplayed on the start-up screen. Your strategy will involveremembering that avoiding a bomb is better than collecting a fruit,since a bomb subtracts 2 points, but a fruit adds 1 point. An AdMobadvertisement, designed and implemented by Google, will appear onyour screen. Be advised that AdMob makes a network connection toload an advertisement.
Snake of Spheres 1.0 APK
Steven Kaminsky
A variation of the classic Snake Game. This one is in perspective3D,and it's fast-paced. You can't slow down or stop this speedysnake. He can even go off the edge of the game board. Don't lethim: total time out of bounds is monitored--watch the healthbar--and if it adds up to more than 10 seconds, you lose! Ofcourse, you also lose if your snake bites its own tail. You can,however, control the snake's direction of motion. You control thehead of the snake. Turn it left by touching/holding the lower leftside of the screen, or by tilting the screen to the left. Turn itright by touching/holding the lower right side of the screen, or bytilting the screen to the right. To win, collect all 40 snake bodysegments by colliding the head into them, attaching them to thebody. The music is copyrighted by me. Subscribe to Steven Kaminskyat Youtube to hear some of my song compositions.
Tipping Towers 2.0 APK
Steven Kaminsky
Challenge your problem-solving abilities. Sharpen and exercise yourmind with these 36 puzzles. The first few are easy, so you can getthe feel for basic navigation and strategy. Your goal is to movethe purple player piece onto the red box. Move by pressing the 4arrow buttons in the screen's corners. Move on the tops of uprighttowers or on the sides of fallen towers. The player piece on anupright tower can tip it onto adjacent, empty squares by pressingthe correct corner arrow button. The circular arrow controls rotatethe camera around the board. To choose a different puzzle, pressthe "next" or ""prev" buttons on the start-up screen. If you arebaffled and need to restart or see the solution, press the middleof the game-board screen. Knocking over a tower and then raising itis as part of your solution is considered cheating, and not part ofa true solution.The graphics are 3D, giving you the feel of a realgame-board.The song, "Like Yesterday," is copyright 2014 StevenKaminsky. Hear it with lyrics on "youtube": type "Steven Kaminsky"in the youtube search bar. Choose the "Steven Kaminsky" icon withthe cosmic, nebula background.