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This Extreme kung fu extreme fighting game is the free bestfighting game. The final fighter game combines the features ofaction fighting and role-playing, together have this actionfighting game.Play the ultimate Kung Fu Champions combat game! Jointhe world of war as a super hero fighter who is killing everyassassin he meets! The Kung Fu fighter killers come to death arenato fight single head2head battle called death war.You are a kung-fufighter and well-trained punch boxer. Be the legend: free fightinggames, which is quite a time passing exciting thing among freefighter games, and show your actions against the strike fighters ofroads.Our best game is a combo and extreme best fighting games withfree adventures for best fighters. In this game, you are a kung fufighter who fight against the dangerous fighter trainers, whichturns away real best fight with the win or dead rules.The best kungfu final fighter is the action game of fighting, enter the world ofa king of fighting and overcome your rivals dead or alive.Challenge the ultimate Kung Fu fighters, try different styles,punch in all enemies, kick out all other king fighters.UltimateCity Fighting delivers sweet arcade taste to you. Challengeyourself in this addictive, easy to use, old-school arcade punchboxing game.Become a Strongest Fighter in the action fightinggameIn a game, you need to use different techniques to fightagainst your opponent, be the legend in this ultimate fightinggame. Our best fighting arcade is more adventurous than actiongames, where you are super hero and fights against the best fightertrainers. The fight between super hero vs. dangerous boxingfighters becomes largest fighting competition when new dominantmodes come in between. You are the best fighter and want to leaveyour group, but your group has other ideas. You are a super heroand you need to fight with modern punch boxing techniques, you willhave new fighting skills which you will apply against the ninjakiller to knock them out. Learn to punch on the mouth, become amaster in leg kicks and make the fight attack in the Ultimate fightgame.One to One Fighting ModeIn the fighting arcade, you are a welltrained kung fu fighter! In the street punch boxing, you need to bestreet smart and outfitted with punch boxing. Combat continuously,that is the key to street brawls against trained strike fightersand knocks out the opponent with incredible kung fu actions. Thisextreme fight kungfu action: fighting games 2018 is arcade game inthe genre of the endless arcade, an opportunity to be street champby knocking out legend fighters. To be a legend fighter, you musthave guts of street brawls and other useful fighting techs likekick punch boxing and many others. Wander streets and try to be astreet champ by appearing legend in street wrestling contestsagainst the kung fu fighters. You’ll have to apply all these moderntechniques.Extreme Action Fighting Club Game FeaturesUniquefighting styles: Kung fu and kicks and punches. To knock enemiesdown with the protean attack.• Stunning 3D graphics.•Straightforward and smooth touching screen and RealisticEnvironment.• Attractive environment to show your fighting skills.•Upgradable and customizable characters.• Realistic soundeffects.Download and have fun playing this best fighting game.

App Information Extreme Fighter Champion Clash Of Fighting Club

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    Extreme Fighter Champion Clash Of Fighting Club
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    May 18, 2018
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    KARATECH - Free Games
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Virtual Cop: Robbery 1.1 APK
Do you want to memorize the early 90’s Shooting game at yourandroid device? Then download and play top free Virtual Cop:Robbery from Google Play Store.Virtual Cop: Robbery is top firstperson shooting arcade game and play this game as a police officerand use a light gun to shoot criminals and all mafia groups who aretrying to robbery in the bank. Different criminals and mafia groupslike Mexico City Mafia, Las Vegas City Mafia, Miami City Mafia,Chicago City Mafia and Russian City Mafia have gathered andcombined to steal and robbery in the bank of the top world places.Shooting the criminal or enemy is the main cause during the gameplay of Virtual Cop: Robbery. The police man must face the hardtime from the opponents enemy and the bank robbers who areprofessionally criminals and the members of the different mafiagroups. Be careful from the criminals you just have one life inwhich you need to kill and shoot them all. All the Russian robberscombined with the American robbers and have planning to search thetop banks in different U.S cities to robbery in the banks. ThisVirtual Cop: Robbery game is quite different from the other sniperassassin and shooting games because you just have light gun to killand shoot the criminals in just one life.Story:A police departmentdetective receive the report about the illegal activity in top citybank and traces through different other officers by the seriouscriminal syndicate named “Crime City” or “Criminal Case”. Hecomplies the large no of evidence and also take the special taskforce to kill and shoot these criminals. I must say this ischallenge for you to shoot the criminals and bank robbers.GameFeatures:• The most exciting, challenging and addictive game play.•Play as a police officer to shoot the bank robbers.• Use tap toshoot.• Attractive HD graphics.• Multiple game modes.• Cops andsteal bank Robbers simulation.• Realistic Police vs Thief game.
Extreme Highway Rider - Traffic Rider Moto Racer 1.4 APK
Extreme Highway Rider is an adventure game based on highway trafficracer skills which supports real bike racing physics. Users willassume a role of a bike racer on a highway to beat thetraffic.

Extreme Highway Rider is an addictive new endlessarcade traffic racing game. Dominate the highways with the fastestmotorbikes in the world. Do you think driving on a highway is easy?Well, it is not, especially when you are going with 180 mph on acrowded road! Avoiding the cars is your only chance. Are you a realrider, a racer...? Get ready for Extreme Highway Rider.Get ready toride super bike racing game dashing rivals with race adventure,lots of real life action, eye catching stunts and thrill onamazingly detailed modern racing tracks in a Highway Rider Game.Prove yourself as the best extreme traffic rider in HighwayTrail Bike Racer. Racing best in bike action game. Completeprevious level to get into next level, every next level is muchmore challenging and strategic demanding than the previousone. Complete all the levels by achieving challengingobjectives and performing stunts on dangerous tracks riding againstprofessional bike riders to become best bike racer in stunt bikeracing games. 

Extreme Highway Rider is the best of bikeracing games and one of the best game in traffic endless gamesimulations in 2017. Amazing motorbike models, addictive gameplayand intense traffic competitions are ready for motorbike racers toburn rubbers on asphalt streets with action packed traffic ridergame! Extreme Highway Traffic Rider takes endlessmotorbike racing to whole new level. Remember to avoid fire trucks,blazing cars and even road blocks. The essence of smooth arcaderacing is still there but in the shell of the next generation. Rideyour bike in the endless highway roads overtaking the traffic,upgrade and buy new bikes to beat the traffic.

Now it is time tohit the roads with a motorcycle!
If you are crazy for realmotorcycle games and bike racing games then you will definitelyenjoy a real bike drag on a highway among traffic in this ExtremeHighway Rider game.FEATURES: • Realistic motorbike handling. •Incredible 3D graphics even on low-end devices. • Enjoy extreme 3Dvisuals. • Different motorbikes to choose from. • Real motorsounds. • Detailed environments. • Online leaderboards andachievements. • Tilt steering. • Endless game mode. • The fasteryou ride, the more scores you get. • While driving overtake trafficcars closely to get bonus scores and cash. • Easy to learn anddrive. • Free to play.

*** No Timers, No Fuel *** Just pureendless fun!
Extreme Highway Rider will be updated regularly withyour suggestions. Don't forget to leave a review with yourfeedback.
Airstrike Gunship Battle 1.4 APK
Let’s download and enjoy the fully featured Air Strike GunshipBattle in the palm of your hand from Google Play Store at yourandroid device for free. It offers you the most comprehensive AirStrike Battle from your aircraft which is heavily equipped withheavy guns for attacking enemies in the ground. Get ready tooperate the Gunship Battle aircraft for an air strike chasemission. Being the trained aircraft trained pilot chase and killyour enemies from air. In Air Strike Gunship Battle feel theconceptualization of the word War where you serve for your countryagainst enemies and forces on the way of attacking on yours armyheadquarter. This is the real gunship battle game in which you canair strike, shooting and kill the monsters vehicles, Jeeps, tanksand soldiers which convoy and try to enter with the ammunition inyour army base. You have assigned a mission as top air strikegunship fighter and pilot to kill and destroy the enemy army convoyambush and stop them to enter in your base. You act as a one manarmy and fighter who needs to survive in this battle and completethe air gunship mission. Your air craft have equipped with thelatest anti ground oriented weapons that are integrated withsophisticated sensors, navigation and fire control system andAmmunition to destroy your rivals and opponents, save and survivehimself from the brutal enemy attack.Game Features:• Beautifulrealistic 3d battlefield • Flight simulation combined in air strikegunship battle• Modern army weapons• 3D and HD Graphics• Strategicgame play• Ai striking Summoners war game• Stunning 3D graphics inreal physics gesture control Real sound effects• Good control ofthe weapons• Level oriented game• Accuracy of navigation and firewill bring better resultHow to play:• Hit shoot button to killenemy• Swipe to adjust the playing screen• User zoom/camera buttonto closer lookDownload and Play “Air Strike Gunship Battle” anddon’t forget to give your valuable feedback and suggestions for theimprovement. We are continuously update our game.
Dinosaur Hunter 3D Survival Adventure Free Game 1.8 APK
Experience the thrill of being an actual Dinosaur Hunter and JeepDriver in the Mountains.Dinosaur hunting is real thrill and fun ifyou shoot and crush dino with Jeep. Dinosaurs like brontosaurus hadruled the land in the prehistoric period thousand yearsbefore.Dinosaur Hunting Free is best game with ancient to modernweapons and Jeep Driving in beautiful 3D real world with greenplants.Feel Realistic world dinosaur hunter in this dinosaursgames. There are different dinosaurs noises in this game to makeyou feel real dinosaur hunting. there are more than multiple typesof dinosaurs for hunting with multiple high quality weapons.Thedinosaurs might sense your presence so take your best shot tobecome the best huntsman of wild jungle! Your main mission in thisdinosaur hunting adventure free game is to hunt down the dino asthe best jungle sniper of 2018 but watch out for attackingpredators as they are roaming freely in the forest! Kill them allif needed. So don’t hold back, grip your Launcher tightly, take aperfect aim, test your sniper shooter skills as a real dino huntingexpert and don't let them escape. Experience grand sniper shootingin the real jungle wilderness environment as a real hero and winthis hunting challenge.Experience Grenade throwing, Archeryshooting and in ancient mode you can kill dino with sword, shieldand bow in this dinosaur hunter free game.If you love playinganimal shooting and dino hunting games then dinosaur hunter free isfor you as it gives you a chance of dino hunting and hunting wildcreatures in grand exotic forest environment and will let youbecome the dinosaur hunting pro hero of 2018. Your trust on assaultrifle skills will come handy while your hunt. Dinosaur Hunter Freegives you an amazing experience with real 3D graphics, engagingsound effect, the best dino hunting ground and driving red jeep andcrushing dinos.Keep in the mind dinosaurs are dangerous and attackyou and you have to kill them as soon as possible may be they willnot be killed with one bullet because of their big size.if you area real hunter they go and pick assault rifle of you choice andstart hunting.Game Features:• Actual thrill of dino chases anddeadly dino attack• Amazing graphics and prehistoric environments •Multiple thrilling levels with different number of dinosaurs.•Awesome game play with attacking animations.• Choose Dinosaur ofyour choice for hunting from multiple dinosaurs.• Easy and SmoothFirst person shooter guns included.
Deer Hunt Safari Sniper Animals Hunter 1.5 APK
Deer Hunting game is nowhere for you to have memorable ridingon the safari jeep and after reaching in the middle African jungleyou have to hunt the deers in the jungle. The jungle is full ofwildlife animals like deers, lions, elephants and foxes etc and youhave to hunt them to complete all the levels successfully. Getready to enjoy sniper hunting jungle animal game in whichyou have to aim, shoot and kill different wild animals like deer,lion, wolves, tiger, rabbit, hen, buffaloes etc. You have to be asharp sniper hunter and put the trigger professionally to hunt thejungle lives. This real shooting forest animals vs sniperhunter game is an exciting and thrilling simulation to alignthe gunshots and you will become best target shooter in thissniper hunter safari animal game. This adventurous wild hunterjungle shoot free game is a competition between you and dangerousanimals of the forest where you have to use modern weapons to killthem all. Realistic climate and sensational 3d graphics of thishunting jungle animal adventure will develop your interest and thisanimal hunter game is a free gameplay contain the compatible userinterface for shooting lovers. Probably you have played many deerhunting, lion hunting, and bull shooting game but thisjungle animal shooter 3d game is relatively advanced andmodern mode of hunting. You have to use different weapons likepistol, rifles, guns, and sniper to shoot the animals and unlimitedammunition will amuse you while taking a gunshot to thetarget. Aim and shoot the wild jungle animals and become thebest deer hunter. A jungle-like African jungle is herein sniper hunting game in which deers and other wildanimals are wondering, you have to find them and hunt them.Different powerful guns and pistols are available for you whichhave different shooting ranges, you have to select any gunaccording to your own choice and perform deer hunting. It isvery adventurous, thrilling and risky game. You will hunt thewild deers by putting your life into a big risk. Wild animalsincluding elephants, lions, and other deadly deeds can attack youand can kill you. You have to hunt them wisely without ignoring anyside & any wild animal. Hunt the deers before they attack youand kill you. Use Powerful guns to shoot and kill wild animals. Youwill get real-time wild animals hunting experience and you willbecome an expert hunter in the African jungle. Thereare multiple hunts challenging levels in this deer huntergame. All coming levels are more complex and more dangerous thanprevious one. You have to face these challenges and clear allcomplex levels. Safari hunter game is very realisticunique hunting idea. You will really like this safari deerhunting challenge 3D game. Simple and easy gameplay thanother deer hunting games on the Google play store.Everyone can play this deer shooting game improve yourlion hunting skills by playing this real hunting challenge2018 game.Different kinds of environments e.g. Snow, desert,mountains and jungle etc... in which you will hunt deers inthis hunting challenge game. 6 different challenging levels ineach environment with increasing number of deers to play andcomplete. If you want to become best jungle hunter then animalhunting game is waiting for you. install deer hunter2017 and enjoy its unique features. Main Features:
*Different guns and pistols to use for hunting.* wild animalsincluding lions, elephants, wolfs, deers etc... in the safarijungle.* Different environments e.g. snow, jungle, desert, andmountains.* 30 challenging levels in each environment withincreasing number of deers.* Unlimited bullets in the guns areavailable in this animal shooter 3d game.* Set Aim toexact target to the animals.* zoom camera to clear the target.* 3Dsafari park adventurous jungle environment.* Simple and easygameplay like shooting button, zoom camera button, joystick etc.
Spider City Strike 1.2 APK
A new breed spiders spread out somewhere in the city area, theworld in danger. You need to kill the spiders and save thehumanity. The bloody scary spiders are attacking your main cityarea and killing the humans there. You are the only one left whoneed to save the human beings from these monster spider.Spider CityStrike, is top free spider killing and shooting game which isavailable at Google Play Store for your android device. Spiders areair-breathing arthropods that have eight legs and chelicerae withfangs that inject venom. They are the largest order of arachnidsand rank seventh in total species diversity among all other ordersof organisms. Spiders are found worldwide on every continent exceptfor Antarctica, and have become established in nearly every habitatwith the exceptions of air and sea colonization. As of 2008, atleast 43,678 spider species, and 109 families have been recorded bytaxonomists, however, there has been dissension within thescientific community as to how all these families should beclassified, as evidenced by the over 20 different classificationsthat have been proposed since 1900.The main objective of the gameis to kill and shoot the spiders to save the mankind. A group ofspiders have attacked on city, civilians are being evacuated, soyou are a last hope for the residents in that blocked area, youhave to rescue the civilians with your accurate fighting andshooting tactics, you have to face and kill the all spiders toclear the area. You have a TT pistol and a machine gun which arefully loaded. But, remember the most important thing, spiders thosehave attacked, they are very dangerous and infected. You have tokill and finish them and survive yourself as well. If a spidercatch or kill you, you will lose the game. To get more and morescore you have to kill more spiders.There are two differentenvironments in the game, day light mode and night mode. You canchoose the environment whatever you want. Spiders are always verydangerous for humans and mankind. To destroy and kill all spiders,you need to become smart, active and accurate in aiming.GAMEFEATURES:• Real 3D graphics environment.• No Internet connectivityrequired while playing.• Great enjoyment and full of fun.• Strikeattacks.• Best TT Pistol and Machine gun for accurate shooting.•Experience the sensation of firing widely.• Easy Control.
Army Training Shooting Academy 1.1 APK
Test your special skill; arm and marshal yourself with deadly aloneepic war assassin machine guns.Here is a simple game for rangeshooting practice for all ages shooter. It’s a best range shootingpractice game. Get ready shooters to enjoy the best update of RealArmy Shooting Training of 2016 for army training on your androiddevice from google Play Store.Aim and Shoot! Modern Army WarTraining is #1 first person shooter game that will blow youaway!This game is designed to give user the best ever experience ofrange shooting game with real guns while keeping all points inmind. Think of a person who is in a competition, if he has somesort of prior experience which will help him to win the rivalry.While being in jungle as hunter, this range shooting game will helpyou to be the best shooter/hunter and taking the head shots withaccuracy. Also a soldier in war can also use the experience tobecome the best sniper shooter of all time. Being a soldier it’snecessary to aim, shoot and kill with accuracy. A best rangeshooter is one who don't miss the fire and shoot in head or in thecenter of his enemy. To be a new IGI Commando on the front line ofthe battlefield against the most dangerous terrorist threats to theglobal world order you have to train yourself hard in army range!This is a modern war fought by an alone army commando used to be aassassin shooter in the mountains once. Move through the levels injuicy first person missions and take the all-important KillShots!Protect your city by training all the so called soldiersroaming around the city. Last city is under attack you have toprotect your town by killing all the soldiers and become a war herobut for that you have to train hard to become a first class realshooting army commando. This fps game has three different kinds ofpistols you can use them if you have specified points. Targets:-Bottles- Glasses- Floating bottles in airFeatures:- Fire Button onbottom right.- Zoom button on bottom left.- Different ExcitingLevels- Thrilling sound effects - Bullet time!- Destroy-ableenvironment- Full functional army base environment!***New guns andnew exciting missions will be added soon***Your suggestion would beour great pleasure for the improvement of the games features timeto time.Follow us at;https://www.facebook.com/karatechgames/
Traffic Car Highway Racing: Driving Simulator 1.5 APK
Enjoy the ultimate racing game! The expressway traffic gives youthe world's most eye-catching and satisfying traffic escapeexperience!Rich road environment. The game started, through theendless busy road and the highway, be careful! Roads and highwaysare filled with high-speed cars. They can interfere with you! Onlythe best racers can perfectly avoid all the vehicles on the road.Itis free to play but in-game currency, to buy items such asdiamonds, VIP and gift, will be require payment with real money.But best news that buy items will be AD free in game!Super fastracing game with high quality engine, ride on against professionalracing rivals. Run as fast as you can, upgrading your car so thatkeep the best power, speed and durability. Only you have theskills, honor is waiting for you in racing events. Make sure yourskills can face all the challenges. On the asphalt pavement,endless traffic racing. Each model will become a new experience.Every place has its own atmosphere and feeling. In the perfectenvironment to face the complex traffic on the road, to become areal racer!Traffic Car Highway Racing: Driving Simulator is themost realistic cars drift racing game of infinity arcade racing.Drive your car smooth through Heavy traffic, earn cash, driveupdate, upgrade your cars and buy new speedy cars of your choice.Run your sport elite car smooth and be fast to perform car play andbe one of the fastest drivers and get fastest driving experience inTraffic Car Highway Racing: Driving Simulator. Endless car playracing is now about to redefined!Avoid vehicles in traffic. Getendless games on the road and let yourself release yourself. Breakthe rules, challenge the speed, win the victory.Rich roadenvironment. The traffic highway is setting a new standard fortraffic racing cars. Enjoy very impressive graphics and experiencehigh speed racing! It would be fun and compelling game that weguarantee!KEY Features of the GAME:- Different Cars (Sport,classical, race)- Stunning HD graphics- Smooth and realistic carhandling- 3 Detailed Environments: Highway, Desert, GreenLand- Realgravity and physics while drift racing- Real Drift Racing CarSounds- Rich types of NPC traffic including trucks, buses, jaguarand SUVs.- Race with your car on the Heavy traffic roadTIPS- Whendriving and Car play over 100 km/h, overtake cars closely to getbonus scores, drive update and cash- The faster you drive the morescores you get.Traffic Car Highway Racing: Driving Simulator willbe updated constantly. Please rate and give your feedback forfurther improvement of the game.