1.4 / September 21, 2017
(3.6/5) (143)


In the secret town of the Russian border adeadly experiment went wrong on the controlled subjects (humans)thus converting every one in the town in the flesh eating walkingdead including all the scientists and other crew members in thearea called Zombie City Assault,

Experience the real apocalyptic town environment with walking deadall over the area. These deadly creatures are hungry to kill andwant to eat your body. Find and save the Zoey from these deadlycreatures in Zombie City Assault. It's time to show courage andskills as its a race against the time with the limited resourcesand a lot of dangerous zombies to fight.

Use your skills to control the player efficiently and effectivelyto clear the town from the deadly zombies in order to survive andpass the multiple zones of the town. Clear all deadly zones tosearch for Zoey and resources to survive till the end.

Can you find Zoey on time in this doomed Russian Town full of theflesh eating creatures.

Some of the features of Zombie City Assault are

- 3D top down game play
- Beautiful graphics
- Easy and smooth player control
- Real doomed city environment
- Auto increasing health
- And much more…

Like the game share with other. Lets us know your thoughts andprovide us your valuable feedback.

App Information Extreme Zombie Assault Shooter

  • App Name
    Extreme Zombie Assault Shooter
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  • Updated
    September 21, 2017
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.1 and up
  • Version
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  • Installs
    10,000 - 50,000
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    Visit website Email support@hawksgames.com
    11 Sundew Street Sunnybank 4109 Brisbane QLD Australia
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