1.1 / May 31, 2019
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Get ready for multiple challenges of extreme car crash in thecarcrash derby simulator game. The main objective is to drivecar,with the violation of all the rules i.e; violation oftrafficsignals. Car driver should drive the car harshly. Race yourcar,smash it into multiple obstacles by hitting other cars andwreckthem into pieces. Enjoy High Speed Car Crash on city highwaysandbumpy roads of offroad in this car crash stunt drivingsimulator.Destroy everything you see in the open world drivingarena, conquerthe environment. When you will play car crashsimulator game youwill feel the realistic car physics. Become a prodriver, crack themetals, break glass, burnout tires, perform rampstunts, jump caras high as you can, drive & drift at your max,blow your carengine by full heating, crash smash hit run, thrash& breakeverything into pieces. So, perform impossible carstunts on thederby arena extreme car jump. Take a real test of yourdrivingskills by this car crash simulator game. It's your missiontodestroy your opponent and earn the points. Car crash is suchachallenging gameplay in which the stunt racer has to facemanyhurdles. Real car crashing & smash racing on the streets towinthe crash race will add this crashing car simulator, the partofall real car crash games. You can enjoy the speed car crashderbysimulator game and race like a real pro and improve yourdrivingskills as well. Features: -Realistic physics of car crashgameplay.-Awesome 3D graphics. -Race and ride on the track at fastspeed.-Multiple speed bumps with impossible 3D tracks. -Real carmodelsfor car destruction. -Best sound effects. -Super smoothcontrol.-You can change the control and settings at any time.

App Information Extreme Car Derby Crash Driver

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    Extreme Car Derby Crash Driver
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  • Updated
    May 31, 2019
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  • Requires Android
    Android 4.1 and up
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  • Developer
    Green Turtle Games
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    Travel & Local
  • Developer
    14 Zubaida Park,Multan Road Lahore,Punjab Pakistan
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