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Eyes Makeup Tutorial is enhance your natural beauty, you don't needheavy foundation, dark blush, a dazzling array of eyeshadow colorsor glittery powders. Makeup that looks natural shows that you havenothing to hide. Create a natural-looking eye by using mascara onlywhile avoiding thick eye pencils and liners. Mascaras areformulated for specific purposes, some give a dramatic,thick-lashed look, while others simply lengthen and separate thelashes. I am going to show you an evening look that is dark andsmokey, it can also be used in the day time with a differentcombination of colors. Follow these simple guide lines and learnhow to create a great brown eye for any occasion.1. Choose 3 shadesof brown eye shadow, they can be cream or powder depending on howheavy you want the color to be. They must also be a dark brown,middle brow and light brown but you can use other colors to mixthings up such as gray or black.2. Apply a base to your eye lid,this will help the makeup from creasing or smudging during theday.3. Now you need to apply the middle brown onto the lid, makesure you apply all over the lid and into the crease of the eye. Youcan use any regular brush for this application.4. Now take thedarkest brown color with a blending brush apply into the crease ofthe eye. You can also blend it together with the first brown colorto make it look more even and fluid.5. Now take the light browncolor, you can apply it two ways. Either buy applying the shadowjust under the eyebrow arch to give your eyebrow more definition orsimple by blending into the eye shadow you already have on your eyeto lighten the makeup a bit.6. Adding false lashes will help giveyou a more dramatic, evening look. You can also add glitter ontothe eye for that little extra glamor!7. Remember to blend yourmakeup! Blending is what really makes or breaks this smokey eyelook. Invest in a great blending brush that you can use again andagain!8. You can try this look with different colors, why not trypinks for a flirty look or beige for an everyday, casual look. Thepossibilities are endless.To give your eyes a professional look usetwo shades of eyeshadow. First apply a natural shade on the areafrom lashes to eyebrow, and then a medium shade on the lower lid.For a natural look use natural tones, earthy shades. Use thelighter eyeshadow on the eyelid and light brown shades on thecorners. Pastel shades such as golden-green, or mango green aregreat choices for summer makeup. For smokey eyes use dark shadesand apply a third darker shade along the lash line to the outercorner of the eye. Use a fluff brush to blend in the shades.Lastly, apply eyeliner towards the outside corner, with gentlestrokes along the lash line.So, what are you waiting for? Learn andget more stunning and creative ideas from this application of EyesMakeup Tutorial. Here, you can see many pictures related to thetopic so you can get more inspiration. Moreover, you can save youfavorite picture in your card so you can share it with yourfriends!Download now and enjoy!

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DIY Eyebrows Step by Step 1.4 APK
When it comes to eyebrows, they can either make or break yourentire look. But with so many options—thick, thin, arched,straight—how do you know which brow is right for you? The eyebrowis an area of thick, delicate hairs above the eye that follows theshape of the lower margin of the brow ridges of some mammals. Theirmain function is hypothesized to prevent sweat, water, and otherdebris from falling down into the eye socket, but they are alsoimportant to human communication and facial expression.These arethe steps to have a perfect eyebrow:Step 1: Trim It UpTrim any longhairs that stick up beyond the natural outline of your eyebrow witha pair of small scissors. Any lengthy hairs should now be similarin length to the rest of your brow hairs and lay flat more easily.Once you're done trimming, smooth the hairs in an arched shape withthe spoolie brush. Sweep slightly up on the inner third of the browand then outward the rest of the way.Step 2: Measuring 101Measureand mark your perfect, personalized brows with a brow pencil. Holdthe pencil vertically along the side of your nose. Your brow shouldstart directly above the center of your nostril in line with thevertical pencil. Use the pencil to make a small mark and repeat onthe opposite side. These marks will serve as placeholders for yourdesired brow shape.Next, place the tip of the pencil across yourcheek at an angle so that the bottom end hits just outside yournostril and slants along the outer corner of your eye. Your browshould end where the pencil hits on your brow bone. Mark this pointwith a small dot as well.Finally, look straight ahead and hold thepencil vertically just outside the outer edge of your iris. Thispoint is where you want your brow to arch slightly. Mark this pointwith your pencil.Step 3: Color It InGet a feel for your new browshape by filling it in with a brow pencil close to your naturalhair color. If you are light-haired, opt for a pencil one or twoshades darker than your hair color. If you are dark-haired, thenchoose a pencil one shade lighter than your hair color.Apply thebrow pencil in small dash strokes using your markers as guides.Gently fill in sparse areas and focus on a gentle arched shape thatreaches its peak just outside your iris. Keep the width of the browaround 1/4 inch and gently taper it on the outer half of the brow.If you have naturally sparse brows, you can use the pencil to plumpup the outline of your brow around the edges or on the ends.Step 4:PluckInvest in a pair of slant-tipped tweezers that allow you topick up specific hairs with ease. Remove hairs that fall outside ofthe shape you just mapped, plucking from the base of the hair.Grabbing from the base ensures you remove the specific hairs thatfall outside of your desired eyebrow shape.So, what are you waitingfor? Download this application of DIY Eyebrow Step by Step. Withthis application of makeup tutorials step by step you will get tolearn about eye make up. It is very easy, simple and practical.With the help of this app you'll be the star of the night at everyparty, wedding or any other occasion. Take a break and get inspiredwith these DIY, Eyebrow, tutorials!Enjoy and download now!
Braiding Hair 1.4 APK
Braids are summer’s coolest trend and a wish come true for long andshort cuts alike. Try one of these grown-up twists—the instructionsare easy to wrap your head around. Still on the hunt for theperfect hairdo? Find more easy buns and braided hairstyleshere.Braided CrownThe version shown here, which works formedium-length to long hair, was created with French braids. “Butyou can easily re-create it with regular braids,” says IsabelGuillen, a stylist and braiding expert with the John Barrett Salonat Bergdorf Goodman, in New York City, who designed the styles inthis story. Separate hair into two low pigtails. Next, pull onebraid up over your head and bobby-pin it an inch back from yourhairline. Repeat on the opposite side, positioning the second braidbehind the first.Flower BunFor this style, the longer your hair,the better. Part it the way you like, then separate a one-inchsection of hair at each temple and clip those sections out of theway. Gather your remaining hair at the nape of your neck. Thencreate two or three low braids, securing the ends with clearelastics. Twist each braid until it curls into itself; bobby-pin inplace. Last, unclip and twist the two pieces by your temples. Pinunder the braided bun or, for a slightly fancier flourish, tucktheir ends into the bun before securing.Side Fishtail BraidThisbraid, which works best with longer hair, needs a bit of texturefor hold; if your hair is straight, give it some wave by windingone-inch sections around a curling iron. Gather your hair to oneside in a low ponytail, securing it close to the base of your neckwith a clear elastic. Next, create a fishtail braid: Separate theponytail into two sections. Hold one section; with your other hand,take a narrow strip of hair from the outside of the other sectionand bring it over to the one in your hand. Repeat, incorporatinghair from one section into the other until you run out of hair;then secure with another clear elastic. Finally, with a pair ofscissors, carefully cut out the top elastic to give the braid aloose, casual look. For a more bohemian effect, gently pull thebraid apart with your fingers.Side French BraidThis style workseven for short lengths. First create a deep side part. Startingfrom the part and working toward the opposite temple, French-braida section of hair about an inch wide along your hairline, stoppingat the temple. Secure with a clear elastic or bobby pins. Style therest of your hair as usual.Fishtail FlowerSlick down center-partedmedium-length to long hair with a comb and some gel. Secure hair atthe nape with a clear elastic. Form a fishtail braid, then twistthe braid around itself to create a “flower.” Pin to hold.BraidedHaloSeparate the upper portion of medium-length to long hair (fromtemples to crown) and temporarily clip it atop your head. Take asmall section at each temple and tightly French-braid it, workingback toward your crown; secure each braid with a clear elastic.Next, unclip the hair at your crown. Use one hand to hold thissection up and the other to tease it at the roots with a fine-toothcomb, making a little pouf. Gently smooth over the teased portionwith a paddle brush. Then anchor the braids to the bottom of thepouf with bobby pins.So are you looking for more braidedhairstyles? Learn and get more stunning and amazing tips from thisapplication of Braided Hair. Download this application and you caneven see many pictures of braided hair which can give youinspirations! Enjoy!
Baby Clothes Model 1.4 APK
Baby clothes model design and accessories can be located by goingto a website especially made for this. There is a huge range ofitems for your selection from which you can choose designer itemsfor your baby and you. Among the chic collections are:Baby Bedding:You can find attractive and elegant designer bedding items,including sheet sets, blankets, duvet sets, swaddling blankets andquilts among others. This range is used by celebrity moms andpromises you everything you want for your baby's comfort.Babyclothes which are a one of a kind designer wear are available fromleading European and other famous designers with summer wear andwinter wear fashions. Leggings, dresses, bibs and much more areavailable in brilliant and creative patterns and designs. Clothescategorized for spring, rain and summer are available to suit yourinterest. You can dress up your little girl or boy in the mostfabulous party and day wear clothes in adorable prints, designed bycelebrity favorites. The clothes are durable, comfortable andtrendy. Baby couture has everything you need for your toddler orchild with even similar clothes for mom and baby girls.Shoes: Hipdesigns and styles in children's shoes are available which canstand the test of rough active sportiness. Handmade shoes made foryour child's comfort with flexibility are available in many colorsand designs.Baby Items and Accessories: Celebrity designer storesfor babies are dedicated to providing unique and modern baby itemsin a range of selections. If you are looking for sun screensespecially made for your baby's delicate skin it is available madeof special organic ingredients without any harmful chemicals.Original baby shower gifts, pretty hairclips, vibrant bibs areamong the varieties which you can buy. Brilliantly designedcelebrity baby strollers perfect for mommies to walk around theneighborhood with baby are there waiting to be bought. It hasmatching baby bags for carrying your baby's needs. From yummysmelling baby body care products, gorgeous bicycle bells for yourtoddler's bike and story books to keep your child entertained,designer child and baby products have it all.So are you looking forbaby clothes model design? Don’t wait any longer! Open thisapplication and you can find more adorable baby clothes modeldesign. In addition you can also find baby clothes, babyaccessories, baby shoes and toddler items. Enjoy and make your babydaily outfit looks great!
3D Home Design 1.4 APK
3D Home Design is a different way for architects to design homes,it is not far from the conventional 2D way of designing, but ismore competitive. 3D Home Design, just like the traditional wayalso includes the floor plans, elevations and the perspective ofthe project. The only difference is that 3D Home Design features 3DFloor Plans and 3D Elevations instead of the conventional 2D.Forarchitects, presenting for a client using 3D Home Design can be agreat advantage since the presentation will be able to capture theclient's attention from the beginning, with the color richpresentations of the floor plan and elevations.For clients havingno background in architecture, watching an architect'spresentation, especially with the architect showing boring 2Ddrawings and talking about it in technical terms that you don'teven understand a bit, can be a boring task. But when an architectpresents you with a 3D presentation, you will be able to understandright away what the architect is conveying. There is no need todecipher the technical terms and the plan drawings, you just needto look at the presentation and you will have an idea of what theproject will look like.3D Home Design and its components.Presentingfor a client consist of 2 phases, the primary phase and the majorphase. The primary stage is the presentation of the floor plans andelevations, which was discussed in an earlier post. The major phaseincludes the presentation of the interior and exteriorperspectives.• 3D Interior3D Interior presentations include viewsof the inside of the house in certain parts. It is for the clientto see and feel how the house will look like, and if the spaceswill work according to their preferences, it can also serve as anattachment to the floor plans if the client need some verificationson how a certain space in the house will look like.• 3D Exterior3DExterior presentations include views of the outside of the house asa whole, including the background to apply the environment wherethe actual house will be built. It can also serve as a medium forthe clients to see how the house will look like and it gives thechance to the client to tell the architect whether they want tochange some colors or part before the construction begins.So areyou looking for Architectural Visualization tips, service and help?Just open this application of 3D Home Design and get what you arelooking for! Download the application now and discover morefantastic 3D Home Design. Enjoy and make your dream home comestrue!
Doll House Design Ideas 1.4 APK
Doll House Design Ideas are the ideas for making a toy home made inminiature. For the last century, dollhouses have primarily been thedomain of children but their collection and crafting is also ahobby for many adults. The term dollhouse is used commonly in theUnited States and Canada. In the UK (United Kingdom) the termdolls' house or dollshouse is used.If you've already put some timeand consideration into your dollhouse hobby, chances are you'vebeen thinking about collecting or building miniature accessories. Agood looking dollhouse should be decorated with the same aestheticdetail as "real life" interior designs. If your dollhouse'sinteriors are looking a little sparse or uninteresting, spice themup using a few miniature versions of classic decorativeitems.WallpaperPaper dollhouse walls with real wallpaper samples orscraps---or make your own wallpaper. If using real wallpaper, lookfor designs that are solid colors or whose patterns have smalllines or pictures in order to fit with the tiny size. To make yourown, print pages of colorful, repeating patterns using high printerresolution. Effective patterns include stripes, diamonds or floraldesigns.Miniature PicturesTiny framed photos and paintings makeexcellent detailed dollhouse pieces. Use a computer image editor toreduce the size of real photos to standard dollhouse proportions.For example, an image reduced to 1/12 its normal size might beperfect for your dollhouse. Print with high resolution on glossyphoto paper. Make frames from craft balsa wood, which is softenough to be cut with scissors or a craft knife. Use this techniqueto decorate your dollhouse with miniature versions of your ownpersonal photos, vintage photos for a period dollhouse---or go onestep further and make miniature versions of famouspaintings.RugsDecorative dollhouse floor rugs are almost as easy tomake as wall pictures and use a similar technique. Find a photo orquality color drawing of an intricate rug design and print it oniron-on transfer printer paper. Iron the design onto a piece ofnon-knit (non-stretchy) cotton, then cut out the rug shape andtreat the edges of the rug by rubbing them with a little craft glueto prevent fraying.Matching ColorUnless you're a particularlydedicated collector, you probably have some wooden or clothfurniture pieces in your dollhouse that don't match. Improve yourdollhouse's motif by refinishing or repainting wooden furniture andreupholstering soft furniture. To change the wooden furniture,treat it exactly as you would full-sized furniture using the samepaint, stains and varnishes or removers for these products. Toreupholster, you only need to wrap the existing upholstery in a newlayer of thin, non-stretchy cloth and tack it in place using hotglue---which will be easy to remove later if you want to change thedesign.So, what are you waiting for? Learn and get more stunningand creative ideas from this application of Doll House DesignIdeas. Here, you can see many pictures related to the topic so youcan get more inspiration. Moreover, you can save you favoritepicture in your card so you can share it with your friends!Downloadnow and enjoy!
Cornrow Hairstyles 1.4 APK
Because they're currently popular with young people and the hip hopand rap communities, cornrows may seem like a modern and cuttingedge hairstyle. However, they've actually been around for hundredsof years. They've achieved this popularity because of theirversatility and maintainability. These factors make cornrow updohairstyles perfect for a variety of occasions.A cornrow is a tinybraid which is woven right next to the scalp, sort of like a frenchbraid. It can take hours to cover an entire head in these plaits,but the result is a clean, polished look. The first people to braidhair in such a way lived in Africa, where different regions haddifferent customs associated with the braids. For instance, onlywomen traditionally wore their hair in cornrows in Nigeria, whilewarriors and kings wore them in Ethiopia. The hairstyle was broughtto America by slaves, who continued to practice it as a way to holdonto their traditions.By the middle of the 20th century, it hadbecome unpopular to wear one's hair in cornrows. Most black womenchose instead to straighten their hair. Many of them changed theirminds, however, when they saw actress Cicely Tyson on televisionwith cornrowed hair. Over the next couple of decades, it becameextremely popular for black women to wear their hair in a stylethat exhibited its natural texture, such as the cornrow.Because thestyle began in Africa, it is often presumed that only black men andwomen can pull off cornrows. However, Bo Derek disproved thistheory in 1979 when she was seen in the film '10' wearing her hairin long, blonde braids. Later, the hip hop movement of the 1990shad men and women of all ethnic backgrounds successfully sportingthe hairstyle.This hairstyle offers a variety of options to itswearer. The braids are easy to maintain, needing only a gentlewashing and a little oil every couple of days, so they're great foranyone who doesn't want to worry about a lot of upkeep. At the sametime, they can look fantastic as part of a formal updo. Musicalartists like Alicia Keys, Ciara, Lil Mama, and Mya have all madestunning appearances with their hair partially or totallybraided.While cornrows were first seen in ancient Africa, they havemade a successful transition to modern America. They are simple tomaintain, so they are a great look to wear every day, but they canalso look amazing as part of an elaborate updo. These qualitiesmake them a classic and versatile hairstyle.So are you looking formore cornrow hairstyles idea? Learn and get more stunning andamazing tips from this application of Cornrow Hairstyles. Downloadthis application and you can even see many pictures of cornrowhairstyles which can give you inspirations! Enjoy!
Eyebrow Tattoo Idea 1.4 APK
Eyebrow tattoos ideas define your brow line using a pigmentinjected under your skin. The permanent makeup procedure can fillin sparse eyebrows or create all new eyebrows. The results dependon your condition and the look you want to achieve.-TattooProcessEyebrow tattoos are applied in a manner similar to otherbody tattoos, using a tattoo coil machine. A technician uses thehandheld device to inject pigment under your dermis with a needle.Typically, the procedure is completed in three visits:Consultation:During this visit, you work with your technician to determine theeyebrow shape, color and thickness that suits your face and naturalcoloring.Initial application: At your second visit, your permanenteyebrows are tattooed onto your skin based on the choices you madeduring your consultation.Follow-up application: A couple of weeksafter your initial application, the technician can adjust the shapeand color of your eyebrow tattoos as you wish.-TargetClientIndividuals opt for permanent eyebrows for convenience andfor health reasons, including:Hair loss: Loss of hair, includingeyebrows, from chemotherapy treatments, alopecia or otherconditions may lead individuals to consider permanenteyebrows.Allergies: Those with allergies to makeup may enjoy thebenefits of permanent cosmetics, including eyebrowtattoos.Arthritis: Applying makeup can be difficult for arthritispatients, who may appreciate the convenience of eyebrowtattoos.Light eyebrows: Light-haired individuals may not havewell-defined natural brows to work with and desire a more polishedlook.Sparse eyebrows: Individuals with sparse eyebrows, withmissing hairs and bare patches, may appreciate the definition thateyebrow tattoos can provide.-Eyebrow AppearanceDuring theconsultation visit, your technician will evaluate your face shapeand natural brow line, and help determine the right eyebrow tattooshape for you. Your technician will also assess your skin tone andhair color to determine the right pigment, then carefully blendhues to design one just for you. You can opt for subtle or boldtattoos. Your technician can fill in just a few sparse hairs tocreate the appearance of fuller brows or recreate your eyebrowswith full brows in a bold color.-Long-Term OutlookEyebrow tattoosrequire some upkeep. Like any tattoo, permanent eyebrows fade overtime and require color re-enhancement or color refreshing roughlyevery two years. The darker the color of pigment, the longer itwill last; black eyebrow tattoos will generally last longer thandark blonde ones. During re-enhancement, the technician addspigment to faded areas, and can make changes to the color or shape,too.Keep the cons of permanent tattoo eyebrows and go for thesmarter option that is temporary tattoo eyebrows. They are easy toapply and remove and don't cause the discomfort that permanent onesdo. The smudge-free feature makes it the best product to get youthe right shaped eyebrows. What's more appealing about the productis that it's also available for men. Why should women get all thebeauty privileges? So, what are you waiting for? Learn and get morestunning and creative ideas from this application of EyebrowTattoos Ideas. Here, you can see many pictures related to the topicso you can get more inspiration. Moreover, you can save youfavorite picture in your card so you can share it with yourfriends!Download now and enjoy!