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Boost your driving and parking skills toacompletely next level with this Offroad Monster Truck Parking3Dsimulation game. In this ultimate truck racing simulation game,youwill need accurate and precise driving and parking skillstocontrol these giant engines. Pick the monster truck of yourchoiceand start your ultimate journey to experience the thrills ofbeingan offroad driver. These great giant trucks have superiorhorsepowers and can raise speed very quickly as Hummer that canclimbeven the highest of the hills and can be dragged around inthedeserts. Your objective is to complete the entire level andparkthe car on the designated place as fast as you can, whilemakingsure that you don’t touch or bump into any of the parked carsorbarriers.

Offroad Monster Truck Parking simulation game is for allthetruck racing games, sports cars and offroad racing game loverswhowant to ride in the extreme monster trucks, this 3D ExtremeMonsterTruck Parking Game has very smooth controls and realisticmonstertruck engine physics that makes parking these giant truckslookreally realistic. Follow the green track locators and parkyourmonster truck at given destination in the limited amount oftime.Driving and parking these monster trucks are not aschallenging onroads as on offroad desert areas. So, take up thechallenge ofoffroad monster truck driving and parking and be alegendarymonster truck driver.

Monster trucks are huge and powerful machines that are madeforcompetitions and sports events. In this monster trucksimulationgame, your ultimate mission is to drive one of yourfavoritebigfoot monster truck in the desert environment, passthrough allthe checkpoints and park in the designated area. Makesure youdon't bump into everything on your way to the parking spotto getthe highest score possible. You also need to payconsideration andreach the desired location before you run out oftime otherwise youhave to start mission all over again. As you ableto unlock gamelevels, the difficulty of the game will increase toobut the 6 veryaddictive and exciting levels will keep you engagedand entertainedfor hours.

Special Features:
• Realistic Monster Truck Engine Physics
• High Definition 3D Environment
• Amazing Sound Effects
• Addictive and Engaging Gameplay
• 6 Different Levels

App Information Extreme Offroad Truck Parking

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    Extreme Offroad Truck Parking
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    June 2, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    White Sand - 3D Games Studio
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    100 - 500
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