1.0.2 / October 15, 2016
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Are you ready to enjoy extreme rooftop carracing stunts simulator game? Let’s fasten your seat belt andaccelerate the world fastest turbo V16 engine. It’s not only carracing fun game but complete package of real time car drivingsimulation, extreme car stunts and many more hurdle escapesadventure missions! Staying on roof, pulling out jumps on time,avoid hitting barriers to complete challenge is what makes you aperfect driver of the city roof top stunt adventures.

A game for fans of real fast racing car stunts & drivingsimulation, with modern car models and breath-taking 3D graphicsenvironments that will also delight gt racing simulationsupporters. Do a curved roof top stunt and don’t miss all checkpoints while you avoid the jumping across the buildings! Accept thechallenge to be the ultimate turbo car driver! Are you skilledenough to master your car in the most original ways?! Let's see ifyou can survive the most modern stunt & demolition arena! Inthis arcade fast racing simulator game you accelerate your waythrough terrifying loops tracks and crazy rooftop jumps to escapehitting hurdles. Furious drive at your high speed and you willcomplete the missions on time. Move with the skills of a pro stuntdriver! There is no need to brake due to traffic accident, or worryabout the police chasing behind you!

Be a fearless stuntman to perform incredible car stunts in variouschallenging levels and many more hurdle escapes adventure missions.Drag your car all the tricky way to the buildings and let’sexperience the crazy driving in this vintage cars simulator game.Get exposure to several game-play levels with mini car driving and4x4 vehicle stunts. Bring out your extreme driving skills in thispassionate nitro speed car stunts challenge. Those who loveperforming high level car stunts, furious driving, dangerous turnsand multiple hurdles. Extreme car stunts arena challenge beginswith an extra dose of amazing multiple vehicles and stunt cars. Goagainst hurdles, car smashing ramps, high jumps and real high speedgt racing simulator. There are many twist and turns on all tracksso be careful with your drive. It’s an ultimate survival testagainst all balances with your extreme car driving skills. Thesports & vintage classic car Stunts game will give you thethrilling adventure of gt racing, driving, drifting and extremebreathtaking stunts. The classic car driving on the real fastracing tracks is nothing less than awesome escape mission. You willmaster the simulation and furious driving skills.

The real challenging gameplay missions will make your drive withextreme top speed drifts and perform air car stunts. Prove yourselfas the real stuntman and perform massive jumps and survive theimmense task. Amazing 3D environment presents the most challengingstunts!

Extreme City Car Escape Stunts Game Features:

• Variety of Amazing Sport and Stunt Cars
• Amazingly Beautiful 3D Environments
• Extremely Precise Driving Simulation
• Responsive and Intuitive Driving Experience
• Smooth Controls, Engine, Brake and Boost Updates
• Cool visual and sound effects
• Amazing Environments
• Realistic Driving Experience

We hope you will enjoy this adventures racing stunts & sportscar racing simulation game. Your comments & ratings are welcomeand will help us in creating even better games for you.

App Information Extreme City Car Escape Stunts

  • App Name
    Extreme City Car Escape Stunts
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    October 15, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Vital Games Production
  • Installs
    500 - 1,000
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
    Visit website Email vitalgamesproduction@gmail.com Privacy Policy
    Flat No. 104 B Block Al Khwther Building No 2 Al Muwailah Near Old Army Camp. Sharjah UAE
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