1.11 / April 25, 2017
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Let’s get ready for another day of extremetruck driving simulator. Transport the fruits and drive your realtruck in this modern truck trailer driving game. Load your cargo onthe farm tractor and start your daily route delivering fresh fruitsand vegetables to the mountain people. Don’t lose too much of yourfresh cargo. Get ready to experience some beautiful mountain hillclimbing maps in this great hill driver simulator 3D game.

Drive multiple hill farm tractor in this big truck drivingsimulator. Transport fruits, wheat, hay, barrels and vegetables onhill climbing roads. Play as the extreme driver to transport fruitsand vegetables to various destinations. Ultimate hill truck drivingchallenge begins with farming material transport drive. Ride afully loaded heavy cargo truck on roads over mountains and steeppaths is a difficult tasks in hill farm games. Make this extremeSUV driving look easy with you pro driver skills. Get ready for thereal driving. A new challenge in this extreme hill drivingsimulator games. Narrow roads, uphill paths and the real feel ofnature begins with farm simulator. Drive with great care, keepingthe safety of your freight intact. The extreme weather conditionswill make your transport duty even hard. Drive with precisionthrough rocky hills and mountain to master the truck driving andtruck parking skills. Drive Ahead and perform the transportationservices in this farming simulator. Farming material transportthrough the hills is an adventure ride you’ve been waitingfor.

Cruise through the peaks of various hillsides while deliveringluggage in this farm games. The view is to die-for and the missionis adventurous! Drive a huge tractor on rugged hills in thistractor game; it’s quite the test to your skills to drive farmtruck 3D! Be careful not to have the cargo topple down and getforever lost. Are you ready for the uphill battle tractorsimulator.

Extreme Drive Hill Farm Truck Features:
• Drive with extreme safety
• Real Experience of Driving Cargo
• 20 Exciting Gameplay Missions
• Smooth Steering, Brakes, Drifting & Lifting
• Attractive 3D environment with hill climbing
• Thrill of Driving on Hills, Mountains and Steep Paths

App Information Extreme Drive: Hill Farm Truck

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    Extreme Drive: Hill Farm Truck
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  • Updated
    April 25, 2017
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    3D Games Village
  • Installs
    10,000 - 50,000
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Discover real driving adventure with ZooAnimal Transport Truck. The hunting superheroes have planned tocraft their own zoo, an exotic world of animals with underwatermarine, unusual species of sky birds, adorable zoo animals,predators, habitats and forest wild animals for travelers andexplorers attraction. The hunters have been chasing wild animals,hunt them down and loaded them in a transport truck. Rush them tothe zoo in a fast heavy duty transportation vehicle in the wholechaos. Buckle your seat belt, hold your steering, and let yourcrazy wheels moving in this ultimate transportation game. There areElephants, Lions, Wolf, Fox, Rhinoceros, Zebra, Hippo, Deer, Bearand Horse. Drive through the streets, escape road traffic and reachyour destination.Get ready for a wild ride. Transporting these zoo animals to thetown from various islands, forests, continents and tropical placessafely is going to be so much fun. This heavy truck drivingtransport simulator involves animal control. Take up this zooanimal transport challenge and show your drivers skills. Forgetyour fears. This is not a faint hearted person’s job. Handling alivestock cattle cow, goat and sheep is much easier thancontrolling the untamed king of the jungle wild cheetahs, hugeelephant, clever fox, ferocious bear, quick deer, heavy hippo andhungry zebra. Drive & deliver these creatures in a heavytrailer and unload them in the zoo where they belong. Be careful,these beasts are untrained, they can jump off the vehicle, attackpeople, harm them or kill them. Feel the thrill and adventure ofthe danger involved.Zoo Animal Transport Truck Features• Drive with extreme safety• Awesome truck driving challenge missions• Attractive 3D environment• Realistic animations• Smooth Steering, Brakes, Drifting & Lifting• Transporting Lion, Elephant, Deer, Bear, Wolf, Fox, Rhino, Hippo,Horse & Zebra• Thrill of transportation Driving on city roads and SteepPathsThis big truck is like a cargo transporter used for delivery. Bethe delivery driver, load the wild beasts, drive through thestreets, avoid off-road places, steep hill climbing and unload themnear their cages. It’s a tough job. Ensure their safe and sounddelivery to the city zoo. You’ve got a proper parking area to parkyour heavy-duty transporter truck for off loading. The hunterschase and hunt these wild creatures in the jungle, shoot to catchthem and transport them to zoo.
Offroad Hill Drive Cargo Truck 1.13 APK
Offroad Hill Drive Cargo Truck is an extremehill climbing transport truck driving challenge. Avoid smashypathways, do not crash and burn on steep paths, drive ahead on themountains, bypass ambulance, public transport, schoolbus and carsto reach in time. Enjoy this truck simulator game for kids!Enjoy world craft exploration, show your skills as the ultimate protrucker to operate heavy duty transporter truck with trailercarrying cargo woods, luggage barrels, logs, vehicles, relief cargoand cars. Rush back for a total destruction. The steep mountainoff-roads are full of danger, drive & collect cargo, steer theoffroad hill climber truck with safety. Do not crush the peoplewhile racing to the top. There is no traffic regulation. Escape thepublic crowded areas, drive far away from the urban cityenvironment. It has the best hill climbing Truck driving simulatorexperience to fulfill your driving fever with a beautiful hillyenvironment. Get ready for an extreme adventure of craft drivingsimulation. Be a superhero driver to drop the luggage safely. It’sa real entertainment for all the driving simulator fans withamazing concepts physics behind for a smoother game play.Be careful on dangerous twists and turns and deliver cargo safely.Operate mega transporter machine and transport cargo to thedestination areas. Rugged terrains are not easy to drive on sobring out the real hill climbing driver inside you. Go through themountains and hills with high speed. Land sliding could block yourpath anytime. Extreme weather conditions with rainfalls andlighting could make your drive even more difficult.Offroad Hill Drive Cargo Truck Features• Drive with extreme safety• Awesome hill climber truck driving challenge missions• Attractive 3D environment with hill climbing• Realistic animations• Smooth Steering, Brakes, Drifting & Lifting• Transporting Logs, Wooden Boxes, Cars, jeeps, barrels andMore• Thrill of Driving on Hills, Mountains and Steep PathsRoam around the uphill area, collect luggage and drop them to theirdestination. Watch out for hill climbing and do not crush thepedestrians while you drive through the routes. Rush to yourdestination on scheduled time. Become a real uphill climbing racinggame driver and roam around the area.
Off Road Tourist Bus Simulator 1.12 APK
Experience the most realistic extreme OffroadTourist Bus Simulator full of thrill and adventure to pick up anddrop off passengers to their destination. Let’s play the mostthrilling tourist transporter bus game ever. There are touristsfrom all around the world; hill sides, mountain tops and suburbancity environments especially this summer season for adventurous andcraziest offroad bus driving. They need safe and fast transports tofeel the real offroad bus driving to fulfill the duty of passengertransportation. Enjoy twisted turns, occasional hill climbing,breathtaking gameplay scenes and real-time physics. Be the furiousdriver to fulfill your transportation duty. Standout as the topdriver of heavy duty vehicles.Be careful while driving your vehicle. Chauffeur around the offroadurban city tracks with water, hill tops, rocks and beautifultourist attractions nature scenes. Drive bus on steep paths whilepicking up and dropping off the tourists to hill stations or city.Experience an ultimate off-road drive in this extreme hill drivingadventure. Drive the off-road tourist bus filled with passengersinside. Being a bus driver on offroad mountains and hills is not aneasy task. Enjoy hours of non stop bus driving duty with multiplegameplay missions in tourist bus simulator. Show your skills totransport the tourists safe and sound to their stops. Have fun allthe way, drifting and climbing. Boost tourism in your area. Avoidheavy traffic, do not rush to the over crowded blocky places. Makesure you do not block the path creating a traffic jam.Off Road Tourist Bus Simulator Features• A complete off-road environment with hill station, mountains andsuburban city environment• Adventurous & Thrilling bus driving ride• Extreme & dangerous turns• Explore the huge rider map• Hours of driving fun with bus driver duty• Pick up and drop off tourists to their destinations• High quality graphics and most realistic game playThis furious offroad hill climbing driving and racing game givesyou many hours of nonstop gaming fun fever. Each level has a uniquechallenge. Playing such speed driving games have never been thismuch fun. Drive safe till you finish the level. Precision drivingis most important factor for finishing the awesome game levels.Enjoy ultimate adventures of mountain, hills and offroadtracks.
Offroad Snow Tourist Bus Drive 1.15 APK
Drive as the offroad snow tourist bus driverin winter season for survival, it’s a pick and drop transportergame with realistic snow off road bus driving in multipleenvironments like hilly mountain and city for survival. Drive tourbus and transport tourists in snowy world. Off road snow touristBus Drive is filled with challenging drive, drifting on slipperydangerous roads and passenger transport driving. Control your busrace through the difficult paths and Play as hill driver who can dosome extreme mountain bus hill climbing for survival. Tourists arewaiting at the hill top bus station so be quick to give them thetransport service they need in time. Be safe avoid hitting themountains & bring your best driving skills in this challenginggame of off road tourist bus driving survival game.It’s a survival game, drive carefully hills are dangerous, controlyour vehicle properly and don’t let it fall off the cliff, keep thetourists safe. Survive your way to the snowy mountains. Touristsneed a fast transporter Bus driver for their pick and drop from thecity to the hill climbing mountain tops covered with show, so befast race and rush to your destination, you might face heavy snowfall while driving so be careful and drive safely with perfection.Holidays, New Year and Christmas are full of tourists waiting forthe Big Bus as their transport to get to their destination. It’s aRealistic Bus hill racing game. Don’t let you vehicle Drift fromthe path but control it as real driver.Be a bus driver fasten your seat belts and drive extreme offroadsnow bus tourist drive game. Tourist bus hill climbing is full ofthrill and adventure to pick up and drop passengers to theirdestination. Bring back the tourist from different hill station tothe city. Get the real feel of nature with realistic off road busdriving on hills and mountain tops. Play as the extreme snow hillbus driver to fulfill the duty of passenger transportation. Touristalways need safe and fast transports especially in winter seasonwhen people move to hill sides, so be the furious bus driver inyour transporter services. Drive bus carefully on hills with steeppaths picking up tourist from hill station and drop them in thecity hotels. Also pick the student from school and drop them athill station. Have you ever experienced an off-road drive? Be thebus driver to drive off-road tourist bus in this extreme offroadsnow hill driving transporter game.Offroad Snow Tourist Bus Drive Features• Tour Bus Driving in a Winter Snow Season• Multiple Environments Like Mountains, Hills and City• Tourists and School Students Pick and drop with BusTransporter• Different Day and Night Time Environments• Explore the city with Snow Tourist Bus Driver• Hours of Driving Fun with Bus Driver transporter• Smooth Steering, Brakes and Drifting• Adventurous & Thrilling Bus Driving• Extreme Bus Driving with Dangerous Turns• A complete Hill Station Environment to Explore• Pick and Drop Tourist and students to their Destinations• A complete City Environment with Traffic System to Explore
Taxi Driver: Hill Simulator 3D 1.14 APK
Fasten your seat belt and get ready for thethrilling drive as a tourist transporter in this extreme taxidriver hill station simulator 2016 3D game.Tourist taxi hill climbing is full of thrill and adventure to pickup and drop passengers to their destination. Taxi driving gets moreelectrifying with this all new hill station simulator game. Drivethrough offroad roads and experience a gorgeous hill station likenever before. Drive at high speed and don’t let curvy paths andtreacherous turns slow you down. The passengers are waiting, SOSPEED UP!Transport passengers without the hassle and risk by tapping intovarious controls and driving settings. Bring back the tourist fromdifferent hill station to the city. Get the real feel of naturewith realistic offroad taxi driving on hills and mountain tops.Play as the extreme taxi driver to fulfill the duty of passengertransportation. Tourist always need safe and fast transportsespecially in summer season when people move to hill sides, so bethe furious taxi driver in your transportation duty. Standout asthe top driver of heavy duty vehicles. Adventurous and craziest offroad taxi driving with real-time physics, hill top driving, twistedturns and breathtaking gameplay scenes. Scenic 3D environment,different weather conditions and vehicles with detailed interiorsmake you feel like the master of your trade. Enjoy easy controlsand smooth game play while cruise through the offroad.Taxi Driver: Hill Simulator 3D is packed with thrilling andexciting pick and drop missions where you have to pick passengersfrom distant places and take them to their destination on time. TheSights of rocky, green and snow dumped hills adds enjoyment to thejourney. The gameplay revolves inside the mountains, hill tops,water, rocks and beautiful nature scenes.Taxi Driver: Hill Simulator 3D Features• Adventurous & Thrilling taxi Driving• Amazing Environment with Hills, Mountains Etc.• Pick and Drop Tourist to their Destinations• Amusing Visual and Sounds Effects• Summer and Winter Season Simulation.• Realistic Animated Passengers.
Ultimate Lion Attack Survival 1.1 APK
Get ready for a brand new series of king ofthe jungle. Would you like to live life or wild lion. Do you wantto be a real lion? Dominate the world being a jungle lion. Enjoythe wildest adventure time with Ultimate Lion Attack Survival 3Dgame. Hunt for the real zebra, deer, hippo and bear in thissimulator 3D adventure and show off your real wildness.Strive to survive! Explore the beautifully designed wildernesswhere you’ve roamed many long days as a cub! Remember to mark yourterritory. Life of lion is full of courage and pride. In the wildjungle, he is the king. But searching for food is not that easy.You need to help the angry lion attack other wild animals. Searchfor the bear, deer, hippo and zebra in the jungle along the hillyside. They might be hiding somewhere around.Lion and show your anger towards animal slaying. Complete differentmissions including protecting lion cubs from the hunters andhunting down and killing poachers. Save from other animals and tryto survive in the wild for as long as you can. Evolve to be theking the wild world. Jump into a brand new adventure as a ferociousLion! Brave a dangerous new world to claim your place at the top ofthe food chain! Recruit and raise yourself, hunt down prey to feedyour pride, and battle for your life against fierce bosses like thedeadly trio of Hyenas.Ultimate Lion Attack Survival FeaturesIncrease health, attack and enduranceAwesome background green hill and jungleInteresting Game PlaySmooth and intuitive controlsStunning & High Quality 3D GraphicsEasy and fun to playHunt, eat, drink, and sleep to maintain your health andenergyMultiple types of attack combos including Bite, Claw, Pounce, andmore
Offroad Oil Cargo Truck Sim 3D 1.12 APK
Drive heavy trucks to excavate through andtransport the oil cargo to their destination in time in this oilcargo game, Heavy vehicles driver now excavate the oil cargo truckand drive carefully the loaded truck on the off road to transportthe oil cargo to the destination. In this simulation game you needto drive heavy trucks and attach huge fuel tankers with it. Offroad driving is a difficult task for you as a off-road oil cargotruck driver. You need to transport fuel to factories or petrolstations. Let’s go off-road and show your extreme driving skills inthis oil cargo truck sim 3D.Let’s see how you perform real transporter driver duty in thisextreme “Offroad Oil Cargo Truck Sim 3D" game. Race through theoffroad hilly traffic avoiding smashy pathways, do not crash andburn on steep paths, drive ahead in the suburban offroadenvironment, bypass rescue ambulance, public transport, policecars, school bus and cars to reach in time. Do use crane to offload the Cargo Train from Oil and Load the heavy 18 wheeler truckwith help of Heavy Machinery or Crane. Rush back to yourdestination, steer your vehicle carefully. Escape your craziestfears. Follow traffic regulations or the cops will fine you in thischaos. Park your cargo transportation truck in a proper parkingarea. Enjoy world craft exploration, show your skills as theultimate pro trucker to operate heavy duty transporter truck withtrailer carrying oil luggage barrels.Rush back for a total destruction. Avoid steep mountain off-roadsthat are full of danger. Drive & collect cargo, steer theoffroad hill climber trucker with safety. Do not crush the peoplewhile racing to the destination. Follow the traffic regulation.Escape the public crowded areas & highways, drive far away fromthe urban city environment. It has the best truck driving simulatorexperience to fulfill your driving fever with a beautifulenvironment. Get ready for an extreme adventure of craft drivingsimulation.Be careful on dangerous twists and turns and deliver cargo safely.Operate mega transporter machine and transport cargo to thedestination areas. Rugged terrains are not easy to drive on sobring out the real hill climber driver inside you. Extreme weatherconditions with rainfalls and lighting could make your drive evenmore difficult. Get onboard, buckle your seat belt and let theengines rolling. Keep an eye on the routes where your goods is tobe picked up or dropped off. There are many people calling you tothe Midtown city for transportation. Be the best driver totransport them wherever they are supposed to be. Experience all themadness of off-road bus driving simulator game. This furious busdriving and racing game gives you many hours of nonstop gaming funfever. Each level has a unique challenge. Playing such speeddriving games have never been this much fun. Drive safe till youfinish the level. Precision driving is most important factor forfinishing the awesome game levels. Enjoy ultimate adventures ofcity driving and forget mountain, hills and offroad tracks.Offroad Oil Cargo Truck Sim 3D Features• Drive with extreme safety• Awesome truck driving challenge missions• Attractive 3D environment• Realistic animations• Smooth Steering, Brakes, Drifting & Lifting• Transporting Oil barrels• Thrill of transportation Driving on off roads and Steep hillclimbing PathsRoam around, collect luggage and drop them to their destination.Watch out for hill climbing and do not crush the pedestrians whileyou drive through the routes. Rush to your destination on scheduledtime. Enjoy one of the best cargo truck games you have ever playedbefore. Precision and speed driving can let you deliver your cargowith safety. If you have ever controlled a forklift or a heavy-dutyvehicle, this one is going to be an ultimate adventure for you. Youmight see racers, thief, cops, robbers, traffic jam and pedestriansall around the city. Enjoy the ride!
Buggy Driving 1.6 APK
Live the dream of Buggy Racer a real world ofkart racing! Buggy Driving is the most authentic simulationgame.Take control of Buggy Driving simulator in a huge environment with6 risky roads. You’ll enjoy sliding sideways around the corners tocompete for the highest score in traffic rider speed up game. Areyou ready to have your racing driver license? Test your real driveskills with this moto 3D game. Buggy Driving is one of the bestdriving 3D game in endless game simulators.Buggy Driving is a deep and realistic city auto motorsport. Willyou drift, draft or smash your way to endless furious racing. Racefor dominance in this high addictive city island in immersive citylocation. Launch yourself between chaos and control as you hit theloud pedal and roll into city driving. Experience the thrillingcrazy drive in the desert adventure. Try your luck and commendedthe legend among the desert motocross. Select your buggy for desertriders. The new thrilling fantasy jungle adventure is here ! Enjoythe jungle driving through the mysterious jungle in this jungleescape game. Collecting as many coins as you can to be jungle king.Drive into an action-packed, surprise-filled lava environment. Livethe dream of lava driving. Live the dream of kart driver in thissubway environment. Driving Subway rush is a very interestingrunning game. The dodge and race fantasy on subway. There are a lotof challenges in this subway moto rush. Dodge all the incomingkart, Make use the cool power-up to increase your speed and runfast to the finish line. Looking for challenge mission withexciting gameplay? This is what you are looking for, be the bestSubway Racing Fever game. Conquer street and sky in the citytraffic Buggy Driving game now!Buggy Driving Features• Easy to learn and drive• Multiple buggy to choose from• Endless Riding & Detailed Environment• Stunning 3D graphics and Realistic Gameplay• Intuitive tile or touch controls to steer Buggy• Detailed City, Beach, Desert, Jungle, Lava and Subwayenvironments• Endless fun!