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A highlight of the free-of-charge VMSMobileApp is direct access to the video management softwareprovided bythe Hybrid Digital Video Recorder HDVR. Regardless ofthe licenselevel of your video management software (Basic,Professional orEnterprise) you can access PC-Systems running VMSsoftware withABUS IP network cameras or ABUS PCI video surveillancecards.

By using VMS Mobile, you can access and manage the recordedvideodata by using the integrated calendar search function andrecordinglist. The app support live viewing of up to four camerasat the sametime along with control of PTZ functions of yourconnectedcameras.

The ABUS VMS mobile app enables the user to have aworldwideaccess to the main function provided by his or her videorecordersystem.

- Live image display of up to four network cameras at once
- Direct control of pan/tilt cameras using the integratedPTZfunction
- Single and multi-view in landscape mode
- Capture an image from a camera from live view.
- Access to recorded video data
- Control connected relay outputs
- Querying status of connected alarm detectors

App Information eytron VMS Mobile

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    eytron VMS Mobile
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    November 5, 2012
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    ABUS Security-Center
  • Installs
    10,000 - 50,000
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    Visit website Email [email protected]
    ABUS Security-Center Linker Kreuthweg 5 86444 Affing Germany
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App2Cam 2.3.4 APK
• Simple installation via WiFi and the app • Live feed and playbackof recorded data from up to eight cameras • Event list display onyour smartphone • Notification and e-mail function • WLAN pan/tiltcamera control • Option to store recorded videos on your smartphone• Plug and play internet access • The app has been optimized forsmartphones and is available in 11 languages Mobile Camera AccessYou can use the App2Cam app to configure and operate your WLANpan/tilt camera & app (TVAC19000) and WLAN outdoor camera &app (TVAC19100). You can assemble and integrate up to eightcameras, choosing from the WLAN pan/tilt camera & app and theWLAN outdoor camera & app. The App2Cam app also provides youwith remote access to live video image data feeds and recorded datavia internet and WiFi. Automatic Integration Thanks to Plug andPlay Internet Access Simply locate your camera via WiFi and it willautomatically be integrated into the app. Then add your homenetwork to your settings to gain mobile access. Thanks to plug andplay internet access, the camera will be active immediately withoutyou having to adjust any further router settings, giving youflexible access to your cameras at any time, from anywhere.Reliable Event Notification and Live Images The notification andemail function informs you instantly of every incident. You canplay back the recorded data and store it on your smartphone. Thefact that you can control your WLAN pan/tilt camera via the app isa particular highlight. Store and Send Images on your Smartphone orTablet You can use the snapshot function to store individual imageson your smartphone or tablet. The file in question is stored in animage folder, meaning it can easily be sent in an MMS or e-mail, orvia messaging clients.
ABUS iDVR Plus 4.4.2 APK
iDVR Plus App(Please ensure that the most up-to-date firmware isinstalled on the recorder.)1. Remote access to live images andrecordings2. Live image display from up to 16 cameras 3. Intuitiveuser interfaces with camera organisation via drag & drop 4.Pinch-to-zoom function for stepless zooming (digital) in thecamera's live image and during playback5. Full-screen display inlandscape mode6. Direct saving of snapshots/video clips from thelive view or the playback function onto the local device memory7.Control of a PTZ camera using finger movements on the touchscreen8. Configuration and call up of pre-set positions9. App-basedswitching of alarm outputs10. Integrated online help functionRemoteaccess – simple and convenientMobile remote access to ABUSrecorders is made easy with the free iDVR Plus app for Android.With this app, iPhone users can conveniently access live images andrecordings from up to 16 cameras when they’re on the go. iDVR Pluswith improved user interfaceThe new and intuitive user interfaceallows you to create individual camera and view favourites, and toconfigure pre-set positions for monitoring various scenarios. Thepinch-to-zoom function enables stepless zooming in the camera'slive image and the camera playback. In addition, a PTZ camera canbe easily navigated by finger movements and alarm outputs can beconveniently controlled. Sending of live images via MMS oremailSnapshots and video clips can be directly created from thelive view or the playback function and stored on the local devicememory. The corresponding file is saved in the image folder and canbe conveniently sent from there via MMS or email.Large selection oflanguagesThis app is available in German, English, French, Dutchand Danish.Compatible with:NVR10010, NVR10020, NVR10030, NVR10040,HDCC90001, HDCC90011, HDCC9002,TVVR20000, TVVR20001, TVVR30000,TVVR30001, TVVR30002, TVVR30003, TVVR30004,TVVR35002, TVVR35010,TVVR35011, TVVR36000, TVVR40000, TVVR40010, TVVR40020, TVVR40021,TVVR41000, TVVR41100, TVVR41100, TVVR41120, TVVR41200, TVVR41210,TVVR41220, TVVR45020, TVVR45021, TVVR45030, TVVR50010, TVVR50011,TVVR50020, TVVR50021, TVVR60010, TVVR60011, TVVR60020, TVVR60021,TVHD80000, TVHD80010, TVHD80100, TVHD80110, TVHD80120, HDCC90000,HDCC90010, HDCC90020, TVIP83900, TVIP86900, IPCS24500, TVVR30004,TVVR33004, TVVR33005, TVVR33008, TVVR33009, TVVR36000, TVVR36300,TVVR36400, TVVR36700, TVVR36800
TVAC16000 2.1.25 APK
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Dear customer, the app „TVAC16000“will no longer be supported by ABUS. Please change to the App“App2Cam”, which is also available in the App-Store at no charge.You can find a short manual, how you can add your TVAC16000 systemin the App2Cam, on our websitewww.abus-com/product/TVAC1600A.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++TheTVAC16000 remote app enables you to access your ABUS 7“ home videoset by remote over WiFi or internet for receiving live video onyour smart phone. You can easily add your home video set into yourapp by discovering available devices over integrated WiFi searchtool. A particular highlight is the plug&play remote accessprovided by TVAC16000, which allows you to connect without anyadditional router configuration. This allows a flexible access toyour TVAC16000 where ever you are.You can choose to access allconnected cameras of your TVAV16000 monitor and store snapshots toyour smartphone or tablet device. The corresponding image is storedto the picture folder and can be sent out by using MMS ore-mail.Features:- Live viewing of all connected cameras from yourTVAC16000 monitor- Up to 2 simultaneous remote viewers per device-Record snapshots to your smartphone or tablet- Integrated WiFisearch tool for easy device setup in your app- Plug&PlayInternet access This app is optimized for smartphones and isavailable in English language.
ABUS Secvest IP 1.0 APK
ABUS – Security at your fingertipsThis app is used for perfectremote control of your ABUS Secvest IP wireless alarm system. Takeadvantage of the impressive range of options offered by this appwhen used in combination with the Secvest IP wireless alarm centreand PIR network cameras. Using the app, you can arm and disarm youralarm system, call up the status of the alarm centre and check theevent log. With SecvestIP app you have control of connected networkcameras by viewing live images on your Android device. In case ofalarm the app enables you to view all stored alarm images inSecvest IP alarm center. By utilising the optional wirelesssockets, you can even control your house lighting and otherelectronic devices.• Arming / disarming and part setting of thealarm centre via app• Status of the alarm centre can be called upfrom anywhere in the world• Individual detectors can be switched onor off• Wireless sockets can be switched manually• An event log canbe called up, providing information on events and alarms which haveoccurred•Alarms can be deactivated, and are also displayed in theapp• Receive live video data (refreshing still images)of PIRnetwork cameras • Direct access to view alarm images stored inSecvest IP alarm center• Manage up to 3 alarm panels at the sametimeThe app is available in German, English, French, Dutch, Danishand PolishSupported devices:ABUS Secvest IP alarm centre FUAA10010and FUAA10011PIR network camera (TVIP41550)Please note that yougenerate additional costs when using remote connections, dependingof your providers contract. This App version requires internetconnection of your Android device for datasynchronization.Important Notice:• The build-in search tool forinitial alarm panel setup over WIFI may won’t show any searchresult on HTC android devices. Please setup the alarm panelmanually in this case.• You can install the free LITE version firstto test the application on your android device.
Secvest APK
Increased security, everywhere Simple operation worldwide With themobile application, operation of the Secvest is intuitive andsecure from any location. In addition to viewing events such asbreaking and entering, fire, emergency alarms etc., you can alsoarm, disarm or internally arm your system. In the event of anincident, the app informs you instantaneously via a pushnotification. Calling up alarm images By extending your Secvestalarm system to include up to six network cameras, you can accessalarm images using the app and can respond even faster in the eventof an alarm. You can verify alarms at any time in the log book andaccess to the camera's live stream allows you to keep an eye onwhat is happening at home. Push notification in the event of analarm In the event of an alarm, you will instantly receive an alertvia a push notification. This allows you to gain an instantaneousoverview of what has happened and, where necessary, take furtheraction. Convenient switching of outputs The app enables you toswitch specific outputs. When used in combination with a wirelesssocket, this means that you can control lamps or other electricdevices remotely, for example.   An overview of the most importantfunctions • View the alarm panel status wherever you are in theworld • Receive a push notification in the event of an alarm •Acknowledge and reset alarms • Arm, disarm or internally armindividual sub-areas • Display/hide open zones • Access the networkcamera's live stream • Manually switch outputs, e.g. wirelesssockets • Access the log book Languages available • German •English • French • Dutch • Danish • Italian Supported devices •FUAA50000 / FUAA50010 / FUAA50100 / FUAA50110 Secvest wirelessalarm system • FUAA50500 / FUAA50510 / FUAA50600 / FUAA50610Secvest Touch wireless alarm system
iDVR Plus HD 3.4.5 APK
(Please make sure to install the latest firmware on the recorder)•Optimised for Android tablets • Live image display and playbackfrom up to 16 cameras (tablet) simultaneously• Intuitive userinterface with camera organisation using drag & drop • Directsaving of snapshots/video clips from the live cast or the playbackfunction onto the local end device• Direct remote access via theapp to recordings captured by the recorder• PTZ camera iscontrolled using finger movements on the touchscreen• Configurationand call-up of preset positions• Pinch-to-zoom function forstepless zooming (digital) in the camera's live image and playback• App-based switching of alarm outputs• Management of snapshots andvideo clips for data export and dispatch by email • Creation ofcamera view favourites• Integrated online help function• Fastalteration of quality settings for seamless live streamingiDVR PlusHD with improved user interface The free iDVR Plus HD app forAndroid tablets makes it possible to remotely access recordings andthe live cast from up to 16 cameras on the tablet from differentrecorders. The new and intuitive user interface allows you tocreate camera and view favourites, organise live images via drag& drop and control a PTZ camera using the touchscreen. Alarmoutputs can also be controlled via the app.Configuration of presetpositions and pinch-to-zoom functionYou can configure presetpositions to monitor various scenarios and change these whenevernecessary. The digital pinch-to-zoom function enables steplesszooming in the camera's live image and the camera playback. Liveimage access, plus images sent via MMS or emailFast alteration ofquality settings ensures seamless live streaming. Snapshots andvideo clips can be created from the live cast or the playbackfunction and stored directly on the local end device. Thecorresponding file is saved in the image folder and can beconveniently sent from there via MMS or email. Large selection oflanguagesThis app is available in English, German, French, Dutch,Danish, Polish, Russian, Italian, Spanish and Swedish.It iscompatible with the following ABUS video recorders:NVR10010,NVR10020, NVR10030, NVR10040, HDCC90001, HDCC90011,HDCC9002,TVVR20000, TVVR20001, TVVR30000, TVVR30001, TVVR30002,TVVR30003, TVVR30004,TVVR35002, TVVR35010, TVVR35011, TVVR36000,TVVR40000, TVVR40010, TVVR40020, TVVR40021, TVVR41000, TVVR41100,TVVR41100, TVVR41120, TVVR41200, TVVR41210, TVVR41220, TVVR45020,TVVR45021, TVVR45030, TVVR50010, TVVR50011, TVVR50020, TVVR50021,TVVR60010, TVVR60011, TVVR60020, TVVR60021, TVHD80000, TVHD80010,TVHD80100, TVHD80110, TVHD80120, HDCC90000, HDCC90010, HDCC90020,TVIP83900, TVIP86900, IPCS24500, TVVR30004, TVVR33004, TVVR33005,TVVR33008, TVVR33009, TVVR36000, TVVR36300, TVVR36400, TVVR36700,TVVR36800
ABUS IPCam 1.1.1 APK
Important note: You must have the current version of the firmwareinstalled on your network camera and Android 4.1 or later on yoursmartphone in order to use the app. You may therefore need toupdate the firmware on your network camera and/or yoursmartphone.IPCam allows you to display live images from ABUSSecurity-Center network cameras on your Android smartphone. As wellas live images, a range of control functions, such as the PTZcontrol function, are also available for selected cameras.Here is acomprehensive list of the app's features:• App for Androidsmartphones for displaying live images from your camera• Option toconfigure up to 16 network cameras• Simultaneous display of up to 4network cameras in preview view• Simple control of PTZ cameras•Control of predefined positions of PTZ cameras• Starting andstopping of patrols• Snapshot function in live view• Landscape andportrait mode in preview and individual image viewThe app isavailable in German, English, French, Dutch, Danish, Polish,Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish and Russian.The IPCam appsupports the following ABUS camera models:- TVIP11502, TVIP11552-TVIP21502, TVIP21552, TVIP22500- TVIP31001, TVIP31501, TVIP31551,TVIP32500- TVIP41500, TVIP41550- TVIP52501, TVIP52502- TVIP61500,TVIP61550, TVIP62000, TVIP62500- TVIP71501, TVIP71551, TVIP72500-TVIP81000, TVIP81100, TVIP82000, TVIP82100- TVIP91100, TVIP91300,TVIP91600, TVIP91700- TVIP92100, TVIP92300, TVIP92500, TVIP92600,TVIP92610, TVIP92700- IPCA22500, IPCA32500, IPCA52000, IPCA62500,IPCA62505, IPCA72500, IPCB42501,- IPCB42551, IPCB62500, IPCB72501,IPCB24500, IPCB34500, IPCB64500, IPCB74500,- IPCS82500,TVIP11561Intensive use of the live-streaming function can increasebattery consumption, causing the end device to heat up. In the caseof remote connections, additional costs can be incurred dependingon your provider. Video quality will depend largely on thetransmission bandwidth and the performance capability of the enddevice.
ABUS – Security at your fingertipsEasy control – worldwideWith themobile app for Android the ULTIVEST can be controlled intuitivelyand securely from anywhere. With this app you have your home undercontrol. Besides displaying events such as intrusion, fire,emergencies etc. you can de/activate your system and even arm itinternally. Accessing alarm images Now you can always access thealarm images, if your ULTIVEST wireless alarm system includes a PIRNetwork Camera. These images can be viewed comfortably in the LogFile, so that you can react even quicker in the case of analarm.Remotely controlled opening of doors (ULTIVEST Control Key)Tokeep your daily life flexible, doors equipped with the ULTIVESTControl Key can be opened from afar – for example to grant waitingvisitors entry on short notice. The status can then be tracked onthe user-friendly status display of the app.- Comfortable remoteaccess to your ULTIVEST wireless alarm system- Simple control ofthe alarm system thanks to clear voice feedback- Remote-controlledopening via ULTIVEST Control Key- Display of alarm images in theevent log (if a camera is included in the ULTIVEST)- Display ofalarm, error and status messages of all zones - Direct servicecontact to your personal ULTIVEST system partner- Easy readout andexport of the event log